Man infront of computer doing video editing

10 Best Video Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know in 2022

In today’s crowded digital marketing field, video marketing is no longer a nice-to-have strategy. It’s a must-have. Internet users are attached to their screens, and they love consuming video content, whether it’s a cat video or product demo from their favorite brands.

This is the reason why every savvy business left no stone unturned when it comes to creating explainer videos that engage. According to the statistics, more than 86% have invested in video marketing campaigns– and the number will only grow in the coming years.

Thanks to the internet. Creating high-performing marketing videos doesn’t have to be burning a hole in your pocket. With robust video marketing tools out there, you don’t need to hire a professional video production company or buy high-end video equipment. 

This is definitely a breath of fresh air, especially for small businesses and startups with shoestring budgets. 

Man infront of computer doing video editing

So, what are the best video marketing tools that you can use to create videos without breaking the bank? Here are our top picks for each stage of a video production process:

The Pre-Production Stage

Before you start creating your video, it’s important to have a solid plan in place. Every video marketing checklist tells you to plan everything before you pick up any cameras. This is what we called pre-production. Pre-production is the process of planning and designing your video before you start filming.

Some of the key elements of pre-production are ideas brainstorming, scriptwriting, and storyboarding. Here are some tools that can help you:

Tool #1. StudioBinder

If you’re looking for a comprehensive pre-production tool, StudioBinder is a great option. It’s an all-in-one software that lets you handle every step of the pre-production process, from brainstorming ideas to managing cast and crew.

What we love about StudioBinder is that it’s designed specifically for video production. This means that it has all the features you need to make your video production process as smooth as possible.

Tool #2. Celtx

Celtx is another great pre-production tool that’s been around for quite some time. It’s screenwriting software that can be used for writing scripts and even production schedules.


One of the best things about Celtx is that it’s free to use. However, if you want access to premium features, such as cloud storage and collaboration tools, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.

The Production Stage

Once you’ve finished the pre-production process, it’s time to start filming. The production process is where you’ll capture all the footage that will be used in your video.


The production process we’re talking about here includes everything from setting up your camera to the editing process. Here are some tools that can help you:

Tool #3. Filmora

Filmora is a great video editing tool for businesses of all sizes. It’s easy to use and comes with a wide range of features, such as screen recording, green screen, and picture-in-picture mode.


One of the best things about Filmora is that it has a built-in library of royalty-free music and sound effects. This means you don’t have to worry about copyright issues when using it for your business videos.

Tool #4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing tool that’s used by professionals all over the world. It has a wide range of features, including color correction and audio mixing.


Premiere Pro is a great option for businesses that need to create high-quality videos. However, it’s important to note that it requires a bit of a learning curve. If you’re not familiar with video editing, you might want to consider another tool.

Tool #5. Animoto

If you want to go for animated marketing videos, Animoto is a great tool. It’s user-friendly and comes with a wide range of templates that you can use to create professional-looking videos. No superb design skills are needed.


You can choose the characters, colors, and other elements that you want to use in your video. Animoto also allows you to add your own brandings, such as logos and watermarks.


In a nutshell, this tool is a great option for businesses that want to create engaging animated videos without the need for expensive animation software.

Tool #6. Canva

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that’s perfect for creating simple video graphics. With Canva, you can create on-screen text, short social media videos, college videos, and video thumbnails. Plus, it has a wide range of templates that you can use to speed up the design process.


While Canva is a great tool, it’s important to note that it’s not meant for complex video graphics. It’s designed for beginners who want to create simple graphics for their videos.

Tool #7. AudioJungle

AudioJungle is a great resource for businesses that need high-quality audio files for their videos. It’s a marketplace where you can buy and sell royalty-free music and sound effects.


One of the best things about AudioJungle is that it has a wide range of tracks to choose from. Whether you’re looking for background music or sound effects, you’re sure to find what you need on this tool.

The Post-Production Stage

Preparing all the equipment and editing is one thing. Post-production is another. After all, video marketing isn’t all about creating and publishing videos. You also need to distribute and track the performance of your videos, so you can see how they’re performing.


Here are some tools that can help you with post-production:

Tool #8. Vidyard

Vidyard is a great tool for businesses that want to track the performance of their videos. It allows you to see how many people have watched your video, how long they’ve watched it, and where they’re located.


Vidyard also provides you with detailed insights, so you can see which parts of your video are performing well and which parts need improvement.

