3 Reasons Why We Use WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS, and it supports more than 75 million websites today. However, there are also other popular CMS such as Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, etc. that millions of users opt for. This can either be due to the fact that they don’t consider WordPress as the best fit for their needs, or they are just not convinced why they should migrate to WordPress.

Today, we’ll give you a few reasons why we use WordPress. The good thing is that even if you use another CMS, you can also try WordPress for free and see if it could work for you.

It’s the Most Popular CMS

WordPress powers 34% of the world’s website and 60% of all CMS websites. This comes tied up with lots of other benefits, but a key one is that you can have multiple users updating your website. If you wish to add a writer, all you need to do is find one online, and the chances are they’ll be already familiar with WordPress.

Adding users is quite easy, and they will be able to log in with their credentials. From there, you can assign them specific roles such as Author, Editor, Contributor, or Administrator. Of course, you will be able to suspend or delete it if necessary.

Open Source with Freedom

One of the things we love about WordPress is that it’s completely free and open-source. This means that you can download, install it wherever you wish, and modify it according to your needs. You can, therefore, self-host WordPress or choose any web host that best suits your needs. In case you wish you migrate your website, there’s a plugin that can help you do that easily. Most web hosts also offer website migration services.

The open-source nature of WordPress also means that there’s lots of room for expansion, and the platform currently has 50,000 plus WordPress plugins (often free).

Easily Customizable and Great Flexibility

One of the factors that make WordPress popular its great flexibility and superb customizability. This means it easy to use, and so a user doesn’t need to be a web designer or programmer to get a good looking website. There are hundreds of free, high-quality tutorials and resources on the Internet. Apart from being able to create and modify layouts, users can even switch themes without affecting the content of the website.

That makes it easy for us to keep adding functionalities to our website and incorporating plugins as we go.

Ease to Manage

WordPress comes with the capability to update your plugins as well as themes right from the WordPress dashboard. Such makes it easy to forgo development companies and web hosting packages that offer WordPress management packages, especially if you are just starting out. You can even manage your site on the go with WordPress mobile apps.


No comparison goes down without considering the pricing, and WordPress comes out on top here. The platform is free, and there are hundreds of free themes and thousands of free plugins. This means that to get going with WordPress, all you need is a domain and web hosting space.

If you go for low-cost hosting (you can always scale up), you can get started for as little as $60 per year. Of course, premium plugins will add up the cost. In the case of other CMSs, you would need an average of about $100 to get started.

Generally, WordPress ticks lots of boxes that other websites don’t, and so we won’t be thinking about migrating soon.

Stressless Way To Go Online | Monstroid2 WordPress Theme Review 2020

Though website-building is critical for any business niche, this process became super-simple. No wonder business people of all ages and skill levels run different sites globally. The result is genuinely inspiring compared to what we used to have. For example, there were nearly 644 sites in 2012. And now, we can see more than 1.7 billion registered online projects. 

If you are reading this, you are most likely going to increase these numerals with your website. Site-launching always brings numerous advantages, no matter which topic your project comes with. No company can stay afloat without being online in 2020. It is the same startups, art, personal projects, etc. But what should you begin with? Let’s start with a review of Monstroid2 WordPress theme, which is called the most creator-friendly WP theme. Is it as comfy as promised? 

Monstroid2 – Multifunctional Modular Elementor Theme

Being one of the leading WP products, Monstroid2 WordPress theme has over 12,550 sales. It was released in 2015 for the first time under the name of Monstroid. It was as handy as it is now. Still, the flagship’s pack impressed lots of users. It had a lightning-fast drag & drop technology that requires no coding. 

Two years later, ZEMEZ released Monstroid2, which also got a nice update. The last changes were added in 2019, but they say there are still a lot of features to come. All the products from ZEMEZ use similar technologies based on what Monstroid2 includes. I suppose WYSIWYG experience is what makes people love it. Among the other factors, there are the following:

  • No coding/site-crafting experience required,
  • Drag & drop + live preview mode,
  • Handy navigation and 100% creator-oriented interface,
  • Constant free updates with automatic installation, 
  • Professionally designed element categories,
  • Ready-made UI & UX components,
  • The FREE version of the theme is available.

Monstroid2 is lightweight (less than 250kb) and smooth in performance. Moreover, Monstroid2 WordPress theme is a multipurpose product that allows using the theme for numerous topics. There are lots of template sets that come in various designs. You can use the theme to launch a business website, art project, online shop, and so much more. It is quite time-saving after all.

What Are The Main Monstroid2 Features?

As you may know, there are specific criteria a website should meet to become a go-to place. These are the essentials any good theme or template should include in their pack. Monstroid 2 contains each of them, including:

  • Responsiveness which makes the site look gorgeously on all screens;
  • Cross Browser Compatibility to avoid this pestered testing process;
  • SEO-friendly code that is meant to make Google love your project;
  • Drag & Drop content creator (Elementor PB) which makes it easy for anyone to design a site;
  • The real-time preview that helps to avoid the most popular mistakes;
  • Flexible customization options;
  • Quick installation in a few clicks with Wizard;
  • Free customer support you can contact round-the-clock;
  • Frequent plugin updates would lower hacking risks.

And these were just to name a few. Aside from the mentioned must-haves, Monstroid2 includes numerous exclusive features. They come both for the technical and aesthetic sides of the website. Let’s take a closer look!

Magic Button

Although multifunctional themes are pretty popular in 2020, some WP users are not satisfied with the designs they get. Simply because they have to choose between different template packs. Yep, all these sets contain lots of eye-catching elements crafted for various business niches. Still, I believe there should be no web design limits these days. And that is why I started the feature list with the Magic Button.

Unique designs are what make people notice, remind, and recognize online projects. No matter which topic the project covers, it needs to be inimitable to become a go-to place. So, why should you select a single template for a website? You can create your web design instead via Magic Button. The feature is a must-see for users who focus on the uniqueness of their websites. It allows styling new pages by mixing components from different templates. On average, there are 1K+ premade sections available in MB, including:

  • 48 exclusive skins,
  • 50 blog layouts,
  • 10+ single post layouts,
  • WooCommerce components set.

Slider 6 Revolution

Without a doubt, Slider is another essential feature any project requires. Being quite simple, Monstroid2 is still the right tool to highlight important things. Most people remember info easier when it comes in the form of visuals. That’s why I recommend anyone adding a trendy slider to the main page design.

When it comes to Slider 6 Revolution, it allows applying multiple visual effects. With it, WordPress users get access to such voguish features, as:

  • Animation effects for custom text & image,
  • Creative video layers,
  • Charming 3D Parallax,
  • Speedy content building.

JetFamily Plugins

Before everything else, by choosing Monstroid2, you get a Jet Plugins pack. It brings numerous creation options for Elementor Page Builder. Everything is just as simple as it gets. One can set up the add-ons rapidly thanks to rich user-oriented settings. Use the drag & drop technology to place elements wherever you need it. 

By the way, you can see JetFamily plugins both in free and premium Monstroid2 WordPress theme packs. Here is what you get:

  • JetWooBuilder for online sales,
  • JetMenu to create a hamburger menu, page categories, and much more,
  • JetBlog with all the components needed for an up-to-date blog,
  • JetTabs for tabs & accordions,
  • JetParallax,
  • JetBlocks to work with panel, auth links, login forms, etc.
  • JetElements for visuals, background, and other design options,
  • JetReviews for customer feedback,
  • JetThemeCore to improve the site functionality
  • JetTricks for visual content.

Besides, there is a wide variety of pre-installed plugins to improve the site design, including the following:

  • Timetable & Event Schedule,
  • WPML,
  • Contact Form 7,
  • Loco Translate,
  • YOAST,
  • W3 Total Cache,
  • Polylang,
  • MailChimp.

What Do WP Users Say About Monstroid2?

It is important to check user feedback before purchasing an item. No secret, it is also easy to create fake comments, so. I decided to go further and watch online reviews from real people. Here is what they say about Monstroid2:

Review by WPTuts:

“I think it is professional-looking and lovely. For pros, I would say it is effortless to install. It looks amazing! I mean, you won’t find a free theme that looks like this. The mobile looks great. The responsive design works well. If you are going to make a certain type of site, you have got plenty of options to choose from. This theme also comes with 24/7 support.” – AllThingsBlogging on Monstroid2 Lite

How to Install Monstroid2 WordPress Theme?

Simplicity is a key factor in the design of Monstroid2. Same to all progressive products, the flagship is easy-to-install. Here is what you need to do:

  • Make sure you have WP engine installed,
  • Download the latest WP version if needed,
  • Install Wizard plugin,
  • Navigate to ‘Admin panel’,
  • Select Cherry Theme Wizard from ‘Tools’,
  • Fill out these fields: Template ID & Order ID,
  • Click on the ‘Start Instal’ button.

Once the installation is completed, you will see this window. 

Decide whether you want to install your Child or Parent theme. The process is fully automatic.

How Much Does Monstroid2 WordPress Theme Cost?

To put it briefly, there are three options to choose from.

  1. The regular price of Monstroid2 is $75, but now it costs only $53 on sale!
  2. You can download the lite version of the theme for FREE. It has all the must-haves and many helpful features and plugins.
  3. Also, you can get Monstroid 2 and lots of other leading TM products with ONE. The membership costs $16.50 per month or $199 yearly. Finally, you can get lifetime access for $599.

