wed development and other terminologies

What does web development mean?

What Is Web Development?: The Key Points

Have you ever wondered what web development is in simple words? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Web development is the programming that allows a website to work according to its owner’s specifications. It focuses on coding and markup writing, and web design and development encompasses everything from simple text pages to large web-based apps.

Most developers employ HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the development of websites.

  1. HTML defines a website’s basic framework, on which everything is built. It comprises blocks that define the layout, format, and essential components of a page.
  2. CSS is a technique for styling a website’s content with a minimal set of files shared throughout the site. Whenever a change needs to be made, such as changing the colour of all the buttons on every website page, a web developer only needs to edit one CSS file.
  3. The JavaScript programming language can be used to add different interactive components and alter the look of icons and drop-down menus.

What Does Full-stack Web Development Mean?

Front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers are the three types of web developers.

A front-end developer is responsible for the website’s visual aspects (navigation bar, layout, etc.) and its interaction and the tying together of all its pieces.

Back-end developers manage the website’s hosting services, database, and apps, among other activities that ensure the website operates successfully.

Full-stack web development encompasses all aspects of a computer application system, and full-stack developers work on both the front and back ends. Working with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to create client-facing platforms is a full-stack developer’s daily responsibility.

Also included:

  • taking care of databases and servers,
  • programming for cross-platform and multi-language functionality,
  • monitoring new technologies that may be useful to the company,
  • creating Minimal viable products (MVPs).

Difference between Web Development and Software Development

Web development, as previously mentioned, is the process of creating a website for the internet, which varies from creating simple web pages to E-commerce websites. Its main goal is to deliver high-quality content on the website and add and update information regularly and build confidence among users.

Software development is a method of building software products that involve understanding user needs and then designing, testing, and producing software to meet those goals. It primarily focuses on locating and implementing the appropriate code and ensuring that standard quality is met.

We hope our article was helpful to you and you learned more about web development.

8 things you should know about WordPress

WordPress is the most popular source used by people to set up a website or blog for themselves. The popularity of WordPress is such that it powers more than 38% of all the websites on the internet! This means that more than a quarter of the websites on the internet are being powered by WordPress! Amazing right?

Speaking technically, WordPress is an open-source content management system licensed under GPLv2. If you are wondering what a content management system is, then we must tell you that it is a tool that makes it easy to manage important aspects of a website like content, without the need to know anything about programming. This implies that any person who wants to start their blog or website can use or we should rather say modify, the WordPress software for free. This is the major advantage of WordPress; it makes building a website easy for anyone – even people who know nothing about developing a website or about programming. 

WordPress is so astonishing that it can easily blow anyone’s mind. The features it offers are like no other and that is why it is so popular among the people! If you are also surprised by the functioning of WordPress and would like to know more, then keep on reading the article to learn about 8 interesting facts about WordPress!

1.Wordpress is completely free to use:

WordPress is open-source which is free and can be used by anyone. No one has to pay a single penny to make their blog or website on WordPress.You can use WordPress to make any type of website that you want It also allows you to make changes that you want to your existing site’s code. 

WordPress can also be used to make multiple websites without the need to purchase any additional license. On WordPress, you will find millions of free themes and plugins to choose from. Choose any of them and make a website according to your desire and need. 

In addition to that, there are also several premium themes and plugins which can be purchased by you.

WordPress can also be used by the developers to create premium themes and plugins which can help them to earn money. 

2.WordPress is being used by some really big names: 

From being used by aspiring bloggers to getting used by big businessmen, and everyone in between, WordPress is omnipresent! 

WordPress is being used by such big companies and brands that everyone has heard their names! 

Some examples are: 

  • CNN’s blogs are built on WordPress and so are Reuters’. 
  • The Wall Street Journal and Forbes use WordPress as well.
  •  Microsoft uses WordPress for its official blog. Also, products like windows and skype are powered by WordPress. 
  • The New Yorker, Mashable, and The Next Web are some other famous examples that use WordPress.
  • It also powers the other notable brands like the People Magazine, The Rolling Stones, Vogue, MTV News, Facebook (for their Newsroom), Harvard Business Review, and NASA.
  • The official White house government is also powered by WordPress!

If WordPress is being used by such big names, then it certainly is capable enough for you to build websites like breakout for yourself and your business!

3.You can use WordPress in so many more ways than just starting a blog: WordPress earned its name as a platform for bloggers! But soon after its rise to fame, developers realized that so much more can be done with the help of WordPress. 

Now, WordPress is used to power so many other different websites! 

Not only does WordPress enable users to create a huge number of business sites and blogs, but it also enables people to create e-commerce stores. WordPress is now the most popular way to create an eCommerce store. 

 You can also use WordPress to set up the following: 

  • Blogs 
  • Portfolios 
  • Resumes 
  • Social networks 
  • Membership sites 
  • Business websites 
  • eCommerce stores 

Pretty much every type of website you can dream of can be built with the help of WordPress!  
4. You can even earn money on WordPress:

As we mentioned above, there are premium themes and plugins on WordPress. Theme developers and Plugin developers can earn truckloads of money by selling their designs to the buyers. 

A very famous example of this is the example of  WooThemes. It is a company that started creating premium themes and plugins in 2008. Some time back, WordPress’s parent company ‘Automattic’ purchased WooThemes for a whopping amount of 30 million dollars in cash and stock. 

Don’t worry if you are not a company but an individual web-designer. Individual theme designers are also earning thousands of dollars every month by selling their premium themes to buyers as these themes are always in great demand! 

Another example of this is Kriesi, who is ThemeForest’s second-highest-selling author of all time. He made approximately 165k dollars with his sales on the site. Back in 2011, he became the first theme author to sell $1 million worth of themes! 

To sum it all up, we would like to say that you can make good money by selling pre-made premium themes and plugins. Also, this will enable you to work directly with clients, which means that you do not have to work for an employer. This will give you all the flexibility you might want in your career. 

5. WordPress is the Most Popular Content Management System out there: 

WordPress powers more websites than any other CMS (content management system). CMS is software that enables the users to write, alter and publish content on the web. 

Almost 50 to 60% of websites that use a CMS are powered by WordPress.  

A great fact about WordPress is that every second of every day, more than 17 blogs are published on WordPress! That is a lot!

6. WordPress can be used by anyone and can prove to be pretty useful: 

Entrepreneurs can seriously benefit from knowing how to use WordPress.