Tool #9. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a free tool that businesses can use to track the performance of their website. However, it can also be used to track the performance of your videos.


Just like Vidyard, with Google Analytics, you can see how well the video is performing. You can also see which parts of your video are performing well and which parts need improvement.


Google Analytics is a great tool for businesses that want to track the performance of their videos and improve their video marketing strategy.

Tool #10. Tubics 

Tubics is a tool that helps businesses to optimize their YouTube channel. It provides you with detailed insights, so you can see which videos are performing well and which ones need improvement.


Tubics also allows you to track the performance of your competitors’ videos, so you can see what’s working for them and try to improve upon it.

Wrapping Up

When we talk about video marketing tools, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all tool. The best one is the one that fits your needs the most. Those tools mentioned above are some of the most popular and worth considering for your business.


So, take some time to think about what you need and want from a video marketing tool. Do you need something that’s easy to use? Or do you need something that’s more advanced? Once you know what you need, it’ll be easier to find the right tool for you.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 


Twitter: @breadnbeyond

Email: [email protected] 

LinkedIn: Andre Oentoro

Cloux Gaming WordPress Theme Review

Cloux is a WordPress theme made primarily for gaming websites, esports organizations, and game review websites. However, it’s quite versatile and customizable and it can be made to work for any purpose. The built-in customization options are quite advanced, and it fully supports page builders. If you want to use the Cloux theme to build a WooCommerce store around it, it’s perfectly doable.

Overall it’s a great theme to use if you’re managing an esports organization or if you own a gaming clan and are looking to build an infotainment system directly on a WordPress theme. In this review of Cloux we’ll go over all of the details you may be interested in, but first, let’s look at an overview of everything this WordPress theme has to offer.

Cloux Theme Key Features:

  • eSports Features
  • Full WooCommerce Integration
  • Customizable Blog System
  • Multi-language integration
  • Responsive and SEO Friendly
  • Customizable Colours and Fonts
  • Gallery and Dynamic Image Resizing
  • Advanced Theme Customizer
  • Contact Form and Mailchimp Integration
  • Integrated Membership System
  • Social Sharing Widget
  • Full Customer Support

For a great example of a well-built website with this theme, you can check out Solitaire Social. Check out the platform to see how powerful Cloux is. This is an overview of the features that come included with Cloux. Next, we’ll go in-depth on how Cloux performs in real-case scenarios.

Is The Theme Mobile Compatible?

The mobile device market is constantly evolving, and new devices are popping up around every corner. This can be a real problem for inexperienced theme developers, as optimizing a website to run on every mobile device is very hard. One of the key elements a WordPress theme must have is full mobile compatibility to maximize its usability and ease of use.

To make sure that Cloux runs on mobile devices we put it to the test. Cloux was tested both on iOS and Android through Safari and Chrome and there was no difference in how the theme looked on different size screens and different operating systems. All elements were placed correctly, and we did not notice any overlapping or overshadowing of elements anywhere on the website. The padding on the sides of the page is just the right space, making the website look smooth and clean on a mobile screen.

We ran the website through Google’s tool called Google Mobile Compatibility Test, and the theme passed it with flying colours. Google didn’t notice any issues with the theme, and with Google being the number one authority on everything web-related, we’re inclined to trust them.

Overall Theme Design

First impressions matter and this is even more important when you’re designing a website. Users can bounce off the website in seconds if they don’t like what they see, and this can negatively impact your SEO score, which will, in turn, lead to your website ranking poorly, practically making it invisible to the search engine, and impossible to find for users and customers. That’s why it’s important to carefully think about the customizability of the hero section of the website.

Luckily, Cloux has an advanced page builder which is packed with features and allows you to do pretty much whatever you want with your website’s main page. The overall interface you start with is very clean and easy to navigate, which is a staple of User Experience Design. You can use the page builder to make the landing page up to par with any of the world’s leading websites. There’s a search tool you can integrate into the design so customers can search for the information they want, you can sort reviews by category due to the theme’s integrated review system.

The included WP Bakery Page Builder also offers some ready-to-go presents that you can just implement and use right away if you’re not in the mood for designing the website pixel by pixel. A shop page, contact page, review page and esports ready page are just some of the templates that WP Bakery has made ready to use.

How Fast Is Cloux?

A website needs to have a fast-loading time to stop users from leaving the website when it fails to load quickly. This is the second most important reason for user bounce off, so having a fast-loading time on your website is of paramount importance.

