How To Use Graphics Accordingly In Your E-commerce Theme

E-commerce Theme Store is a gigantic thing, no matter how much it’s developed in the past years, there are still new things coming one after another simultaneously. However, there are so many factors to ma

ke your e-commerce store more precious, that can quickly become an eye-candy type of thing for your customers.  

In the context of graphics designing, it plays essential roles in the success of your e-commerce store. Visuals are one of the most crucial parts to showcase your products, growing sales & keeping your users in the loop and well interested from the moment they enter your store. Moreover, 73% of businesses invest in design to help their brand stand out against the competition.  

If you are willing to provide the best visual experience to your customers, then you have to offer a smooth journey from the beginning to the checkout process. However, we are here to provide you with some tips about how you use graphics accordingly in your e-commerce theme.

Before we begin with the tips, we have to understand first some of the basic facts or kinds of stuff regarding visuals. 

Understand The Sequence Of Graphics

No matter who you are, a graphic designer or store owner, you have to understand that putting visuals in a sequence is a master key in graphic designing. This particular thing indicates at your page arrangements such as text, graphics, navigation bar etc. Moreover, most importantly, how these elements are aligning well on your web-page.  

If you are a graphic designer and working on an e-commerce theme, then you must have created some visuals in your mind before you start working on an idea. If you consider Best Shopify Template, the designer took an idea and gave space it’s designed to breathe. Beginner designers are always in a rush of fulfilling the white space. This assumption is conjointly wrong. White space gives your images primacy. Influential photos often used on the home page, and these images are more significant, in the sense of these images, it could include lifestyle photos most of the time and also it includes banners that show promotional events and sales-related advertising etc.

In the context of product images, these are one of the most valuable assets to sell your products. Your product images should be reasonable and give a visual treat to your customers.   

Sell Your Product With Graphics

-commerce theme design should be inspiring, but not severely filled with colour contrast and not the overloading of images and overviewed description. In this term, Responsive PrestaShop Themes are the best at using the proper amount of visuals and worthy readable content. Visitors usually desired to get navigated by the store. If you have accomplished it in the right way, then you will achieve higher sales in the product; conversely, if you have done it wrong, you might lose your existing customers too.

Casual use of elements such as colour & design often left a positive or negative impact on customers. It ought to be in your mind to balance it in the right way. Using and adjusting colours and moulding the shape of the design represent the behaviour of your brand. An embed theme built on the harmony of images and the use of colours. In a nutshell, the pictures of the product also leave the best impression on customers. Premium OpenCart themes have the perfect balance of colour, design and product images. That’s why web-store owners are likely to adopt the Opencart theme for their store.

SEO Of Visual Elements

We all have an idea about how important SEO is for web content. Now, the material has also reached to graphic elements. People love to share things on social media and especially photos of products or services etc. however, visual content can also have the original part, and it also affects your ranking on google.

Graphics such as photos, videos, GIFs and infographics can all be optimised for the search engine to boost your ability on google. However, it’s a kind of effortless job to maximise your visuals. All you have to do is to target primary keywords, in the title of images, file name, alt text and description. 


There are a lot of factors in this term. But here we told you some of the important things. We hope that we have convinced you very well about how graphic designing can be used accordingly in an e-commerce theme. If you are a designer or shop owner, just choose your visuals wisely and make it optimise well for SEO to see boost hike on your store. Reading and learning are all good, but you now have to start doing practical on your own to know where you are standing in the competitive market. 

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Maruf Panwala is a Content Writer and SEO optimizer at Webibazaar Templates. Specialized in Creative Content, Digital Marketing Ideas and helps e-Commerce stores for branding on the digital platform.

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