Social Media Manager Salary: How Much Should You Earn?

Everyone wants to have a decent pay for their work. It is very important to figure out how much you should be getting. Just look at the statistics of earnings and and you will be surprised at what salaries the qualified specialists receive.  Today we will talk about the salary of an SMM specialist.

So who is an SMM and what does he do?

The profession of an SMM manager can be said to be that young, although in terms of the speed of development and changes, it is quite comparable to SEO, and in terms of volume it is in no way inferior to it. How much does an SMM-specialist earn, what the salary depends on, what skills will help you increase your salary and where big money is hiding in SMM. Today it is one of the most popular professions. But every year, the potential of social networks is increasing, which means that work here requires maximum involvement.

An SMM manager is a specialist who is engaged in promoting a business; there are various companies, brands and individuals in social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others. Its tasks include increasing customer coverage, improving the visual and filling image of the customer, communication with subscribers.

Social media platform managers are implementing various innovative ideas to generate modern projects and formats. They also control analytics and along with the dark indicators of the effectiveness of the projects carried out. Those who used to make money thanks to not entirely honest services for boosting subscribers and likes, today remain without the desired and so necessary activity today. Now the work of an SMM manager should show not just a beautiful picture: a neat profile, a general color palette, individual icons for relevant stories, but, of course, an impressive number of subscribers.

How many SMM specialists work?

There are SMM specialists who are employees of companies and are listed in the states. They work either in the office – usually a co-working space – or from home.

We have much more time to use a programming language in any language. In most cases, the working day will be irregular – this applies to both weekends and work at night, because some weekends or contests need to be held in the evenings, for example, drawings dedicated to Halloween – exceptionally shortly before this day or on the holiday itself.

Average salary for a social media manager

Let’s move on to one of the most important topics for those interested in this profession: the salary of an SMM manager. It certainly cannot be called big, but only because the remuneration depends on the company and specific ones (which we will consider with you below).

It is clear that an SMM manager without experience or an intern earns several times less than a senior SMM manager or a head of the SMM department, who clearly have a lot of experience and their disorderly skills are better than those of a beginner.

How much do professionals with the title of “social media manager” earn in the US? According to Glassdoor, the base salary in the US is $ 50,473, and this role usually does not include bonuses or additional compensation.

PayScale reports a slightly higher average annual salary in the US at $ 51,262, which includes bonus, commission, and profit sharing:


How to negotiate a manager’s salary on social media 

Applying for a new job as a social media manager? Be sure to have an idea of ​​the wage range that you can expect from the offer. If you need to find a job but don’t know where to start, check out the expert advice.

But what if the offer you received doesn’t match your needs or doesn’t match what you think you deserve?

Take a look at some of the most effective ways to negotiate a paycheck and demonstrate how much value you add. 

What can affect your salary? 

 Now let’s figure out what most employers want and what is important when applying for a job. What do they pay attention to, what do they require from the applicant and what salary do they offer?

Researching marketing, advertising, or communications can help you qualify for the position. However, these areas of study are not the only ones that can help you increase your earning potential. In fact, social media managers with journalism and political science degrees have some of the highest average salaries.

Your educational level can have a significant impact on your earning potential in marketing. Also, how much an SMM specialist gets is influenced by the person’s position and qualifications. However, if you have an advanced degree, you may have additional negotiating opportunities.

Candidates with a master’s degree earn an average of $ 55,000 per year. Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can bring you closer to an average of $ 60,000 per year.

Responsibilities of an SMM specialist:

  • development of a strategy for promotion in a social network;
  • generation and design of content: text, photos, videos, infographics and other visual components;
  • attracting subscribers, increasing the audience;
  • building and increasing brand loyalty;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of page promotion;
  • work with brand mentions in social networks, reputation marketing.
  • you need to be able to develop and approve strategies for brand promotion in social media;
  • competently use modern trends and current trends;
  • generate new ideas and test new hypotheses in the field of promotion;
  • analyze the market, competitors and audience;
  • clearly implement the approved content plan;
  • increase: subscriber engagement, brand awareness, brand loyalty;
  • increase the audience;
  • generate content for posts and stories;
  • work with brand mentions (on Instagram, Twitter);
  • reply to comments;
  • communicate with subscribers in Direct / messages;
  • carry out analytical work to monitor the effectiveness of page promotion;
  • prepare regular reports on the effectiveness of page promotion;
  • be creative, literate, stand out;
  • create advertising campaigns and run them.

What shouldn’t be your responsibility:

It is widely believed that an SMM specialist must perform absolutely all tasks, at least indirectly related to social networks. But in fact, this is just a myth, because not every good targeting scientist knows how to write high-quality, useful text and vice versa.

I do not exclude the possibility that there are SMM specialists who are able to single-handedly cope with setting up and running advertising campaigns in social media, writing posts and designing visuals, strategic planning and communication with users in 4 social networks. But the employer should remember that the remuneration for such work will be asked for much higher.

With the correct organization of the workflow, the tasks of an SMM manager should not include:

  • Self-writing texts for posts on social networks – there is a copywriter for this.
  • Creation of designs and creatives for publishing, creating photos and videos, retouching illustrations and editing video sequences for the next dynamic visual. Hand over this case to designers, photographers and cameramen.
  • Independent communication with customers about the purchase of goods or services. Only sales people should do this! After all, they work in the company for this and to sell. And not only through offline communication channels with the target audience.
  • Set up targeted advertising. To obtain a high-quality result and a high return on investment in the promotion of funds, it is worth transferring this functionality to Internet marketers or targetologists.


Although an SMM specialist should not be able to do all of the above on his own, he must understand the technical aspects of such work, how everything works and why: how to determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, how correctly the message is used in the text of the post, which visual element will be appropriate – all this should know the SMM specialist.

Professional skills:

As a rule, in the job descriptions of an SMM specialist, you can see the following requirements:

  • Ability to write attractive texts, competent speech: both oral and written;
  • Knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of social media :, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms.
  • Understanding the specifics of promotion in each of the social networks. Again, how it works and how to work with it;
  • Experience with web analytics services. For example, Google Analytics and others;
  • The presence of basic competencies in interaction with graphic editors and photo stocks;
  • Understanding of the general principles of SEO and CMS functioning;

Knowledge of the English language also improves the level of the CMM manager, allowing him to follow all foreign trends and open the way to foreign customer companies. Then, how an understanding of marketing and PR processes in a company and the connection of different communication channels: advertising on TV and radio, placement of promotional materials at points of sale, peculiarities of interaction with the media – help to get a complete picture of the specifics of the profession.

The necessary personal qualities include: curiosity, creativity, communication skills, analytical and systemic thinking, independence and internal discipline – they are very much appreciated. The latter is especially important for those who choose the path of a “free artist” who does not depend on the busy schedule of a particular organization and who cooperates with many customers.

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Conclusion :

An SMM manager is a person open to new things, ready to constantly learn to improve their own competencies, who loves to stay in trend, who knows how to find language with different people and who is not afraid of stressful situations.

SMMs agree that the market does not have a clear understanding of how much a specialist needs to be paid. Business representatives do not fully understand how evaluate the work of an SMM-boxer and why overpay. So how much to pay ?! Assess work adequately, analyze your capabilities and needs – and set a decent salary.


David Walker economic writer and content creator. Strives to meet your requirements within your given deadline. David have acquired over ten years of work experience in finance and investing. Now he working for the company ICOholder.




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