13 Best Premium & Free Cryptocurrency WordPress Themes

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While digital currencies, alternative and virtual currencies are becoming more and more popular, financial services providers are thinking of the most efficient ways of advertising their services.... Continue reading →

20 Flagship & Best-selling Templates Leading the April Sale

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We’re getting close to the middle of spring and that means it’s time to host another sale! From April 9th till April 11th, every single one of TemplateMonster’s website themes will be sold... Continue reading →

15 Best WooCommerce Themes

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Are you so in love with shopping that you have even come up with an idea to create your own online-store? We can say that it’s a completely wonderful idea. What is more, we can even help you... Continue reading →

Get UP -50 Discount at TemplateMonster Marketplace

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20 Most Wanted Medical WordPress Themes To Make This World Healthier

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Health is the most important thing in our lives. People can not be happy if there is something wrong with their body, vitals, etc. Therefore, medical services were, are, and will be crucial in... Continue reading →

10 WordPress Themes for Programmers

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Actually, there are a lot of words that can describe professional programmers. Yet, in our opinion, it would be nice to call them people who are always hungry for more knowledge. Thus, those... Continue reading →

It’s High Time To Save: Prices On Templates Are Falling Up to 70%. Valid on February 19-22 Only

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February is the time when presents, surprises, and big sales are not expected, especially after the biggest sale season – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, TemplateMonster breaks... Continue reading →

Top 5 WordPress Themes for Researchers

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It’s pretty obvious that researchers want to deepen their knowledge. They definitely desire to develop something innovative and thus, make a cherished breakthrough in the science field. Without... Continue reading →

Top 20 WordPress Themes For Personal Blogs

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20 Best Educational WordPress Themes For Your Training Courses

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Education was always one of the most important processes in our self-development. The more knowledge you have the more opportunities you have. In addition, modern technologies allow us to get... Continue reading →