4 Benefits of Social Media Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business


A single viral video and the whole social media get blown up. People often question the power of social media, but how you ever imagined how a single video gets viral? Well, whenever something gets posted on social media, it moves from one page to another. And in this way, a chain is formed. And finally, it reaches the page with millions of users. When somebody with a huge fan following posts something, it means it is visible to millions of people. Well, whenever you see something getting viral on social media platforms, it represents the power of social media. It is one of the largest platforms with millions of users. Now people are shifting to social media for business purposes. For running any business, you need an audience to get your products sold. Whether it is a small business or a large company, you need customers for it. When you have people who buy your products or avail services, it means your business is on the right track.

So, to build any sort of business, you first have to introduce yourself to your targeted audience. Back then, when social media was not a part of our society, people used traditional marketing methods for business growth. Some of the old marketing strategies were email marketing, magazine ads, and stuff.

In this era of social media, people rely more on social media marketing than putting pictures in a newspaper. Brand and business awareness is essential, and you can make it possible through marketing.

Social media marketing is currently in trend and is one leading the race. Even the traditional marketing method like email marketing is still effective, but if you want to be in the first place, you can have to go with the current trends. And they are social media marketing strategies.

They are effective, and they generate a lot of traffic on your website. And when there is more traffic, there are more chances of business success. More people will purchase your products, and you will get benefited in a short time.

1.    More Traffic:

Social media is the most powerful platform because it has a huge presence of people on it. There are millions of social media users in the world.

In every area, town, or city people somehow are connected to social media. And it can be through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. So you are more likely to get more traffic through social media marketing strategies than any other.

With the help of social media, you can reach people directly, or you can also get access to their activity. When you have access to your audience, you can convince them to a product purchase.

Putting a picture in a magazine might not be effective, but uploading it on social media might be. Because there are more social media users than magazine readers.

When more people come on your page, there is a chance that out of ten people’s four will buy something. And if they get satisfied with your product, they will bring others as well.

In this way, traffic on your page will increase, and your business will grow at a much faster rate. Therefore the best way of getting traffic on your page is to utilize social media marketing strategies.

2.    Better Customer Satisfaction:

Better customer satisfaction is not attained until and unless you do not communicate with them. And it was one of the biggest challenges faced by people in business in the past.

They were unable to understand customer requirements while customers, on the other hand, were not able to put their point in front of anybody. There was a lack of communication between the client and customer before the arrival of social media.

Social media and its marketing strategies are somehow able to overcome this lack of communication. You can now directly come in contact with your customers through email and messages. You can listen to your requirements and later can work on them.

In this way, when your customers get what they wanted better customer satisfaction is achieved automatically. And social media marketing strategies have played an essential part in making it possible with time.

You can also raise your voice for your brand through social media, and it is like a blessing in disguise. People appreciate when they get a response from you, and this is the ultimate step of receiving customer satisfaction through a marketing platform.

3.    Brand Awareness:

Social media marketing is a blessing because they allow you to speak up for yourself. If you are starting a business, you can tell people about your journey from day one.

You can post things on your social media platforms and later can promote them to get better marketing results. With the help of social media marketing strategies, you are allowed to syndicate your content.  And you can also increase your visibility among your targeted audience.

Titan is a sprayer company that posts pictures of its sprayer with its parts to let people know about its brand in detail. They add the photo of titan impact 440 to let their customers know more about the titan sprayer. And it is one of the social media marketing strategies they use with efficacy.

10+ Best WordPress Themes to Sell Creative Products

Do you have an innovative product that you’d like to promote online effectively? Starting a WordPress site for your niche project can be an excellent idea to promote your target audience’s project. Getting started with a site is much faster and cost-effective with a ready-made theme.

You can find all the essential features and pre-designed demos to make your website look outstanding in the themes packages. Even working with a ready-made design, you can launch a web project that looks different from other businesses. All themes from the collection below are compatible with drag-and-drop page builders for WordPress. They are ready to be modified by users of all skill levels and apt for multiple topics. It’s also worth pointing out that all selected WordPress themes are compatible with WooCommerce, which lets you use them to launch a web store selling multiple products. Therefore, the themes are often updated, and you do not need to worry about changing future themes.

Craftis – Handcraft & Artisan WordPress Theme for Creatives

Consider using the stylish and modern design of the Craftis WordPress theme to launch websites for creatives who want to present and sell their craftwork and handmade goods beautifully. The theme is also a perfect choice for such handcrafted goods as spa products, clocks, toys, postcards, etc. The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce and the Elegro Crypto Payment plugin, which will be especially helpful for selling online. There are ten creative demos available in the theme’s pack. Besides, there are 10+ prebuilt pages, multiple blog layouts, shortcodes, widgets, and other features that let you adjust the theme according to your preferences.

Details | Demo

Melania | Handmade Blog & Crafts Shop Aristic WordPress Theme

Melania WordPress theme will bring a modern and alluring style to websites related to such topics as sewing, wedding decoration, homemade clothing, knitting, handcrafted toys, and more. It has full WP Customizer support, which lets you modify your site’s color scheme, manage blog layouts, and modify multiple layout elements. The theme is responsive and fast-loading. It’s SEO-friendly and cross-browser compatible. Using five available homepages, you can grab the design that will be a perfect fit for your site. Melania features full WooCommerce compatibility that lets you sell goods online.

Details | Demo

Iona – Handmade & Crafts Shop WordPress Theme

Picking the Iona WordPress theme, you get the ultimate set of tools and design suited for handmade and crafts shops. The theme features a clean and minimal design that you may adjust according to your brand’s specific requirements. It’s fully integrated with WooCommerce and includes the Elementor page builder that provides for a code-free modification of its pages. Five bold homepage styles give you the freedom of choice of the best visual presentation of your brand. Using awesome news and gallery layouts, you can bring a catching style to your site’s respective elements. Full WooCommerce compatibility lets you start selling right from the pages of your site.

Details | Demo

Pixefy | Stock Photography Marketplace Theme

Pixefy WordPress theme can be interesting for photographers and digital agencies looking forward to launching stock photography marketplaces. To let you create a fully-fledged photo equipment online store, the theme features full compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin. Elementor page builder support makes it easy for you to bring the desired look and feel to the ready-made pages that are included in the theme’s pack. Besides, Pixefy includes a series of premade modules that let you reveal Tem, Services, Products, and other vital information. There are three premade homepage demos available in the download package. A modern design of the theme looks stunning on all displays.

Details | Demo

Fribbo – Freebies Blog WordPress Theme

Fribbo WordPress theme is great for niche blogs, giveaways, business projects, video blogs, and other types of topic-specific projects. Choosing this WordPress theme, you may feel free to select from 6 usable homepage layouts available in the theme’s download pack. You also get custom widgets and shortcodes. The theme features full compatibility with the Elementor page builder, which lets you modify its pages code-free. If you’d like to add eCommerce functionality to your site, then full WooCommerce support with respective shop design will come in handy to you. The theme also supports multiple popular WordPress plugins. You may install any to your site and ensure that it will flawlessly run on your website.

Details | Demo

Gutentype | 100% Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Modern Blog + Elementor

Gutentype WordPress theme is one of the best solutions compatible with all Gutenberg editor’s major features. The theme includes all that you need to launch a guest post blog, online portfolio, media portal, a business portal, or any other type of a niche-specific project. It’s Gutenberg-ready and made to be fully compatible with all Gutenberg blocks. In addition to enhanced block styles, the theme contains extra theme shortcodes fully compatible with Gutenberg, demo-content made on Gutenberg with core-classes from Gutenberg, etc. The theme is based on the powerful framework that makes it flawlessly adjust to all screen sizes.

Details | Demo

Helion | Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme + Store

Add a creative touch to your personal portfolio using the Helion WordPress theme. A colorful layout is well-suited for many other purposes, including copywriter, designer, developer, photographer, fashion, personal profile, and lifestyle blogger. Using the Elementor page builder, you can adjust the theme’s layout in the intuitive drag-and-drop mode. Downloading the theme, you may pick any of the 11 ready-made homepage demos of the theme. The theme’s mobile-first layout looks good regardless of the device that people use to browse your web page.

Details | Demo

Blabber | All-in-One Elementor Blog & News Magazine WordPress Theme + RTL

Blabber theme will appeal to everyone looking forward to building an Elementor-based blog or news magazine. It’s an all-in-one set of designs and features that are ready to be modified with the drag-and-drop editor. The theme contains nine different demos that will work well for every blog or content-rich website. Due to the theme’s 1-click installation, you should have no worries while importing your website’s design. The Blabber theme will also work well for eCommerce purposes due to its full compatibility with WooCommerce and a set of ready-made pages.

