Social Media Manager Salary: How Much Should You Earn?

Everyone wants to have a decent pay for their work. It is very important to figure out how much you should be getting. Just look at the statistics of earnings and and you will be surprised at what salaries the qualified specialists receive.  Today we will talk about the salary of an SMM specialist.

So who is an SMM and what does he do?

The profession of an SMM manager can be said to be that young, although in terms of the speed of development and changes, it is quite comparable to SEO, and in terms of volume it is in no way inferior to it. How much does an SMM-specialist earn, what the salary depends on, what skills will help you increase your salary and where big money is hiding in SMM. Today it is one of the most popular professions. But every year, the potential of social networks is increasing, which means that work here requires maximum involvement.

An SMM manager is a specialist who is engaged in promoting a business; there are various companies, brands and individuals in social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others. Its tasks include increasing customer coverage, improving the visual and filling image of the customer, communication with subscribers.

Social media platform managers are implementing various innovative ideas to generate modern projects and formats. They also control analytics and along with the dark indicators of the effectiveness of the projects carried out. Those who used to make money thanks to not entirely honest services for boosting subscribers and likes, today remain without the desired and so necessary activity today. Now the work of an SMM manager should show not just a beautiful picture: a neat profile, a general color palette, individual icons for relevant stories, but, of course, an impressive number of subscribers.

How many SMM specialists work?

There are SMM specialists who are employees of companies and are listed in the states. They work either in the office – usually a co-working space – or from home.

We have much more time to use a programming language in any language. In most cases, the working day will be irregular – this applies to both weekends and work at night, because some weekends or contests need to be held in the evenings, for example, drawings dedicated to Halloween – exceptionally shortly before this day or on the holiday itself.

Average salary for a social media manager

Let’s move on to one of the most important topics for those interested in this profession: the salary of an SMM manager. It certainly cannot be called big, but only because the remuneration depends on the company and specific ones (which we will consider with you below).

It is clear that an SMM manager without experience or an intern earns several times less than a senior SMM manager or a head of the SMM department, who clearly have a lot of experience and their disorderly skills are better than those of a beginner.

How much do professionals with the title of “social media manager” earn in the US? According to Glassdoor, the base salary in the US is $ 50,473, and this role usually does not include bonuses or additional compensation.

PayScale reports a slightly higher average annual salary in the US at $ 51,262, which includes bonus, commission, and profit sharing:


How to negotiate a manager’s salary on social media 

Applying for a new job as a social media manager? Be sure to have an idea of ​​the wage range that you can expect from the offer. If you need to find a job but don’t know where to start, check out the expert advice.

But what if the offer you received doesn’t match your needs or doesn’t match what you think you deserve?

Take a look at some of the most effective ways to negotiate a paycheck and demonstrate how much value you add. 

What can affect your salary? 

 Now let’s figure out what most employers want and what is important when applying for a job. What do they pay attention to, what do they require from the applicant and what salary do they offer?

Researching marketing, advertising, or communications can help you qualify for the position. However, these areas of study are not the only ones that can help you increase your earning potential. In fact, social media managers with journalism and political science degrees have some of the highest average salaries.

Your educational level can have a significant impact on your earning potential in marketing. Also, how much an SMM specialist gets is influenced by the person’s position and qualifications. However, if you have an advanced degree, you may have additional negotiating opportunities.

Candidates with a master’s degree earn an average of $ 55,000 per year. Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can bring you closer to an average of $ 60,000 per year.

Responsibilities of an SMM specialist:

  • development of a strategy for promotion in a social network;
  • generation and design of content: text, photos, videos, infographics and other visual components;
  • attracting subscribers, increasing the audience;
  • building and increasing brand loyalty;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of page promotion;
  • work with brand mentions in social networks, reputation marketing.
  • you need to be able to develop and approve strategies for brand promotion in social media;
  • competently use modern trends and current trends;
  • generate new ideas and test new hypotheses in the field of promotion;
  • analyze the market, competitors and audience;
  • clearly implement the approved content plan;
  • increase: subscriber engagement, brand awareness, brand loyalty;
  • increase the audience;
  • generate content for posts and stories;
  • work with brand mentions (on Instagram, Twitter);
  • reply to comments;
  • communicate with subscribers in Direct / messages;
  • carry out analytical work to monitor the effectiveness of page promotion;
  • prepare regular reports on the effectiveness of page promotion;
  • be creative, literate, stand out;
  • create advertising campaigns and run them.

What shouldn’t be your responsibility:

It is widely believed that an SMM specialist must perform absolutely all tasks, at least indirectly related to social networks. But in fact, this is just a myth, because not every good targeting scientist knows how to write high-quality, useful text and vice versa.

I do not exclude the possibility that there are SMM specialists who are able to single-handedly cope with setting up and running advertising campaigns in social media, writing posts and designing visuals, strategic planning and communication with users in 4 social networks. But the employer should remember that the remuneration for such work will be asked for much higher.

With the correct organization of the workflow, the tasks of an SMM manager should not include:

  • Self-writing texts for posts on social networks – there is a copywriter for this.
  • Creation of designs and creatives for publishing, creating photos and videos, retouching illustrations and editing video sequences for the next dynamic visual. Hand over this case to designers, photographers and cameramen.
  • Independent communication with customers about the purchase of goods or services. Only sales people should do this! After all, they work in the company for this and to sell. And not only through offline communication channels with the target audience.
  • Set up targeted advertising. To obtain a high-quality result and a high return on investment in the promotion of funds, it is worth transferring this functionality to Internet marketers or targetologists.


Although an SMM specialist should not be able to do all of the above on his own, he must understand the technical aspects of such work, how everything works and why: how to determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, how correctly the message is used in the text of the post, which visual element will be appropriate – all this should know the SMM specialist.

Professional skills:

As a rule, in the job descriptions of an SMM specialist, you can see the following requirements:

  • Ability to write attractive texts, competent speech: both oral and written;
  • Knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of social media :, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms.
  • Understanding the specifics of promotion in each of the social networks. Again, how it works and how to work with it;
  • Experience with web analytics services. For example, Google Analytics and others;
  • The presence of basic competencies in interaction with graphic editors and photo stocks;
  • Understanding of the general principles of SEO and CMS functioning;

Knowledge of the English language also improves the level of the CMM manager, allowing him to follow all foreign trends and open the way to foreign customer companies. Then, how an understanding of marketing and PR processes in a company and the connection of different communication channels: advertising on TV and radio, placement of promotional materials at points of sale, peculiarities of interaction with the media – help to get a complete picture of the specifics of the profession.

The necessary personal qualities include: curiosity, creativity, communication skills, analytical and systemic thinking, independence and internal discipline – they are very much appreciated. The latter is especially important for those who choose the path of a “free artist” who does not depend on the busy schedule of a particular organization and who cooperates with many customers.

By the way, if you look at the ever-growing number of social networks today, you can see that it is becoming more and more difficult to manage multiple accounts, and here SocialPilot will help the specialist, which will serve as a “cloud with a silver lining.” A number of advanced functions of which will help you easily manage multiple social media accounts, which is a very convenient and modern solution.