In a word, ONE is an up-to-date membership service. It provides users with a complete web development kit. You can use these products without limits due to flexible license terms. With it, all the elements related to website building will be at hand. What is more, there are some extra services to further the working process. For example, you can get help with SEO, site maintenance, data restoration, and much more.

Which products does one get by choosing the membership? 

  1. Best-sellers.
  2. WP & CMS themes and templates.
  3. Presentation, CV, Resume templates.
  4. eCommerce-oriented products.
  5. Illustrations, vectors, and graphics.
  6. Mockup tool that is free for the first year.
  7. Limitless installations.
  8. Different add-ons.
  9. 24/7 Support.

Monstroid2 vs Divi vs Avada

The good news is that Monstroid 2 contains 1K+ pre-designed components in the package. You can mix the pieces from different skins with the Magic Button to get a truly unique design solution. It comes with an affordable price compared to such best-sellers as Divi & Avada. Furthermore, there will be more components in the theme’s pack. What is the main difference between these leaders? 

Take a quick look at the infographic below. 

In Closing

Most website owners do not code in 2020. Just because there is no need to do this. The latest technologies made it super-easy to construct and design a site. Users of all skill levels can manage their business or personal projects with no effort today. And that is why it became harder to stand out. 

Woostroid2 WooCommerce Theme

WooStroid2 WooCommerce Theme Review: the Best WooCommerce Theme for Online Stores

WooStroid2 WooCommerce theme that is suitable for any online store. Using it, you will create an excellent e-commerce shop and ensure a pleasant shopping experience for your customers. What can help you achieve the mentioned goal? A set of functional features WooStroid2 comes with. Let’s consider them in more detail. 

Woostroid2 WooCommerce Features

Woostroid2 is a masterpiece crafted by Zemez whose team creates WordPress themes of the highest quality. Moreover, they offer excellent support for their clients, as well as other services necessary for the website to perform well. Thus, you can be sure of the quality of this WooCommerce Elementor theme. Furthermore, in case you need assistance, you will get it on a round-the-clock basis. 

So, now let’s pay our attention to the main features. 

A Variety of Skins for Online Stores

Woostroid2 Demo

As the theme is a multipurpose one, you may use it to run a wide range of online stores. There are more than 50 unique skins to choose from. Do you need a template for a grocery, sunglasses, or a car accessories store? Here they are, ready to install and customize, as you want. 

Elementor Page Builder with a Set of Plugins

WooStroid2 comes with the Elementor Page Builder. There’s no need to introduce this powerful instrument for creating website pages. In this WooCommerce theme, it’s equipped with extra plugins to make the store even more impressive. For instance, there are more than 50 widgets with JetElements to add sliders, pricing tables, banners, or other items you may need. It’s also possible to create unique popup templates displaying information about special offers, discounts, etc. Don’t miss an opportunity to take advantage of the JetBlog plugin to share useful pieces of advice in your blog.

JetWooBuilder to Create WooCommerce Page Templates

Do you need a specific Single Product Page or the Archive Page layout? It’s not a problem. It’s possible to build any of them with the JetWooBuilder. Just imagine a super-functional combination of instruments, in particular, the Elementor page builder and exclusive WooCommerce widgets. You can create any layout experimenting with the structure, content, etc.

 The Magic Button Functionality

WooStroid2 theme works wonders with the functionality of any online store. It happens because of the so-called ‘magic button.’ In other words, it’s JetThemeCore add-on. Due to it, you have access to the library of more than 1000 premade sections and page templates, headers, footers, and other items. Select the necessary ones, edit them, and increase the functionality of your store. 

Customer Support

What does customer support look like? First of all, you obtain clear documentation with a thorough explanation of how to install and customize the theme. Moreover, there’s a 24/7 support desk you may contact and ask your questions if you have any. Finally, you will appreciate a live chat where you may solve some issues with the chat operator.

Reviews for WooStroid2 

WooStroid2 is a rather popular WooCommerce Theme. Here is the feedback from real people who have already got acquainted with it. 

For instance, John Spears says the following: “One thing that I do like about this thing is that it has a lot of various e-commerce themes you can choose from … Anything that you can think of.”

In one more review offered by TemplateMonster, it’s said that WooStroid2 is “the first WooCommerce theme allowing you to add highly efficient store functionality with a drag-n-drop page builder … WooStroid2 is everything you need to sell online beautifully”.

WooStroid2 Setup and Configuration

First of all, you have to install the theme wizard that comes with your zip package. Then you will see the following dashboard: 

Once you click on the ‘Start Install’ button, the Installation Wizard will show your system information, marking it with red, yellow, or green color. If it’s green, it means that everything is alright and you may go further. 

You have to select the skin and start the install.

Having chosen the necessary option, you find yourself on this page.

Here you may see the required plugins, a list of recommended plugins. 

It’s also advisable to put a tick next to JetReviews for Elementor to enjoy its functionality, as well.

Once the template plugins are installed, it’s time to install the demo data.

If you already have the existing data, you may choose the option ‘Append demo content to my existing content’. However, if it’s a new install and you want to see how the template looks like, you may select the option ‘Replace my existing content with the demo content’.

After you have imported the data, you may view the website. 

Woostroid2 Demo

You go to the specified page and may edit it, using Elementor Page Builder. You may change colors, alter the modules, modify descriptions, etc.

However, all demos are nice that, probably, you won’t need any alterations at all.

The Price

Taking into account all the benefits you get, the price of the theme is more than reasonable. One Time Usage License costs $114. It means that you purchase WooStroid2 and use it only once in a final product. 

If you want to use the theme on more domains, it’s worth thinking about the Developer’s License, which costs $183

There is one more option to obtain WooStroid2 free of charge by joining the ONE Membership.

In this case, you get not only WooStroid2 but also more than 11 000+ products of premium quality. 

Get Unlimited Downloads

WordPress and CMS themes, e-commerce themes, presentation templates, graphic items for different purposes, plugins are at your disposal. All the products are collected in one place. There is no need to look for some plugins or other items somewhere else. Moreover, the licensing terms are rather flexible. Thus, you may enjoy unlimited installations of the same product if you need it more than once. 

There are two pricing plans to choose from. Yearly Access costs $229. The second pricing plan grants Lifetime Access to the products. You have to pay a one-time fee, which is $849, and have unlimited lifetime access to all the items included in the Membership. It’s not a high price to pay for a variety of products you may work with.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, WooStroid2 is the WooCommerce theme that is worth your attention. Using it, you may build online stores for different niches. The magic button will help you create a unique appearance for your website. 

The Elementor Page Builder and its add-ons will take care of the online store’s functionality and performance. One more advantage is the simple installation and customization that is also very important. It won’t take much time. 

Moreover, you will also cope with further website maintenance. So, if you want your online store to attract clients and make a profit, WooStroid2 is an excellent solution to create a relevant website.

Gutenberry WordPress Theme

GutenBerry WordPress Theme – Best Bloggers Solution. Full Review

Do you need a user-friendly and professional WordPress theme for your blog? Take a look at the fully responsive GutenBerry WordPress theme. It is a great option for creative individuals — designers, stylists, and photographers! This theme is a unique combination of stylish appearance and impressive functionality based on the capabilities of the editor Gutenberg.

A lot of space and a neat block of the subscription form attract visitors to become subscribers. Many non-trivial decisions from theme developers allow you to create a blog for every taste and preference.

The colorful GutenBerry template is a good choice for those who prefer to create a fashionable, engaging audience blog. Suitable for creating a women’s blog, portfolio for a specialist or an online store selling accessories. Editor Gutenberg will allow the site to load quickly, both in full and in the mobile version. It is easy to edit, responsive and has many useful devices that allow you to get the desired result from the template.

Let’s take a more detailed look at this Gutenberg-based theme.

Who has created the GutenBerry WordPress theme?

This theme was created by the Zemez team. It is a group of professional web developers and web designers. They specialize in creating Gutenberg themes, WooCommerce themes, and themes based on the Elementor page builder. All these products are high-quality and modern. 

The Zemez team is over 17 years on the market and has already over 2000 WordPress themes for different topics. In a nutshell, this team is very experienced and you can rely on it.

Buying a theme from Zemez you will get:

  • Regularly updates
  • 24/7 professional support
  • Fast page load speed
  • Easy installation
  • Full customization without programming skills
  • Modern design
  • Essential plugins
  • Popular Page Builder

What Features include the GutenBerry?

Gutenberg Editor

With the advent of this plugin to online audiences, new editing opportunities have opened up.

This powerful Drag & Drop editor gives you complete control over content customization. Drag the blocks into place, name them, update background images, colors, borders. All with a simple graphical interface that anyone can use to create something truly unique.

Gutenberg has an absolutely user-friendly design that promises easy website editing without code operations, many options for changing UI elements, etc.

6 bright and clean designs for the homepage

Gutenberry Demo

A modern blog should have a good supply of demo layouts so that you can immediately start working on the site. You can choose any skin depending on a vision of your future blog.

All these skins have a few things in common. It is a minimalistic style and pastel colors. 

Here is a small description of each design to help you choose:

Crystal — includes three classy Gutenberg layouts. Here is plenty of white space, so your subscribers can easily concentrate on your articles and only. As for the subscribers, this skin has a neat subscription field.

Mauve – has a pink color and is perfect for a women’s blog. The posts in this skin are presented in a grid layout.

Lavender – this home page variation organizes your blog with the grid and chess layouts. Below you will find a subscription field.

Azure — this skin also includes several grids with different stylizations. First goes a single post. Below are large and small listing grids. The subscription field looks here not so intrusive.