Details | Demo

Drone Media | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme + Elementor

Make use of the Drone Media WordPress theme to get started with trendy and functional websites of aerial photography and videography websites. The theme will also come in handy to everyone related to photo shooting, video recording, event agency, etc. The theme is well-documented and includes regular updates that add a bunch of new designs and functional elements to its pack. The latest huge update is a full eCommerce solution that contains a new color scheme and hero video background. The 100% responsive layout of the theme is fully editable. An easy-to-use admin panel is ready to be modified in a handy Customizer.

Details | Demo

Weedles | Virtual Reality Landing Page & Store WordPress Theme

Weedles WordPress theme is the ultimate choice for building landing pages that are related to the promotion of virtual reality gadgets and deals. A modern design of the theme is usable and intuitive to navigate. The fully editable theme’s layout structure will also work well for VR blogs, online magazines, online shops selling VR accessories, etc. Weedles themes is loaded with a bunch of ready-made pages, layouts styles, shortcodes, widgets, and full compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder that provides for the code-free modification. It’s mobile-friendly and SEO-ready, which lets your website reach the top of search results.

Details | Demo

Yottis | Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme + Store

Yottis WordPress theme is a perfect choice for starting a creative online portfolio website. It includes all that you need to create a bright and stylish website that reveals a contemporary CV, VCard, Resume, personal blog, magazine, etc. The theme is created with the Elementor page builder and contains a wide range of features and advanced customization options. For example, the theme contains shortcodes, widgets, compatibility with all the major WordPress plugins, and more. In the theme’s download package, you can come across a selection of 9+ creative demos for your niche-specific web project.

Details | Demo

Final Words

Are you ready to get started with your creative website? We hope that the collection of themes that we listed above inspired you to launch an outstanding web resource that will help you attract more clients and drive more sales.

TemplateMonster Marketplace: What to Know Before Joining Its Community of Authors?

It is no doubt that many web-designers have an interest in expanding their reach. A large number of them are looking for additional ways to attract more clients and grow earnings. Fortunately, digital marketplaces are always here for those who require a platform to share their talented work. One of them is the TemplateMonster Marketplace.

As you can understand, a large number of people identify it as one of the best places to sell and promote their brand. There is no need to say that every marketplace has its requirements, product categories, commission fees, and audience. Today, we are going to research all the details about TemplateMonster Marketplace instead of you. Does it hold the most promise for your assortment? Will it provide you with an excellent and smooth starting point? Let us go through all the points here and now.

Presenting TemplateMonster Marketplace and Its Benefits in Outline

templatemonster marketplace

TemplateMonster has been conquering the digital world since 2002. In the beginning, different web-designers did not have a chance to sell their products here. However, everything changed a few years ago. These days, TemplateMonster Marketplace salutes all the people who produce their unique and high-quality digital items. These include web-designers, developers, and studios who crave to present their ready-made solutions and earn money for them.

What is in the TemplateMonster Marketplace for Authors?

become an author

Before submitting their work to the marketplace, every potential author needs to know all the details. Now, we are going to look through them and understand whether TemplateMonster Marketplace meets your needs.

First of all, it has a large network of two million members. Every month, an impressive number of users search for the best items on the TemplateMonster Marketplace. It means that your author’s horizons are going to broaden. In addition to this, the audience consists of people who browse the Internet just for fun and visit the resource accidentally. These are highly-relevant clients who can potentially purchase some ready-to-use items from your assortment. In other words, we are speaking about your core audience here.

TemplateMonster Marketplace is a platform that helps to improve your brand awareness and recognition. All the clients get a chance to share their thoughts about the purchased items. Then, other potential customers are going to get familiar with them and consider your assortment.

When you get down to being an author, it is possible to face a few problems. Unfortunately, no one cannot get insurance on understanding every single detail from the very beginning. If you get confused, it will be possible to turn to different guides. They are available for all the crucial topics. How to add a product to the marketplace? How will you be paid for your product sales? How can you grow your sales? These are only a few questions that you can get answers to. 

TemplateMonster Marketplace also allows getting assistance from a personal manager. You have the freedom to ask him or her all the author-related questions. The team will always be here to explain to you how to submit the desired digital items, promote them, and increase your earnings.

Except for the manager, you can join the author community. Here, you can socialize with other authors and discuss all the matters you have an interest in.

Finally, we need to mention that a review team is going to check your products as quickly as possible. If something is wrong, you will know what aspects require some improvement. It allows growing your skills and producing such digital products that will appeal to the audience.

What Products Can You Sell on the TemplateMonster Marketplace?

TemplateMonster Marketplace accepts various digital product types. You can always visit the resource itself to get familiar with the whole assortment. However, if you see that your item is brand-new for the marketplace, do not be afraid to send a request. Now, we want you to get familiar with the most popular categories presented in this inventory.

To start with, you can submit templates for different platforms. These include WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop. It is also possible to share HTML and admin templates. All of these products get the highest notice and popularity. They will bring you the desired traffic and the number of sales. 

By the way, we need to recall MotoCMS when it comes to website-building. It is a visual and drag-and-drop builder that will not burden you with a code learning. You are free to make all the changes with basic programming knowledge. It does not have any customization limits and provides a large number of integrations.

Do not forget about plugins. These days, the marketplace is ready to feature such variants as WordPress plugins, PrestaShop modules, Magento extensions, and JavaScript elements.

TemplateMonster also has an interest in selling different graphics. First of all, you can share your presentation templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. Furthermore, you can submit logo designs, fonts, CV and certificate templates, illustrations, and many others.

Stock videos and audios can also bring you a great passive income.

Commission, Promo, and Other Advantages to Know

Before you decide whether you want to sell your work here, there are more details to discuss.

Exclusive products make sure you are going to get the highest commission. However, when it comes to graphics, it does not matter whether you sell exclusive or non-exclusive items. For both of these types, you will get a 65% commission for each sale. Some exclusive items can bring you a 70% commission from the beginning.

Shopify and OpenCart contributors will be gladdened with the author-driven pricing policy. They have a chance to set any price for their products, which starts from $29.

Boosting your earnings will be effortless if you decide to add your items to the ONE Subscription. All you need to do is to fill in the application, follow the guidelines, and wait for the approval.

We also need to speak about the opportunity of being both an author and an affiliate. In this case, one gets two commission types. These include a 65% commission as an author and a 30% commission as an affiliate. In general, it will be a 95% cut.

It is possible to take advantage of additional promotional methods. Top-authors can be featured on the blog, social media, and partner blogs.

How to Become an Author on the TemplateMonster Marketplace?

1.Create your user account on TemplateMonster.com and verify it.

2. Scroll the page and find the “Become an Author” Tab.

3. Choose the name that will appear on your Author’s Page.

4. Start uploading your digital items. Choose the necessary product archive and fill the details out. Wait for the team to review it. A review is going to be manual.

5. If your product meets the requirements, you will see its page in the marketplace.

A Few Words in Conclusion

It seems to us that you might have already decided whether TemplateMonster Marketplace is your perfect match. It takes nothing to become an author and start submitting your work. You are going to benefit from a high number of aspects. These include a commission rate, promotional opportunities, personal manager, community and guide help, and many others. A transparent payout system should also draw your attention. As you could understand from the community reviews, they are glad to be a part of this marketplace. Get ready to receive your recognition and grow your income together with this marketplace. Thanks for reading!

How To Use Graphics Accordingly In Your E-commerce Theme

E-commerce Theme Store is a gigantic thing, no matter how much it’s developed in the past years, there are still new things coming one after another simultaneously. However, there are so many factors to ma

ke your e-commerce store more precious, that can quickly become an eye-candy type of thing for your customers.  

In the context of graphics designing, it plays essential roles in the success of your e-commerce store. Visuals are one of the most crucial parts to showcase your products, growing sales & keeping your users in the loop and well interested from the moment they enter your store. Moreover, 73% of businesses invest in design to help their brand stand out against the competition.  

If you are willing to provide the best visual experience to your customers, then you have to offer a smooth journey from the beginning to the checkout process. However, we are here to provide you with some tips about how you use graphics accordingly in your e-commerce theme.

Before we begin with the tips, we have to understand first some of the basic facts or kinds of stuff regarding visuals. 

Understand The Sequence Of Graphics

No matter who you are, a graphic designer or store owner, you have to understand that putting visuals in a sequence is a master key in graphic designing. This particular thing indicates at your page arrangements such as text, graphics, navigation bar etc. Moreover, most importantly, how these elements are aligning well on your web-page.  

