Data Management Platforms in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, unlike conventional print and TV marketing, is very dynamic. As technology gets more sophisticated, digital marketers are tasked with making good use of it especially in the management of data to meet the demands of customers.

Most digital marketers have probably come across the concept of digital management platforms, which are commonly known as DMPs. They help in collecting, sorting, and analyzing customer-related data to give marketers an edge when making marketing strategies or advising the business on what products to make. 

Fortunately, the platforms, which come in the form of software, are numerous, and choosing one that is appropriate for your business is easy. Here, we will go through invaluable insights about these platforms and why you should work closely with them as a digital marketer.

Top Data Management Platforms

  • SAS Data Management – Let’s get real! SAS has been doing well in the data management sector. Marketers, as well as other departments in a company, can comfortably rely on this platform to collect data and organize it from Hadoop and other approved sources. It is a paid DMP for larger businesses, although beginners can take advantage of the resources if they can afford it.
  • Google Audience 360 – This is a tool with numerous features that allows digital marketers to make media plans. So, if your team wants to make automated bidding or just have a creative work plan, this is the best DMP to try. If you want to make your collaboration even more innovative, combining it with Analytics 360 is a great idea. Ultimately, this is the tool for media marketing in any business or organization.
  • Adobe Audience Manager – The Adobe Experience Cloud is as dynamic as you can imagine. And this is just one platform that helps marketers to manage their audience in either offline or online mode. The tool has numerous features for collecting and analyzing data to make informed decisions about digital marketing campaigns. 
  • Troparé Inc. – Over time, this resourceful platform has won the confidence of many marketers across the globe. The platform is a B2B data management studio created by  for sales teams and marketers who aspire to make informed decisions. As soon as your team enrolls in this cloud-based platform, they have access to numerous data solutions. 
  • Lotame – The list cannot be complete without mentioning Lotame. It is a popular software program for data management that gathers data from the web, social media platforms, emails, and many other sources. On top of this, it allows marketers to analyze relevant data before forming their digital strategies. In addition to being resourceful, it is user-friendly and affordable for beginners. 

Benefits of Using Data Management Platforms in Marketing

The first benefit any company will get for making use of any of the above DMPs is making informed decisions. If you are a digital marketer, you can confirm how important it is to develop campaign strategies that are backed by accurate data. Luckily, many of these platforms are already using open resource databases with massive amounts of information. So, take advantage of this to understand your market sector and take care of your customers.

Another benefit is to increase the customer base and sales. It is a no-brainer that such an increase also adds to the profit margin for the company. If you are looking forward to growing your company, it is time that you take charge of digital marketing through the use of these platforms. Marketers are able to use effective marketing strategies when they have the right information to reach the right customers, increase conversion rates, and lock in loyal customers. 

Saving on marketing costs is another advantage of using these technologies. Most of them bring more value to a company than the cost of the software. All you need to do is to have a proactive digital marketing team that will make good use of this software. Actually, you might be surprised to find one that is almost free or free. 

Final Word

For any business, choosing the right DMP for the marketing department is crucial. Today, such moves are not optional if you dream of coping with the competition or becoming a market leader. Hence, the information that we have shared above will be invaluable to you. Use it well.  

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