What are the pros: the ability to cue content and lay out publications in multiple accounts, Chrome Extensions Over To You, creating and managing multiple groups at once. You can also use SocialPilot to create a new group through your dashboard and add related LinkedIn and Facebook groups to it, and it also helps you get to know the latest content on a variety of topics, allows you to curate content, and allows you to intelligently change your posting schedule. This will save you research time as you get quality content with just one click.

Conclusion :

An SMM manager is a person open to new things, ready to constantly learn to improve their own competencies, who loves to stay in trend, who knows how to find language with different people and who is not afraid of stressful situations.

SMMs agree that the market does not have a clear understanding of how much a specialist needs to be paid. Business representatives do not fully understand how evaluate the work of an SMM-boxer and why overpay. So how much to pay ?! Assess work adequately, analyze your capabilities and needs – and set a decent salary.


David Walker economic writer and content creator. Strives to meet your requirements within your given deadline. David have acquired over ten years of work experience in finance and investing. Now he working for the company ICOholder.




How can SEO help you build brand recognition?

Having a recognizable brand is perhaps the most important thing to a business. Branding is your logo, motto, and color scheme. It’s what customers remember about your business. If your potential customers don’t recognize your brand, they won’t engage. 

One of the best ways to build brand recognition is through SEO. Through this article, you’ll learn how they are related. You’ll also learn SEO strategies that will ensure consumers will easily recognize your brand.

But why do you need to focus on brand recognition in the first place?

Importance of brand recognition

If your potential customers don’t know who you are, you can’t sell to them. Customers engage with brands they recognize and trust. According to a report by Edelman, 81% of customers must trust a brand to buy from them. If your brand is familiar in the customer’s minds, they are more likely to choose you over your competitors. 

Having a recognizable brand gets customers to engage with your marketing and enter your sales funnel. It also helps you get new leads which results in sales. 

Think of it as a cycle. The better your brand recognition, the more likely you’ll generate sales again. The more sales you have, the more likely consumers will, again, recognize your brand! 

Why SEO matters for brand recognition

Statistics by SmallBizGenius show customers need five to seven impressions to remember a brand. So, how do you get these impressions? Through an effective SEO strategy. You want to appear as high as possible in SERPs to increase your chances users will see you. 

The more time a person spends interacting with your brand through your website, the more they are likely to recognize you the next time around. If they purchase from you, you’ll get even better brand recognition! Not to mention increased sales.

Simply put, the higher you are in SERPs through good SEO, the more visible you are to consumers. That translates to improved brand recognition the next time around.

Ways to improve SEO for improved brand recognition

So, now the question is this: How do you improve SEO to improve brand recognition? Let’s look at some ways.

     1. Use structured data

In the world of SEO, structured data refers to a type of markup on a webpage that allows search engines like Google to interpret how it will display your data in SERPs. So, for example, the code that would tell Google that random numbers on your website are your business contact number looks something like this:


When a bookstore like Full Circle Bookstore in Oklahoma, for instance, uses that type of markup in its site and appears in SERPs for a specific search query, users may see something like this:

You might ask, but what does structured data have to do with SEO? Well, even if structured data isn’t a direct ranking signal, it can help you rank higher in SERPs indirectly. When you give people additional data about your business, you increase the chances someone clicks on your link.

An improved clickthrough rate can lead to improved SEO rankings. That’s because when a URL is frequently visited, Google concludes that the page is valuable. 

     2. Ensure a great user experience

If you want to rank well on search engine results pages, you must ensure your website provides a great user experience. Google’s algorithm, after all, takes into account just that when ranking websites. 

Besides, having a good website user experience is great for your brand image. When people can easily navigate your site, they’ll associate your brand with great service.

But what exactly should your website have to ensure a great user experience?

Here are the fundamentals:

  • Fast website load time 

Few things frustrated customers more than a slow website. According to Portent, website conversions drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time. So, optimizing your website for fast load times is essential. Optimize your images and remove render-blocking JavaScript. Assess your page speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

  • Easy access to content 

Your content needs to be accessible to customers. The more customers have to click through pages to find what they need, the more likely they will leave your website. 

  • Seamless customer journey 

Tools like Google Analytics allow you to see the paths customers take on your site. If one element is letting you down, fix it, as this is where you are likely losing your customers. 

Make sure your logo features across the website. The idea is for your website visitors to associate that logo with your brand. Don’t forget to ensure consistent branding as well. Visit professional brand agencies websites for more examples. 

Create content in line with user’s intentions

If you want to increase your chances of appearing in SERPs for improved brand recognition, you need to make your content relevant to user’s queries. So, two things. 

One, you need to know what your target audience is searching for.

Two, you need to include those keywords in your content to maximize the chance of it appearing at the top of the SERPs.

Let’s talk about that first point.

Start by defining your audience. That’s where customer personas can help you.

Customer personas are fictional representations of your ideal audience. They contain important data about them, including their problems. These are the problems they are probably looking to find solutions to on Google.


Having a customer persona will help you define your brand voice and the pain points to address in your content. Once you’ve gone through this process, you’ll need to use relevant SEO tools to optimize your content for the search results.

Tools like Clearscope, Frase, and Surfer SEO are invaluable for content creation and content optimization. These tools will help you to identify the keywords to include in your content, the headings to use, questions to answer, and more. All of this data is gathered from a review of the ranking content in the search results.

Here’s an example of the UI for Frase, one of the SEO optimization tools I mentioned.

On the right side of the dashboard, you can see that you have a list of keywords alongside the suggested frequency. There are tabs for questions to answer, content ranking for the term you are targeting, and more on the right menu.

Utilizing all of this data to optimize your content drastically increases the chance of it ranking.

There are many examples of companies that use these types of tools to optimize their content. Nextiva’s SIP trunking provider sales page is a nice example of best practice.

Above the fold, they have the initial sales copy with a call to action.

The sales copy is not optimized for SEO. Immediately below the fold is where the magic happens. You can see they have a definition of SIP trunk. That definition targets the Google featured snippet.

Below that definition, you have sections that address SIP trunking. The page goes on to explain why you might want SIP trunking and has a whole section with Frequently Asked Questions.

The page outline does a great job of addressing customer pain points, answering questions, defining terms, and including all of the relevant keywords. Creating SEO optimized content like this for your site dramatically increases the likelihood of your content ranking.

     3. Invest in link-building 

Another crucial part of a successful SEO strategy is link-building. If you can get backlinks from sites with high domain authority, it will have a huge effect on your search rankings. Google looks at backlinks as votes of confidence made by sites that link to you. So, if many authority sites link to your content, Google is likely to conclude that your content is high-quality and should therefore rank.

But how exactly can you get those backlinks? Well, sure, you can wait for other sites to discover your high-quality content. That, however, might take too long. You need to get your content in front of them.

Guest posting is a great way to generate backlinks. Write a great blog post that contains links to your content on your site, and have that blog post (guest post) published on another website. Check out this sample guest post from Neil Patel on Geekwire:


The guest post contains a link to Kissmetrics, one of his companies.

The more backlinks a piece of content gets from relevant authority sources, the higher the likelihood Google will show that content on the front page of the search results. When that happens, Google can analyze user quality metrics like bounce rate to assess whether the content deserves to be shown on the first page of Google.


Digital Marketing Vs Affiliate Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of products and services being marketed using digital technologies. The strategies and tools used to market are under digital marketing are vast, and affiliate marketing is only a part of it.