WordPress is such a great tool for setting up an online business (including creating online stores, landing pages, and more). Knowing how to set up WordPress, how to customize a theme, and install plugins can help you save a lot of money! If you are a small business and are just getting started then that will benefit you immensely!

Developers aren’t the only people out there who need to learn WordPress skills!

 Marketers can also make use of WordPress. As we mentioned, WordPress can be used to create landing pages and for publishing blog posts. Knowing how to use WordPress gives you the advantage of not having to wait for a developer to make minor changes to your website, or set up a new webpage!

7. WordPress was started in 2003: 

WordPress was created as a standalone project in the year 2003. It was an offshoot of a previous project called b2/cafe. 

The original creation of WordPress was a collaboration between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Since then, Matt Mullenweg has become the face of WordPress and the founder of Automattic (Now known as WordPress’s parent company). WordPress has pushed forward its limits and developed itself into the most popular solution to create any type of webpage! 

8. WordPress can be installed easily: 

WordPress can be easily installed with just a few clicks. 

Most of the web hosts either offer to preinstall WordPress for you so that your site is ready to go right away, or give you dedicated tools that make the installation process very easy for beginners. 

 These were a few interesting facts about WordPress! Hope you gained some knowledge from this article and found these facts to be intriguing!

Author Bio: Charlotte Lin is a content creator at She’s a passionate young woman, mother to an amazing nine-year-old, and an avid reader. Over the years, writing has helped her explore and understand the world as well as her own self. She loves to travel, meet new people, and spend quality time with her daughter. You can find her on LinkedIn

5 “Proven” Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with Word Press

You must have heard about the Huffington Post! If you have been living under a rock, let me tell you that it’s the highest-earning blog in the world with a monthly income of $41 million.

Yes, I agree! Making money online is an exciting thought; you can earn millions of dollars without even stepping outside your house. You will not require a supercomputer for this purpose; a basic laptop or a PC with just an internet connection will be enough.

If earning money online is that easy, why everyone is not already doing it? Well, it’s easy for those who are willing to invest time and money in it!

Blogging is the most popular way of making money online, but it’s not that easy! Not everyone is Ariana Huffington; most of the bloggers fail to make a mark in this field!

What is Blogging?

Initially, people used blogs to maintain a personal diary, but as online marketing and advertising took over the internet, some clever individuals found a way to make money out of it.

Blogging is about self-publishing any type of content: writing, videos, photography, etc. If you wish to start a blog, select a niche which is the closest to your passion and interest. Wait a minute! Make sure that your blogging niche appeals to your audience; food, fashion, and technology attract most of the internet users, so choose one of these and be on the safe side.

How to Create a Blog on WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS that powers over 60 million blogs and 35% of the total websites on the internet. Yes, there is a high probability that your favorite online shopping and movie review sites are made using WordPress.

Creating a blog on WordPress is a 3-step process that only takes 15 minutes to complete!

1.      Find a Hosting Provider

Every website needs web hosting to go live on the internet. A domain name is the web address that your audience will use to access your blog. You need to find a hosting provider that best suits your requirements and budget. Bluehost, HostGator, and SiteGround are some of the popular hosting companies. The hosting prices start at $3/month, which is very reasonable.

Make sure that your domain name gives a clear idea about your blogging niche. If your blog is about rugs and carpet cleaning techniques, a domain name like “” or “” will help rank your blog in google searches.

2.   Install WordPress

Now that you have bought a hosting plan, you have passed the difficult phase! Some hosting providers might install WordPress automatically, but if you are not that lucky, you can still manually install it on a web server by unzipping the WordPress package.

3.     Publish Your First Blog Post

You are almost there! Just select a theme and customize the appearance of your blog from hundreds of amazing options. Once you are satisfied with the overall look of your blog, select “Add New” from the “Posts” category in your dashboard, and that’s it! Write your blog material using the editor and let the internet know that you have arrived.

Your biggest motivation behind creating a WordPress blog is to share your knowledge and opinion about the topics of your interest. Well, no one minds getting paid for following his/her passion; you are now ready to generate revenue from your blog.

Let’s explore how you can make money through online blogging!

“Proven” Ways to Make Money Blogging with WordPress

1.      Google AdSense

It is a Google advertising network that allows website owners to display ads on their content and earn money every time the ad is clicked.

For this purpose, you first need to create a Google AdSense account, which will be reviewed by Google before getting approved. Once your account has been approved, you can use the ad code to put ads on your blog. Google has also announced auto ads, which take away your headache of placing every single ad; Google selects the location, time, and frequency for you.

2.   Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever recommended a good microwave for your friends or family? If yes, you have done affiliate marketing without getting paid.

First, you need to search for affiliate programs on big e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay. Once you have registered for the program, you can review and promote any product from the selected website on your blog and insert its purchase link. You will earn a commission for every purchase made through that link.

3.     Public Speaking

This will require a lot of time and effort. Unlike the ways mentioned previously, this one can’t be implemented just after creating your blog. First, you must establish yourself as an expert in your blogging niche so that people can trust and invite you to seminars and meetups. How? Your blog should be unique, engaging, informative, and should have a lot of loyal readers to share and support the content.

4.     Coaching

Have you invested a lot of time in establishing your blog as an authority on specific subjects? If yes, now is the time to cash your efforts by helping beginners in setting up and growing their blog.

You can create a separate section for this purpose in your blog where new bloggers can register for a paid course; the course can consist of eBooks, videos, or written material that clearly explains the techniques and tips that you used to achieve success.

5.     Blog Membership

If you have succeeded in creating a huge fan base for your blog, you are ready to offer paid memberships to your fans.

Designate a members-only section in your blog where you can post premium content. This will grab the readers’ attention and persuade them to buy the membership.

Final Thoughts

Blogging seems easy from a reader’s view, but only the blogger knows the effort put into thoughtfully composing every article. As a blogger, your only goal is to be consistent in posting quality content and never settle for anything less than the best. If you ever decide to create your blog, revisit this article for complete guidance.

Author Bio:
Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Carpet Cleaning.

10+ Best WordPress Themes to Sell Creative Products

Do you have an innovative product that you’d like to promote online effectively? Starting a WordPress site for your niche project can be an excellent idea to promote your target audience’s project. Getting started with a site is much faster and cost-effective with a ready-made theme.