If you are a graphic designer and working on an e-commerce theme, then you must have created some visuals in your mind before you start working on an idea. If you consider Best Shopify Template, the designer took an idea and gave space it’s designed to breathe. Beginner designers are always in a rush of fulfilling the white space. This assumption is conjointly wrong. White space gives your images primacy. Influential photos often used on the home page, and these images are more significant, in the sense of these images, it could include lifestyle photos most of the time and also it includes banners that show promotional events and sales-related advertising etc.

In the context of product images, these are one of the most valuable assets to sell your products. Your product images should be reasonable and give a visual treat to your customers.   

Sell Your Product With Graphics

-commerce theme design should be inspiring, but not severely filled with colour contrast and not the overloading of images and overviewed description. In this term, Responsive PrestaShop Themes are the best at using the proper amount of visuals and worthy readable content. Visitors usually desired to get navigated by the store. If you have accomplished it in the right way, then you will achieve higher sales in the product; conversely, if you have done it wrong, you might lose your existing customers too.

Casual use of elements such as colour & design often left a positive or negative impact on customers. It ought to be in your mind to balance it in the right way. Using and adjusting colours and moulding the shape of the design represent the behaviour of your brand. An embed theme built on the harmony of images and the use of colours. In a nutshell, the pictures of the product also leave the best impression on customers. Premium OpenCart themes have the perfect balance of colour, design and product images. That’s why web-store owners are likely to adopt the Opencart theme for their store.

SEO Of Visual Elements

We all have an idea about how important SEO is for web content. Now, the material has also reached to graphic elements. People love to share things on social media and especially photos of products or services etc. however, visual content can also have the original part, and it also affects your ranking on google.

Graphics such as photos, videos, GIFs and infographics can all be optimised for the search engine to boost your ability on google. However, it’s a kind of effortless job to maximise your visuals. All you have to do is to target primary keywords, in the title of images, file name, alt text and description. 


There are a lot of factors in this term. But here we told you some of the important things. We hope that we have convinced you very well about how graphic designing can be used accordingly in an e-commerce theme. If you are a designer or shop owner, just choose your visuals wisely and make it optimise well for SEO to see boost hike on your store. Reading and learning are all good, but you now have to start doing practical on your own to know where you are standing in the competitive market. 

Author BIO

Maruf Panwala is a Content Writer and SEO optimizer at Webibazaar Templates. Specialized in Creative Content, Digital Marketing Ideas and helps e-Commerce stores for branding on the digital platform.

Data Management Platforms in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, unlike conventional print and TV marketing, is very dynamic. As technology gets more sophisticated, digital marketers are tasked with making good use of it especially in the management of data to meet the demands of customers.

Most digital marketers have probably come across the concept of digital management platforms, which are commonly known as DMPs. They help in collecting, sorting, and analyzing customer-related data to give marketers an edge when making marketing strategies or advising the business on what products to make. 

Fortunately, the platforms, which come in the form of software, are numerous, and choosing one that is appropriate for your business is easy. Here, we will go through invaluable insights about these platforms and why you should work closely with them as a digital marketer.

Top Data Management Platforms

  • SAS Data Management – Let’s get real! SAS has been doing well in the data management sector. Marketers, as well as other departments in a company, can comfortably rely on this platform to collect data and organize it from Hadoop and other approved sources. It is a paid DMP for larger businesses, although beginners can take advantage of the resources if they can afford it.
  • Google Audience 360 – This is a tool with numerous features that allows digital marketers to make media plans. So, if your team wants to make automated bidding or just have a creative work plan, this is the best DMP to try. If you want to make your collaboration even more innovative, combining it with Analytics 360 is a great idea. Ultimately, this is the tool for media marketing in any business or organization.
  • Adobe Audience Manager – The Adobe Experience Cloud is as dynamic as you can imagine. And this is just one platform that helps marketers to manage their audience in either offline or online mode. The tool has numerous features for collecting and analyzing data to make informed decisions about digital marketing campaigns. 
  • Troparé Inc. – Over time, this resourceful platform has won the confidence of many marketers across the globe. The platform is a B2B data management studio created by  for sales teams and marketers who aspire to make informed decisions. As soon as your team enrolls in this cloud-based platform, they have access to numerous data solutions. 
  • Lotame – The list cannot be complete without mentioning Lotame. It is a popular software program for data management that gathers data from the web, social media platforms, emails, and many other sources. On top of this, it allows marketers to analyze relevant data before forming their digital strategies. In addition to being resourceful, it is user-friendly and affordable for beginners. 

Benefits of Using Data Management Platforms in Marketing

The first benefit any company will get for making use of any of the above DMPs is making informed decisions. If you are a digital marketer, you can confirm how important it is to develop campaign strategies that are backed by accurate data. Luckily, many of these platforms are already using open resource databases with massive amounts of information. So, take advantage of this to understand your market sector and take care of your customers.

Another benefit is to increase the customer base and sales. It is a no-brainer that such an increase also adds to the profit margin for the company. If you are looking forward to growing your company, it is time that you take charge of digital marketing through the use of these platforms. Marketers are able to use effective marketing strategies when they have the right information to reach the right customers, increase conversion rates, and lock in loyal customers. 

Saving on marketing costs is another advantage of using these technologies. Most of them bring more value to a company than the cost of the software. All you need to do is to have a proactive digital marketing team that will make good use of this software. Actually, you might be surprised to find one that is almost free or free. 

Final Word

For any business, choosing the right DMP for the marketing department is crucial. Today, such moves are not optional if you dream of coping with the competition or becoming a market leader. Hence, the information that we have shared above will be invaluable to you. Use it well.  

20 Best Elementor-Based WordPress Themes for Business

Are you looking for the best solution that will help you launch a business site in the shortest time? Consider working with Elementor-based WordPress themes. Such ready-made designs can be handled by users of all backgrounds and skill levels. If you are a beginner webmaster that takes his first steps in website construction or a business owner searching for a cost-effective web solution for his site, you will enjoy working withWordPress themes that contain Elementor drag-and-drop page builder.

There are many visual page editors for WordPress available in the market. However, Elementor has won the hearts of thousands of webmasters and end-users due to its ease of use and a wide choice of designs suited for multiple niche-specific businesses. Inside Elementor-based WordPress themes, you can find lots of extra designs and features that let you adjust ready-made pages and layouts the way it matches your own business. There’s also another big advantage of working with ready-made web themes. All of them include features that are specific for any chosen topic. For example, if you launch a travel site, your WordPress theme is very likely to include travel booking tools and events calendars. Simply check out specifications of the themes that you enjoy and make the right choice.

In the collection of themes that are presented below, you can find stunning Elementor-based WordPress themes from ThemeRex.net. Check them out and find a theme that perfectly suits your own business!

Helion – Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme + Store

Download | Demo

Helion WordPress theme is one of the most impressive and multi-functional solutions that are suited for the launch of all types of business projects. The theme will work well as a quick starting point for business portfolio, the official web page of a graphic design agency, videographer website, blog, etc. The theme is designed to support all types of content. It also includes a collection of 11 homepage demos. Thus, you may pick a design and layout style that matches your demands or business expectations. In addition to the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality of the Elementor page builder, the Heloin theme contains a bunch of other handy features like sets of shortcodes, widgets, compatibility with a range of popular plugins, and more.

Rhodos – Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Business

Download Demo

Rhodos WordPress theme features a clean minimalist layout style, which will be a perfect fit for a range of business projects. The design of the theme’s pages represents a perfect combination of style and functionality. It supports neat animation effects, which can spice up the look and feel of your site. The multi-purpose layout of the theme is enhanced with 10 unique niche skins, which you can import to your site. There is no need to worry about the performance of your site on smaller screens thanks to the mobile-friendly layout of this WordPress theme. It’s also speed-optimized and SEO-friendly.

ConFix – Expo & Events WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

By means of the COnfix theme, you will be able to launch a sleek and remarkable web page for your expo center and events projects. A bold and stylish layout of the theme is easy to edit by means of the Elementor page builder. It also contains a number of extra tools and theme customization options that let you adjust any ready-made element of the theme in a way that matches your expectations. To establish better communication with your audience, the theme contains Events Calendar plugin compatibility. Use it to keep your audience updated on the schedule of upcoming news and events. The theme is 100% mobile-friendly and provides your customers with full access to your data no matter what devices they use.