Nude – has a nice combination of a chess layout with the listing one. It looks simple but stylish.

Obsidian – is the most beautiful homepage of this list, in my opinion. It includes background video, a sidebar, and all blog layouts at once. 

6 blog layouts

From the description above you might have already noticed, that this theme has lots of blog layouts. If you are creating a blog or just want to increase the amount of traffic on your business website, it is very important to correctly submit and arrange posts.

These layouts include various grid layouts, classic listings, different sidebar options, and more.

No matter what type of content you plan to publish on your blog — text, images, audio or video — you will find a template with a suitable design.

ZeGuten Plugin for additional content

Additionally, you will get 11 extra blocks from ZeGuten Plugin. It allows you to create a stylish chess grid to present your posts.

This tool will give you access to more advanced management methods for creating pages and posts, as well as the ability to add a number of useful page elements.

List of blocks:

  • Pricing table – helps to create more informative articles.
  • Banner – it is a multifunctional block. It helps you to add an image or promotional banners.
  • Map – a must-have of modern websites.
  • Sections — add background images, add gaps, customize parameters, set gradient, etc.
  • 3 dynamic blog layouts — grid, classic list, and uneven list.
  • Circle progress – show the progress of your work and challenges.
  • Progress bar — a classical way to show your accomplished tasks.
  • Countdown timer – plan an event, tell about sales or just inform how many days left till Christmas.
  • Animated box – any animation looks more eye-catching than an image.
  • Inline SVG – set icons and be sure about no quality loss of uploaded images. 
  • Image comparison – show images like “before/after photos”.

Simple and convenient post settings

You get a well and highly customizable website that can adapt to changing requests quickly and easily.

all this is intuitively available in the editing panel:

  • Changing fonts
  • Updating the color palette according to your brand
  • Downloading images to show several product options
  •  showing posts of the selected category 
  • choosing the number of posts to display
  • choosing the meta post. 

Social options

Your readers and subscribers will be able to rate and share content thanks to a variety of social network widgets included in the topic. With GutenBerry, you can link your blog to social media accounts by seamlessly integrating call-to-action buttons into your website design.

Adaptive design

Of course, a modern blog theme GutenBerry has a fully responsive design that adapts to any screen on which it is displayed. 

The developers guarantee that your website will be displayed on any device with high quality and without your participation. Everything has already been thought out and implemented. Laptops, personal computers, smartphones, and tablets are included in this elegant theme design.


Your new website will be displayed with the highest possible pixel density. A grid with images of goods is calculated for each screen size of the device and optimally selects the appropriate color scheme.

Speed ​​and performance

Very often in such multi-purpose themes has a huge number of settings. Thus, the speed of the site loading suffers. This is understandable since each function and tool are additional data and lines of code that need to be loaded.

Therefore, the development team made every effort to reduce the loading time of the site. So, the GutenBerry theme has top results in page speed loading.

In addition to fast page loading, it will help increase the SEO coefficient. 


SEO is the hottest word of the decade. But this should not bother you. Your site will be encoded in a certain way so that search engines like Google and Bing can find the necessary content and correctly rank your page.

This means that GutenBerry has a clean, well-designed code. Also, the theme supports almost all popular SEO plugins, which give you more control over the use of metadata in the right place.

Long-term support

There are no restrictions for TemplateMonster customers to contact Technical Support 24/7. You can do it right now, tomorrow or in a year. Support specialists will be completely satisfied.

Do not believe the word – check the TemplateMonster rating on TrustPilot, which automatically collects customer reviews.

Cross Browser compatibility

Online resources that open without errors in functionality or design in only one web browser, receive fewer visitors and, consequently, less profit. This is explained by the fact that each browser has a target audience. For example, young people prefer to browse sites through Google Chrome, and men and women over 40 years old prefer using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. By creating a non-cross-browser blog, you risk losing a group of customers united by the same age or preferences in computer software.

Sample Data Installer

To speed up customization of the theme and give it an appearance similar to one of the demo versions, you can upload test content to the site through the built-in Import tool in WordPress.

Using the Sample data installer, you can easily install all the components of the theme in one click. 


If you want to expand your site’s audience, translating content is a smart move. This allows you to attract visitors from all over the world. 

The WPML plugin offers an advanced translation editor. It makes the process of presenting content in different languages quick and painless.

Background video

Inserting video into the background of the site can give dynamism to your site and thereby interest the user. The 6th homepage Obsidian already has a background video. You can easily change it to yours. Of course, there is no problem putting a background video in any other place you want.

Ready for e-commerce

Thanks to the support of the popular Ecwid plugin, creating an online store using the GutenBerry theme is very simple. You can use all its features and settings to create a full-fledged online store, and Ecwid will take care of such things as product management, inventory, delivery, collection of payments and much more.

Dropdown menu

Dropdown menus look good on sites, they are functional and convenient for visitors. When a user hovers over a menu item, a list of links to pages and sections of your site is displayed in a dropdown menu.

MailChimp Ready Template

With the help of the MailChimp, it is possible to carry out mailing among already registered customers.

Instead of creating a subscription form, you should strive to create letters with minimal design. This will help to establish a more personal connection with the subscriber.

Additional features:

  • Advanced Theme Options,
  • Admin panel
  • RSS
  • Alternative Module Layouts
  • Commenting System
  • Favicon
  • Google map
  • Background Options
  • Google Web Fonts

How to install the GutenBerry theme?

  1. Download a WordPress theme in .zip format.
  2. Upload this file to the /wp-content/themes/folder. It is the storage location of your WordPress templates. 
  3. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  4. Find on the left the menu item Appearance, sub-item Themes. After clicking, you will see a list of predefined themes.
  5. Find the template you just downloaded there and activate it.

Look at the video on how to install a WordPress theme, to find out more detailed information.

The price of the GutenBerry theme

The theme costs only $75 for a one-time usage license and $144 for a developer’s license (more than one time).

Final Thoughts

No matter what topic for your blog you choose, the GutenBerry WordPress theme will make your plans and ideas a reality. All plugins and settings turn the theme into a powerful tool that is great for both beginners and experienced WordPress users.

10+ Yoga Studio WordPress Themes

In this WordPress themes collection, we are going to help you choose the Yoga studio WordPress theme for your website.

IronMass Lite – Freemium

Yoga studio WordPress theme

An incredible theme has all the power to make an amazing first impression. The package includes an easy-to-use Elementor Page Builder. Its goal is to simplify the website-building process for those who are not familiar with coding. In addition to this, it has a fully-responsive design. In other words, your online-project is going to adapt to every device. Do not forget about social options to spread the word about your business.


Pilates Center

Another elegant theme can showcase your pilates services in the best possible light. The customization process does not turn into a challenge. It is possible thanks to a user-friendly WordPress Live Customizer. People are going to get a chance to book an appointment. You need to add a flexible appointment manager to meet their needs. Everyone can share his or her opinion on your center using a commenting system.


Premium Yoga Studio WordPress Themes


Bhakti Yoga studio WordPress theme

Your yoga or meditation studio can get an eye-catching online-presentation together with this flexible yoga WordPress theme. Many customization tools are perfect for making it original. There are also multiple layout options to choose from. The package also provides several custom widgets. Among them, you can find a slider, post carousel, and others. Do not forget about a live search that allows finding the necessary information in a jiffy.



Femius Yoga studio WordPress theme

Explore this minimalist theme that makes sure your salon has an effective online-presentation. To provide your visitors with all the details, you can take advantage of different pre-made pages. You are free to customize them according to your vision using an advanced Elementor Page Builder. Furthermore, your online-project is going to get a cross-browser compatible design. Do not forget about working with some background options to highlight your individuality.



Bonnez Yoga studio WordPress theme

Are you looking for something that can present your massage or yoga salon in a modern manner? In this case, check out this engaging WordPress theme. It has a fully responsive design. In such a way, your online-project can adapt to every screen type. It also has multiple pre-designed pages. You can inform people about the latest updates, present some images, and explain all the details. You can also pay your attention to eye-catching Google Fonts.


Gloria Miles

Gloria Miles Yoga studio WordPress theme

An elegant WordPress theme that allows realizing your ideas and making your yoga business accessible. What are the essential tools waiting for you in the package? To start with, you can build your unique content together with a powerful Elementor Page Builder. Moreover, it is possible to turn to some excellent relevant images. To spread the word about your services, you can take advantage of advanced social options. People can get the opportunity to share your content in their profiles.



Namaste Yoga studio WordPress theme

Namaste is a vibrant yoga studio WordPress theme that can become the right choice for your next online project. The package includes many pre-designed pages to highlight some crucial details. You can also choose from different footer layouts to personalize your website. There are also four blog layouts you should be happy with. If you need to make some changes, it is possible to take advantage of the user-friendly Elementor Page Builder.



Barbellox Yoga studio WordPress theme

Barbellox is a superb WordPress theme suitable for people who have different programming backgrounds. It has multiple features to grow your audience and make it engaged. As an example, you are free to use some excellent social options. They allow sharing your pieces of information in their profiles. There are also various background options to make your website look exciting. In addition to this, you can inform others about your services, team members, and testimonials.



Gymo Yoga studio WordPress theme

It does not matter which sports-related topic you want to present. Together with this multipurpose theme, it is possible to highlight everything your soul desires. You can choose from three skins that quickly grab the attention. There are also multiple color options. To add reliability to your online-project, you should add some information about your services, team members, and testimonials. The package also has a gallery slider for your engaging pictures.