You can find all the essential features and pre-designed demos to make your website look outstanding in the themes packages. Even working with a ready-made design, you can launch a web project that looks different from other businesses. All themes from the collection below are compatible with drag-and-drop page builders for WordPress. They are ready to be modified by users of all skill levels and apt for multiple topics. It’s also worth pointing out that all selected WordPress themes are compatible with WooCommerce, which lets you use them to launch a web store selling multiple products. Therefore, the themes are often updated, and you do not need to worry about changing future themes.

Craftis – Handcraft & Artisan WordPress Theme for Creatives

Consider using the stylish and modern design of the Craftis WordPress theme to launch websites for creatives who want to present and sell their craftwork and handmade goods beautifully. The theme is also a perfect choice for such handcrafted goods as spa products, clocks, toys, postcards, etc. The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce and the Elegro Crypto Payment plugin, which will be especially helpful for selling online. There are ten creative demos available in the theme’s pack. Besides, there are 10+ prebuilt pages, multiple blog layouts, shortcodes, widgets, and other features that let you adjust the theme according to your preferences.

Details | Demo

Melania | Handmade Blog & Crafts Shop Aristic WordPress Theme

Melania WordPress theme will bring a modern and alluring style to websites related to such topics as sewing, wedding decoration, homemade clothing, knitting, handcrafted toys, and more. It has full WP Customizer support, which lets you modify your site’s color scheme, manage blog layouts, and modify multiple layout elements. The theme is responsive and fast-loading. It’s SEO-friendly and cross-browser compatible. Using five available homepages, you can grab the design that will be a perfect fit for your site. Melania features full WooCommerce compatibility that lets you sell goods online.

Details | Demo

Iona – Handmade & Crafts Shop WordPress Theme

Picking the Iona WordPress theme, you get the ultimate set of tools and design suited for handmade and crafts shops. The theme features a clean and minimal design that you may adjust according to your brand’s specific requirements. It’s fully integrated with WooCommerce and includes the Elementor page builder that provides for a code-free modification of its pages. Five bold homepage styles give you the freedom of choice of the best visual presentation of your brand. Using awesome news and gallery layouts, you can bring a catching style to your site’s respective elements. Full WooCommerce compatibility lets you start selling right from the pages of your site.

Details | Demo

Pixefy | Stock Photography Marketplace Theme

Pixefy WordPress theme can be interesting for photographers and digital agencies looking forward to launching stock photography marketplaces. To let you create a fully-fledged photo equipment online store, the theme features full compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin. Elementor page builder support makes it easy for you to bring the desired look and feel to the ready-made pages that are included in the theme’s pack. Besides, Pixefy includes a series of premade modules that let you reveal Tem, Services, Products, and other vital information. There are three premade homepage demos available in the download package. A modern design of the theme looks stunning on all displays.

Details | Demo

Fribbo – Freebies Blog WordPress Theme

Fribbo WordPress theme is great for niche blogs, giveaways, business projects, video blogs, and other types of topic-specific projects. Choosing this WordPress theme, you may feel free to select from 6 usable homepage layouts available in the theme’s download pack. You also get custom widgets and shortcodes. The theme features full compatibility with the Elementor page builder, which lets you modify its pages code-free. If you’d like to add eCommerce functionality to your site, then full WooCommerce support with respective shop design will come in handy to you. The theme also supports multiple popular WordPress plugins. You may install any to your site and ensure that it will flawlessly run on your website.

Details | Demo

Gutentype | 100% Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Modern Blog + Elementor

Gutentype WordPress theme is one of the best solutions compatible with all Gutenberg editor’s major features. The theme includes all that you need to launch a guest post blog, online portfolio, media portal, a business portal, or any other type of a niche-specific project. It’s Gutenberg-ready and made to be fully compatible with all Gutenberg blocks. In addition to enhanced block styles, the theme contains extra theme shortcodes fully compatible with Gutenberg, demo-content made on Gutenberg with core-classes from Gutenberg, etc. The theme is based on the powerful framework that makes it flawlessly adjust to all screen sizes.

Details | Demo

Helion | Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme + Store

Add a creative touch to your personal portfolio using the Helion WordPress theme. A colorful layout is well-suited for many other purposes, including copywriter, designer, developer, photographer, fashion, personal profile, and lifestyle blogger. Using the Elementor page builder, you can adjust the theme’s layout in the intuitive drag-and-drop mode. Downloading the theme, you may pick any of the 11 ready-made homepage demos of the theme. The theme’s mobile-first layout looks good regardless of the device that people use to browse your web page.

Details | Demo

Blabber | All-in-One Elementor Blog & News Magazine WordPress Theme + RTL

Blabber theme will appeal to everyone looking forward to building an Elementor-based blog or news magazine. It’s an all-in-one set of designs and features that are ready to be modified with the drag-and-drop editor. The theme contains nine different demos that will work well for every blog or content-rich website. Due to the theme’s 1-click installation, you should have no worries while importing your website’s design. The Blabber theme will also work well for eCommerce purposes due to its full compatibility with WooCommerce and a set of ready-made pages.

Details | Demo

Drone Media | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme + Elementor

Make use of the Drone Media WordPress theme to get started with trendy and functional websites of aerial photography and videography websites. The theme will also come in handy to everyone related to photo shooting, video recording, event agency, etc. The theme is well-documented and includes regular updates that add a bunch of new designs and functional elements to its pack. The latest huge update is a full eCommerce solution that contains a new color scheme and hero video background. The 100% responsive layout of the theme is fully editable. An easy-to-use admin panel is ready to be modified in a handy Customizer.

Details | Demo

Weedles | Virtual Reality Landing Page & Store WordPress Theme

Weedles WordPress theme is the ultimate choice for building landing pages that are related to the promotion of virtual reality gadgets and deals. A modern design of the theme is usable and intuitive to navigate. The fully editable theme’s layout structure will also work well for VR blogs, online magazines, online shops selling VR accessories, etc. Weedles themes is loaded with a bunch of ready-made pages, layouts styles, shortcodes, widgets, and full compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder that provides for the code-free modification. It’s mobile-friendly and SEO-ready, which lets your website reach the top of search results.

Details | Demo

Yottis | Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme + Store

Yottis WordPress theme is a perfect choice for starting a creative online portfolio website. It includes all that you need to create a bright and stylish website that reveals a contemporary CV, VCard, Resume, personal blog, magazine, etc. The theme is created with the Elementor page builder and contains a wide range of features and advanced customization options. For example, the theme contains shortcodes, widgets, compatibility with all the major WordPress plugins, and more. In the theme’s download package, you can come across a selection of 9+ creative demos for your niche-specific web project.

