3 Reasons Why We Use WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS, and it supports more than 75 million websites today. However, there are also other popular CMS such as Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, etc. that millions of users opt for. This can either be due to the fact that they don’t consider WordPress as the best fit for their needs, or they are just not convinced why they should migrate to WordPress.

Today, we’ll give you a few reasons why we use WordPress. The good thing is that even if you use another CMS, you can also try WordPress for free and see if it could work for you.

It’s the Most Popular CMS

WordPress powers 34% of the world’s website and 60% of all CMS websites. This comes tied up with lots of other benefits, but a key one is that you can have multiple users updating your website. If you wish to add a writer, all you need to do is find one online, and the chances are they’ll be already familiar with WordPress.

Adding users is quite easy, and they will be able to log in with their credentials. From there, you can assign them specific roles such as Author, Editor, Contributor, or Administrator. Of course, you will be able to suspend or delete it if necessary.

Open Source with Freedom

One of the things we love about WordPress is that it’s completely free and open-source. This means that you can download, install it wherever you wish, and modify it according to your needs. You can, therefore, self-host WordPress or choose any web host that best suits your needs. In case you wish you migrate your website, there’s a plugin that can help you do that easily. Most web hosts also offer website migration services.

The open-source nature of WordPress also means that there’s lots of room for expansion, and the platform currently has 50,000 plus WordPress plugins (often free).

Easily Customizable and Great Flexibility

One of the factors that make WordPress popular its great flexibility and superb customizability. This means it easy to use, and so a user doesn’t need to be a web designer or programmer to get a good looking website. There are hundreds of free, high-quality tutorials and resources on the Internet. Apart from being able to create and modify layouts, users can even switch themes without affecting the content of the website.

That makes it easy for us to keep adding functionalities to our website and incorporating plugins as we go.

Ease to Manage

WordPress comes with the capability to update your plugins as well as themes right from the WordPress dashboard. Such makes it easy to forgo development companies and web hosting packages that offer WordPress management packages, especially if you are just starting out. You can even manage your site on the go with WordPress mobile apps.


No comparison goes down without considering the pricing, and WordPress comes out on top here. The platform is free, and there are hundreds of free themes and thousands of free plugins. This means that to get going with WordPress, all you need is a domain and web hosting space.

If you go for low-cost hosting (you can always scale up), you can get started for as little as $60 per year. Of course, premium plugins will add up the cost. In the case of other CMSs, you would need an average of about $100 to get started.

Generally, WordPress ticks lots of boxes that other websites don’t, and so we won’t be thinking about migrating soon.

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