Vixus – Startup & Mobile App WordPress Landing Page Theme

Download | Demo

Vixus WordPress theme is a perfect starting point for landing pages, startup sites, and mobile apps web projects. The theme features a minimalist design that’s enhanced with custom graphics and neat animations. The theme is made with the Elementor page builder, which lets you customize every single post and ready-made layout in the intuitive drag-and-drop mode. The fully responsive layout of the theme is well-optimized for SEO. Thanks to the 1-click installation of the theme, you will be able to import all of the theme’s content to your site in a matter of minutes. Downloading the theme, you will be able to choose from 3 creative demos that are suited to be applied for niche-specific web resources.

Artrium – Creative Agency & Web Studio WordPress Theme

Download Demo

Using a clean and minimalist design of the Artrium WordPress theme, you will be able to launch a visually striking website for a business agency. The theme is also suited for a range of other topic-specific projects, including web design agency, creative agency, website construction, etc. The clean layout of the theme can be enhanced with neat animation effects, thus adding a touch of interactivity to your site. In addition to being based on the Elementor page builder, the theme also contains TRX Addons plugins, which let you add new blocks to the ready-made design.

Kratz – Digital Agency Marketing and SEO WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

Kratz WordPress theme features all that you need for a quick start of your digital marketing agency website. It contains 4 bold homepage styles that are also suited for a number of other topic-specific projects, including business consulting, investment advertising, tax assistance, and more. With the purpose to let you establish better communication with your audience, the theme contains advanced contact forms and compatibility with Instagram feed plugin. It’s also easy to manage interactions with your audience by means of the Contact Form 7.

Blabber – All-in-One Elementor Blog & News Magazine WordPress Theme + RTL

Download | Demo

Blabber is a great example of multi-purpose WordPress themes that are perfectly suited to be used for blogging and media-related projects. There are 20+ ready-made demo styles included in the theme’s download pack. For example, there are ready-made designs suited for travel bloggers, science, gaming, entertainment, and others. It features a number of cool blog post layouts, shortcodes, and widgets, which will help you style up your web page just the way you want. Using the advanced drag-and-drop functionality of the Elementor page builder, the theme can be handled by beginners and expert webmasters alike. The theme is also 100% Gutenberg-ready, letting you enjoy a seamless publishing experience.

Yottis – Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme + Store

Download | Demo

If you are looking for a theme that would add a catching look and feel to your site, then you would enjoy working with Yottis WordPress theme. This is a professionally-crafted web design apt for business and personal portfolios. The theme makes use of the Pinterest-inspired layout structure. Thanks to the mobile-friendly layout, there is no need to worry about your site’s performance on handheld devices. In addition to the default homepage style, the theme includes 9 extra portfolio homepages. A creative shop is also integrated, letting you sell products and services on the pages of your site.

Yungen – Modern Digital Agency Business WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

Make use of the Yungen WordPress theme to update the pages of your digital agency business site with an eye-catching presentation. The theme features a modern and trendy layout style. It is fully editable thanks to the integration with the Elementor page builder. It also lets you adjust all-ready-made pages from the theme’s pack to match the needs of web design studios, marketing agencies, architecture, and interior design firms, etc. Developed according to contemporary web design trends, the theme is optimized for seamless performance on all handheld and desktop devices.

Piqes – Creative Startup & Agency WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

If you look forwards to launch a catching and usable web page for your creative web design agency, then Piqes WordPress theme should help you get started in no time. The theme is fully compatible with the Elementor page builder and all the major WordPress plugins and extensions. In addition to a number of widgets and shortcodes, it includes a series of ready-made inner pages and blog layouts that will help you save a lot of time on the creation of the respective elements for your site from scratch. Making use of the drag-and-drop functionality of the Elementor page builder, you will be able to update all-ready-made pages and elements of the site with the desired look.

Maxify – Startup & Business News WordPress Blog Theme

Download | Demo

Your startup or small business project will have a catching and outstanding web page if you use Maxify WordPress theme for its foundation. The design looks bold and catching thanks to the chosen color scheme. You may change the palette for a different one using advanced theme customization options. The theme also lets you choose from 10 different homepage styles and a bunch of inner pages. This is a multi-purpose business WordPress theme that will also fit sites of freelancers, lifestyle blogs, online magazines, web agencies, and more. It’s fully compatible with the Elementor page builder and contains a bunch of plugins apt for running a personal blog. This includes Social Pug, Instagram Feed, MailChimp, Essential Grid, and more.

Justitia | Multiskin Lawyer & Legal Adviser WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

Using a clean and stylish layout of the Justitia WordPress theme, you will be able to get started with a functional legal advisor website in no time. The theme features an attractive design that looks good on all devices and web browsing apps. It comes loaded with a comprehensive set of shortcodes and widgets, thus giving you a chance to customize the way different pieces of content are presented on your site. This is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that offers a selection of 3+ creative demos. The Justitia theme features full compatibility with all the major WordPress plugins and extensions.

Pearson Specter | WordPress Theme for Lawyer & Attorney

Download Demo

Create a remarkable and usable web presence for an attorney and legal advisor websites by means of the Pearson Specter WordPress theme. It contains lots of tools and features that are needed to establish better communication with your audience. It is integrated with the Online Appointments Booking plugin that lets your clients schedule their future visits while simply filling in a form on your site. You can also make use of the ready-made lawyer practice areas and departments. Dozens of useful shortcodes will make it easier to manage the way different pieces of data are displayed on your site.

Yolox | Modern WordPress Blog Theme for Business & Startup

Download Demo

Yolox WordPress theme is intended to be used for startups and small business sites that look forward to establishing a professional web presence and stand out from the competition. The theme is ready to be used as a foundation for online magazines and blogs. It features a clean and readable layout that is easy to scan on all devices. A fully editable theme’s layout is based on the Elementor page builder and can be modified code-free. If you look for the ways to establish better interaction with your audience, then you can integrate your site with the Events Calendar and manage email through MailChimp.

Winger – Aviation & Flight School WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

Winger WordPress theme is intended to be used for multiple businesses that are related to the aviation industry. A fully customizable theme’s layout structure is easy to manage with the help of the Elementor page builder. The theme contains a selection of extra demo styles, inner pages, shortcodes, widgets, and advanced customization options. The Winger theme is fully optimized for WooCommerce, thus letting you showcase your pilot courses and sell subscriptions to your clients. Whenever people need to ask you a question, they can make use of the advanced Contact Forms that are included in the theme’s download pack.

Amuli | Property & Real Estate WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

Amuli WordPress theme is a perfect choice for real estate and all types of property-related businesses. It features a modern layout that is optimized for all types of browsers and devices. There is no need to worry about the theme’s customization thanks to its integration with the Elementor page builder. The theme includes a set of 3 ready-to-go homepage demos that are intended to be used for real estate projects. In addition to the code-free customization by means of the Elementor page builder, the theme includes advanced property listings, which let you reveal extra details about the number of rooms, accommodations, video galleries, and more.

Heaven11 | Property & Apartment Real Estate WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

Heaven11 is a great example of real estate WordPress themes that can be used for a number of property-selling businesses. There are 3 usable homepage demos included in the theme. It is built with the Elementor and offers 35+ custom elements inside its pack. It’s fully compatible with the Events Calendar, Booked Appointments, VR-view, and a range of other tools and features that are especially useful for sites selling real estate.

Pixefy | Stock Photography Marketplace Theme

Download | Demo

Pixefy WordPress theme features all that you need for a quick launch of the photography marketplace. The theme is optimized to handle content-heavy projects perfectly well. It supports full WooCommerce compatibility, thus letting you showcase and sell your creative pieces at the same time. It’s also compatible with a number of popular premium plugins for WordPress. Premade modules are included to let you update your site with extra information like About Us, Team, Products. Services, and more.

ChainPress | Financial WordPress Business Blog Theme

Download | Demo

Birdily | Travel Agency & Tour Booking WordPress Theme

Download | Demo

Birdily is a perfect choice for any kind of travel-related business. This clean and easy-to-scan WordPress theme includes all that you need to keep your audience updated on the latest news and events in the travel industry, as well as sell tours and promote special offers. The theme is fully compatible with the WP Travel plugin and Online Booking System. It’s mobile-friendly and lightweight. This guarantees that your site will load fast on all devices and web browsing apps. Thanks to the theme’s integration with popular social sharing options, you will be able to connect with your audience in real-time, regardless of the platform they use to communicate with you.

Elementor makes it easy to create unique and outstanding websites without any special design or coding skills. The drag-and-drop dashboard lets newbies customize their websites without any extra help. Most of the present-day WordPress themes are built with Elementor, thus letting you enjoy worry-free customization out-of-the-box. The community of Elementor-based themes grows bigger and more diverse. This is no longer an issue to find a ready-made design that matches your business and modify it in a way that perfectly reflects your brand identity.