Details | Demo

Final Words

Are you ready to get started with your creative website? We hope that the collection of themes that we listed above inspired you to launch an outstanding web resource that will help you attract more clients and drive more sales.

Top Reasons to Invest in Premium WordPress Themes for Your Business Website

For the past decades, creating a quality website for your business requires the services and expertise of professional website designers. Some business owners even seek the help of not just one but a team of web designers. Getting all of this professional help implies paying a certain fee, and then, WordPress came along. WordPress was a game-changer. Many business owners and even aspiring bloggers considered this platform a favorite open-source CMS. To this day, it remains a favorite among new and experienced bloggers and website owners alike because of how simple it is to use. You can also easily download it for free. Besides, you have an array of themes to choose from and install for your WordPress-powered business website.

If you are currently looking for WordPress themes that you can use for your business website, you can find them at the theme directory of the platform itself for free. You can also download free WordPress themes from third-party websites and developers. However, if you want to create an eye-catching website for your business that truly stands out, then you have to invest in a premium WordPress theme that perfectly captures the attention of your target market. Here are some of the top reasons why it is always best for business owners to invest in premium WordPress themes for their websites.

1.            Impressive designs

Just by looking at the design of a website, you can easily determine if it uses a free WordPress theme or a premium one. With premium themes, they look more unique, customized, and stylish. They also organize your web content and materials properly. The overall look of your website not only captures the interest of your visitors effectively but also showcases the products or services that you are selling. That is why if you are running a business website, it is always best to go with premium themes.

2.            Offers more security

According to reports, free WordPress themes have been found to have some unwanted codes that are lurking on their PHP files. These codes may lead to security issues for your business website. Some free themes even have misleading search engine optimization features that will put your website at a lower ranking among various search engine websites. While there are still websites that offer clean WordPress themes for free like, WooThemes, and, these free themes are not as secure as their premium counterparts. Another advantage of choosing premium themes is that the providers or developers will be more than willing to give you proper technical support if you have some problems associated with your theme.

3.            Easy and fast customization options

If you want to incorporate a few changes to your premium theme to achieve the kind of look that you want for your website, you can do so without changing its PHP, CSS, or HTML codes. For example, there are premium WordPress theme shops that provide a feature that will help you adjust the theme’s design, logo, navigation, SEO, color styles, fonts, advertising, and other components to your liking. With the use of this tool, you can quickly and easily change various elements of your theme. If you happen to be familiar with some codes, the developer may provide you a manuscript to customize your theme even further.

4.            Affordability

As mentioned above, hiring a website developer to create your business website and theme is going to cost you a great deal of money. You will not be spending as much money, though, if you invest in a premium WordPress theme for your website. You will get more or less the same outcome for your business website if you will only spend your money on a theme. There are several WordPress theme providers or websites that offer you access to a wide array of premium themes at a cheaper price. You only need to sign up for a yearly subscription with them. Some providers, for instance, lets you pay a yearly subscription of $39, and you will then get unlimited access to all of their premium WordPress themes.

5.            Boosts sales and traffic

By choosing premium WordPress themes for customizing your business website, you make it stand out more in comparison to other websites. Most of these premium themes also use search engine optimization techniques, making your website get better rankings from search engines. With high rankings, more people will access and view your website. If you have a user-friendly website design and functionality, then your viewers will want to use your website more. Once they are interested in the products or services that you are offering, they will then make sure to buy from you. All in all, premium WordPress themes will help boost your online traffic as well as increase your business profits.

Finding the right premium WordPress theme for your business website should not be a difficult undertaking. As of this writing, you can find a good range of high-quality premium WordPress themes on the web. You can also find many developers and shops that offer these themes at affordable prices. It all boils down to making sure that you choose a highly reliable and qualified developer or shop for your source of premium themes. As much as possible, you should take the time and effort to get to know your options of premium theme providers so you can be sure that you have a good one with you.

Generally, you can get reliable, high-quality premium WordPress themes in two ways. First, you can directly go to the shop or website of the designer or developer that sells these premium themes. Make sure that you check the designs that they have for their premium themes. You want to make sure that their designs are easily and highly customizable and that they propose upgrades to add new features or fix bugs, have a degree of support, and offer more features that will not be difficult for you to find.

Second, you can purchase premium WordPress themes by going to the designer and meeting them yourself. Take the time to meet with the designer that you have in mind so that they can create the exact design or theme that you want for your business website. You can check their portfolio to know if they meet your standards and preferences in terms of premium theme creation. The first option for getting premium WordPress themes is cheaper; however, if you plan to have a truly unique theme for your business website, then the second option is the better choice for you.

15 Striking Instagram Feed WordPress Themes

Would you like to integrate your WordPress blog or personal site with the Instagram feed? Consider working with Instagram Feed WordPress themes. Such ready-made solutions include all that you need to start your appealing and visually striking web resource quickly.

In the collection of themes listed below, you can find beautiful and trendy designs that let you create competitive online projects with little to no coding skills at all. All premium WordPress themes that we listed below are compatible with popular drag-and-drop page builders for WordPress, including Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder. Whether you are going to launch a personal blog or a large business project, Instagram Feed WordPress themes make it easy to connect your web resource with the leading social media platform on the present-day.

If you have a stunning Instagram profile, why not further promote it on your website? Connect the feed to your web page. Make it an extra attention-grabber, which welcomes your visitors to check out your newest pictures and videos.

Check out a collection of Instagram Feed WordPress themes that let you achieve a perfect blend of Instagram feed with your site’s layout style.

Pablo Guadi – Precious Stones Designer & Handcrafted Jewelry Online Shop WordPress Theme

Pablo Guadi WordPress theme is a ready-to-go solution for handcrafted jewelry and precious stones designer websites. The clean and refined design if the theme is perfectly suited for other kinds of niche-specific web projects, including online stores offering crafts, artwork, accessories, and handmade creative goods. The theme features full WooCommerce compatibility and includes a set of premade pages for your web store. Using awesome gallery and blog layouts, you can bring more emphasis to your highlighted works. Using an awesome Instagram feed, keep your audience more engaged with your most recent updates without the need to leave your site.