Shanti is a beautiful yoga WordPress theme that allows implementing yoga-related ideas into life. It has a mobile-first design your visitors should be happy with. Together with various pre-made pages, you can speak about your team, classes, and schedule. You can customize them using an easy-to-use WordPress Live Customizer. You do not need to spend time searching for some relevant images. The package already has many of them.



Another minimalist-looking yoga studio WordPress theme allows setting up a yoga online-project of your dreams. There are many exclusive options you can use. These include seven header and three footer variations. A live search makes it possible to find the desired content in a flash. People can get the opportunity to share their thoughts on your yoga studio using a commenting system. By the way, there are also different social options.



A dynamic and remarkable WordPress theme that you might find suitable for your website. You can build your content effortlessly using a drag-and-drop builder. There are also multiple layout options to choose from. Furthermore, the package has all the necessary content modules. It means you can work with such elements as images, sliders, pricing tables, and others. If you need to make some changes, you can always turn to a great WordPress Live Customizer.


20 Professional WordPress Themes for Online Courses and Special Education Websites

Education is a topic that will never go out of fashion. It’s trendy to be smart. There are many online courses and free educational materials available on the web. Even academic writing platforms have also gone in this direction. For instance, students may find plenty of useful info on such pages as https://essaypro.com/blog/how-to-cite-a-poem and other blog articles. It’s also become possible to apply for the preferred course and communicate with teachers through websites. The technological progress lets you take an online tour around the building of the educational establishment that you like and make the final decision where you’d like to study. All this can be done on a website. This is important for all educational centers to be present online. We all know how much the first opinion matters. Depending on how well your website is organized we may assume its future demand among students.

In the collection of WordPress themes listed below, you may come across lots of impressive ready-made designs suited for all types of educational projects. There are themes for horse riding, tennis, online education, colleges, universities, and more. All themes can be modified with the help of intuitive drag-and-drop builders. You may boost the performance of any chosen theme with any free or premium WordPress extension of your own choice. Moreover, the themes’ download package provides you with all that you need to run an effective educational project. Just take a look at what’s under the hood of every theme.

Melody – School of Arts & Music School WordPress Theme

Melody WordPress theme includes all that you need to launch a music school website. It has a modern and functional layout that is 100% mobile-friendly. The theme features an intuitive visual interface that makes it easy to apply all types of adjustments to the theme quickly and easily. Melody theme will also work well for eCommerce purposes due to its compatibility with WooCommerce. The theme includes the functionality to book classes online. It also lets you update your site’s pages with premade lessons, classes, and courses.

Details | Demo

Education Center | LMS Online University & School Courses Studying WordPress Theme

Universities, colleges, and other educational centers need to have a professional web presence. It’s easy to achieve by means of the Education Center WordPress theme. This is a clean flat web design that is ready to be adjusted to all types of educational projects. It contains all the essentials that are needed to create and sell courses. For example, the theme includes Course Builder, Advanced Quizzes, Lesson Timing and schedules, dynamic forums, course points, awards, certificates, and badges. A fully editable layout of the theme can be modified with the help of the WPBakery Page Builder. You can also boost the theme’s performance with WordPress plugin of your own choice.

Details | Demo

Fast & Safe | Driving School WordPress Theme

If you need to launch a website for a driving school but do not know how to get started, then Fast&Safe WordPress theme should provide you with everything you need. This is a fully editable WordPress theme suited for driving classes, training and online courses, and all types of online schools. A user-friendly interface of the theme includes lessons management, lesson booking, online and offline lessons, certificates, and instructors’ functionality. All pages and theme layout options are fully responsive and Retina-ready. Professional design of the theme is intended to make every visitor to your site apply for courses with no hesitation.

Details | Demo

Equestrian Centre & Horse-riding School Hippodrome WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Using a clean design of the Equestrian Centre WordPress theme, you can get started with a professional web resource for equestrians company, horse riding associations, clubs, schools, courses, horse ranches, shop and riding stables firm. The theme contains riding and lessons online booking functionality, which makes it convenient for your customers to book a ride using your site. To add a touch of credibility to your site, the theme is pre-loaded with testimonials, pricing, services, and other sections.

Happy Rider – Horse School & Equestrian Center WordPress Theme

Happy Rider WordPress theme is the best choice for horse school websites. It features and clean and minimal design that automatically adjusts to all screen types. The theme contains a fully-fledged blog and a series of ready-made blog layouts that you can adjust to match the style of your own web resource. The theme can be also used as the foundation for an equestrian online store due to its full WooCommerce compatibility. For your convenience, the theme also features events and team management options.

Details | Demo

Crown Art | Drawing and Music School WordPress Theme

Crown Art WordPress theme is intended to be used for drawing and music schools. A modern and multi-functional design of the theme looks stunning on all devices and web browsing applications. It supports Events Calendar, which makes it easy for you to inform your students about all upcoming events and meetings taking place in your school. The theme is Retina-ready and features full compatibility with a range of WordPress plugins, including Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, WPBakery Page Builder, Instagram Feed, etc. It’s ready to be modified in the drag-and-drop mode using any visual page builder for WordPress that you choose.

Details | Demo

Language Center & Online School Education WordPress Theme

The minimal design of the Language Center WordPress theme is the ultimate choice for schools that offer different types of courses and classes. The theme is loaded with online appointments bookings and management functionality. To reveal pricing and online course details. the theme includes ready-to-use pricing tables, application forms, premade online courses, and lessons. By means of the online appointments booking feature, students can enroll in their favorite classes with a few clicks.

Details | Demo

Lingvico | Language Center & Training Courses WordPress Theme

Lingvico WordPress theme is a perfect choice for language center websites. It has a trendy and modern design that will perfectly fit all types of schools offering classes and online courses. Using this WordPress theme, you can build a website that matches your educational project ideally. The theme is compatible with the latest version of the Elementor page builder and can be modified without any design or coding skills. There are plenty of ready-made blocks, shortcodes, and pages featured in the theme’s download pack. The theme is also 100% responsive, Retina-ready, and SEO-friendly.

Details | Demo

Translang | Translation Services & Language Courses WordPress Theme

Introduce the online community to your translation services agency using Translang WordPress theme. Using this responsive and stylish WordPress theme, you can launch a number of topic-specific websites, including linguist firm, translation bureau, freelance translator, online translation company, translation assistant, etc. There are plenty of translation services features included in the theme, like translation application forms, stunning premade services sections, a set of ready-made pages, and more. An elegant design of the theme is fully compatible with the latest version of the WP Bakery Page Builder and all popular free & premium WordPress plugins.

Details | Demo

Academee | Education Center & Training Courses WordPress Theme

Academee is a trendy and stylish WordPress theme that is a perfect option for a range of educational establishments. The clean design of the theme is intended to keep the users’ attention focused on the essential pieces of data shared on your site. Thanks to the full WooCommerce support, you can use the theme to sell your sources and educational materials. It is also compatible with the Visual Composer that lets you modify all ready-made layouts of the theme in the drag-and-drop mode. The theme is based on a powerful framework and contains sets of custom widgets and shortcodes.

Details | Demo

Tennis Today | Sport School & Events WordPress Theme

A modern and functional layout of the Tennis Today WordPress theme is the ultimate choice for getting started with tennis sport school websites. The theme is ready to be used for content-rich web resources. The pages of your site will look cathing thanks to the use of Retina-ready images. You will be able to easily manage your content with the help of a unique set of shortcodes and widgets. By means of the Sport Events Calendar, you can easily inform users of the upcoming events, matches, and games. The fully editable layout of the theme will also work well for a number of other niche-specific topics, like Badminton, Bowling, Boxing, Cycling, Figure skating, Golf, Skiing, Snowboarding, etc.

Details | Demo

Tennis Club | Sports & Events WordPress Theme

The theme is intended to be used for tennis and other types of active outdoors sport websites. Thanks to the well-thought-out theme’s layout structure, your customers will easily find the information they are looking for. The theme is optimized for SEO. It features a fully responsive and speed-optimized layout. You may feel free to apply all types of changes to the ready-made pages using Visual Page Composer. The theme also contains a lot of features that are specific to tennis-related websites. This includes tennis court booking and reservation functionality. It also contains a tennis match and results management, as well as schedules, tables, and more.

Details | Demo

DiveIt – Scuba Diving School, Sea Adventure & Travel WordPress Theme

DiveIt WordPress Theme will come in handy to everyone looking forward to building scuba diving school websites. A trendy and functional layout of the theme is Retina-ready. It supports all types of media content that you’d like to present to your audience. Thanks to the fully responsive layout of the theme, you do not need to worry about your site’s performance on handheld devices. Whenever a person needs to enroll in the class, the online appointments booking functionality should come in handy.

Details | Demo

Studeon | An Education Center & Training Courses WordPress Theme

By means of the Studeon WordPress theme, you can update websites of educational establishments with a fresh and trendy style. The theme is ready to be used for a range of topics, including sites of training firm, webinar company, case study, seminar and courses, both physical and online bureau, etc. It contains premade online courses, events management, and calendar. To establish better communication with the audience, the theme contains a set of working contact forms. It’s easy to manage the theme’s layouts even if you don’t have any special design or coding skills thanks to its compatibility with the WPBakery Page Builder.

