The Best Way To Learn Swift By Building Applications

Have you ever wondered if there is a more straightforward way to build applications? Do you think the app designers or programmers are aliens from outer space? What if you could develop your app without going through the huddle of running codes all over again?

If these questions ever crossed your mind, then you are about to learn how to build applications using the Swift programming language. This guide will show you how to begin if you want to learn Swift programming.

Programming isn’t a walk in the park. You must have some essential coding skills to navigate your way around the coding system.

Let’s get to the basics.

What Swift Programming Language is About

If you’ve been a programmer on the iOS and Mac OS platforms, you should be versatile with Objective – C, Apple’s flagship coding language. It’s still in active use and will be for a long time.

However, in 2014, Apple introduced the Swift programming language as an improved version of the Objective – C and the rest of its line of programming languages.

Since the introduction of Swift, it has gone through multiple upgrades. The latest version is Swift 5.2, released in 2020. However, Apple isn’t relapsing as we should be expecting more versions to be released as the need arises.

According to Apple, the Swift programming language is an alternative to the already existing Objective – C. Matter of factly, they said it is the Objective – C without the C.

Coding in Swift is quite seamlessly with all the user-friendly functionalities. Apps coded with Swift can run on any iOS, Mac OS, tvOS, iPadOS, or watchOS device.

The best way to learn Swift is by installing Xcode to a Mac. If you don’t have a MacBook, you can install Mac OS on your PC. With that, you can then run the Xcode software. You can download them through the Apple Developer Store.

If you have the Mac OS and Xcode installed, then you’re ready to learn and build apps on the go.

However, Swift is also available for Linux. Matter of fact, the linux based community is getting quite big nowadays. Additionally, linux will be released for Windows soon. That’s also a huge thing.

The beautiful thing about Xcode is the built-in playground that allows you to code Swift without building an entire app. It provides you with the best learning environment, especially if you’re new to programming or app building.

On the flip side, if you decide to code Swift on your iPad, then you need to get the Swift Playground for iPad. Though it’s a fun way to run your coding in Swift, it requires advanced skills. Additionally, the interface is very interactive as when you’re coding on a MacBook or PC. So, with constant practice, you’re sure to get the hang of it.

How to Learn Swift Programming

I know you desire to learn Swift fast and build your app or game as soon as possible. However, the best way for you to learn Swift programming is dependent on how you desire to learn it.

Here are four ways you can learn how to code using the Swift programming language.

1. Classroom or Bootcamp Learning

Some people learn better when they are in a classroom environment. I know folks during my high school days who only need to be present in class to have enough to ace their CAs. If you’re like that, there are Boot Camps where you learn the rudiments of Swift programming from different tutors.

The remarkable thing about learning at a Bootcamp is the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of ways to go about coding in Swift. You also have a great chance to be employed if you did well or get job recommendations as a professional Swift programmer. It’s typical of how writers are recommended for jobs at Best Writers Online .

The downside is that they can be expensive and controlled. While enrolled in the Bootcamp program, you don’t do other stuff. However, it pays off in the end.

2. Visual or On-Screen Learning

Visual learning is used the most for learning in our world today. We seem to have more visual learners as generations unfold. Frankly, visuals are very effective ways tutors use to teach essential topics in Swift programming.

The on-screen learning platform brings the classroom to the comfort of your living room. It provides you the luxury of learning at your own time and pace.

Meanwhile, it has a downside. You may have to deal with watching a video with poor quality. The learning sometimes can be interrupted as you may need to pause the video to code. The worst part is working with outdated video tutorials that will waste your time and resources.

On the bright side, YouTube gives you access to tons of videos where you can learn Swift programming. Be sure to check that the videos are updated and relevant. You can check out reviews of some video tutorial providers to see if they’re worth your time. It’s much like using Online Writers Rating  to know if a writing service is worth it.

3. Tutorials, Guides, and Books

If you’re reading this, you probably learn better with guides, tutorials, or books. You’re an avid reader or you prefer the old-fashion read and learn method. And it isn’t a crazy thing at all.

In a world that has gone techy, reading books or guides as a learning style remains effective. Though not as effective as say visual learning, it’s still preferred choice to a good number of learners.

When it comes to learning Swift programming, books and guides come in handy. They provide uninterrupted means of learning and practicing. It’s easy to get a topic, read about it, follow the exercises at the end, and perfect it by practicing. This was, your practice and learning can go simultaneously.

Learning by reading books and guides also helps you learn at your own pace. You can chart a learning course that suits your schedule.

Much like video learning, there’s the risk of learning with outdated materials. However, you can fix this by always looking out for updated versions of the learning material of your choice.

4. Learning on the Go

One of the things I’ve noticed in the programming world is that most programmers are autodidactic. They prefer to learn by building apps or developing games. Self-learning or learning on the go should be an inherent ability of every programmer.

Swift programming language supports learning on the go. The software comes with pre-installed templates to make it easier for you. However, you must have a basic knowledge of programming or coding. That way, you can walk your way around any additional feature that comes with the software upgrade.

The thing about learning on the go is that it expedites your learning process. The more you spend time working on the Swift programming interface, the more you get better with your coding skills. Before long, with constant practice, you’ll be developing cool apps.

Where to Start?

As I bring this guide to a wrap, it’s essential to know the ideal place to start learning. If you’re a beginner, you can visit YouTube or Udemy. There are a plethora of courses absolute for you to get started with the Swift programming language.

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