Details | Demo

Vagabonds | Personal Travel & Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme

If you look forward to building a travel-related website, then Vagabonds WordPress theme will be the ultimate choice for you. The theme’s attractive and responsive layout is easy to adjust according to the requirements of your niche-specific project, including the one related to travel articles, stories, lifestyle news, etc. It also works well for personal blog and media-related online resources. Thanks to the theme’s compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder, even a newbie webmaster can apply any changes to the layout code-free. There are many handy functions, plenty premade homepage layouts, shortcodes, and inner pages that you can use on your site.

Details | Demo

Vihara | Ashram Oriental Buddhist Temple WordPress Theme + RTL

Vihara WordPress theme is a perfect choice for an Ashram and a Buddhist website. It will also work well for launching such niche-specific web projects as a retreat centre with yoga, church, meditation, and spiritual practices. The theme features the Events Calendar to keep the audience always updated on the list of your upcoming news and events. Using the Give – Donations plugin, you get a chance to accept donations via a built-in functionality on your site. The modification of the theme’s pages is quick and effortless due to its compatibility with the Elementor page builder. The Vihara theme includes many premade pages and layout options that let you cover all your potential activities around the subject matter.

Details | Demo

Briny | Scuba Diving School & Water Sports WordPress Theme + RTL

Briny WordPress theme will work perfectly well for the launch of websites related to water sports. It’s a ready-made web design for scuba diving schools. Featuring lots of customization features, you can adjust the theme to fit any kind of outdoors and indoors activities. Using the online appointments booking feature, your website visitors can enroll into the lessons and courses at your scuba diving school. A set of working contact forms is also available in the theme’s pack. You can keep the audience more engaged with stunning galleries and Instagram feed.

Details | Demo

Lettuce | Organic Food & Eco Online Store Products WordPress Theme

If you run an organic food business, the Lettuce WordPress themes will be a perfect choice for your topic-specific project. It features a clean and fresh layout ideal for natural food-related websites, such as contemporary agricultural business company, healthy food blog, etc. Thansk to the theme’s compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin, you should have no difficulty with building a web store of organic products. It contains many useful features that let you sell eco products, including recipes management, gift cards, shipping methods page, and more. The intuitive visual interface of the theme allows modifying the theme according to your business needs.

Details | Demo

Rosaleen – Health Coach, Speaker & Motivation WordPress Theme

Using Rosaleen WordPress theme, you can add a modern and professional style to your health coach website’s pages. The fully responsive layout of the theme runs flawlessly on all types of devices and web browsing applications. Thanks to the theme’s pages’ flexible structure, you can also adjust it to fit a range of other topic-specific web projects like nutrition magazine, gym trainer shop, personal fitness trainer, and lifestyle coach store. It’s made with the Elementor page builder and lets even newbies customize ready-made layouts without worrying about coding tasks. The Rosaleen theme is compatible with many popular WordPress plugins. It supports Instagram feed and lets you share the events calendar anywhere you wish.

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Fashion Guide | Online Magazine & Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme

Fashion Guide WordPress theme is a ready-to-go solution for personal or lifestyle blogs, as well as online magazines and media-related projects. A fully editable theme’s layout structure is enhanced with a set of 3 stunning homepage demos. You may feel free to add a unique and modern look to your web project code-free using the theme’s drag-and-drop functionality. It also delivers collections of handy shortcodes, widgets, pre-designed pages, layout styles, and color options that you can add to your website. The theme features MailChimp support, which lets your audience subscribe to the newsletter and be the first to know about your updates.

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Wanderic – Travel Blog & Lifestyle WordPress Theme

Wanderic WordPress theme is a clean and minimalist solution for your personal blog or travel magazine website. It includes a set of 3 ready-to-go homepage layouts that you can import to your site with a click. The fully responsive layout of the theme is ready to be adjusted according to your business’s specific requirements. It’s fully compatible with Elementor and supports all the major plugins that you can find in the WordPress community. There is also the online store option included in the theme. Crypto currency payment option will be especially useful for eCommerce purposes.

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Trendion | A Personal Lifestyle Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

Consider using the Trendion WordPress theme to update your personal blog or lifestyle project with a contemporary look. The theme features an easy-to-edit layout that fits many other purposes, including the launch of a trendy lifestyle blog, an online journal, or a lifestyle magazine. It includes bunch of handy features that boost your site’s usability, like top and side menu, Instagram Feed, full responsiveness, etc. It comes built-in with WPBakery Page Builder that lets modify pages code-free or create new ones effortlessly.

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Kelly Young – Personal Stylist WordPress Theme

Kelly Young is a perfect choice for building websites related to fashion-related topics. It comes with the functionality suited for contemporary personal stylists and shoppers, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, designers, and other purposes. There are two types of menus included in the theme – classic and pop-up. The theme is created with usability in mind. Its layout is fully responsive and adjusts to all screen sizes automatically. It’s made with the Elementor page builder and works well with such popular WordPress plugins as Slider Revolution, Essential Grid, Instagram Feed, Elegro Payment, etc. Using the Instagram Feed, you can keep your audience always updated on your latest Instagram posts without leaving your site.

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S.King | Personal Stylist and Fashion Blogger WordPress Theme

If you are a fashion blogger or a professional stylist, using the S.King WordPress theme you can bring a remarkable web presence to your official web resource. It features a mobile-friendly layout that is a perfect option for seamless browsing of your content on-the-go. It achieves an eye-catching display of your visuals on the last-generation devices. The theme is totally Retina-ready. In addition to running an engaging blog, you may feel free to use the theme for eCommerce purposes. WooCommerce support is perfectly suited for this goal.

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Modern Housewife | Women & Family WordPress Blog Theme

If you wonder how a housewife blog can be designed, take a closer look at the Modern Housewife WordPress theme. This is a splendid solution for women and family blogs. The theme’s overall style and neat design will also work well for the launch of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting blogs. It includes two different homepage demos, a variety of blog layouts, many premade pages, Instagram Feed support, Recipes, and many other features that will be useful for your niche-specific web resource. You can manage the theme without any special coding skills, thanks to the full WPBakery Page Builder support. With the Slider Revolution and multiple galleries support, you can perform a more engaging demonstration f your content.

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Meals & Wheels | Street Festival & Fast Food Delivery WordPress Theme

The next theme on this list will appeal to everyone looking forward to building fast food delivery and street festival-related websites. It is also designed to be used for a food blog, lifestyle blog, online cookbook, restaurant listing, and other types of topic-specific web projects. It is fully integrated with WooCommerce and includes a list of eCommerce pages. The wide functionality of the theme includes several menu options, meals, dishes posting, etc. There are three beautiful homepage layouts included in the theme. Using the Instagram Feed, you can keep your clients informed with your most recent updates in real-time.