Details | Demo

Basil | Cooking Classes and Workshops WordPress Theme

Choose Basil WordPress theme to launch cooking classes and workshops websites. A responsive and visually appealing layout of the theme will also work well for other kinds of food and recipes online projects. It supports high-quality visuals that will look stunning on the screens of the last-generation devices. The theme features a functional and user-friendly admin interface. Make use of it to create flexible cooking courses and classes. Additionally, you may choose from 4 built-in homepage layouts and a wide choice of inner pages suitable for multiple topics.

Details | Demo

Let’s Play | Hockey School & Winter Sports WordPress Theme

If your educational center is related to teaching winter sports, then the following WordPress theme should definitely come in handy to you. A modern and functional layout of the theme is enhanced with 2 versions of homepage styles. Thus, you may feel free to pick the one that matches your own project ideally. All elements of this fully responsive theme can be adjusted according to your needs in the drag-and-drop mode. Theme is compatible with all popular WordPress plugins and extensions. So, you should have no issues with the installation of your preferred extensions on the theme.

Details Demo

Samurai | Karate School and Fitness Center WordPress Theme

Samurai WordPress theme is apt for contemporary athletes, sportsmen, trainers agency, sports coaches, runners company, and other kinds of sports and fitness-related websites. It has a clean flat style that lets you reveal your projects and services in an easy-to-follow style. The well-balanced layout structure of the theme is easy to navigate even by first-time visitors to your site. The minimalist design of the theme is enhanced with the parallax scrolling backgrounds that load fast on desktop and handheld devices. The theme supports a wide range of widgets and modules. To increase your business reliability, the theme contains Google Maps and a section with user testimonials.

Details | Demo

Tiger Claw | Martial Arts School and Fitness Center WordPress Theme

The Tiger Claw WordPress theme will be a great choice for Martial Arts school websites. It features a fully customizable layout, which you can adjust to match any other kind of sports and fitness school website. The theme will work well for a fitness blog and online store as well. The latter is made possible due to the theme’s compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin. The download pack of the theme includes a lot of handy features that will satisfy your needs. A fully editable homepage layout is ready to be adjusted by means of built-in shortcodes and widgets. To achieve an attractive presentation of your services, you can make use of stunning galleries.

Details | Demo

Snow Club | Ski Resort and Snowboard Classes WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a ready-made solution to start promoting your ski sports school, then Snow Club WordPress theme should come in handy to you. A modern and clean layout of the theme will work well for a range of niche-specific websites, including adrenaline sports, snowboarding community services, ski apartment booking business, etc. It’s compatible with a range of popular WordPress plugins and extensions. The theme works flawlessly with the WPBakery page builder. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce and lets you launch a splendid online snowboard or ski shop. The theme is responsive and fast-loading. It also features fully editable animation effects.

Details | Demo


Are you ready for the launch of an educational web project? What style would you prefer? Pick a theme that matches your personal and professional expectations the most. May you official web resource attract more customers thirsty for new knowledge!

Build Communities & Forums With 10 Best BuddyPress WordPress Themes

BuddyPress is an open-source WordPress plugin that makes you a mastermind behind a forum or social network. Not all modern WordPress themes are compatible with BuddyPress. In case your template does not support BuddyPress, integrating it yourself may be a pain.

BuddyPress is an open-source WordPress plugin that makes you a mastermind behind a forum or social network. Not all modern WordPress themes are compatible with BuddyPress. In case your template does not support BuddyPress, integrating it yourself may be a pain.

With one of the best BuddyPress WordPress themes by ThemeREX elite theme provider, you can build an online website, e-store and social network/forum/corporate network in a couple of days. These themes take a couple of steps to install. You can also customize your template intuitively thanks to drag-n-drop trouble-free editing capabilities you get with WPBakery builder. These powerful themes are 100% responsive and Retina-ready. They deliver your website guests an awesome experience on your website no matter what device or browser they use.

Alliance | Intranet & Extranet WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Do you want to build a powerful corporate website and improve the communication inside your company? Alliance is a perfect usability-oriented Intranet & Extranet WordPress theme that supports BuddyPress integration. Alliance template offers you 3 modern and ready-made dashboard Homepages, all built using such modern tools as the built-in Visual Composer, and Essential Grid plugin for modern grid layouts. The theme offers you all the niche Intranet functionality you need, including event management, notifications, appointment booking, file sharing, polls and online education courses for your staff, etc. What’s more, the creators of Alliance packed the theme with awesome infographics design elements and 10 ready-made color schemes.

Micro Office | Extranet & Intranet WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Micro Office is another awesome solution for Extranet and Intranet websites. It includes 3 custom dashboards, 10+ color schemes, powerful Essential Grid, MegaMenu, animated Revolution Slider and other functionality to make your company’s inner network usable, user-friendly and reliable. With Micro Office template, you can create polls and quizzes using WP Pro Quiz and Responsive Poll plugins. Moreover, you get BuddyPress, Appointment Booking, and Content Timeline functionality to turn your website into a fully-functional platform for successful online communication and collaboration.

Windsor – Apartment Complex / Single Property WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Are you looking for a real estate WordPress theme with BuddyPress/bbPress support? With Windsor WordPress theme, you can now create an online forum or social network on your website and enable users to discuss any real-estate-related issues there. Windsor theme offers you awesome website UI and functionality for real estate bureau, brokers, realtors, apartment rental businesses and construction companies. Other useful functionality of Windsor template includes ThemeREX addons, WooCommerce compatibility, 12 custom widgets, 80+ shortcodes, pop-up menu, CV Card functionality, etc. To customize Windsor template and make it your own, use the intuitive and drag-n-drop-ready WP Bakery builder.

Ester – A Stylish Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Meet Ester, an elegant, clean and multi-purpose business WordPress theme for financial companies, tax consulting and accounting agencies, creative and web design businesses, economists, financial advisors, lawyers, etc. The theme is extremely robust, offering you 12 unique niche skins and 9 Homepage Demos. Easter template lets you easily build an online community or forum with BuddyPress to let your website users communicate with ease and fun. What’s more, Ester theme comes with a rich collection of pre-made modules and shortcodes, Visual Composer integration, strong Events functionality, advanced Team and Portfolio management, etc.

Cloe Brooks | Psychology, Counseling & Medical WordPress Theme + RTL

Details | Demo

Cloe Brooks theme is one of the best BuddyPress WordPress themes for private counseling and medical clinics. The template includes 4 ready-made Homepage variations to accommodate the needs of psychologists, Psychology clinics, hospitals, psychiatrists and other doctors. What’s more, Cloe Brooks theme will be a great match for a relationship consultant, family psychologist, marriage/addiction consultant, etc. Cloe Brooks template offers you pre-built Appointment Booking and BuddyPress integration, to let you power avid Psychology-related discussions and meaningful communication on your website. This theme is also compatible with bbPress, WP Bakery WYSIWYG builder, WooCommerce, RTL, etc.

Bookshelf | Books & Media Online Store WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Are you looking for a powerful template to open up an online book store? With Bookshelf theme, you get a chance to represent your business online, sell books and promote them using the latest marketing tools. Thanks to BuddyPress integration, Bookshelf template allows you to power an online community, social network or forum for book lovers from all over the globe. Bookshelf is one of the best modern BuddyPress WordPress themes for book lovers, offering you exciting functionality. To build a website with this user-friendly WordPress theme, you need no coding knowledge thanks to WP Bakery builder integration.

Puzzles | WP Magazine / Review with Store WordPress Theme + RTL

Details | Demo

Puzzles is a modern, colorful, fresh and trendy template for a fully-functional online magazine WordPress website. It’s created for movie review portals, game review blogs, online forums, communities, etc. Not surprisingly, this template offers you BuddyPress integration and has everything you need to build a social network/forum using this popular open-source plugin. Puzzles template offers you countless premade layouts to boost user engagement and make your content more appealing. What’s more, Puzzles theme is compatible with WooCommerce, which allows you to trouble-free start a merchandise, gadgets or tickets e-store.

Ludos Paradise | Video Gaming Blog & Clan Esports WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Ludos Paradise is an ultimate multi-purpose BuddyPress WordPress theme for a gaming website. This theme has all the powerful functionality you need to power a modern video gaming blog that features cool galleries, podcasts, broadcasts, gaming news, Twitch streams, etc. If you want to build a forum or online community for all game lovers on your website, Ludos Paradise is an awesome option too. This theme is 100% compatible with such popular and open-source extensions as BuddyPress and bbPress. The theme has everything you need for Live game streams, Clan & Clan Member management, advanced discussions, tournaments, charts, event calendars, WooCommerce e-store and more.

Pets Club – Pet Shop & Breeding Veterinary WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Do you want to power a fully-functional pet club online presence? With the modern Pets Club template, you can represent and promote your club online, power an avid online community and sell pet supplies with ease! Pets Club template is designed to be 100% WP Bakery editor friendly, allowing you to create your pet website with no coding knowledge. You can customize the theme with WYSIWYG or shortcodes – both methods are extremely comprehensive and well-documented. Pet Club template is responsive, cross-browser-compatible and ready to be translated to any language in the world, including RTL languages.

Au-Pair – Babysitting & Nanny Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Au-pair babysitting WordPress theme offers you a combination of website creation ease and present-day functionality. This modern and versatile template will be a good option for babysitting agencies, nanny services, kindergartens, pre-school organizations, youth summer programs, and other forms of childcare- and education-oriented websites. Au-pair template offers you installation in a click and WPBakery WYSIWYG customization and BuddyPress support. What’s more, you can create new content with 80+ shortcodes, unique widgets, Revolution Slider, Essential Grid and other awesome functionality that Au-pair babysitting template delivers.