The overall speed when tested with the Pingdom tool results in less than 2 seconds of loading time for the theme, mostly due to the low size of about 3MB. However, the results scored a total of 79 which is a grade of C, meaning that the theme still has some room for improvement. These are improvements that the user himself or herself can try out such as minifying CSS and compressing JavaScript.

It’s a good performing theme overall, but with some minor issues which are not deal-breaking and can be looked over.

Is It Optimized For SEO?

We used the website SEO Site Checkup to see how well Cloux performs when it comes to SEO. However, do have in mind that a demo template will always score lower than a template in use because the SEO score mostly relies on parameters that are supposed to be provided by the user, and those parameters are not necessarily present in the demo template.

Cloux scored a score of 61, which is beyond the average for a WordPress template. The parameters such as a favicon and meta descriptions that are impacting the score are things that are supposed to be provided by the user of the theme, so you can expect a much higher score if you decide to implement this theme by yourself and set it up according to the best SEO practices.

Included Plugins

The Cloux theme has some nice plugins that come along with it and that can help with the easier setup of your website. The WP Bakery page builder is a good addition to the package which will allow for more customization of your website. A MailChimp integration plugin is a lifesaver as MailChimp is the most used email marketing tool today. There’s a bbPress plugin that will make the creation of a forum structure much easier and of course, WooCommerce which is one of the best online shop tools.


Overall Cloux is a great theme to use if you’re an avid gamer or a clan leader. It offers nice plugins from the get-go and with some little tweaks, it can truly perform like a beast. As long as you’re fine with making some adjustments to the theme, it’s one of the best gaming WordPress themes on the market.

paying using tether

Where Can I Pay With Tether?

Guarda Wallet is one of the few places where you can buy Tether directly with fiat currency. Guarda also allows you to exchange other cryptocurrencies for Tether, as well as send and receive Tether payments. You can find out more about Guarda Wallet and how to use it to exchange Tether buy other currencies by visiting their website.

If you want to buy Tether with another cryptocurrency, you can do so on most major exchanges that list the coin. Some of the most popular exchanges for buying and selling Tether include Binance, Kraken, and Bitfinex. You can also find a full list of exchanges that support Tether trading on the Tether website.

Once you have Tether, you can use it to pay for goods and services online or send it to other users. To find businesses that accept Tether, you can check out the directory on the Tether website. You can also find a list of online merchants that accept Tether as payment on the Guarda Wallet website. Guarda platform also has a built-in exchange so you can easily convert your Tether into other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies like US dollars, Euros, and more.

If you want to hold onto your Tether for investment purposes, you can do so by storing it in a cryptocurrency wallet. Guarda service offers a secure and easy-to-use Tether wallet that you can use to store your coins. You can also find wallets for Tether on the websites of most major exchanges that list the coin. When choosing a wallet, be sure to pick one that is compatible with the device you will be using it on and that offers good security features. Guarda Wallet meets all of these criteria and more, making it a great choice for storing your Tether.

Now that you know where to pay with tether, head on over to Guarda Wallet to get started!

A Short History of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

A Short History of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

What is Blockchain?

The UN says the fast-rising popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is a reminder of how important the internet has been to our economy, but it also highlights how much we have yet to learn about blockchain technology. What exactly is blockchain?

We’ll start with what blockchain is not. It’s not Bitcoin or Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. The blockchain serves a completely different purpose than those currencies, even though cryptocurrency value is derived from it, and cryptocurrency markets swell and ebb by its hand.

Blockchain is essentially a decentralized ledger that records transactions across an almost unlimited number of computers simultaneously—a system naturally suited for storing data securely, without any single point of failure or loss of access. This technology can be used for any type of information, for example, medical records, intellectual property rights, or even financial transactions. 

In case you’re wondering if there’s such a thing as a cryptocurrency without blockchain at its core: your answer probably depends on whether you’re talking about Bitcoin or Ethereum. The former was designed on top of blockchain as part of its protocol meaning it uses blockchain under the hood, while the latter was built from scratch by its developers and doesn’t utilize the underlying technology so much though, more are bound to appear in the future. 

Just keep in mind, though: they both use blockchains under different circumstances—not entirely dissimilarly, but distinctively enough to warrant their separate existences and no copyright disputes between them.