Digital marketing involves concepts like SEO, SEM, PPC, Affiliate marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

On the other hand Affiliate marketing refers to selling products and services based on a certain amount of percentage and is a part of digital marketing. This type of marketing is usually used by business owners at the start of their new business.

The entire concept of affiliate marketing is based on revenue sharing while minimizing the risk for you. Affiliate marketing uses different concepts to promote sales, some example includes online blog marketing, 3d shopping cart coupons, online contests, and quizzes, etc.

In this article, we will further outline the benefits of digital marketing and affiliate marketing for your better understanding.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

1.      Cost-Effective

There was a time when marketing meant using Tv and radio channels. This would be expensive for a few corporations or new businesses. Digital marketing offers a solution for small and big businesses equally.

Marketing encompasses so many concepts, tools, and resources that are budget-friendly that every business can now use it to its benefit. The internet and all the digital resources have provided small business owners the maximum benefit of availing them according to their budget.

2.      Time Efficient

Digital marketing offers instant solutions compared to traditional marketing methods. With the traditional technique, one has to wait a certain amount of time for it to be effective. So comparatively, digital marketing widens your target reach and provides you with numbers instantly that you can use to work on digital marketing campaigns, etc.

With digital marketing media platforms, you see the amount of traffic on your website or social media pages, conversions rates of customers, bounce rates, etc

3.      Brand Value

Digital marketing works wonders with creating brand value. So if your marketing goal is to increase your brand’s outreach and create an image, using digital marketing tools is your best bet.

4.      Maximize your Brand Customer Reach

The reason why digital marketing has become all the rage is that it increases the brand’s reach to the target audience and maximizing your profits. How? Digital marketing involves the use of various channels, like your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Linkedin, etc.

So if you have missed out on some customers through your website, you are bound to reach them through Facebook or Instagram, or some other social media channels.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

1. Performance-Based Marketing

The affiliate market is somewhat satisfying because technically you are only paying for it when you get sales or a click. Think of it like you made high-quality video marketing content for your brand, but no one clicks through it. Would you like to pay for it? No! Why? Because it didn’t generate any traffic or brought you any customer lead or sales.

2. Targeted Customers

If you are using a blogger’s site as your affiliate, you bloggers know their target audience and would place your ads accordingly on your website. You can affiliate your brand with other brands, or vloggers, bloggers, celebrities, etc.

3. Analytics

A lot of professional affiliates’ marketing websites, let you see the analytics of your content, meaning how many viewers saw the content, clicked on it, etc.

4. Brand Visibility
Affiliate programs are used to increase your brand’s visibility. So if you are thinking of marketing your 3d cart shopping coupon, These affiliates will display your ad on their websites.

Should you go for Digital Marketing or Affiliate Marketing for your Brands?

Both marketing techniques deliver results. However, if you want to choose one then keep in mind what your goals of marketing are? What your expertise is etc.

If you have good analytics skills, or if you are into social media marketing or search engine marketing you should go for digital media marketing. However, if you are good with problem-solving skills and have art for convincing people, then affiliate marketing would be the right thing for you.


Digital marketing and Affiliate marketing has been all the rage in 2020 and are continuing to be so in 2021. The two concepts are becoming bigger and more result-oriented with time. However, in the end, it is the planner, strategist, or marketer who is driving all the things effectively.

So depending on the skills of the marketer and the need of your business, you should decide to choose between digital marketing or affiliate marketing. We would suggest if you have the budget for it, go for a little bit of both.

Author Bio:

Arslan Haider is author of the above blog. He has done his Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Wah. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to post blogs with valuable content.





A Simple Guide to Creative Design: 3 Things You Need

Description: Doing creative design and building websites is a dream job for many in 2021. And for a good reason. This gig gives you plenty of creative freedom, and it pays really well. But to be good at this job, you need the right tools. Here are our top things for a successful career in creative design.

Did you know that almost every business these days needs a creative design manager? That’s right. Every month, thousands of companies are going through resumes to find a professional creative designer for a project. Whether they need to brush up on an existing eCommerce store or anything else, they pay well for the job. And to get started with this lucrative career, you need to have some essential tools in your arsenal. Or, if you already know how to do creative design, you might want to consider upgrading your equipment and keep a competitive edge. And also equip your workplace using the unspoken rules from the so-called Book of Ra. Either way, here are our top 3 things every creative designer in 2021 should have in their backpack. Ready?

1. Get the Best Laptop

Investing in a powerful laptop is the best thing you can do for your career as a designer. But which laptop is the best for creative design and online working? It’s pretty much any MacBook Pro. Yes, this super popular laptop is an obvious choice, but for a good reason. The 2019 model has an improved keyboard, a sharp 16-inch screen, and superb graphics (Intel UHD Graphics 630). It’s powered by an Intel Core i7-i9 processor and has 16-64GB RAM.

The big screen is perfect for bringing all your creative design ideas to life, and the 64 GB RAM means that you can forget about bulky external hard drives. You can store all your projects safely on the laptop itself. And the cool thing is that the battery lasts way longer than you would expect. You can work 9 hours straight without charging. That’s a lot, considering that the battery has to fuel a laptop with some pretty powerful parts.

The main downside of this equipment is the hefty price. But given that you can take the laptop with you anywhere and work even from home, you should be able to cover the down payments pretty quickly.

2. Don’t forget the Trusty Drawing Tablet

If you’re drawing with your mouse all day long, it can actually get exhausting. Using a Wacom drawing tablet feels much more natural. Plus, you don’t have to bother about transitioning from sketching on paper to doing it in Illustrator on a computer. A Wacom tablet is just like a piece of paper, but it transfers every line you make instantly to your device. It saves you a lot of time and makes the process of digitizing your strokes more enjoyable.

Look, Wacom is a reliable graphics tablet used by almost every professional creative designer out there. But if you want to keep up with the creative design trends of 2021, you might want to opt for the Apple Pencil or iPad Pro. Both of these devices are excellent for digital drawing.

3. Essential Basics: a Sketchbook

A sketchbook is a must-have item for every designer. It’s great for doodling and trying out new ideas. And once you’ve got enough ideas gathered, you can transfer to using the drawing tablet.

The cool thing about the sketchbook is that you can use it everywhere you go. If someone is late for a meeting and you’re looking to pass the time, you can pull out the sketchbook and draw sketches for future uses. Or maybe you spot something interesting on the street. Your trusty sketchbook is there to help you capture the moment. The thing is that you probably won’t remember a great idea later when you need it. Plus, the perfect ideas can come to you in the most unexpected moments. Drawing them down makes sure you’ve recorded the ideas for future uses.

You can also cut out some creative design examples from magazines and keep them in the sketchbook. Other people’s work is a good inspiration source, and it’s nice to browse something other than a screen for a while.

Use the Equipment to Hone Your Creative Design Skills

So you’ve got the fresh Macbook Pro, an excellent drawing tablet, and even a sketchbook? Now it’s time to put them to good use and start honing your creative design skills. Here are some abilities you should focus on:

HTML. Look, almost every creative design job require you to be familiar with HTML. It doesn’t mean that you should be able to build a website from scratch. But knowing how to fix minor errors will get you hired more likely.

InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Knowing these programs should be the cornerstone of your skillset. If you’re serious about creative design and want to make your own original designs, you need to know all three of them.