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Marcell | 20+ Layouts Multi-Concept Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Marcell WordPress theme is an all-in-one solution that you can adjust to fit any kind a personal blog or online magazine website. There is an impressive set of 20+ demos available in the theme. Use them for a writer or blogger’s web project and write articles, stories, world news, etc. It includes many handy options for your site, including pop-up menu and top menu positioning, many diverse blog layouts, extra fast page load, mobile-first layout, etc. It’s fully compatible with Gutenberg, which lets you create and edit your blog post using an intuitive interface.

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Rosalinda | Health Coach & Vegetarian Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme

Consider using the Rosalinda WordPress theme as a quick starting point for websites of health coaches and vegetarian lifestyle blogs. It looks clean and minimal and adjusts flawlessly to all screen sizes. The theme is fully compatible with WPBakery Page Builder. It supports the Booked plugin that allows you to manage appointments with your customers online. It runs on the ThemeREX framework, which makes it highly-functional and easy-to-operate. Downloading the theme, you get a bunch of shortcodes and widgets that allow you to showcase missions and priorities, provide testimonials, and showcase your portfolio in a catching style. Essential Grid and Instagram Feed are also supported.

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Bottom Line

Integrating your website with Instagram Feed is one of the best ways to increase your customers’ engagement and add a striking gallery of Instagram posts to your website. The functionality fits any business that you own. Using WordPress themes compatible with Instagram Feed, it gets easier to integrate your WordPress project with the latest highlights from your Instagram feed. Check it out.

TemplateMonster Marketplace: What to Know Before Joining Its Community of Authors?

It is no doubt that many web-designers have an interest in expanding their reach. A large number of them are looking for additional ways to attract more clients and grow earnings. Fortunately, digital marketplaces are always here for those who require a platform to share their talented work. One of them is the TemplateMonster Marketplace.

As you can understand, a large number of people identify it as one of the best places to sell and promote their brand. There is no need to say that every marketplace has its requirements, product categories, commission fees, and audience. Today, we are going to research all the details about TemplateMonster Marketplace instead of you. Does it hold the most promise for your assortment? Will it provide you with an excellent and smooth starting point? Let us go through all the points here and now.

Presenting TemplateMonster Marketplace and Its Benefits in Outline

templatemonster marketplace

TemplateMonster has been conquering the digital world since 2002. In the beginning, different web-designers did not have a chance to sell their products here. However, everything changed a few years ago. These days, TemplateMonster Marketplace salutes all the people who produce their unique and high-quality digital items. These include web-designers, developers, and studios who crave to present their ready-made solutions and earn money for them.

What is in the TemplateMonster Marketplace for Authors?

become an author

Before submitting their work to the marketplace, every potential author needs to know all the details. Now, we are going to look through them and understand whether TemplateMonster Marketplace meets your needs.

First of all, it has a large network of two million members. Every month, an impressive number of users search for the best items on the TemplateMonster Marketplace. It means that your author’s horizons are going to broaden. In addition to this, the audience consists of people who browse the Internet just for fun and visit the resource accidentally. These are highly-relevant clients who can potentially purchase some ready-to-use items from your assortment. In other words, we are speaking about your core audience here.

TemplateMonster Marketplace is a platform that helps to improve your brand awareness and recognition. All the clients get a chance to share their thoughts about the purchased items. Then, other potential customers are going to get familiar with them and consider your assortment.

When you get down to being an author, it is possible to face a few problems. Unfortunately, no one cannot get insurance on understanding every single detail from the very beginning. If you get confused, it will be possible to turn to different guides. They are available for all the crucial topics. How to add a product to the marketplace? How will you be paid for your product sales? How can you grow your sales? These are only a few questions that you can get answers to. 

TemplateMonster Marketplace also allows getting assistance from a personal manager. You have the freedom to ask him or her all the author-related questions. The team will always be here to explain to you how to submit the desired digital items, promote them, and increase your earnings.

Except for the manager, you can join the author community. Here, you can socialize with other authors and discuss all the matters you have an interest in.

Finally, we need to mention that a review team is going to check your products as quickly as possible. If something is wrong, you will know what aspects require some improvement. It allows growing your skills and producing such digital products that will appeal to the audience.

What Products Can You Sell on the TemplateMonster Marketplace?

TemplateMonster Marketplace accepts various digital product types. You can always visit the resource itself to get familiar with the whole assortment. However, if you see that your item is brand-new for the marketplace, do not be afraid to send a request. Now, we want you to get familiar with the most popular categories presented in this inventory.

To start with, you can submit templates for different platforms. These include WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop. It is also possible to share HTML and admin templates. All of these products get the highest notice and popularity. They will bring you the desired traffic and the number of sales. 

By the way, we need to recall MotoCMS when it comes to website-building. It is a visual and drag-and-drop builder that will not burden you with a code learning. You are free to make all the changes with basic programming knowledge. It does not have any customization limits and provides a large number of integrations.

Do not forget about plugins. These days, the marketplace is ready to feature such variants as WordPress plugins, PrestaShop modules, Magento extensions, and JavaScript elements.

TemplateMonster also has an interest in selling different graphics. First of all, you can share your presentation templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. Furthermore, you can submit logo designs, fonts, CV and certificate templates, illustrations, and many others.

Stock videos and audios can also bring you a great passive income.

Commission, Promo, and Other Advantages to Know

Before you decide whether you want to sell your work here, there are more details to discuss.

Exclusive products make sure you are going to get the highest commission. However, when it comes to graphics, it does not matter whether you sell exclusive or non-exclusive items. For both of these types, you will get a 65% commission for each sale. Some exclusive items can bring you a 70% commission from the beginning.

Shopify and OpenCart contributors will be gladdened with the author-driven pricing policy. They have a chance to set any price for their products, which starts from $29.

Boosting your earnings will be effortless if you decide to add your items to the ONE Subscription. All you need to do is to fill in the application, follow the guidelines, and wait for the approval.

We also need to speak about the opportunity of being both an author and an affiliate. In this case, one gets two commission types. These include a 65% commission as an author and a 30% commission as an affiliate. In general, it will be a 95% cut.

It is possible to take advantage of additional promotional methods. Top-authors can be featured on the blog, social media, and partner blogs.

How to Become an Author on the TemplateMonster Marketplace?