Blockchain, History, and a New Path Forward

First, let’s review the basics of blockchain technology:

An essential part of the digital currency known as Bitcoin, a blockchain is a decentralized storage and transmission device that keeps records of any transaction involving Bitcoin. The whitepaper for its existence was published by the mysterious Satoshi Nakomoto in 2008, and the first Bitcoin was mined in 2009 by Nakamoto himself. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, it’s important to note that “decentralized” in this sense doesn’t mean “distributed”: although many computers hold copies of the blockchain, it’s still a single entity, not an infinite number of scattered ones.

What’s more: as a result of its distributed nature, no one has control over it. It can’t be controlled by any single person or group; instead, it is open-sourced and maintained by everyone who participates in the process. This is what comprises the cryptocurrency market.

In order to change something in the existing chain or create something new, all users must participate to reach a consensus on the new data—and only then will they act on it. The blockchain has proven to be remarkably effective at this task: according to BlockchainHub Inc., an independent research firm focused on cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers, more than 90 percent of all transactions are validated within ten minutes from initiation.

The True Potential of Blockchain Lies in its Ability to Disrupt the Status Quo.

One of the most exciting emerging technologies is blockchain, a digital ledger that recorded transactions for the purpose of eliminating fraud. Its lower transaction cost and faster processing power have made it ideal for use in the Internet of Things (IoT) and other applications where security, speed, and efficiency are critical.

On Thursday, May 23, 2016, IBM announced its first implementation of private blockchain technology with the Hyperledger Project. Like Bitcoin’s public blockchain, Hyperledger allows different organizations to collaborate on a common system while maintaining data privacy controls. In this case, IBM has partnered with financial institutions and others to explore ways to more securely share data on conditions such as trade finance or supply chain management between them.


When the futuristic technology of blockchain was first introduced, it was in the form of a digital currency—but now it’s coming to be used for a wide variety of other applications. Blockchain was initially designed to promote transparency in an industry that previously operated largely outside the regulatory purview. 

The decentralized nature of blockchain has made it perfect for use as an alternative payment channel, and its properties of security, reliability, and immutability have fueled its widespread adoption by large corporations and governments alike. Even though we’re still in the early days of blockchain’s evolution, you can bet that these innovations will continue until the technology becomes ubiquitous.

One thing is certain: if you want to get involved with blockchain right now, you shouldn’t wait too long, although you should do your research! As prices continue to rise rapidly and new investors pour in, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum at low-risk levels before jumping into high-risk investments later on. 

It’s important to remember that investing isn’t rocket science —it’s just putting some money into stuff you believe will go up in value over time. If you don’t know where to start, your best bet is this simple guide on how to buy Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, or Ethereum the second-largest cryptocurrency.


5 Reasons Why Link Building Is Important For Website Development


Simply put, link building is a process of getting visibility when other websites link to your site. These links are called inbound backlinks. It is an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO).

The more backlinks your website gets, the better. This practice helps your site to get recognized as an authentic source of information by Google and other search engines. This in turn improves your search engine ranking. Furthermore, Google recognizes your website as an expert and gets authority links from other sites. 

But, it is important to get good quality backlinks to be successful.

Link Building & Website Success

If you are running a business, your website is your digital showroom. Just like promotion and marketing are important to attract customers and increase sales, similarly, link building helps your website to succeed. 

Backlink building is important for improving your sales digitally or monetization. So, while building your website, it is essential to be careful while writing its content. 

While it is important to receive good quality inbound backlinks to attract more readers and consumers, internal backlinks also play a key role. It ensures that your website visitors have a seamless user experience and can navigate to the information they seek. 

Besides, you must ethically receive your backlinks. Many website owners are exploiting the loopholes in Google guidelines to drive traffic to their sites, receive the best backlink, and rank higher on the search engines. 

While these black hat link building tactics may deliver quick success, they may lead to massive penalties and a ban from Google. This is where white hat link building services providers come into place.

What is White Hat Link Building? And How Can It Help Your Website?

You might have already guessed what white hat link building is? In simple words, white hat link building service providers help professionals to build and receive high-quality backlinks for SEO purposes in an ethical way.

By abiding by Google’s guidelines, you can ensure your brand maintains its place in the SERPs in the long run. By practicing white hat link building strategies, your brand is safe from getting penalized by Google. As a webmaster, you don’t want to deal with Google penalties on your site.

If you do not have much time to spend in link building practices, the best alternative is to reach out to professionals who provide link building services for you. Look for ethical link builders for quality links that won’t get you into trouble. Since they are reliable and follow Google’s regulations, many bloggers prefer white hat link building services to create outreach and guest posting strategies.