And as you get better as a creative designer, you might want to consider purchasing a photo camera. Lots of job offers require you to have some base-level photography skills. The more value you can offer to a company, the more likely you’ll get hired. Plus, seeing the world through the camera lens is a great way to improve your visual storytelling.


Ready to type into Google search “creative design jobs near me?” While it’s true that most companies expect their creative designer to have at least three years of experience, you can start gaining that experience by working as a freelancer. Soon, you’ll have enough skills to apply for the more demanding posts. And reliable technology will be instrumental in helping you work more efficiently and get better jobs. So it’s an investment that pays off quickly.

Have you got any creative design questions you would like to ask us? Write them down in the comments.

Author’s Bio: 

Ellen Royce is an experienced marketer, copywriter, and entrepreneur. Having started several small businesses online, she knows the importance of effective content marketing in building companies.

Sunmaker Casino Review: Bonuses and Promotions

Meta Description: Launched in 2004, Sunmaker casino has over the years retained consistency in providing a reliable gaming platform for players all across the world. They have a wide selection of slots, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, craps, and poker, among others. 

About Sunmaker Casino

Sunmaker online betting site has been in the gambling industry since 2004. The casino is owned by PlayCherry Ltd, a firm that is registered with MGA located in Malta. When the company was launched, its initial plan was to serve the German market, but it has currently expanded and serves customers all over Europe.

It is well known mainly for its trendy game selection such as Merkur slots. All the games available in the casino are all safe and fair to play. This is an assured statement by the fact that the casino has been tested and audited by two separate authorities. 

First, the initial Sunmaker company parent, PlayCherry Ltd is under Malta Gaming Authorities certification, while all the Merkur games featured in the casino are required to have been licensed under the Government of Curacao and approved to be fair and lawful. Essentially, every player on the Sunmaker casino site is assured of the legitimacy of the platform.

The job of the two regulatory bodies is to offer higher levels of lawfulness in the platform. Besides, players can find crucial information about the slot games RTP easily. The site publishes its payout rates for their client, which is always on the higher side going as high as 99.49%. In this casino, the sizes of the jackpots aren’t the same: some are more lucrative than others.

Sunmaker Casino Game Selection

Sunmaker is the first casino to embrace available no download Merkur games in a complete HD. All featured games are made using the modern HTML web software that enables instant gameplay without the need of downloading any app or software. 

The variety of games at this casino is truly immense. It features over 400 slot machines plus loads of other games. Its games are from Microgaming and NetEnt providers, which are the two leading game developers in the betting industry. In additions, the casino has more games from other notable game providers such as Yggdrasil, Play N’ Go and Amaya. Sunmaker casino covers a long array of themes.

For the punters who prefer table slots, they have over 20 featured games from Play N’ Go to choose from including Roulette slots which include French, Roulette, American Roulette, and English Roulette. Players who prefer slots that aren’t involving can play Lotto and Bingo. Nevertheless, the casino features the most rewarding game section, which is the jackpot. It features eleven games that have enormous jackpot prize that awaits the lucky winners.

Slot Machines

Even though Merkur’s priority has been land-based slot machines from the beginning, online slots have come to claim a huge share of the company’s innovation over time. There are loads of funfilled slots to play at Sunmaker casino today courtesy of Merkur developers.

Meet the Knight’s Life, Magic Mirror, Tiara, Extra 10 Liner, Triple Chance, Honey Bee, Gold of Persia, Magic Mirror Deluxe, Double Triple Chance, Chinese Dragon, Amazonia, Cannon Thunder, Secrets of India, The Final Frontier, Dragon’s Treasure, and Hocus Pocus Deluxe on the reels. The list is endless.

Merkur online slots boast of a vintage look rather than the sophisticated 3D video slots. They may not come with the slickest graphics, but the high entertainment value thanks to the diversity of plots, and generous payouts gives them a special hold onto the online platforms.

Slots are based on a wide range of impressive topics. But Merkur’s best performance has been with the classic fruit machines. Get your hands on titles like the Blazing Star, the Super 7 Reels, the Double Triple Chance or the Candy and Fruits, and enjoy the classical fruit symbols like lemons and plums. Modern winning features wilds and scatters are featured too.

If you’re in for some complex slots, there is a whole list of magic-themed slot machines featuring animated graphics and more diverse symbols. To this end, you’ll be happy playing titles such as the Dragon’s Treasure, the Magic Mirror and Shiva Slot. Slots like Big Buck Bunny and Pimp It Up diverge from the norm to give you plenty of exciting play. 

You will also enjoy a stunning collection of titles Sunmaker casino by renowned innovators like NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Blueprint. NetEnt titles like Gonzo’s Quest, Dazzle Me and Steam Tower will treat you to a good deal of old charm. Play Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Genie Jackpots, Joker Millions, Winstar and The Pig Wizard, which feature rolling progressive jackpots. Payouts keep growing and eventually become some life-changing wins.

Great slot machine from IGT – 7s wild slot machine

Live Casino Games

At Sunmaker casino, players enjoy live casino experience offered by Extreme Live Gaming and NetEnt. Live Roulette fans have access to exceptional roulette such as Lucky Lady’s Roulette, Sizzling Hot Roulette, Ra Roulette and Dolphin’s Roulette.

In Germany, there are live dealers who host casino games, meaning that Sunmaker has covered every aspect, including the language. The Sunmaker casino handpicked the most elite games and combined them in a single basket. The presence of the aforementioned Roulette tables and Dream Catcher speak volumes. 


Blackjack is one of the loved card game among online enthusiasts, and it would be a shame if Sunmaker did not give its fans an opportunity to deal cards and win. You will have your chance at the casino to play the enjoyable Common Draw Blackjack and Live beyond Live Blackjack, among other variations. 

Blackjack is available with VIP and regular tables. Compared to other average live casinos, Sunmaker has more diverse games in this category. The games are available on mobile devices. Both high rollers and average ones have equal chances of getting a taste of live casino experience since the bet limit is within the market standard. 

Live Roulette

Sunmaker Live Roulette allows you to play on the go along with live-dealers and in the company of other gamers. It’s simple and fun. When playing live roulette game on the casino, you need to compete with a small ball that is unpredictably running on the wheel. Nevertheless, you get to play with a human dealer, which is an added advantage. As you play, use the chips placed on one side of the screen in the gambling box.

The dealer will throw the ball into the wheel, and you are required to follow the game using the other half of the live stream screen. One advantage of this game is that it is hard for the movement of the ball to be manipulated by the dealer since the live casino builds a game that deals with the conflict of interest.

Your Sunmaker Live Roulette mobile play should be as fluid as the PC version. Smartphones and tablets with larger screens will give you a good experience with live gaming since they offer enough room for game settings and the table.


Crap gaming took the virtual form immediately online casinos came into existence. It’s hands down and the most thrilling table game you’ll play. With a wide range of bets, variables and strategies, Crap games stand out to be among the most exciting titles to get your hands on. Sunmaker crap games are available in both free to play and real money options.


Poker is the most famous card game, even outside the casino walls. It largely entailed a player against another player before it moved on to involve casinos dealers. Most played games across many online casinos are Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker.