20 Free & Premium Lawyer & Attorney WordPress themes

Are you looking to create an online presentation of your law business? Are you a lawyer who is looking for ways to attract more customers? Then we’ve got you covered. Today, we present to you a collection of 20 amazing WordPress themes tailored specifically for the needs of your niche.

Each of those templates is basically a ready-made website that only requires you to install it on your hosting before it can go live. Installing a pre-designed template is the fastest and most cost-efficient way of building a website. Each template comes provided with an extensive toolkit which allows you to completely customize it to fit your style better. And if it’s your first time building a site, don’t worry. WordPress templates are extremely user-friendly and easy to work with. Besides, they come bundled with extensive reference files with complete tutorials on each stage of your work with the template. So, those templates are the perfect choice both for rookies and seasoned developers.

So, waste no time and scroll down to see those beauties for yourself.

Law Office

Law Office is a modern stylish solution for any sort of legal agency website. Its handy appointment booking system makes the booking a visit to your office as simple as choosing a date and time in a straightforward calendar. And if your users need to talk to you directly before visiting they can take advantage of the handy contact forms provided in the package to do so.

The theme is extremely easy to customize thanks to its integration with the WPBakery page builder. It is also fully compatible with the latest version of WooComerce, allowing you to set up an online store of your own effortlessly. The mobile-friendly Revolution Slider is also included in the package for absolutely free, saving you some extra cash and providing you with an awesome attention-grabbing tool.

  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Ease of customization
  • Appointments Booking
  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready

Details | Demo


Invetex has been created for absolutely all types of corporate business websites, blogs or even news portals. Built with WPBakery, the theme provides you with basically limitless customization opportunities. It even features a shortcode builder of its own.

Its fully responsive, Retina ready layout will look perfectly on both the tiniest and largest of screen resolutions. The one page site option allows you to turn your template into a conversion-optimized landing page in seconds. The bundle even includes an entire library of Google Fonts as well as Fontello Icons.

  • Appointments Booking
  • Countless blog & news layouts
  • Drag & Drop page builder
  • Lots of premium plugins

Details | Demo


Justicia’s solid business design and functional layout are perfect for presenting your lawyer business in the best possible light. Its powerful options panel houses all the options for managing every aspect of your template and Elementor provides you with endless customization opportunities. It is also fully responsive and perfectly adapts to all screen sizes and resolutions.

Essential Grid adds a variety of beautiful galleries for showcasing your services in a structured, eye-pleasing way. Compatibility with WPML ensures that your site can be easily translated into countless languages. The ThemeREX Addons plugin also brings a whole new toolkit for managing the backend of your theme to the table.

  • Built with Elementor
  • Revolution & Swiper Sliders included
  • One-Click installation
  • Tons of pre-made pages

Details | Demo

Pearson Specter

Pearson Specter is a three-skin solution for all of your contemporary business website needs. Its solid business design can be easily tweaked with the help of Elementor. It also comes with a variety of pre-made pages, shortcodes, widgets, and elements.

Its online booking system is quite handy and streamlines the process of booking a visit to your office quite considerably. Integrated with all of the most popular social medias, Pearson Specter allows your users to share your content on their profiles and spread the word about your business. Top-notch SEO optimization also ensures that your site always stays on top of Google’s search results and gets all the traffic it deserves.

  • Appointment management
  • Countless shortcodes
  • Three demos
  • Easy installation & customization

Details | Demo


M. Williamson is a modern WordPress template with a clean professional design perfectly suitable for legal firms, lawyer bureaus, counsels and so on. Supplied with a powerful admin panel as well as WPBakery, the theme is extremely easy to manage both on the backend and the visual side. Compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce also allows you to start selling your products online easily.

The theme is compatible with a variety of premium plugins including Revolution Slider, Booked Appointments, Essential Grid, MailChimp, Contact Form 7 and more. The parallax effect that you can apply to your backgrounds will help create a level of immersion and depth. Let your users know about your firm’s whereabouts easily with a customizable Google Map.

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Built with WPBakery
  • Fully responsive, Retina ready & SEO optimized
  • Premium plugins

Details | Demo


WealthCo is a clean, trendy multipurpose template perfectly suitable for all kinds of modern business websites. It comes with loads of pre-made inner pages, pricing tables, blog layouts, shortcodes, and styles. Built with WPBakery, it gives you access to an extremely powerful drag & drop page builder that lets you completely edit your layouts by simply clicking on elements and dragging them around.

The theme is compatible with a huge selection of premium plugins, including Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, MailChimp, Contact Form 7, ThemeREX Addons and more. The package also includes an entire library of Google Fonts and Fontello Icons, giving you tons of creative freedom over your textual content. WealthCo is highly optimized for peak performance on all types of devices, screen resolutions and in all search engines.

  • Clean multipurpose design
  • Easy customization
  • Tons of premium plugins
  • Parallax backgrounds

Details | Demo


GoodLaw’s minimalistic professional design is the perfect choice for showcasing your legal service business. It features straightforward navigation, handy lists of attorneys, countless blog layouts and a Booking Calendar of its own. It also comes with the WPBakery drag & drop page builder as well as dozens of awesome shortcodes to help you create the ultimate presentation of your business.

The one-click demo content installation option allows you to get started with your project pretty much instantly. The Content Timeline plugin allows you to sort all of your content according to its publishing date. And, of course, GoodLaw is fully responsive, Retina ready and search engine optimized.

  • Easy appointments booking & management
  • Built with WPBakery
  • Content Timeline
  • Revolution Slider

Details | Demo

Legal Stone

Legal Stone is the perfect template for all law practice areas and even lawyer blogs. Its solid business design can be easily tweaked with the help of its powerful options panel, color management system, countless shortcodes as well as the WPBakery page builder. The Essential Grid plugin brings in a variety of beautiful galleries for presenting your business in a structured, eye-pleasing visual manner.

The Booked Appointments plugin makes booking a visit to your office a whole lot easier for your clients. The cool parallax effect applicable to your site’s backgrounds will be of great help in creating a feeling of depth and immersion for your design. The mobile-friendly Revolution Slider is included in the package for absolutely free and is the perfect tool for grabbing the attention of your visitors and showcasing all of the main points about your business in a compact way.

  • Revolution Slider
  • Two beautiful homepage styles
  • Easy automatic updates
  • Lots of blog styles

Details | Demo

Dixon & Lamber

Dixon & Lamber comes with everything you need and more for creating a solid presentation of your legal advice business. Its fully responsive Retina ready layout will look and perform perfectly on all devices and screen resolutions. Lots of custom request forms are a great tool for allowing your users to reach you directly through a user-friendly, straightforward interface.

Compatibility with the Mega Menu plugin allows you to create your own menu designs with as many tabs and categories as you deem necessary. Booked Appointments is of great help for streamlining the process of booking a visit to your office. WPML compatibility makes translating your resource into countless languages much simpler.

  • 3 homepage designs
  • Appointments calendar
  • Drag & drop page builder
  • Top-notch search engine optimization

Details | Demo

The Law

The Law is a fully responsive solution for all of your lawyer website needs that comes with an option to turn your theme into a one-page conversion-optimized landing page. Fully compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce, the template allows you to start selling your services and products online easily. With WPBakery, you’re able to completely overhaul the look of your site in a simplistic visual interface.

The mobile-friendly Revolution Slider even allows you to embed video into it for showcasing your business in a professional, visually impressive manner. The installation process of the theme is extremely simple and can be done within minutes. Besides dozens of awesome shortcodes, The Law also comes with a shortcode builder of its own, allowing you to easily create your own shortcodes for creating the ultimate design for your resource.

  • WooCommerce integration
  • WPBakery page builder
  • Booking calendar
  • Fully responsive, Retina ready and search engine optimize

Details | Demo


Adviser is a clean multi-concept template for all sorts of contemporary business websites. Being compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce it allows you to easily open an online store of your own. It also comes with comprehensive staff presentations, informative service descriptions, recruitment pages, and even a cost calculator.

Adviser is supplied with countless shortcodes and widgets as well as compatibility with lots of amazing premium plugins including WPBakery, WPML, Contact Form 7 and more. The theme’s powerful admin panel houses all the options required for managing all aspects of your theme. The advanced Contact Forms provide your visitors with a straightforward way of reaching you directly.