Now let’s discuss how Google-friendly SEO linking strategies can drive the success of your website development endeavors.

5 Key Benefits of Link Building for Website Development   


     1. Improves Your Website’s Credibility

Google aims to provide you with the most relevant search results. It considers sites and domains with greater ‘authority’ to achieve this. Backlinks work as third-party indicators for your site’s authority strength. 

The more authoritative sites link to your domain, the higher your credibility score is. Try to build links from high-quality, trustworthy websites because five powerful links are always better than 50 poor links. 

     2. Backlinks Get You More Website Traffic

The best way to gain the attention of relevant audiences from your niche is manual link building. This increases referral traffic to your website. You can establish yourself as an authority link by creating and populating valuable content for a particular niche. 

This, in turn, translates into higher site visitors and greater traffic. Website traffic is a greater indicator of your site’s health.

    3. Enhances Brand Visibility

It is applicable mostly if you guest post or are active on social media. Every website and social media has its own set of visitors. When you share your valuable content on other platforms and sites, your chances of getting brand visibility are higher.

Furthermore, when you post good SEO-worthy content, you are adding value to your host’s platform as well. This method is highly beneficial for both parties.

    4. Better Conversion Rate

Superior link building strategy, SEO-optimized content, and keyword planning can organically improve your website’s visibility and authenticity. This results in better conversion rates.

When your site comes on top of search results, more potential customers approach you, widening your avenues of revenue. This way, you can sell more products and services.

    5. Reduces Bounce Rate

Bounce rate means the number of visitors leaving your site without looking at the rest of the website. Google considers this as well while determining search ranking. The lower your bounce rate is, the greater your chances are to appear on the first page of google search results.

To improve your bounce rate, take internal links into account. The perfect combination of inbound and internal links makes it easier for Google to navigate your site. This also helps website visitors to navigate your content effortlessly. 

So, when developing your website, be sure to make it easier for visitors to find the content they want. Thereby, you’ll succeed in keeping people on your site longer and reducing your bounce rate.

Easy & Sustainable SEO Linking Strategies

Link building is immensely beneficial for your website and business success. Try these practical and trustworthy strategies to improve your link building game.

  • Create compelling content that people find resourceful and want to link to or refer to.
  • Start guest posting.
  • Reach out to influential people and request blogger backlinks.
  • Avoid stuffing your content with keywords unnecessarily.
  • Try to include original infographics for easy information consumption.
  • Submit any news related to your venture for press releases and your site to directories.
  • Find broken links and replace them with your relevant links
  • Create media awareness about your website and brand on social media.
  • Follow your competitor’s backlinks and replicate their strategy if it works for them.
  • Lastly, take help from white-hat links building services.

Key Takeaway

I hope this post has given you enough resources and inspiration to start your link building process for website development.

But remember, avoid buying links or generating backlinks using free link building tools because they do not guarantee long-term effectiveness.

It is best to follow the manual link building process. Although it will take time to give you desired results, try to get referral links from high authority websites.

The Best Deals of the Year from TemplateMonster: Catch Them All on Black Friday!

We have already felt this eager anticipation over the best offers. People started to monitor their favorite online-shops not to miss the most incredible discounts of this year. Many retailers began to mark their prices down from October. To be honest, it is hard to remember these times when Black Friday lasted only for one day. Nowadays, it is a full-scale event that engages the largest number of people. These massive discounts can tempt those people who were not planning to buy anything. Perhaps, we are going to lure you into another set of deals. TemplateMonster has already announced its deals and, believe us, they deserve your attention.

As you can understand, two of the biggest shopping days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here. For this reason, it is impossible to keep silent about the different discounts TemplateMonster prepares for you. To start with, the marketplace will provide its audience with up to 70% OFF on the whole assortment. Remember to visit the site during the period of November 20 – December 2. In addition to this, it gives a chance to buy different offers with up to 40% OFF.

We also want to remind you that ONE Subscription will also get a bunch of discounts. Below, you can find out more about all three plans and their prices on Black Friday.

  1. A creative plan will cost you $69 instead of $89. It means that you can buy it with a -22% discount.
  2. An all-in-one plan (for a year) will cost you $159 instead of $229. It means that you can buy it with a -30% discount.
  3. An all-in-one plan (lifetime) will cost you $499 instead of $849. It means that you can buy it with a -41% discount.