You’re sure to enjoy these versions of Poker and more at Sunmaker Casino. The Video Poker titles you will find include the famous Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, All American, and Joker Poker (Kings or Better). Other titles in this category are the Oasis Poker, 3 Card Poker, and Carribean Stud Poker. 


Baccarat began as a game among players just like Poker before casinos came in. The aim of this game is to collect nine points, using the card’s values. You can play different kinds of Baccarat on the Sunmaker website.

Other Games

The other category is as rich with stunning titles as the categories above. Browse through the list and rest assured you’re going to stumble on a variety of quality picks. Some of the titles you might want to check out include Pontoon, Red Dog, Double Exposure, Bonus Keno, Dream Catcher.

Dragon Tiger, Super Sic Bo, Football Studios, Let it Ride, Wheel of Dice, Casino war, Top Card, Lighting cards, and some scratch cards options. There are close to 100 offers under to go for this category. 

Sunmaker Usability and Ease of Navigation on Website

Undoubtedly, the website is well designed and comfortable to use even to beginners. It’s easier for players to navigate around the casino as everything is laid well in an inviting and vibrant manner.

With over 400 games on the website, Sunmaker has made it easier for the players to trace their favourite slot with sections like:

  • Live Casino – in this grouping, you will find different categories of card games and roulette with a live dealer. 
  • Jackpot Games – this segment displays games and slot machines that have progressive jackpots such as Super Diamond Deluxe, Joker Millions, Mega Fortune, Divine Fortune and The Pig Wizard.
  • Made in Germany – all the game produced by German developer Merkur are all available in this section including Merkur Magnus 7, Dragon’s Treasure, Fruitinator, Blazing Star, and Crystal Heart.
  • Table Games – This section displays European roulette, French roulette, joker poker, bingo classic, Deuces Wild, lotto, among other games. 
  • Slot Games – this section consists of various slots such as Moon Princess, Knock Wins, Fire N’Fortune, Rainbow Ryan, and others.
  • All Games – this section has every game featured in this casino. 

The games can be categorized according to their popularity and their alphabetical order. To find a particular slot or software effortlessly, you can use a specialized search field using a specific developer. You can launch any game from your mobile device or PC browser, no other additional application is required. The launching speed of the game depends on its developer. The software runs efficiently with no hick-ups.

Sunmaker is restricted in some countries including, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Austria, Turkey, Hungary, Canada, Belgium and the United States. Currently, players in these countries can’t sign up at the Sunmaker site. 

Sunmaker Mobile Casino App

Enjoy the most excellent game collection wherever you are through your mobile device, including the premium Merkur games. You only need your casino account, tablet or smartphone, to enjoy mobile gaming while on the go.

Whether you are using Blackberry, Windows, iOS or Android, this casino will roll the carpet for you. Note that, not all games are available at the Sunmaker mobile, but you can be sure that the most demanded and popular ones are available.

Mobile Gameplay

At Sunmaker, you can play the games instantly with no necessary downloads. Their layout design is simple and user-friendly. Basically, even the beginners will find it easy and effortless to navigate across. 

If you want to search for a game from a specific manufacturer, simply type the providers’ name. Also, you can find the game by typing its name. To make it easier, the Sunmaker’s games are arranged by their category; which means there are tabs for jackpots, table games as well as unique segment known as Made in Germany. 

The mobile play also features NetEnt’s games and even jackpot games like Stolen Stones, Mega Fortune, Divine Fortune, etc.

There are bonuses for mobile players. On the top left of your mobile device screen, there is a main menu featuring Sunmaker sportsbook. This button will take you to the promotion segment, and every promotion or bonus offer that is on display is yours for grab.

Customer Support 

Sunmaker features a FAQ section that has a bunch of the most asked queries. Nevertheless, despite this comprehensive and useful section, you might come across an issue which can’t be resolved with those responses. In such cases, you can contact their customer services personnel by filling in their online form with the nature of the question, including your personal information. Someone will contact you in a short time. 

The customer support at Sunmaker has a team of competent personnel who are always ready to answer all the queries within the shortest time possible. You can also contact them through live chat and email.

Live Chat and Email

Live chat is the most preferred means. You will be linked to a professional attendant to assist you and are available 24/7.

If emailing them is your preferred method, the email button is available in the Help window. Their helpful customer support is one of the reasons why the casino ranks so high. 

Privacy, Security and Online Gambling License

Upon signing up at the Sunmaker site, all the data you provide are kept private. They ensure that all your personal information is safe from reaching any third party. The data you provide will never be used for other purposes without your consent.

Besides, they will not keep them longer in their data bank than required. Sunmaker security process your personal details according to the Laws of Malta chapter 440, the section of the Data Protection Act. The casino usually does all in its power to protect the player’s personal information. Thanks to the use of the latest SSL encryption technology that works the same way in the online banking portals.

Your data can only be disclosed as indicated in the government lay or upon orders from the government authorities. In case the casino becomes suspicious of some illegal or misdeeds acts within your account, they have the authority to disclose your information to the rightful party and also report the issue to the necessary authorities. 

Payment Methods 

Sunmaker spoils their clients with numerous payment options to allow you to choose that which works well with you. They have teamed up with the leading trustworthy partners.

The minimum amount of money players can withdraw from their account is €10 while the maximum deposit is €10,000.

In the case where you need to withdraw an amount higher than €2,330, you will be required to provide your personal data for the withdrawal to be approved. Usually, the necessary documents for verification are proof of address and a valid ID. 

Usually, the Sunmaker casino will credit your winning using the same account you credited the account with. The withdrawal period will be determined by the chosen banking method. As long as the account is verified, withdrawing your money will take place within 24 hours. 

Note that the only currency that is supported by the casino is Euro. One odd thing with this platform is that there is very little information given concerning the available payment method. You only get the information by either contacting their support or by sifting through their terms and conditions. 

The Sunmaker doesn’t charge any fee on both withdrawals and deposits. However, there is a catch though; if you stay for an extended period without using your account, you will have to pay some charges.

The period is 180 days. If you exceed these days, the casino will charge you 5 EUR for each month your account has been inactive. The amount will certainly add up over the time, thus, if you have no intention of using the account in the near future, ensure you withdraw all the amount. 

Deposit methods include; Fast Bank Transfer, Mastercard, GiroPay, Sofortuberwaisung, Skrill, Ukash, Mister Cash, Neteller, Paysafecard, Solo, Visa, Maestro, and American Express

Withdrawal methods available are Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, Visa, Neteller, Visa and Electron

The transaction with e-wallet takes up to two days; bank transfer takes up to seven days while the credit card takes up to seven days. All these payment firms are popular and trusted in the betting industry. 

Summary of What You Get With Sunmaker

  • Top-notch customer support with proper instruction, guidance and recommendations;
  • High payouts rates with less waiting and toiling;
  • Smooth play for real money with no hidden or unsafe terms and conditions;
  • Availability of instant play. Players can play online instantly and remotely;
  • The satisfying and attractive welcome bonus that requires no deposit;
  • Cash prizes, promotions, casino bonuses for regular customers which player can use and get more generous prizes;
  • Presence of exciting and famous games from well-known producers such as Merkur, Yggdrasil and Netent.

Closing Thoughts

Sunmaker is a convenient place where you will not only be entertained and enjoy the most popular casino slots but also appreciate Merkur Betting collection. Whether you are a high roller or a casual player, the platform has a lavish offer for you.

