Top 5 WordPress Themes for Researchers

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It’s pretty obvious that researchers want to deepen their knowledge. They definitely desire to develop something innovative and thus, make a cherished breakthrough in the science field. Without... Continue reading →

Top 20 WordPress Themes For Personal Blogs

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If you’re only preparing to take your first steps up in the blogging mountain, we are here to encourage you. Take a look at this brilliant set of Top 20 WordPress themes for Personal Blogs to... Continue reading →

20 Best Educational WordPress Themes For Your Training Courses

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Education was always one of the most important processes in our self-development. The more knowledge you have the more opportunities you have. In addition, modern technologies allow us to get... Continue reading →

Top 7 Enchanting Wedding WordPress Themes of 2018

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Wedding is one of the milestones of human life. Not surprisingly, people want it to be a fairytale, the memories of which last forever. If you want to build a first-rate online presence for your... Continue reading →

Enjoy Saving? Be the first to Save Up to 35% on Any Theme from TemplateMonster Marketplace! Valid on January 22-25 Only

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Admit it, the festive season is pretty stressful, especially for your wallet. However, TemplateMonster as a true game-changer continues to surprise the web community. Get ready for the first sale of... Continue reading →

20 Tasty WordPress Food & Restaurant Themes

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Restaurant & food is the most profitable and demanding niche at the present time. Many people think that the first restaurants appeared in Paris. But in fact, the history of restaurants dates... Continue reading →

20 Best-Selling WordPress Themes

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Have you ever wondered how many Wordpress themes you can find on the web? Hundreds, thousands or even millions? To be completely honest, it’s impossible to name the correct number of templates that... Continue reading →

2018 Design Trends. Space Odyssey Infographics

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What are the widely-known facts about web design trends? Technology, media, UX, usability determine most web design trends. Most trends live no more than 2-3 years. Some trends are... Continue reading →

TemplateMonster Released the Ultimate Web Development Bundle for $69 ONLY

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The much talked-of web development bundle from TemplateMonster is finally available for download at the impressively low cost. For 5 days only – from December 11 until December 15 – you can... Continue reading →

Create a Leading-edge Movie Website with Top 6 Movie WordPress Themes

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Internet enshrines all the information that a modern cinemaholic needs. If you want to find a movie, and it’s not running on big screens, you’ll find it online on movie streaming websites.... Continue reading →