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Top 10 Highly-Evaluated Templates to Buy On Black Friday 2020

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme

Main Features:

  • different forms (including contact, newsletter subscription, search, and booking ones);
  • audio and video integration;
  • various animation effects;
  • Revolution Slider;
  • WooCommerce integration.

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Woostroid2 – Multipurpose WooCommerce Elementor Theme

 Main Features:

  • multiple Ajax filters;
  • wishlist and comparison;
  • product quick view;
  • contact form;
  • newsletter subscription.

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Apparelix – Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Main Features:

  • mega-menu;
  • slideshow;
  • Ajax shopping cart;
  • multi-language support;
  • multi-currency support.

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Magetique – AMP-Ready Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

Main Features:

  • video background and film slider;
  • Ajax search;
  • social sharing options;
  • mega-menu;
  • Parallax effect.

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Nextprest – AMP eCommerce PrestaShop Theme

Main Features:

  • homepage category gallery;
  • product zoomer;
  • advanced search;
  • media Parallax;
  • product list gallery.

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Lintense – All-in-one Landing Page Template

Main Features:

  • six perfectly-designed pop-up sets;
  • Parallax effect;
  • Google Maps;
  • contact form;
  • newsletter subscription;
  • different gallery types.

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Brave Theme – Multipurpose HTML Website Template

Main Features:

  • unique navigation and footer styles;
  • working social feeds;
  • various gallery styles;
  • eCommerce layouts;
  • 11 ready-to-use niche templates.

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Tinder Swipe Match After Effects Template

Main Features:

  • 4096×2304 resolution;
  • seven image holders;
  • ten text holders;
  • no plugins required;
  • easy-to-understand tutorial included.

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2019 Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Main Features:

  • 16:9 HD (1920 × 1080px) aspect ratio;
  • fully-vector;
  • fully-editable in PowerPoint;
  • placeholder images with drag-and-drop functionality;
  • easily-editable data-driven charts.

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ANIMATED Instagram Stories – Lina Social Media

Main Features:

  • MP4 videos;
  • fully-editable text;
  • well-organized and layered files;
  • ten PSD files;
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 or higher required.

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How to Scale the Website for Different Mobile Devices

Today, we surf the internet mostly from our mobile devices, instead of desktops or laptops because mobiles are easily accessible and very handy. A huge majority of mobile users are buying online and paying their utility bills with these devices. The worldwide pandemic has escalated online purchases and transactions as people are forced to stay and work at home due to the quarantines imposed.

With the massive growth, companies and businesses are encouraged to build websites and eCommerce websites that look, function, feel, and perform on computers as well as mobile devices. Nevertheless, most of the time, a website’s browsing experience on a smartphone is not the same as on a desktop or laptop. In website development, web pages are composed typically with one or several of these: main content, images, header and footer, videos, forms, and tables.

Devices vary in dimension of the screen, resolution, operating system, and compute power. Significantly, the differences contribute to performance overall and web components rendering, like images, texts, and videos across various devices. Another critical point to keep in mind is that most users of mobile devices are not connected to a high-speed network most of the time, thus web pages, such as in PHP web application development for instance should be designed with care to effectively work on low bandwidth connections.

Tips to Scale a Website for Various Mobile Devices

1. Adapting to any screen size. A web page at the very least has to be scaled to fit the different sizes of devices. Mobiles these days come with extremely high screen resolutions. On mobiles, the pixel density is considerably higher compared to desktop screens.

Thus, formatting a page to match the screen width of mobile devices in device-independent pixels is critical. Check this out.

In the above example, the meta viewport value helps in formatting the whole HTML page and rendering content to match any size of the screen.

2. Responsive images. The design must take into consideration small, handheld devices, which operate in areas with low signal. Complex graphics and big photos are not suitable for mobiles that operate under such conditions. Mobile app development providers like eTatvaSoft, such as designers must ensure that the images used in websites are optimized for various pixel densities and viewports sizes.

Resolution switching is highly recommended wherein it’s possible to instruct a browser to choose and use the appropriate image file size, depending on the device’s screen size. Switching image in accordance with the resolution is done using a couple of attributes, namely, srcset and sizes. With these, the browser would utilize the width of the device to choose the media condition provided in the sizes list that’s most suitable, select the slot size based on the condition, and load the image referenced in the srcset, which matches closely to the slot size selected.