Daily and weekly promotions, as well as welcome offers, are some of the reasons you need to try out this incredible online casino. The website has a modern and fresh design, which is appealing to prospect players.

The Best Way To Learn Swift By Building Applications

Have you ever wondered if there is a more straightforward way to build applications? Do you think the app designers or programmers are aliens from outer space? What if you could develop your app without going through the huddle of running codes all over again?

If these questions ever crossed your mind, then you are about to learn how to build applications using the Swift programming language. This guide will show you how to begin if you want to learn Swift programming.

Programming isn’t a walk in the park. You must have some essential coding skills to navigate your way around the coding system.

Let’s get to the basics.

What Swift Programming Language is About

If you’ve been a programmer on the iOS and Mac OS platforms, you should be versatile with Objective – C, Apple’s flagship coding language. It’s still in active use and will be for a long time.

However, in 2014, Apple introduced the Swift programming language as an improved version of the Objective – C and the rest of its line of programming languages.

Since the introduction of Swift, it has gone through multiple upgrades. The latest version is Swift 5.2, released in 2020. However, Apple isn’t relapsing as we should be expecting more versions to be released as the need arises.

According to Apple, the Swift programming language is an alternative to the already existing Objective – C. Matter of factly, they said it is the Objective – C without the C.

Coding in Swift is quite seamlessly with all the user-friendly functionalities. Apps coded with Swift can run on any iOS, Mac OS, tvOS, iPadOS, or watchOS device.

The best way to learn Swift is by installing Xcode to a Mac. If you don’t have a MacBook, you can install Mac OS on your PC. With that, you can then run the Xcode software. You can download them through the Apple Developer Store.

If you have the Mac OS and Xcode installed, then you’re ready to learn and build apps on the go.

However, Swift is also available for Linux. Matter of fact, the linux based community is getting quite big nowadays. Additionally, linux will be released for Windows soon. That’s also a huge thing.

The beautiful thing about Xcode is the built-in playground that allows you to code Swift without building an entire app. It provides you with the best learning environment, especially if you’re new to programming or app building.

On the flip side, if you decide to code Swift on your iPad, then you need to get the Swift Playground for iPad. Though it’s a fun way to run your coding in Swift, it requires advanced skills. Additionally, the interface is very interactive as when you’re coding on a MacBook or PC. So, with constant practice, you’re sure to get the hang of it.

How to Learn Swift Programming

I know you desire to learn Swift fast and build your app or game as soon as possible. However, the best way for you to learn Swift programming is dependent on how you desire to learn it.

Here are four ways you can learn how to code using the Swift programming language.

1. Classroom or Bootcamp Learning

Some people learn better when they are in a classroom environment. I know folks during my high school days who only need to be present in class to have enough to ace their CAs. If you’re like that, there are Boot Camps where you learn the rudiments of Swift programming from different tutors.

The remarkable thing about learning at a Bootcamp is the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of ways to go about coding in Swift. You also have a great chance to be employed if you did well or get job recommendations as a professional Swift programmer. It’s typical of how writers are recommended for jobs at Best Writers Online .

The downside is that they can be expensive and controlled. While enrolled in the Bootcamp program, you don’t do other stuff. However, it pays off in the end.

2. Visual or On-Screen Learning

Visual learning is used the most for learning in our world today. We seem to have more visual learners as generations unfold. Frankly, visuals are very effective ways tutors use to teach essential topics in Swift programming.

The on-screen learning platform brings the classroom to the comfort of your living room. It provides you the luxury of learning at your own time and pace.

Meanwhile, it has a downside. You may have to deal with watching a video with poor quality. The learning sometimes can be interrupted as you may need to pause the video to code. The worst part is working with outdated video tutorials that will waste your time and resources.

On the bright side, YouTube gives you access to tons of videos where you can learn Swift programming. Be sure to check that the videos are updated and relevant. You can check out reviews of some video tutorial providers to see if they’re worth your time. It’s much like using Online Writers Rating  to know if a writing service is worth it.

3. Tutorials, Guides, and Books

If you’re reading this, you probably learn better with guides, tutorials, or books. You’re an avid reader or you prefer the old-fashion read and learn method. And it isn’t a crazy thing at all.

In a world that has gone techy, reading books or guides as a learning style remains effective. Though not as effective as say visual learning, it’s still preferred choice to a good number of learners.

When it comes to learning Swift programming, books and guides come in handy. They provide uninterrupted means of learning and practicing. It’s easy to get a topic, read about it, follow the exercises at the end, and perfect it by practicing. This was, your practice and learning can go simultaneously.

Learning by reading books and guides also helps you learn at your own pace. You can chart a learning course that suits your schedule.

Much like video learning, there’s the risk of learning with outdated materials. However, you can fix this by always looking out for updated versions of the learning material of your choice.

4. Learning on the Go

One of the things I’ve noticed in the programming world is that most programmers are autodidactic. They prefer to learn by building apps or developing games. Self-learning or learning on the go should be an inherent ability of every programmer.

Swift programming language supports learning on the go. The software comes with pre-installed templates to make it easier for you. However, you must have a basic knowledge of programming or coding. That way, you can walk your way around any additional feature that comes with the software upgrade.

The thing about learning on the go is that it expedites your learning process. The more you spend time working on the Swift programming interface, the more you get better with your coding skills. Before long, with constant practice, you’ll be developing cool apps.

Where to Start?

As I bring this guide to a wrap, it’s essential to know the ideal place to start learning. If you’re a beginner, you can visit YouTube or Udemy. There are a plethora of courses absolute for you to get started with the Swift programming language.

Why Would You Allocate Mobile Development Resources in Android?

Developing Android apps is not an easy endeavor. There are just so many aspects of the development that are hard to comprehend. The major hurdle is allocating resources. Any mobile app development company or a freelance developer would tell you this is the chief hindrance they meet in developing mobile apps. 

There are indeed different resources needed to develop an app properly, and that’s mostly done by project managers. Let me talk about the hurdles in resources allocation, and how developers could do it in the best way possible. 

But first, what is resource allocation?

Understanding Resource Allocation

It’s a combination of science and art development. It’s determining the best resources available for any project, designating the resources to the team of developers, like for instance in a React Native development company.  And then, keeping tabs on the workload all throughout the process, as well as re-assigning resources when required. 

Thus, if you would be needing writers, designers, construction workers or other people to work on a project, those are considered as your development resources. Tools and hardware could also be considered resources and of course time and money as well. From there, you need to assign all those to the tasks required to complete your mobile development project. 

You do not only allocate properly, but you should also make certain that the resources are efficiently used. This is critical so that work happens in accordance to your plan and is accomplished in the fastest time possible. There are many instances when a mobile app development company is unable to use the allocated resources in the way they should and this increases the costs. 

Resource Allocation Changes Faced by Android App Developers 

When it comes to Android app development, there are so many things happening. Furthermore, project managers face many policy changes, in the work process and change in prospects. These are hurdles they have to face while allocating resources and due to these challenges, there are also several inaccuracies. 

There are various things that commonly can be categories as challenges faced by the project managers. These are challenges that they have to face while they are allocating the resources and because of these challenges, there are numerous inaccuracies.

