Why Would You Allocate Mobile Development Resources in Android?

Developing Android apps is not an easy endeavor. There are just so many aspects of the development that are hard to comprehend. The major hurdle is allocating resources. Any mobile app development company or a freelance developer would tell you this is the chief hindrance they meet in developing mobile apps. 

There are indeed different resources needed to develop an app properly, and that’s mostly done by project managers. Let me talk about the hurdles in resources allocation, and how developers could do it in the best way possible. 

But first, what is resource allocation?

Understanding Resource Allocation

It’s a combination of science and art development. It’s determining the best resources available for any project, designating the resources to the team of developers, like for instance in a React Native development company.  And then, keeping tabs on the workload all throughout the process, as well as re-assigning resources when required. 

Thus, if you would be needing writers, designers, construction workers or other people to work on a project, those are considered as your development resources. Tools and hardware could also be considered resources and of course time and money as well. From there, you need to assign all those to the tasks required to complete your mobile development project. 

You do not only allocate properly, but you should also make certain that the resources are efficiently used. This is critical so that work happens in accordance to your plan and is accomplished in the fastest time possible. There are many instances when a mobile app development company is unable to use the allocated resources in the way they should and this increases the costs. 

Resource Allocation Changes Faced by Android App Developers 

When it comes to Android app development, there are so many things happening. Furthermore, project managers face many policy changes, in the work process and change in prospects. These are hurdles they have to face while allocating resources and due to these challenges, there are also several inaccuracies. 

There are various things that commonly can be categories as challenges faced by the project managers. These are challenges that they have to face while they are allocating the resources and because of these challenges, there are numerous inaccuracies.

  • Project dependencies
  • Customer changes
  • Resources availability
  • Project uncertainties
  • Various organization projects

Allocate App Development Resources in Android

1. Early Risk Detection

This is directly related to uncertainty issues on a development project. If the project managers could detect risk early on, they would be able to find a way to handle them. In this way, all resources could be properly allocated and management would not be a huge problem. 

Knowing the risks early means no need to suddenly alter all the management strategies that could even create anxiety in the development team. To make sure that everything will go smoothly, the project manager should ensure that all the possible risks to resources are detected in the soonest time possible. 

2. Project and Team Knowledge

To use resources to their fullest, the manager should have proper knowledge of the project and the members of the team. It could be accomplished by making a high-level project plan, which could consist of detailed deliverables and requirements information. It gives an idea on individuals who are best fit to accomplish the work. 

3. Project Analysis

Project analysis provides developers and the project manager an insight if the project developed is going as planned. This gives insight to the performance of resources, which help make better decisions later on and to allocate resources in a much better way. 

Furthermore, an analysis is critical to boost work quality through resources allocation. Moreover, deallocating a few that are not making any difference but are only taking up the time of developers. 

4. Continuous Project Tracking

Indeed, it’s critical to regularly keep tabs of all the activities that are done in the project, so a manager could ascertain that all resources possible are available. Furthermore, this would give them an idea if more resources are needed for more efficiency, or if some could be removed to cut on the expenditure while performance remains as expected. All these are not possible if the project processes are not monitored continuously. 


Android app developers need to keep up with the evolving trends, not only in custom app development frameworks and languages, but in how resources are allocated as well. Resources are also changing and increasing, thus knowing how it could be done more efficiently and the changes that have to be faced is paramount. 

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