  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Lease calculator
  • Advanced Contact Forms
  • Dozens of premade pages

Details | Demo


LeGrand is is a powerful refined template perfect for creating a strong online presence for all sorts of businesses. Supplied with a variety of beautiful premade pages, it can be quickly and easily customized by swapping them around. For some more radical customization options, it is also equipped with the WPBakery page builder.

Essential Grid adds lots of amazing galleries for presenting your business and services in a structured and eye-pleasing way. Link up your Instagram profile with the Instagram Feed. Easily manage the backend of your template with the advanced options added in by the ThemeREX Addons plugin.

  • Instagram Feed
  • WPBakery page builder
  • Fully responsive & Retina ready
  • Sidebar manager

Details | Demo

Investments, Business & Financial Advisor

Morrison Invest comes with three beautiful demo styles for you to pick out from. It also comes with outstanding services, team & pricing table modules, allowing you to present all of the most important information about your business efficiently. For some extreme customization opportunities, it is supplied with countless custom shortcodes as well as the WPBakery page builder.

Essential Grid along with the Revolution Slider plugins provide you with all the needs for showcasing your business in a beautiful visual way. Its Retina ready layout will look perfectly on all devices and screen resolutions. It has also been highly optimized for blazing fast performance on all devices and in all search engines.

  • 3 homepages styles
  • Retina ready layout
  • Essential Grid & Revolution Slider
  • Media Content Manager

Details | Demo

Law Firm Lite

Law Firm comes with everything you need for creating a strong online presentation of your law agency. Built with the Bootstrap framework the template is optimized for peak performance on all devices. Its clean, semantic code is also extremely optimized for all search engines, ensuring that your site always receives all of the traffic it deserves and ranks in the top search results.

Advanced translation options make translating your content into countless languages and making your site accessible for people all around the globe. The theme’s grid layout organizes your content in a structured and easily readable way. It is also very simple to customize the theme and tailor it to fit your own style.

  • Fully responsive and search engine optimized
  • Translation options
  • Custom post formats
  • Powerful options panel

Details | Demo

Lawyer Lite

Lawyer Lite is perfectly suitable for law business websites as well as law-related blogs. Its clean design puts your content in the very center of attention and doesn’t get in its way. It is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate without confusion.

Supplied with a selection of premade pages and customization options, the template can be easily edited to fit your tastes more. Its testimonial section is a great tool for showcasing positive reviews from your customers and winning over the trust of new ones. It is also integrated with all of the most popular social medias to help you grow a larger audience faster.

  • Professional design
  • Performance and search engine optimized
  • Social media integrated
  • Translation ready

Details | Demo

Lawyer Zone

Lawyer Zone is a sleek modern template designed specifically for lawyer websites, law agencies and legal advice firms. Its multipurpose nature also allows it to be used as a personal presentation, portfolio or even a blog. Integration with WooCommerce also enables you to easily build a fully-fledged online store of your own.

Integrated with all of the most popular social medias, the theme makes sharing your content and spreading the word about your business much easier. Compatibility with an advanced page builder simplifies the customization process and makes it easy even for rookie developers. The powerful theme options panel allows you to manage each aspect of your template with ease.

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Page builder compatible
  • Social media integration
  • Advanced custom widgets

Details | Demo

Krystal Lawyer

Krystal Lawyer is a quick and professional solution to all of your law business website needs. It is extremely easy to install and work with and the whole process only takes a few minutes. Built with a customizer of its own, its layout can be easily tweaked and edited for your own personal tastes.

The one-click demo content import option allows you to get started with your project pretty much immediately. Easily run an engaging blog of your own and share your tips and experiences with your audiences. The template’s easy translation options enable you to make your resource accessible for people from all over the world.

  • Powerful customizer
  • Blogging functionality
  • Quick installation
  • Optimized for peak performance

Details | Demo

Expert Lawyer

Expert lawyer features an exceptionally powerful and professional design perfect for all types of law-related businesses. However, its highly flexible multipurpose nature also allows it to be used for all kinds of business blogs, corporate establishments, personal portfolios, etc. Advanced call to action buttons will encourage your visitors to interact with your resource and even help boost conversion rates.

Its highly structured grid layout will help organize your content in a highly readable, professional way. Choose between a variety of page styles to create the ideal presentation of your business. The template’s clean semantic code is optimized for swift performance an all devices and in all search engines.

  • Professional multipurpose design
  • Clean, optimized code
  • Structured grid layout
  • Translation ready

Details | Demo

Multipurpose Lawyer

Multipurpose Lawyer is a bold, eye-catching all-in-one solution for presenting all types of contemporary businesses. Its design features fullscreen homepage sliders that help catch the attention of your visitors and present all the main points about your business all in a single place. It is also fully responsive and will look perfectly on all screen sizes and resolutions.

Top-notch search engine optimization will make your site always favoured by search engines and place you in the top results. Create engaging blogs with various post types and embed images as well as audio and video files. Advanced theme options make managing every single part of your site easy.

  • Advanced theme options
  • Custom post types
  • Fullscreen sliders
  • CTA buttons

Details | Demo


Attorney’s elegant, fully responsive design will cover all of your website’s needs. Its corporate look and feel make it perfect for any kind of contemporary business. Supplied with two homepage layouts, with one for static content and one with an eye-catching slider.

Easily make changes to your site using the advanced admin panel. Attorney is integrated with all of the most popular social medias and enables you to link up your profiles to grow a larger audience faster. Pin the very best of your content to be on-screen with a sticky post.

  • Social media integration
  • Translation ready
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Beautiful slider

Details | Demo

In Conclusion

So, did you like anything on today’s list? Maybe you even picked something out for using on your own project? Please do tell us about it in the comment section below!

And if nothing quite caught your attention, don’t worry. The market is constantly being updated with new additions coming in on a daily basis. So, staying tuned you’re bound to find the perfect template for your project here!

15 Compelling Financial Advisor WordPress Themes

Planning to launch a professional and compelling web resource for your accounting or financial project? You need professional financial advisor WordPress themes for this purpose. In the showcase of themes listed below, you can find exactly what you are looking for. Fully editable, up-to-date, and multi-functional WordPress themes are intended to facilitate and speed up the way you build websites.

The best thing about the accountant WordPress themes from this showcase is that all of them are fully responsive web solution created to meet the latest web standards and GDPR demands. Are you a beginner webmaster with little to no coding experience? Don’t worry! You can modify the themes absolutely code-free using any drag-and-drop WordPress editor for WordPress that comes to your liking. Let’s take a closer look at the themes and review their specifications in detail.

Consultor | A Business Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Consultor comes first on the list of the best financial advisor WordPress themes. A professional and clean layout of the theme is created to be fully compatible with contemporary web standards. With its help, you can introduce the audience to your business and invite customers to try the quality of the service that you deliver. The theme is usable and multi-functional. Thanks to the full compatibility with the WPBakery Page Builder, you will have no trouble during the layout modification.

WealthCo | A Fresh Business & Financial Consulting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

WealthCo is one more stunning example of financial advisor WordPress themes that you can use as a foundation for your small business project, blog or startup. A modern and functional design guarantees that all pieces of your site’s data will be displayed perfectly well on all devices and screen sixes. The theme is made fully compatible with all the major WordPress plugins, including WPBakery Page Builder, Essential Grid, Revolution Slider, etc. It includes many ready-made pages and layout elements, which you may feel free to customize in the drag-and-drop mode.

Tax Help | Finance & Accounting Adviser WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Tax Help is a trendy WordPress theme for a financial advisor. It’s also ready to be used for a number of other niche-specific websites related to financial and law topics. The responsive layout of the theme is loaded with all the essential tools needed to build a functional and reliable web resource. This includes online appointments scheduling functionality, which lets your customers plan their visits directly on your site. The theme also features full WooCommerce support, which lets you build a fully-featured web store with its help.

InsuRel | Insurance & Finance WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

InsuRel financial company WordPress theme perfectly fits for a quick launch of individual tax and finance advisor websites. There are 4 pre-designed homepage layouts available in the theme’s pack. Making use fo the working contact forms, you provide your customers with quick and seamless solutions to get in touch with you for online consultation. To make your web page more informative and engaging, the theme includes stunning galleries and blog layouts.

Crypton | A Multi-Purpose Cryptocurrency & ICO WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Crypton is one of the top-trending financial advisor WordPress in the market. This is a multi-functional WordPress solution, which includes literally all that you need to launch a competitive financial or business-related web resource. As the name of the theme suggests, this is a ready-to-go design for the cryprotucenncy website. With its help, you can keep the audience updated on the current prices for all coins. You can also make your site more usable by means of the multi-currency calculator.