  • Project dependencies
  • Customer changes
  • Resources availability
  • Project uncertainties
  • Various organization projects

Allocate App Development Resources in Android

1. Early Risk Detection

This is directly related to uncertainty issues on a development project. If the project managers could detect risk early on, they would be able to find a way to handle them. In this way, all resources could be properly allocated and management would not be a huge problem. 

Knowing the risks early means no need to suddenly alter all the management strategies that could even create anxiety in the development team. To make sure that everything will go smoothly, the project manager should ensure that all the possible risks to resources are detected in the soonest time possible. 

2. Project and Team Knowledge

To use resources to their fullest, the manager should have proper knowledge of the project and the members of the team. It could be accomplished by making a high-level project plan, which could consist of detailed deliverables and requirements information. It gives an idea on individuals who are best fit to accomplish the work. 

3. Project Analysis

Project analysis provides developers and the project manager an insight if the project developed is going as planned. This gives insight to the performance of resources, which help make better decisions later on and to allocate resources in a much better way. 

Furthermore, an analysis is critical to boost work quality through resources allocation. Moreover, deallocating a few that are not making any difference but are only taking up the time of developers. 

4. Continuous Project Tracking

Indeed, it’s critical to regularly keep tabs of all the activities that are done in the project, so a manager could ascertain that all resources possible are available. Furthermore, this would give them an idea if more resources are needed for more efficiency, or if some could be removed to cut on the expenditure while performance remains as expected. All these are not possible if the project processes are not monitored continuously. 


Android app developers need to keep up with the evolving trends, not only in custom app development frameworks and languages, but in how resources are allocated as well. Resources are also changing and increasing, thus knowing how it could be done more efficiently and the changes that have to be faced is paramount. 

How To Mix And Serve Digital Signage And Content Marketing Using Mind Maps

Digital signage marketing and content marketing have been combined before, but not everyone knows that they can be used with mind mapping. Here is how to mix and serve digital signage and content marketing using mind maps.

What Is Digital Signage?

To put it simply, digital signage are the advertisements you see being displayed usually on the streets but also indoors that come in the form of digital installations. For example, these can be the running electronic sentences in public transport or over the shops. But these can also be other forms of displays that have advertisements on them.

Strategic digital signage and digital signage advertising are both considered to be digital signage marketing which is done on purpose. But there are also times when digital signage becomes unintentional marketing like when the news is reported in the electronic sentence running and a brand is mentioned in a positive context.

Digital signage technology has evolved over time, so your digital signage and marketing efforts will need to be coordinated in a way that fits current trends. In addition to that, you should also understand that digital signage is made up of three main parts that work together:

  • Content: This is what appears in your digital signage installation. For example, the text and images in the installation are considered to be content just like the audio and video compounds.
  • Hardware: This is the technology you use for your digital signage installation. For example, the screens on which the content is displayed and the speakers that the audio is played through are all considered hardware.
  • Software: This is the digital framework or the programs that allow your digital signage installation to come to life. The software helps you at all stages of your involvement with the installation from creation to deployment to management to analysis.

How Has the World of Content Marketing Changed?

First of all, content marketing has become a more extensive notion. Now, even an essay writing service review site can give you an idea about where to find a suitable writer to create your content because so many professionals are actually competent to write different kinds of content no matter what kind of texts they usually write.

Secondly, most of your audience is now constantly on the go. The world is a busy place and most people are always out of time. This is why content marketing is trying to adapt to these new circumstances by creating content that can be consumed quickly, accessed easily, and processed effectively.

Content marketing is now more focused on smaller pieces of content like short articles and blog posts or even social media posts. All three can be accessed online at any time from anywhere and don’t require a lot of attention or time from your audience. This is why content marketing has transformed this much.

Consequently, digital signage is now being integrated into content marketing. The difference is that content marketing is usually used online while digital signage marketing is used offline. This is exactly why their combination creates a unique mix that targets audiences both online and offline.

What Are the Benefits of Combining Digital Signage and Content Marketing?

So, how exactly is digital signage being combined with content marketing, and what are the benefits of this mix? Here are just some things you can consider as advantages of combining digital signage and content marketing:

  • Integration: Of course, the first thing you will notice is that you will be able to improve your integration. By integrating digital signage marketing with content marketing, you will learn how to combine different types of marketing and be able to improve your overall strategy. In addition to that, this kind of integration can actually strengthen your advertising campaign because all of its elements will now be working together towards a common aim.
  • Innovation: What could be more innovative than integrating digital signage marketing and content marketing? This is one of the more recent trends that hasn’t become very widespread yet but already has a lot of potential. This means that if you try integrating digital signage advertising with your content marketing, you will be one of the first to do so. In fact, you might even become one of the innovators in this sphere and one of the most respected experts in the long run.
  • Exposure: Because you are combining offline and online marketing tactics, you will be getting double the exposure you usually get when focusing solely on online or offline (traditional) advertising. For example, if you are a local business operating in a particular area, your content marketing strategy will probably rely greatly on local SEO. This also means that it is easier for you to decide where to place your digital signage installations within the area where you are located. As a result, the people who see your marketing online will also see your digital signage installations offline prompting them to engage with your business.

What Are the Best Practices of Combining Digital Signage and Content Marketing?

You could use a writing services review site to write the content for your digital signage installation, but you could also write it yourself. No matter what you choose though, a good digital signage and content marketing combination will need to be created by using some of the best practices to make it effective:

  • Bringing Awareness to Your Cause and Your Content: One interesting thing about digital signage installations is that they can actually become overbearing in places where they are too common. This means that attracting the attention of your audience becomes more difficult. Luckily, you can repurpose your digital signage strategy in a way that will still promote your business but will also bring awareness to your cause and your content. For example, if your business supports a non-profit organization helping homeless people, you could incorporate that into your content marketing and digital signage marketing.
  • Putting Forward Content That Is Socially Relevant: As mentioned above, you need to find something important to focus the attention of your audience on rather than only trying to market yourself and your business. Think about the content you can put forward that will be socially relevant to your audience. Are they concerned with the prices for the kinds of products you sell? Offer them a discount! Are they wondering whether there is animal abuse involved when making your products? Have your business tested and officially label your products as animal cruelty-free (then, promote this aspect in your marketing)!
  • Creating A More Professional Brand Profile: Proper marketing is actually the foundation of your brand identity and brand image. This is why it is so important to keep in mind that when you combine digital signage marketing and content marketing, you can actually create a more professional brand profile. Improving your reputation will impact the way your competitors and your audience see you making you a way more serious business on the market that is serious about what it does and wants to improve the world (while also selling its products or services).

How Can You Use Mind Mapping for Content Marketing?

Lastly, it is important to understand how to use mind mapping for content marketing which you will then use for digital signage. Here are some ways you can use mind mapping for content marketing:

  • For Brainstorming Ideas: The most obvious way how you can use mind mapping to improve your content marketing and digital signage marketing is by brainstorming ideas. You can take a general topic and then move out to more specific subtopics and themes that you want your digital signage installations and online content you publish to cover.
  • For Creating Outlines for Content: Next, you can also use mind mapping to create outlines for your content. For instance, once you have chosen a specific topic to cover, there are still different points within you will want to go through. By using a mind map, you will get a general idea about the outline or structure of your content.
  • For Creating Checklists and Templates for Various Processes: In addition to that, you can use mind mapping to create checklists and templates for various purposes. Imagine that you want to provide your audience with a free checklist of your products they need for their kitchen. You can then use a mind map to select all of these products one by one.
  • For Repurposing Old Content into New One: Lastly, you can use mind maps to repurpose old content into new one. You can do this just for your content marketing and you can do this for digital signage marketing. If you have an old article about how to complete a nighttime skincare routine with your products but you have released new products by this point, you can use a mind map to recycle the old article and add new products to it.