Daily Observer – A Modern Magazine & News Portal WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Daily Observer is a clean, minimal, informative and refined template for a modern online magazine. This is one of the most popular BuddyPress WordPress themes, offering you WPBakery builder on board and amazing blogging functionality. Thanks to BuddyPress integration, you can use this template to build a vivid online community, forum or social network. You also get 4 Homepages to choose from, a number of Blog and Single Post layouts and an outstanding animated Gallery. Daily Observer template is also packed with the recent post and image grids, widgets, social integration options, and a professional Video Slider.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

I’ve just reviewed 10 best BuddyPress WordPress themes. These themes let you create a fully-functional website with a forum, social network or online community. Additionally, best BuddyPress-ready themes for WordPress offer you WYSIWYG editing, appointment booking functionality, Revolution Slider integration, and a handful of other useful features. Install your favorite BuddyPress WordPress theme in a couple of clicks and enjoy creating an online platform for communication and fun of your dreams!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to ask any questions and comment below! Stay tuned for more!

20 Free & Premium Lawyer & Attorney WordPress themes

Are you looking to create an online presentation of your law business? Are you a lawyer who is looking for ways to attract more customers? Then we’ve got you covered. Today, we present to you a collection of 20 amazing WordPress themes tailored specifically for the needs of your niche.

Each of those templates is basically a ready-made website that only requires you to install it on your hosting before it can go live. Installing a pre-designed template is the fastest and most cost-efficient way of building a website. Each template comes provided with an extensive toolkit which allows you to completely customize it to fit your style better. And if it’s your first time building a site, don’t worry. WordPress templates are extremely user-friendly and easy to work with. Besides, they come bundled with extensive reference files with complete tutorials on each stage of your work with the template. So, those templates are the perfect choice both for rookies and seasoned developers.

So, waste no time and scroll down to see those beauties for yourself.

Law Office

Law Office is a modern stylish solution for any sort of legal agency website. Its handy appointment booking system makes the booking a visit to your office as simple as choosing a date and time in a straightforward calendar. And if your users need to talk to you directly before visiting they can take advantage of the handy contact forms provided in the package to do so.

The theme is extremely easy to customize thanks to its integration with the WPBakery page builder. It is also fully compatible with the latest version of WooComerce, allowing you to set up an online store of your own effortlessly. The mobile-friendly Revolution Slider is also included in the package for absolutely free, saving you some extra cash and providing you with an awesome attention-grabbing tool.

  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Ease of customization
  • Appointments Booking
  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready

Details | Demo


Invetex has been created for absolutely all types of corporate business websites, blogs or even news portals. Built with WPBakery, the theme provides you with basically limitless customization opportunities. It even features a shortcode builder of its own.

Its fully responsive, Retina ready layout will look perfectly on both the tiniest and largest of screen resolutions. The one page site option allows you to turn your template into a conversion-optimized landing page in seconds. The bundle even includes an entire library of Google Fonts as well as Fontello Icons.

  • Appointments Booking
  • Countless blog & news layouts
  • Drag & Drop page builder
  • Lots of premium plugins

Details | Demo


Justicia’s solid business design and functional layout are perfect for presenting your lawyer business in the best possible light. Its powerful options panel houses all the options for managing every aspect of your template and Elementor provides you with endless customization opportunities. It is also fully responsive and perfectly adapts to all screen sizes and resolutions.

Essential Grid adds a variety of beautiful galleries for showcasing your services in a structured, eye-pleasing way. Compatibility with WPML ensures that your site can be easily translated into countless languages. The ThemeREX Addons plugin also brings a whole new toolkit for managing the backend of your theme to the table.

  • Built with Elementor
  • Revolution & Swiper Sliders included
  • One-Click installation
  • Tons of pre-made pages

Details | Demo

Pearson Specter

Pearson Specter is a three-skin solution for all of your contemporary business website needs. Its solid business design can be easily tweaked with the help of Elementor. It also comes with a variety of pre-made pages, shortcodes, widgets, and elements.

Its online booking system is quite handy and streamlines the process of booking a visit to your office quite considerably. Integrated with all of the most popular social medias, Pearson Specter allows your users to share your content on their profiles and spread the word about your business. Top-notch SEO optimization also ensures that your site always stays on top of Google’s search results and gets all the traffic it deserves.

  • Appointment management
  • Countless shortcodes
  • Three demos
  • Easy installation & customization

Details | Demo


M. Williamson is a modern WordPress template with a clean professional design perfectly suitable for legal firms, lawyer bureaus, counsels and so on. Supplied with a powerful admin panel as well as WPBakery, the theme is extremely easy to manage both on the backend and the visual side. Compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce also allows you to start selling your products online easily.

The theme is compatible with a variety of premium plugins including Revolution Slider, Booked Appointments, Essential Grid, MailChimp, Contact Form 7 and more. The parallax effect that you can apply to your backgrounds will help create a level of immersion and depth. Let your users know about your firm’s whereabouts easily with a customizable Google Map.

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Built with WPBakery
  • Fully responsive, Retina ready & SEO optimized
  • Premium plugins

Details | Demo


WealthCo is a clean, trendy multipurpose template perfectly suitable for all kinds of modern business websites. It comes with loads of pre-made inner pages, pricing tables, blog layouts, shortcodes, and styles. Built with WPBakery, it gives you access to an extremely powerful drag & drop page builder that lets you completely edit your layouts by simply clicking on elements and dragging them around.

The theme is compatible with a huge selection of premium plugins, including Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, MailChimp, Contact Form 7, ThemeREX Addons and more. The package also includes an entire library of Google Fonts and Fontello Icons, giving you tons of creative freedom over your textual content. WealthCo is highly optimized for peak performance on all types of devices, screen resolutions and in all search engines.

  • Clean multipurpose design
  • Easy customization
  • Tons of premium plugins
  • Parallax backgrounds

Details | Demo


GoodLaw’s minimalistic professional design is the perfect choice for showcasing your legal service business. It features straightforward navigation, handy lists of attorneys, countless blog layouts and a Booking Calendar of its own. It also comes with the WPBakery drag & drop page builder as well as dozens of awesome shortcodes to help you create the ultimate presentation of your business.

The one-click demo content installation option allows you to get started with your project pretty much instantly. The Content Timeline plugin allows you to sort all of your content according to its publishing date. And, of course, GoodLaw is fully responsive, Retina ready and search engine optimized.

  • Easy appointments booking & management
  • Built with WPBakery
  • Content Timeline
  • Revolution Slider

Details | Demo

Legal Stone

Legal Stone is the perfect template for all law practice areas and even lawyer blogs. Its solid business design can be easily tweaked with the help of its powerful options panel, color management system, countless shortcodes as well as the WPBakery page builder. The Essential Grid plugin brings in a variety of beautiful galleries for presenting your business in a structured, eye-pleasing visual manner.

The Booked Appointments plugin makes booking a visit to your office a whole lot easier for your clients. The cool parallax effect applicable to your site’s backgrounds will be of great help in creating a feeling of depth and immersion for your design. The mobile-friendly Revolution Slider is included in the package for absolutely free and is the perfect tool for grabbing the attention of your visitors and showcasing all of the main points about your business in a compact way.

  • Revolution Slider
  • Two beautiful homepage styles
  • Easy automatic updates
  • Lots of blog styles

Details | Demo

Dixon & Lamber

Dixon & Lamber comes with everything you need and more for creating a solid presentation of your legal advice business. Its fully responsive Retina ready layout will look and perform perfectly on all devices and screen resolutions. Lots of custom request forms are a great tool for allowing your users to reach you directly through a user-friendly, straightforward interface.

Compatibility with the Mega Menu plugin allows you to create your own menu designs with as many tabs and categories as you deem necessary. Booked Appointments is of great help for streamlining the process of booking a visit to your office. WPML compatibility makes translating your resource into countless languages much simpler.

  • 3 homepage designs
  • Appointments calendar
  • Drag & drop page builder
  • Top-notch search engine optimization

Details | Demo

The Law

The Law is a fully responsive solution for all of your lawyer website needs that comes with an option to turn your theme into a one-page conversion-optimized landing page. Fully compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce, the template allows you to start selling your services and products online easily. With WPBakery, you’re able to completely overhaul the look of your site in a simplistic visual interface.

The mobile-friendly Revolution Slider even allows you to embed video into it for showcasing your business in a professional, visually impressive manner. The installation process of the theme is extremely simple and can be done within minutes. Besides dozens of awesome shortcodes, The Law also comes with a shortcode builder of its own, allowing you to easily create your own shortcodes for creating the ultimate design for your resource.

  • WooCommerce integration
  • WPBakery page builder
  • Booking calendar
  • Fully responsive, Retina ready and search engine optimize

Details | Demo


Adviser is a clean multi-concept template for all sorts of contemporary business websites. Being compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce it allows you to easily open an online store of your own. It also comes with comprehensive staff presentations, informative service descriptions, recruitment pages, and even a cost calculator.

Adviser is supplied with countless shortcodes and widgets as well as compatibility with lots of amazing premium plugins including WPBakery, WPML, Contact Form 7 and more. The theme’s powerful admin panel houses all the options required for managing all aspects of your theme. The advanced Contact Forms provide your visitors with a straightforward way of reaching you directly.