Quick Cash | Loan Company & Finance Advisor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Quick Cash financial company WordPress theme is a great starting point for tax assistance services websites, loan companies, and other kinds of websites related to the financial niche. The theme comes loaded with many widgets and shortcodes that are suited for the loan company website. This includes loan calculator, request funding module, payment info form, credit review form, etc. The theme is fully compatible with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, which lets you create versatile layouts absolutely worry-free.

LeGrand | A Modern Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

LeGrand is a refined, clean and modern WordPress theme for financial advisor websites. This is a fully responsive WordPress theme, featuring a Retina-ready layout. There are 3 ready-made skins included in the theme’s download pack. You may feel free to use them as the foundation of any business or a financial web resource. A fully editable layout of the theme is well-suited for a business blog, a non-profit organization, business news & financial blog.

Adviser | A Modern Finance & Accounting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Adviser is a great example of financial advisor WordPress themes that combine style and functionality in one package. The clean modern layout of the theme is perfect for firms providing financial solutions, investment advising agency, strategy planning, marketing & advertising bureau, tax & law assistance organizations. It features dozens of premade pages suited for a range of topic-specific pages. Thanks to the full compatibility with WooCommerce and a selection of ready-made layouts, you can launch a website without the need to build designs from scratch.

Investments, Business & Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Investments WordPress theme allows you to provide a modern fresh look and professional presentation to your business consulting or take assistance services website.  

This is a multi-functional WordPress theme featuring a collection of 3 ready-made pages under the hood. It includes dozens of premade shortcodes, which make it easier to update the pages of your site with the necessary pieces of data.

There are premade services, team, and price table sections include in the theme. It’s fully compatible with all popular page builders for WordPress, including WPBakery.

R.Cole | Life & Business Coaching WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

R.Cole is a perfect WordPress theme for a financial advisor. It’s well-suited for life and business coach website. This is a multi-purpose web solution that makes it easy to adjust any ready-made element according to the unique requirements of your brand. The mobile-friendly layout of the theme will also look great on Retina display. The theme supports Visual Composer, which makes it quick and easy to adjust the pages code-free.

Wizor’s | Investments & Business Consulting Insurance WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Wizor’s comes next on the list of the top-recommended financial advisor WordPress themes. It features a modern and trendy layout that comes pre-loaded with a set of 4 home pages. This is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that allows you to build literally any topic-specific business project in a matter of days. The theme includes advanced contact forms and awesome premade pages, which lets you establish better contact with your audience.

HR Advisor | Human Resources & Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

As the name of the theme suggests, HR Advisor financial company WordPress theme is a perfect choice for human resources websites. It features quick installation and seamless customization options. A powerful options panel provides you with quick access to all the essential tools of the theme. You can modify the pages of your business consulting website absolutely code-free thanks to the full theme’s support of the Visual Page Composer.

Insugroup | A Clean Insurance & Finance WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Insugroup belongs to the group of the top-trending accountant WordPress themes. A clean and spacious layout of the theme will become a solid foundation for insurance and financial web projects. The theme is fully responsive and SEO-ready, which increases the chances that your website will be easy to reach in search engines. There are different blog styles available. Pick the ideal online presentation for your specific type of business.

Lymcoin | Cryptocurrency & ICO WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Lymcoin is one of those financial advisor WordPress themes that are perfectly suited for cryptocurrency-related projects. This is a multi-purpose web solution featuring a powerful and modern layout. The theme is Gutenberg-ready. It includes the GDPR Framework WP plugin. SO you may rest assured that your financial website will meet the latest GDPR demands.

Coinpress | ICO Cryptocurrency Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Coinpress is the last but not the least impressive financial company WordPress theme on this list. This is a perfect starting point for informative online magazines and blogs. It’s intended to become a powerful foundation for any cryptocurrency-related web resource. There are 4 creative demos included int he theme’s pack. A powerful responsive framework of the theme will make your site look appealing and readable on all devices.

Final Words

What are you looking for in accountant WordPress themes? Is that style or functionality? Or both? For this showcase, we selected premium WordPress themes that combine both of these features under the hood. Financial and accounting web project can look catching and appealing. The aforelisted themes are the great proof of that.

Need a List of PowerPoint Ideas to Improve Your Presentation?

In modern days presentation made with PowerPoint is a really valuable and effective thing. It allows you to create attractive visual content to support your speech. Moreover, you can insert some diagrams and schedules to make presentation easy-to-understand for your audience. In the same way, you can play with structure and make presentation informative.

After all, it is the main purpose of any presentation – to be informative and support your speech. At least, I believe so.

Types of presentations

Financial reports, business plans, education courses, technical projects and so on. Each of them needs its design style to suit the theme and purpose of creation. Diagrams may be redundant in primary school, meanwhile, colorful design with cartoons can ruin your business presentation.

I also did such mistakes while developing a PowerPoint presentation. My presentations still were not that good due to many small things. And it took time until I found out how to make them better. It came to my mind, that I can make a post and share with you some PowerPoint design ideas that can improve your presentation.

Especially I can share my experience and support them with examples. You may think that my ideas are basic, but they still are valuable and it is wise to follow them.

A list of the Most Important PowerPoint Design Ideas

1. Use PowerPoint Templates


It takes a lot of time to develop a good PowerPoint presentation. Besides, it will be nice if you have designer skills and some inspiration. PowerPoint presentation templates can solve this problem. In most cases, they are professionally developed and unique. And you can change them as you wish. It really can save your time and, in most cases, they cost a fair price. But if you want to develop your own and unique PowerPoint product, then you can check these templates to find new PowerPoint design ideas and solutions. Like a creative color scheme here.

2. Design Elements Have to Highlight Information

Forex - Multipurpose Infographic PowerPoint TemplateDetails

For some newbies, it looks like a great idea to fill a presentation with as much as possible visuals, graphics, and diagrams. And sometimes the presentation theme or audience requires such an attitude. But even if you have a lot of design elements there must be a few clean parts. Do not fill your slides with redundant elements. If you have to show many visuals, then simply create more slides. Or compile elements in the most compact way. This template will be a great example of a compact insert of elements.

3. Know Your Audience

Power Edge - PowerPoint Template


For example, if you need something for a financial report or business plan then it will be wise to use something corporative and strict. Like this example. Your audience is the main reason why you create a presentation and this is why your presentation design must come up to audiences’ expectations. I doubt that your financial director will appreciate colorful presentations with cartoons instead of numbers. But if you work in Pixar than it is cool.

PowerPoint Templates

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4. Sometimes it is Good to be Modest

Duende Light PowerPoint Template


As I mentioned previously it is a bad idea to fill your presentation with redundant elements. And you should consider is it really necessary to include them. For example, in my first presentations, I included a lot of text. At that time I thought it is a great idea. But it looked like subtitles for my speech and did not affect the audience. Moreover, since I knew the topic I wasn’t using them either. At that point, I could decorate my presentation with the minimalistic approach, add less text and few images.

5. Bright and Eye-catchy

Forest- PowerPoint Template


The presentation as any visual product has to impress your audience to get more attention. And sometimes bright PowerPoint presentation allows you to highlight yourself. For example, if you check out this presentation you will find many contrast images that attract the audience. But, pay attention that not all of the included images and elements are bright. After all, eye-catchy and bright images must highlight your presentation and not to make it simply extremely bright.

6. Background is Important

Edge PowerPoint Template


For some it is obvious, but some of us do not pay attention to such elements as a background. However, a background can change a lot. Just take a look at the Edge PowerPoint product page. This product comes in white and black background styles. And you can see how the white background allows you to highlight information. And how black background makes the presentation more elegant and stylish.

7. Visualize Your Numbers

Infographic PowerPoint Template


When you work with a big amount of data or numbers than you have to work on its presentation. If you put together numbers in one huge mess it will be hard for the audience to read and understand your presentation. This is why it will be a great idea to use infographics. Sometimes, especially in statistics, you can create a presentation made only with diagrams and infographics. As I told you in the second topic it all depends on your audience. If your audience wants to hear numbers – give them numbers.

8. Black and White Images

Pitch Pro PowerPoint Template


There always was some charm in black and white photos. Depending on the presentation, the may look vintage, stylish or both. And if you want to decorate your website then you may consider using such images. This tip is a great way to make your presentation more elegant. Black and white style is also more neutral than colorful images. And most importantly it is multipurpose. You can see it yourself in the Pitch Pro presentation template.