Final Thoughts

All in all, digital signage and content marketing can work hand in hand if you know how to use them correctly. Read this article carefully and take notes before deciding how you will mix the two my using mind maps.

Author Bio

Jamie Fry – Purposeful and promising author. Confidently goes to his goal. He has a talent for writing original content. The main conviction in his life: «To be the best in the field in which you are developing». Always in search of fresh ideas.

Steps To Configure SEO Smart Links In Your WordPress Website

Are you looking for a way to promote higher ranking for your website? You can get the solution from SEO smart links. They will give you automatic SEO paybacks for your website. That is not all. You will also custom keyword lists.

Would you want to connect phrases and keywords on your post with matching pages and posts? You can use SEO smart links to achieve precisely that. It is also more comfortable for you to use it to set your matching URLs and keywords.

To open a link in a new window has become easy for you. All you need to do is use SEO smart links. You may like to have your blog posts interlinked. Just use SEO smart links, and you will have it done.

Have you got the benefits you can derive from SEO smart links? Here are the steps you can use to configure it into your WordPress website. Follow them. They will help you to set up and use quick links on your site.

Steps to configure SEO smart links

Go to your WordPress website settings. Are you there? You can choose to reduce the database load. All you need to do is to set SEO smart links to function on single pages and posts only. Just select the option below.

Process single pages and posts only

Have you selected the above choice? Go ahead and allow your website to process RSS feeds. Are you already done? The SEO smart links will insert links to every post within your RSS feed. Just allow the choice below.

Process RSS feeds

Proceed and configure if you would like the matching pages and posts to be case sensitive. Just select the option provided below.

Case sensitive matching

Would you want to prohibit automatic linking for some pages or posts? It is possible. Just separate them using a comma. There is an option to ignore pages and posts. Go ahead and make it your choice if you wish so.

Ignore pages and posts

There is also an option for you to ignore some phrases or keywords from automatic linking. All that is required for you is to separate them using a comma. Give those pages, names, slugs, or page IDs you would like to exclude. You will be required to select the option given below.

Ignore keywords

Are you done setting up the above? You can move to the next step. That is setting the limits.

Set limit of links 

It will be suitable for your website to have restricted content that is linked to each page. That is why you need to ensure that the content linked is not too much. You need to set the limits per page.

Go to the limit section. Are you there? The SEO smart links generate links per post. You can choose to set the maximum number of various links to be generated at any given post. You are given the option below. Just make your choice.

Max links   

If you do not want any limit. You can set it to zero

You are also provided with an option to limit the maximum number of links that SEO smart links can create with the same keyword. You need to select the option below and give the limit. If you decide no limit, you can set it at zero.

Max single

Have you set the maxim single to be above 1? Then you have an option to set a limit of the number of URLs the SEO smart links will link to.

You have now come to an end. But you need to hit the save button. Have you done that? You can go ahead to browse your WordPress website and see your new changes.


You do not have an excuse not to try it! Are they not simple steps? Just a few minutes, and you will have everything running. You will enjoy many benefits by configuring your WordPress website with SEO smart links. Do not waste time looking elsewhere. Just follow the above steps, and you will have everything in place.

Author Bio

Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at, He is an Award Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business.

How To Use Graphics Accordingly In Your E-commerce Theme

E-commerce Theme Store is a gigantic thing, no matter how much it’s developed in the past years, there are still new things coming one after another simultaneously. However, there are so many factors to ma

ke your e-commerce store more precious, that can quickly become an eye-candy type of thing for your customers.  

In the context of graphics designing, it plays essential roles in the success of your e-commerce store. Visuals are one of the most crucial parts to showcase your products, growing sales & keeping your users in the loop and well interested from the moment they enter your store. Moreover, 73% of businesses invest in design to help their brand stand out against the competition.  

If you are willing to provide the best visual experience to your customers, then you have to offer a smooth journey from the beginning to the checkout process. However, we are here to provide you with some tips about how you use graphics accordingly in your e-commerce theme.

Before we begin with the tips, we have to understand first some of the basic facts or kinds of stuff regarding visuals. 

Understand The Sequence Of Graphics

No matter who you are, a graphic designer or store owner, you have to understand that putting visuals in a sequence is a master key in graphic designing. This particular thing indicates at your page arrangements such as text, graphics, navigation bar etc. Moreover, most importantly, how these elements are aligning well on your web-page.  

If you are a graphic designer and working on an e-commerce theme, then you must have created some visuals in your mind before you start working on an idea. If you consider Best Shopify Template, the designer took an idea and gave space it’s designed to breathe. Beginner designers are always in a rush of fulfilling the white space. This assumption is conjointly wrong. White space gives your images primacy. Influential photos often used on the home page, and these images are more significant, in the sense of these images, it could include lifestyle photos most of the time and also it includes banners that show promotional events and sales-related advertising etc.

In the context of product images, these are one of the most valuable assets to sell your products. Your product images should be reasonable and give a visual treat to your customers.   

Sell Your Product With Graphics

-commerce theme design should be inspiring, but not severely filled with colour contrast and not the overloading of images and overviewed description. In this term, Responsive PrestaShop Themes are the best at using the proper amount of visuals and worthy readable content. Visitors usually desired to get navigated by the store. If you have accomplished it in the right way, then you will achieve higher sales in the product; conversely, if you have done it wrong, you might lose your existing customers too.

Casual use of elements such as colour & design often left a positive or negative impact on customers. It ought to be in your mind to balance it in the right way. Using and adjusting colours and moulding the shape of the design represent the behaviour of your brand. An embed theme built on the harmony of images and the use of colours. In a nutshell, the pictures of the product also leave the best impression on customers. Premium OpenCart themes have the perfect balance of colour, design and product images. That’s why web-store owners are likely to adopt the Opencart theme for their store.

SEO Of Visual Elements

We all have an idea about how important SEO is for web content. Now, the material has also reached to graphic elements. People love to share things on social media and especially photos of products or services etc. however, visual content can also have the original part, and it also affects your ranking on google.

Graphics such as photos, videos, GIFs and infographics can all be optimised for the search engine to boost your ability on google. However, it’s a kind of effortless job to maximise your visuals. All you have to do is to target primary keywords, in the title of images, file name, alt text and description. 


There are a lot of factors in this term. But here we told you some of the important things. We hope that we have convinced you very well about how graphic designing can be used accordingly in an e-commerce theme. If you are a designer or shop owner, just choose your visuals wisely and make it optimise well for SEO to see boost hike on your store. Reading and learning are all good, but you now have to start doing practical on your own to know where you are standing in the competitive market. 

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Maruf Panwala is a Content Writer and SEO optimizer at Webibazaar Templates. Specialized in Creative Content, Digital Marketing Ideas and helps e-Commerce stores for branding on the digital platform.