1.Create your user account on and verify it.

2. Scroll the page and find the “Become an Author” Tab.

3. Choose the name that will appear on your Author’s Page.

4. Start uploading your digital items. Choose the necessary product archive and fill the details out. Wait for the team to review it. A review is going to be manual.

5. If your product meets the requirements, you will see its page in the marketplace.

A Few Words in Conclusion

It seems to us that you might have already decided whether TemplateMonster Marketplace is your perfect match. It takes nothing to become an author and start submitting your work. You are going to benefit from a high number of aspects. These include a commission rate, promotional opportunities, personal manager, community and guide help, and many others. A transparent payout system should also draw your attention. As you could understand from the community reviews, they are glad to be a part of this marketplace. Get ready to receive your recognition and grow your income together with this marketplace. Thanks for reading!

The Pros and Cons of Free and Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress is the pioneering platform when it comes to creating blogs and websites for free. If you’ve recently created a website or blog on WordPress, then you know that finding the most suitable theme is a very important yet challenging step that you must take. If you are looking for WordPress themes, you often choose between the free and premium ones. For those who are not sure which is better, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will learn more about the respective pros and cons of free and premium WordPress themes.

Free WordPress Themes

It is important to note that if you say free themes, you are referring to those you can find in the official Themes directory at As much as possible, you should stay away from downloading and installing free themes that come from unreliable distributors or sources.


•             They’re free. The major advantage of using free WordPress themes is that they will not cost you anything. It allows beginners to finally create a decent website or blog of their own. For most people, though, hearing the word free makes them cautious. They often wonder what’s the catch when using these free themes when there are premium themes available. Also, anything free is associated with anything of low quality. With free WordPress themes, however, you are getting quite the opposite.

•             They undergo strict reviews. Free WordPress themes often follow a higher quality of standard. All free themes available in the theme directory undergo a strict review process. A theme review team of talented individuals ensures to check and test each of these themes before they put them up in the directory. These themes are checked for their privacy, security, quality CSS and HTML, support for standard WordPress features, standard-compliant code, and more.

 At this point, you know that WordPress themes are only included in the official platform directory if they have been built by a group of talented developers who know the abovementioned things and more. So, why are these themes made available for free?

Giving and sharing themes for free can benefit a lot of parties. On the part of the theme developers, they get to sharpen their skills in reviewing themes because they get to audit their codes and suggest further improvements. They also get a chance to make their theme available to a wider market that allows these users to use their theme, give their feedback, and even suggest more improvements.

Other advantages of creating free WordPress themes include building your reputation as a skilled developer, getting paid for customizing those free themes, developing personalized themes for clients, and building a portfolio. Although using free themes from WordPress has some positives, there are also negatives when you use them. You have to understand, though, that these cons can be subjective. What one user considers a disadvantage may not be at an issue at all to another user.


•             Limited support options: While developers of free WordPress themes provide support to users, they only do so through the platform’s forums. For additional queries, they are not obliged to reply to each of them.

•             Limited functionality and features: While all free themes support standard WordPress features as per requirement, most of them don’t give you additional features like creating landing pages, using shortcodes, creating buttons, etc.

•             Not that personalized: Many users use free WordPress themes for their blogs and websites. So, in terms of design, your website will not be one of a kind. Additionally, you don’t get as many customization options if you intend to change how the free theme looks like.

•             No guarantees: Free WordPress themes have no warranties. In short, you are on your own when something goes wrong with your website or blog.

 Even if there are specific features that you need but cannot find from the free theme that you are using, avoid leaving it a one-star rating. Keep in mind that you are not spending a cent to use this theme. If you do make a small donation or ask nicely, the developers might consider adding the features that you are looking for.

Premium WordPress Themes

Compared to free WordPress themes, premium WordPress themes are available for sale across third-party WordPress theme marketplaces and shops. Here are some of the advantages of choosing premium themes over free themes:


•             More customization options and features: Unlike their free counterparts, premium WordPress themes offer a whole range of features and options for customization. With how competitive the premium theme market is, shops are always finding ways to offer more features for their themes at lower costs. As a customer, you can choose themes that offer you several options like multiple templates and layouts, shortcodes, drag and drop builders, and unlimited choices of colors.

•             Excellent support and regular updates: You get regular updates and excellent support from premium WordPress themes because shops are making money out of what they’re doing compared to creating themes for free.

•             Less frequently used: Because premium themes come at a cost, they are more unique in comparison to free themes. There also goes the benefit of having to choose from a wide array of customization options so that you can even further bring the personalization of your theme up a notch. Combine these two positives, and you will undoubtedly have a website that easily stands out from others.

Not all premium WordPress themes are created in perfection. There are a few issues that you may experience with your premium theme that can put your blog or website at a disadvantage.


•             Poor coding standards: While you may buy a premium theme that looks appealing, its coding standards might be poor, making the theme incompatible to some plugins. One of the reasons why this often happens is that third-party themes do not go through a strict review process as free WordPress themes do.

•             Too many unnecessary features: A lot of theme developers make the mistake of adding too many features into their themes just so they can sell more. Although these features may seem promising, not all of them will be necessary for your website. They may even cause your website to load at a slow pace.

•             Crossing over into plugins domain: Some premium WordPress themes cross over into the plugin’s domain. When this happens, they offer other functions that they truly should not. For instance, the custom short codes, post types, etc. that you create may disappear once you change your theme.

If you have plans of creating a unique blog or website using WordPress, you must know how to choose the most suitable premium WordPress themes for your needs that live up to their promises. To be sure that your premium theme is reliable, make sure that you only get it from a trusted theme developer or shop.

3 Reasons Why We Use WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS, and it supports more than 75 million websites today. However, there are also other popular CMS such as Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, etc. that millions of users opt for. This can either be due to the fact that they don’t consider WordPress as the best fit for their needs, or they are just not convinced why they should migrate to WordPress.

Today, we’ll give you a few reasons why we use WordPress. The good thing is that even if you use another CMS, you can also try WordPress for free and see if it could work for you.

It’s the Most Popular CMS

WordPress powers 34% of the world’s website and 60% of all CMS websites. This comes tied up with lots of other benefits, but a key one is that you can have multiple users updating your website. If you wish to add a writer, all you need to do is find one online, and the chances are they’ll be already familiar with WordPress.