9. Even Financial Presentation can be Creative

Sales Dashboard Presentation PowerPoint Template


Creativity leads us to the original view. And the eye-catchy design is always good. So even if you work with charts and diagrams filled with numbers it is still possible to make everything colorful and attractive. Just keep in mind, that you will need more than a few colors to make your diagram colorful and informative. And if you need an example you can click here.

10. The More Icons You have, the Better Presentation you Create

Modern Design PowerPoint Template


Icons are small design elements. But they can be a great addition to your presentation design. You can even make a combination of icons or highlight specific topics. And if you often create PowerPoint presentations than I advise you to make a collection of icons. You can find them online and there tons of them. Good presentation templates always have an icon. Some have even more than 4900 icons.

11. Calendar

Complete Business PowerPoint Template


I am already tired to remind every that audience hate dates. They do not like to read and memorize them. This is why I recommend you to highlight dates, and calendar icons will be in a great aid here. If you need to announce the date of the upcoming even – use calendar date. It may look like a simple idea, but it is really useful. And good presentation developers know about this idea. Like Complete Business developers.

12. Make A Collection Of Slides

Business Pack PowerPoint Template


This PowerPoint idea sounds like this: the more slide templates you have the better it is for you. Titles, diagrams or slides with the specific background may be useful once more. And instead of the redevelopment of a whole slide, you can simply use the pre-developed product one more time. You can gather such a collection yourself or purchase a ready-made pack.

13. Collect Specific Presentations

MaxPro - Business Plan PowerPoint Template


It is always good to have a multipurpose presentation template. But if you have an important event coming it may be wise to create a presentation specifically for this occasion. For example, a business plan. Images, graphics, related to some specific thematic are more informative and do not distract the audience from your presentation. And you can use it over and over again to match a specific theme.

14. Keep Practice

Business Infographic Presentation - PowerPoint Template


The more presentations you create the more skills you have. And that means you can make better products. Especially if you learn new PowerPoint tools. After some time you will be able to create high-quality presentations with many creative elements. Images, diagrams, schemes, backgrounds and other design elements can add more things to your presentation. As an example, you can check the Business Infographic Presentation PowerPoint template. It has a combination of corporative style, colorful design and includes a lot of infographics for data presentation.

15. 3D images

Business Infographic Presentation PowerPoint Template


Another thing from my personal opinion is that people like 3D images. And I recommend you to use them in your presentations. Of course, if you search for 3D images online it may be a good idea to customize images according to your theme. However, do not include too many images or you can simply distract the audience to form your presentation, text or infographics. If you want to see how presentations with 3D images look like, then follow this link.

16. Use Not More Than Six Words per Every Slide

People create their presentation design to deliver some necessary pieces of information. Do not make people read your presentation because they should pay more attention to you talking. For this reason, many professionals are sure that you need to include not more than six words on the slide. It is better to engage using some eye-catching visuals, as you can see in Every.

Every - Minimal PowerPoint Template
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17. Make Sure to Match Your Design with the Chosen Topic

Without a doubt, your topic dictates the choice of the presentation design. As an example, it would be not right to speak about your business and include a romantic color scheme. It is better to work with your brand colors and focus on the serious approach. You can take a look at this Business Pack that might help you in such a task.

Business Pack PowerPoint Template

Details | Download in ONE Membership

18. Work with Your Brand Colors and Logo

We have already started talking about brand colors. Together with them, it is effortless to distinguish your presentation from others. People can also memorize it if you decide to include your logo on every slide. It is the right decision to add your branding to stand out from the crowd. You can get familiar with 30 pre-made logos in a minimalist style to get some inspiration.

30 Premade Logos - Minimal Edition Logo TemplateDetails | Download in ONE Membership

19. Take Advantage of Outline Illustrations to Present Your Ideas

Many people are looking for methods to present some concepts. To highlight some basic ideas, you can turn to different illustrations. Sometimes they are more remarkable than ordinary stock photos that everyone has already seen. There are also many flat images perfect for simplifying the necessary concepts and catching more attention. As an example, you can take a look at 68 stationary, school, and art illustrations that might suit your needs.

68 Stationery, School and Art Supply Illustration

Details | Download in ONE Membership

20. Do Not Limit Your Imagination

If you want to be creative, you always have the freedom to do this. Do you feel that your audience wants something special from you? In this case, you can combine different styles, gradients, colors, illustrations, and other components to impress. Shift is a mix of vibrant color variations and elements crafted for those who are ready to be distinct.

Shift Creative PowerPoint Template

Details | Download in ONE Membership

21. Your First Slide Should Be the Most Attention-Grabbing One

It is crucial to raise interest in your audience from the very beginning. In such a way, it gets easier to hold their attention during the whole presentation. Work on the first slide to make it look original. As an example, it is possible to surprise people with some pieces of information. In addition to this, you can make people laugh by telling a joke and using a relevant font like Kalled.

Kalled | Modern Typeface Script FontDetails | Download in ONE Membership

22. Think About Implementing Video

A large number of viewers perceive videos better than any other content type. To convey your message directly without causing some misunderstandings, you are free to add short videos. Together with them, it can be quick to present your point. For the reason that interactive elements always manage to engage the audience. It is easy to edit some managed infographic elements in After Effects to showcase numbers at their best.

Managed Infographic Elements After Effects Intro

Details | Download in ONE Membership

23. Only High-Quality Images to Increase Engagement

As you remember, we have mentioned the importance of choosing different outline images. However, it does not mean that you cannot use some photos that you have taken by yourself. There are also various unique illustrations drawn by professionals. You can always choose something relevant to your topic. Remember that you are not obliged to limit yourself if you want to show your creativity. Explore this decoration toolkit if you think that your presentation needs some exciting components.

Decoration Toolkit Illustration

Details | Download in ONE Membership

24. Take Advantage of Various Shapes

PowerPoint enables creating a large number of shapes. You can come up with multiple diagrams, charts, and other infographics on the base of them. You are free to choose from many traditional shapes. Yet, it is always possible to use ready-made infographics that can save you lots of time. Furthermore, they have some unique shapes (like this Tree Bundle) that your audience can find impressive.

Tree Bundle - Infographic ElementsDetails | Download in ONE Membership

25. Change Layouts of Your Slides During the Presentation

Looking at multiple slides that follow the same structure is not very fun. You can try to keep the same theme during the whole presentation but modify your slides. One slide may have a horizontal orientation. The next one may have a vertical orientation. Thanks to such a thing, you are free to differentiate your ideas and topics. First Goal is an eye-catching PowerPoint template that can provide you with some ideas.

First Goal PowerPoint TemplateDetails | Download in ONE Membership

26. Printed Materials as Your Reliable Assistant

Unfortunately, people are not able to take your presentation home. However, many of your viewers may want to have access to the most important things you have mentioned. In this case, the best way to make your presentation more professional is to print some essential materials. Keep in mind that your brochure is better to include a color scheme, icons, and other brand elements from your presentation. Creativesio is a suitable variant for creating an advertisement that suits your vision.

Creativesio Business Brochure Design:  Pages Corporate Identity Template

Details | Download in ONE Membership

27. You Can Use White Fonts on Your Images

In our opinion, there is no need to speak a lot about this idea. There are many cases when you do not know what color to choose for your title presented on the image. Yet, white fonts work in an impressive number of situations and make your texts more comfortable to read. You can check out Wallington and start using it to highlight your titles.

Wallington | Hand Lettering Brush Script Font
| Download in ONE Membership

28. Use Icons to Stop Your Text Float on the Slide

It is not very good-looking when your text floats on the slide. When you have an appropriate icon that sticks to your text, it is easier to draw the attention. These ten flat animated icons can help you in focusing the attention on the essential points.

10 Flat Animated Icons Iconset Template
| Download in ONE Membership

29. Emphasize Key Data, Including Numbers, Percentages, and Other

Numbers, percentages, and other elements can excite your audience. To have the highest impact on people, it will be excellent to choose a different color or font for these crucial components. Dirten is a marvelous font to surprise your audience.

Dirten Font
| Download in ONE Membership

30. More Than Simple Screenshots?

Screenshots of the app or website are widely-used components of the presentation. However, they do not look very visually-attractive without proper mockup. There are multi-devices mockups for showcasing your digital products in the presentation.

Multi Devices Responsive Screen Pack Product MockupDetails | Download in ONE Membership


I like PowerPoint for its customization features and tools. And I hope that a list of my PowerPoint design ideas can help you avoid my mistakes and improve your presentations. And if you have some additional ideas then leave a comment and exchange your thoughts. After all, creativity is one of the most important designer skills. And we have to learn from each other.

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