  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Lease calculator
  • Advanced Contact Forms
  • Dozens of premade pages

Details | Demo


LeGrand is is a powerful refined template perfect for creating a strong online presence for all sorts of businesses. Supplied with a variety of beautiful premade pages, it can be quickly and easily customized by swapping them around. For some more radical customization options, it is also equipped with the WPBakery page builder.

Essential Grid adds lots of amazing galleries for presenting your business and services in a structured and eye-pleasing way. Link up your Instagram profile with the Instagram Feed. Easily manage the backend of your template with the advanced options added in by the ThemeREX Addons plugin.

  • Instagram Feed
  • WPBakery page builder
  • Fully responsive & Retina ready
  • Sidebar manager

Details | Demo

Investments, Business & Financial Advisor

Morrison Invest comes with three beautiful demo styles for you to pick out from. It also comes with outstanding services, team & pricing table modules, allowing you to present all of the most important information about your business efficiently. For some extreme customization opportunities, it is supplied with countless custom shortcodes as well as the WPBakery page builder.

Essential Grid along with the Revolution Slider plugins provide you with all the needs for showcasing your business in a beautiful visual way. Its Retina ready layout will look perfectly on all devices and screen resolutions. It has also been highly optimized for blazing fast performance on all devices and in all search engines.

  • 3 homepages styles
  • Retina ready layout
  • Essential Grid & Revolution Slider
  • Media Content Manager

Details | Demo

Law Firm Lite

Law Firm comes with everything you need for creating a strong online presentation of your law agency. Built with the Bootstrap framework the template is optimized for peak performance on all devices. Its clean, semantic code is also extremely optimized for all search engines, ensuring that your site always receives all of the traffic it deserves and ranks in the top search results.

Advanced translation options make translating your content into countless languages and making your site accessible for people all around the globe. The theme’s grid layout organizes your content in a structured and easily readable way. It is also very simple to customize the theme and tailor it to fit your own style.

  • Fully responsive and search engine optimized
  • Translation options
  • Custom post formats
  • Powerful options panel

Details | Demo

Lawyer Lite

Lawyer Lite is perfectly suitable for law business websites as well as law-related blogs. Its clean design puts your content in the very center of attention and doesn’t get in its way. It is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate without confusion.

Supplied with a selection of premade pages and customization options, the template can be easily edited to fit your tastes more. Its testimonial section is a great tool for showcasing positive reviews from your customers and winning over the trust of new ones. It is also integrated with all of the most popular social medias to help you grow a larger audience faster.

  • Professional design
  • Performance and search engine optimized
  • Social media integrated
  • Translation ready

Details | Demo

Lawyer Zone

Lawyer Zone is a sleek modern template designed specifically for lawyer websites, law agencies and legal advice firms. Its multipurpose nature also allows it to be used as a personal presentation, portfolio or even a blog. Integration with WooCommerce also enables you to easily build a fully-fledged online store of your own.

Integrated with all of the most popular social medias, the theme makes sharing your content and spreading the word about your business much easier. Compatibility with an advanced page builder simplifies the customization process and makes it easy even for rookie developers. The powerful theme options panel allows you to manage each aspect of your template with ease.

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Page builder compatible
  • Social media integration
  • Advanced custom widgets

Details | Demo

Krystal Lawyer

Krystal Lawyer is a quick and professional solution to all of your law business website needs. It is extremely easy to install and work with and the whole process only takes a few minutes. Built with a customizer of its own, its layout can be easily tweaked and edited for your own personal tastes.

The one-click demo content import option allows you to get started with your project pretty much immediately. Easily run an engaging blog of your own and share your tips and experiences with your audiences. The template’s easy translation options enable you to make your resource accessible for people from all over the world.

  • Powerful customizer
  • Blogging functionality
  • Quick installation
  • Optimized for peak performance

Details | Demo

Expert Lawyer

Expert lawyer features an exceptionally powerful and professional design perfect for all types of law-related businesses. However, its highly flexible multipurpose nature also allows it to be used for all kinds of business blogs, corporate establishments, personal portfolios, etc. Advanced call to action buttons will encourage your visitors to interact with your resource and even help boost conversion rates.

Its highly structured grid layout will help organize your content in a highly readable, professional way. Choose between a variety of page styles to create the ideal presentation of your business. The template’s clean semantic code is optimized for swift performance an all devices and in all search engines.

  • Professional multipurpose design
  • Clean, optimized code
  • Structured grid layout
  • Translation ready

Details | Demo

Multipurpose Lawyer

Multipurpose Lawyer is a bold, eye-catching all-in-one solution for presenting all types of contemporary businesses. Its design features fullscreen homepage sliders that help catch the attention of your visitors and present all the main points about your business all in a single place. It is also fully responsive and will look perfectly on all screen sizes and resolutions.

Top-notch search engine optimization will make your site always favoured by search engines and place you in the top results. Create engaging blogs with various post types and embed images as well as audio and video files. Advanced theme options make managing every single part of your site easy.

  • Advanced theme options
  • Custom post types
  • Fullscreen sliders
  • CTA buttons

Details | Demo


Attorney’s elegant, fully responsive design will cover all of your website’s needs. Its corporate look and feel make it perfect for any kind of contemporary business. Supplied with two homepage layouts, with one for static content and one with an eye-catching slider.

Easily make changes to your site using the advanced admin panel. Attorney is integrated with all of the most popular social medias and enables you to link up your profiles to grow a larger audience faster. Pin the very best of your content to be on-screen with a sticky post.

  • Social media integration
  • Translation ready
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Beautiful slider

Details | Demo

In Conclusion

So, did you like anything on today’s list? Maybe you even picked something out for using on your own project? Please do tell us about it in the comment section below!

And if nothing quite caught your attention, don’t worry. The market is constantly being updated with new additions coming in on a daily basis. So, staying tuned you’re bound to find the perfect template for your project here!

Top 10 Free & Premium Elementor Themes

Nowadays, many web-developers start forgetting about some standard editors. They decide to opt for a widely-known builder called Elementor. It does not require investing lots of time and energy from you. It allows working faster and preparing a large number of custom projects in a flash. As you can understand, it is crucial to make the right choice in terms of the builder. However, you should also take care of choosing the most suitable theme. Today, you are going to get familiar with ten free and premium Elementor themes.

Look through them and make sure to become an owner of the most desired ready-made solution.

Also, here is the great video tutorial about creating 3D Parallax Holographic Illusion with Elementor PRO Motion Effects:

Premium Elementor WordPress Themes

Poli Nails

An elegant theme that will work great for an assortment of topics connected with beauty. Especially if you are interested in making your nail salon accessible. Is it impossible for you to consider yourself an advanced user? There is no need to improve your coding skills before getting to work. The package includes many pre-made pages which elements you can easily alter. You can also add the latest news about your beauty industry business.



Yoha is a powerful theme that allows establishing an online-project connected with fashion. It will provide you with the most comfortable way of website-building. The main goal of this variant is to display your creative business in the best possible light. There is an engaging Parallax effect that will add dynamism to your website. Thanks to a banner, you will be able to introduce yourself using a full-width picture and remarkable text. You can also allow your visitors to communicate with you as fast as possible using a contact form.


Richard Dream

Podcasts are getting more and more popular these days. If you are one of those people who produce them, you certainly need something special. As an example, this modern theme that supports audio and video players. It is also possible to integrate social media content. You are also free to create a strong list of events and show key facts about them. Do not forget to display a beautiful Instagram feed to become more popular. Are you only starting with making your podcasts popular? 



An excellent design-related theme that allows getting original. Its creative design is something that you need for your online-project. You can describe your business and present the most authoritative projects. In addition to this, it is possible to add your design awards and experience. It is also crucial to take advantage of the social sharing buttons. In such a way, your visitors can share your best posts.



Egrowit is a professionally-looking theme that will be interesting for people who have something to do with digital marketing. It has everything you might need to get the most significant number of clients. Demonstrate your group of partners and show some reviews from your satisfied customers. Furthermore, there is a chance to include a subscription form. It allows growing the base of people who are interested in your services. 



Main features:

  • Free Images
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Ecwid Ready
  • Custom Widgets
  • WordPress Live Customizer
  • Google Web Fonts
  • SEO Friendly
  • Accurate Documentation
  • 24/7 Support Service

This cute flower WordPress theme has the ultimate power to make your online flower shop fancy and truly unique. CraftBird will work great for online flower stores, personal blogs as well as informational websites.

The theme has a fully responsive design, which means that it smoothly works on both large and small screens. Besides, CraftBird is cross-browser compatible and nicely functions in all major browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

CraftBird is super easy to work with even for beginners, so you can totally create your website by yourself. Thanks to the accurate documentation that comes with the theme, building your website on your own should not be a problem at all. In case you still have some troubles with this theme, you can always contact a friendly 24/7 support team, which will for sure solve all your problems with the theme for you.

At the same time, CraftBird is rather popular among other web developers, bloggers, and business owners. In fact, the theme has lots of great reviews, for instance, user Fred Drouven said, “A very nice theme. It is easy to install and it works very well. Also it’s easy to customize.”

If you are looking for a beautifully designed flower WordPress theme, which is equipped with a decent set of features as well as powerful plugins, a theme that is super easy to work with and comes with a professional support service, the CraftBird – Handmade Artist Personal Blog WordPress Theme is the best solution for you.