Adding users is quite easy, and they will be able to log in with their credentials. From there, you can assign them specific roles such as Author, Editor, Contributor, or Administrator. Of course, you will be able to suspend or delete it if necessary.

Open Source with Freedom

One of the things we love about WordPress is that it’s completely free and open-source. This means that you can download, install it wherever you wish, and modify it according to your needs. You can, therefore, self-host WordPress or choose any web host that best suits your needs. In case you wish you migrate your website, there’s a plugin that can help you do that easily. Most web hosts also offer website migration services.

The open-source nature of WordPress also means that there’s lots of room for expansion, and the platform currently has 50,000 plus WordPress plugins (often free).

Easily Customizable and Great Flexibility

One of the factors that make WordPress popular its great flexibility and superb customizability. This means it easy to use, and so a user doesn’t need to be a web designer or programmer to get a good looking website. There are hundreds of free, high-quality tutorials and resources on the Internet. Apart from being able to create and modify layouts, users can even switch themes without affecting the content of the website.

That makes it easy for us to keep adding functionalities to our website and incorporating plugins as we go.

Ease to Manage

WordPress comes with the capability to update your plugins as well as themes right from the WordPress dashboard. Such makes it easy to forgo development companies and web hosting packages that offer WordPress management packages, especially if you are just starting out. You can even manage your site on the go with WordPress mobile apps.


No comparison goes down without considering the pricing, and WordPress comes out on top here. The platform is free, and there are hundreds of free themes and thousands of free plugins. This means that to get going with WordPress, all you need is a domain and web hosting space.

If you go for low-cost hosting (you can always scale up), you can get started for as little as $60 per year. Of course, premium plugins will add up the cost. In the case of other CMSs, you would need an average of about $100 to get started.

Generally, WordPress ticks lots of boxes that other websites don’t, and so we won’t be thinking about migrating soon.

Learn How to Increase Loading Speed of WordPress Website

One of the major factors that impact a website’s traffic level and its ranking on search engines is the loading speed of the website. In most of the cases, if the loading speed of a website is low, users tend to switch to other websites with better page loading speed. Several tools help in giving detailed insights into the speed performance of a website.

The process of increasing the speed of a website starts with the web hosting of the WordPress site. In this article, we would be discussing how to speed up a WordPress site in 2020 and different methods that you can apply for the same.

Ways to Speed up a WordPress Site:

1. Consult your Cloud Hosting Service Provider

Before taking any action, it is advisable to consult your hosting provider for the product and its compatibility with the WordPress site. The service provider can give you some useful tips to make your website faster. This would help you in saving a lot of time while optimizing the WordPress website for speed.

2. Install a Valuable Caching Plugin

A caching plugin is a popular method for increasing website speed. It stores the final view of the website for future visitors. This way, WordPress doesn’t have to produce it separately for every visitor. The data includes JS, CSS, and HTML code, along with fonts, images, and flash files. Before you choose and install a particular plugin, it is advisable to check with your hosting provider for any recommendations.

3. Try Out a Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network or a CDN is another way to speed up your WordPress website. Although there are several features of a CDN, it mainly focuses on enhancing the page loading time of your website, whatever kind of website you might own. Some of the content delivery networks that are well known are CloudFlare, jsDelivr, and CloudwaysCDN.

4. Remove Inactive or Broken Plugins

It is a good idea to check if the current plugins on your website are working correctly or not. Different plugins are used for different purposes. They can cause lag in the website, making it slow to load.

You can get a useful plugin for this purpose, which is the Query Monitor. This is a free plugin that can notify you about any performance problems with your website. It is advisable to remove any inactive or broken plugins and find alternatives to them as they can affect the speed of the WordPress website.

5. Compress the Media Files

Another way to speed up a WordPress site is to compress the files, such as images and videos, as large files can significantly slow down your WordPress website. One can get free plugins, which can help in reducing the image dimensions automatically. Besides plugins, you can also make use of WP Compress. It is a great image optimization tool that compresses the files and enhances the speed of your website.

6. Compress the Size of WordPress Site

A small size website loads much faster than a huge website. You can make use of GZip compression, which can help in reducing a website’s size by more than 70%. After you compress a website, it would load fast as the bandwidth gets reduced. You can do GZip compression by installing and activating a plugin- Breeze WordPress cache plugin.

7. Keep the Website and Database in the Same Data Center

Check whether the website and the database are present in the same data center. This is important in the case of servers and hosting. Having both these in the same data center would enhance the performance of the website and make it easy to fetch posts from the database. Contact your hosting provider to find the location of your server. In some cases, companies also show the location of the servers during signup.

8. Optimize the Website’s Homepage

Keeping the homepage simple and avoiding using useless widgets is a great way to optimize a website and improve its loading speed. Do not display the posts at full length. Instead, show an excerpt or only the first paragraph from the text. Showing too many posts at once can increase the page loading speed of the website. The cleaner the homepage, the faster the website would load.

9. Update your WordPress

One should keep their WordPress site updated at all times. Be it a theme or a plugin, ensure that they are up to date at all times. In case there is a new patch, test an update on a staging site of WordPress before putting it on the live site.

10. Minify CSS and JavaScript Files

Reducing the JavaScript and CSS files helps in reducing the server response time and minifying the size of the files. This will help in increasing the site loading speed and make it much faster than before. It will also help in saving bandwidth usage. These files can be minified using the plugins Breeze and Autoptimize.

11. Install a Light Weight Theme

Although there are many options when it comes to themes in WordPress, it is advisable to use themes that do not have widgets, dynamic content, sidebar, slider, etc. as they ensure that the hosting server does not respond slowly. Having a lightweight WordPress theme is the best option in this regard. Having a default WordPress theme is enough if you have a blogging website.

12. Keep a Control on Post Revisions

Post revision is a very good feature to have in WordPress. It is not possible to have all the features for every website. Some users have low database space and disk space. In a post revision, a new copy of the post gets saved whenever the content is changed. This can increase the size of the database, which can create many problems and reduce the page load speed. Post revisions ensure that there is a check on unnecessary storage, and the website is optimized.


The website loading speed plays a key role in making the website a success. It can impact the conversions, bounce rate, as well as the search rankings. The above were the different techniques to speed up a WordPress website.

Author Bio: Swathi S, an indispensable member of the Stan Ventures SEO team, is the current outreach specialist at the organization. Known for her way with words, Swathi is a frequent blogger who keeps a tab on the latest SEO updates and guest posting services at the firm.

You can reach her at Facebook | Linkedin