Elementor WordPress themes with Unlimited Access

Download Sport WordPress Themes in ONE Membership

Free Elementor WordPress Themes

Tourizto Lite

There are many tourism-related responsive web templates you can choose from. Many of them are considered to be the best Elementor themes. However, some people are interested in saving their money on them. Check out this vibrant and exciting variant that you should be happy with. It will provide you with multiple personalization opportunities. Moreover, its package has many options necessary for making your online-project stand out from the crowd. We are talking about a commenting system, social options, and Google Maps.



To highlight all your business advantages, you need something like this modern theme. It can be described as a flexible and easy-to-use variant that should meet your needs. It does not matter what kind of services you want to promote. Many settings that make it possible to change the appearance of your website. There are also various background options and Google Fonts. What does it mean? Your online-presentation will turn out to be original and encourage others to take action.



Are you ready to begin your journey on the web, together with this minimalist theme? We are sure that you should check out this effective variant. There is no need to work hard to get the greatest results. It is possible to apply minimum effort while getting your online-project ready. A user-friendly Elementor Page Builder makes it possible to get access to different customization options.


Max Paxton

Do you want to benefit from your copywriter online-project? However, is it necessary not to pay no money for a ready-to-use layout that you will use? In such a case, we think that you should take a look at this suitable variant. It will also be ideal for preparing your website or blog. This great theme has a transparent organization that allows emphasizing all the necessary points. 


Fashion Mania

Another fashionable theme that can inspire others. There are many benefits that you will get. To start with, it has a fully-responsive design. In other words, it will make no matter what device your visitors will use. In addition to this, you can forget about facing problems connected with managing your content. All the elements can be modified in a few single clicks. There are also several extra options like a commenting system, Google Fonts, a drop-down menu, and social options.



What is your task after getting familiar with these high-quality themes? You should choose the most suitable one to meet your demands. Focus on the niche you are working in, and everything will be more comfortable. We tried to include ready-made solutions crafted for presenting the most widely-spread spheres. Keep in mind that Elementor Page Builder is ready to simplify your website-building process. It will always allow you to manage your content and make it look original. We hope that you have found something that impressed you in this selection. Thanks for reading!

Best WordPress Fitness Themes

Sports, fitness, and health are considered to be indispensable parts of our lives. More and more people decide to take up sports and join sports clubs. In such a way, it is possible to say that sports turn out to be a big business. For this reason, people make attempts to maximize their potential in the sports industry.

If you also have something to do with this sphere, you need something original. Something that is capable of showcasing your passion for sports to the whole world.

The online world is a competitive one. In order to make your sports business a success, it is crucial to create a professionally-looking website. It should meet the needs of both you and your potential readers. It should become an online-project that is worth taking a look at. We have looked through a wide range of WordPress sports themes and decided to create a list of the best ones.

Download Sport WordPress Themes in ONE Membership

This collection will allow you to forget about the hard process of choosing the most appropriate ready-made solution. We understand that each of you wants to have a successful business website connected with the sports industry. In such a way, it becomes understandable that:

  • you should improve the visual image of your sports brand;
  • constantly engage your loyal customers;
  • reach out to your core audience that cannot choose between you and your competitors.

As you can understand, everything can be achieved with an effective and impressive ready-made solution. Thanks to various WordPress themes included in this small collection, you are able to create a user-friendly and modern website.

Their packages have the following features

  • various customization options;
  • fully-responsive design;
  • custom blog settings;
  • different types of the gallery;
  • Parallax animation;
  • lazy-load effect;
  • custom widgets;
  • additional plugins;
  • multilingual capabilities;
  • and many-many other options.

By means of these wonderful ready-made solutions, you can create a great website that will meet the expectations of your potential visitors. In addition to this, you can easily stay current in the industry market. Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? Are you ready to create an excellent online-presence? Getting into shape in terms of your sports online-project is extremely important. We offer you not to lose time. So, let us get familiar with the most marvelous WordPress themes to get lots of attention…

Gymo Gym Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Gymo Gym Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Gymo is a multipurpose WordPress WooCommerce theme with a modern and stylish design. With this theme, you may create not only one but three awesome websites. There are pre-made clean pages to choose a basic set of pages for your website. Besides this, Gymo offers:

  • ultimate addons to take care of the website functionality;
  • beautiful CSS3 animations to make people stay longer on the website;
  • the Slider Revolution plugin to create the content that is bound to impress.

Moreover, the theme is speed-optimized. It is an excellent contribution to the conversion rate. 

Granul – Sport Event Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Granul - Sport Event Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Granul is an Elementor WordPress theme suitable for building a catchy website to announce sports events. Making a great website will not be a challenge. The theme includes a collection of pre-designed pages to use to your advantage. What is more, you will obtain:

  • JetElements plugin as a unique offering to add useful widgets to your website;
  • a pack of excellent images free of charge;
  • Google Fonts that are already integrated into the theme.

Furthermore, there are social media buttons to connect your website to your accounts on the most popular platforms. 

Challengers – Soccer and Basketball Club Sports WordPress Theme

Challengers - Soccer and Basketball Club Sports WordPress Theme

If you need a website for a soccer or basketball club, Challengers may become a good assistant. This WordPress theme has all the required features to present the club, its members, information about games.

  • You will find ready-made versions for soccer and basketball club.
  • Due to the SportsPress plugin, you may manage the facts in the League tables, player’s profiles, etc.
  • The theme includes layout options for blog posts. Thus, it will be possible to cover the essential issues in the blog.
  • Challengers are compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. So, you may add an online store to the website.

FitSpot – Fitness Studio Elementor WordPress Theme

FitSpot - Fitness Studio Elementor WordPress Theme

FitSpot is the right solution for a fitness studio website. This WordPress theme has a similar design. Furthermore, there are various pages and sections you may use to fill the website with appropriate content.

  • FitSpot is an Elementor WordPress theme. Thus, it is equipped with several widgets, such as Google maps, Progress bar, social icons, and others.
  • The theme contains the JetElements plugin that allows adding different content modules to your website.
  • The Book Appointment plugin lets you form a schedule of appointments for your clients. 

Gym Fitness Responsive Website Template

Gym Fitness Responsive Website Template

IronMass is one more WordPress theme to use for the website to attract people to your fitness studio. You will appreciate its modern design that hits the target. Moreover, the theme offers various features to make the website an effective means of advertising the studio or a gym.

  • You may take advantage of the pre-made pages that contain all the necessary elements.
  • With the Elementor Page Builder, you may create your website layout out of the constructed modules.
  • Mobile-first philosophy guarantees excellent website performance if the website is accessed from mobile devices.

ChampionNews – Sports News Elementor WordPress Theme

ChampionNews - Sports News Elementor WordPress Theme

Big games and matches deserve appropriate coverage. ChampionNews is an excellent solution to deal with this issue. It is a Sports News Elementor WordPress theme. This is the case when the name speaks for itself. What is there at your disposal?

  • Attractive pages to select the important ones for a particular website. For instance, you will find a Post page, a Single post page, a Video playlist;
  • JetElements and JetThemeCore plugins to give you more opportunities to create a powerful website;
  • Newsletter subscription form to collect email addresses of the visitors interested in the content you post. 

Hardrod – Dynamite Fitness & Bodybuilding WordPress Theme

Hardrod - Dynamite Fitness & Bodybuilding WordPress Theme

Hardrod is a retina-ready WordPress theme you may use to promote your fitness club or Crossfit studio. The set of features it includes is fantastic:

  • one-click installation to ease the process as much as possible;
  • Seven headers and three footers to opt for the best ones;
  • JetElements plugin to add the required content modules to the existing ones;
  • capable support team ready to help any time you need. 

What is more, this WordPress theme is cross-browser compatible. Thus, your website will be accessible from different browsers. 

Running WordPress Theme

Running WordPress Theme

If you are fond of running and want to present a running club, take a look at Fastlek. This WordPress theme with a state-of-the-art design has a variety of features to build a user-friendly website.

  • The Power Builder allows creating the website pages, just dragging and dropping the provided modules.
  • There is a pack of powerful Cherry plugins you may use to supplement the website with the required sections. For instance, it can be either the Testimonials or the Team members section.
  • If you need a post carousel, simple slider, or something like that, use a set of custom widgets.

Tennis Club WordPress Theme

Tennis Club WordPress Theme

Do you have a passion for tennis and are ready to open an upmarket tennis club? Use ProShot to make an attractive and useful website for your club. This theme will please you with its design and functionality.

  • You will find various layout options to experiment with the structure of the website pages.
  • It is possible to add different types of content, using the offered content modules.
  • Use the Events Calendar to plan and announce upcoming events in your club.
  • Make your website tailor-made with the help of Live Customizer. 

Yoga WordPress Template

Yoga WordPress Template

Bhakti is a functional WordPress theme developed to advertise yoga studio. The theme has a wide range of features in store for you, among which you will obtain:

  • the Power Builder to make the website according to your requirements, using the ready-made modules;
  • 15 thematic images given as a special gift;
  • Timetable plugin to organize schedules for diverse events;
  • Google fonts integration allowing you to work with more than 500 Google web fonts.

What is more, this theme is Ecwid-ready. Thus, adding an online store to the website takes less than 10 minutes.

Sum Up

If you choose one of these bold themes, you can be sure that your sports website will be relevant and up-to-date. Keep in mind that you do not need to possess any programming skills. As you can understand, you are not going to face any struggles. Everything can be done in a minimal amount of time. As a result, you will get an attention-grabbing online project that will represent your sports business in the best possible light. We wish you to make your audience agape with wonder and thanks for reading!