3. Content is the King. When it comes to website development, designers should keep in mind that content must determine the website design and not vice versa. A site that has too many elements, such as charts, forms, tables, and others gets to be a challenge when scaled on mobile. Developers could end up hiding content for mobile users, making the mobile and desktop versions inconsistent.

The design goal should be focused on the content and core structure, instead of integrating the website’s decorative elements. Designers, as recommended by the mobile-first method must ascertain a single content version for mobile users and desktop users. Thus, web designers should carefully optimize, consider, and create content that would satisfy not only the goals of the business but also appeals to mobile users.

4. The video that plays all the time. Video files typically won’t play on mobile devices if formats are not supported, or if they need a proprietary video player. It’s recommended to utilize standard HTML5 tags for animations and videos. For loading, decoding, and playing videos on a website, the HTML5 video element could be used.

It’s highly recommended to produce a video in several formats to fit various mobile platforms. Furthermore, the appropriate sizing of videos so they would play within their containers is vital. See this example.

5. Responsive Tables. Today, the world is extremely data-driven. Bringing time-sensitive and critical data to handheld devices gives much freedom and power for decision-making to consumers. The challenge is presenting data to a user in a way that loads and reads easily on a mobile device.

Data most often must be presented in table form, but if data tables get unwieldy or too big, interpreting on a small screen mobile device could be frustrating. There are various approaches to creating responsive tables, the most important is the following:


A website that’s well-designed and works and scales well on small devices always could be improved progressively to work on bigger devices.

20 Most Popular WordPress Themes of 2020

A new decade has just come around the corner, and with it brought an endless amount of new opportunities for your success! And, of course, that means entirely new WordPress templates for those of you who seek to establish an online presentation for your business in the new year.

Why should you consider getting a WordPress template? Well, because it’s simply the quickest and easiest way of setting up a website of your own. All you have to do is download the theme, install it on your hosting and you’re done! Give it a few finishing touches to personalize it to fit your style and you have yourself a professional website in an extraordinarily short amount of time. Also, WordPress is the go-to content management system for both rookies and experienced developers because of its flexibility, functionality, and accessibility.

We can praise WordPress templates all day, but it’s always better to take a look with your own eyes. So, feel free to scroll down and see the top 20 most popular WordPress themes of the new decade!

Gutentype | 100% Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Modern Blog

Gutentype is an outstanding blogging theme that is based on the Gutenberg page builder. Compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce, the template allows you to easily set up a profitable online store of your very own. Fully responsive and search engine optimized, the template will look equally amazing on all screen resolutions and will always stay on top of Google’s search results, providing with all of the traffic you deserve.

Details | Demo

Jacqueline | Spa & Massage Salon Beauty WordPress Theme

Jacqueline’s beautiful responsive design will be the perfect choice for modern spa salons, massage services, and wellness centers. Booked Appointments will provide your users with a straightforward calendar from which they will be able to book a visit to your salon without hassle. Built with the WPBakery page builder, the theme is extremely easy to customize within its intuitive visual interface that requires no coding knowledge to operate.

Details | Demo

Alliance | Intranet & Extranet WordPress Theme

Alliance has been created with the goal of improving communication within your company and will work excellently for an intranet site. It allows you to easily manage all of your workers, departments, jobs and post events, notifications, calendars and graphs to keep everyone updated about their tasks. Its built-in document storage will also allow you to share crucial files and ensure that they’re always accessible to the respective people.

Details | Demo

Windsor – Apartment Complex / Single Property WordPress Theme

Windsor is a stylish corporate template that will be the perfect solution for newly built apartment complexes, office centers, real estate agencies, and even single property object sites. It is compatible with a bundle of premium plugins, namely the WPBakery page builder, WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, ThemeREX Addons and more. With WPML, you’ll also be able to easily translate your site into multiple languages and make it accessible for users from all across the world.

Details | Demo

FC United | Football, Soccer WordPress Sports Theme

FC United is the perfect choice for sports websites of any kind, especially football or soccer clubs, coaches, blogs and even magazines. It provides you with countless tools to present your team’s stats, player records, showcase the best of your matches, leagues, scores as well as all types of information your fans might find interesting. Compatible with the Elementor page builder, the theme is unrivaled in flexibility and can be completely overhauled with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Details | Demo

Drone Media | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme

If you’re into aerial photography and seek to build a website to showcase your works, look no further than Drone Media. Beautiful background videos, as well as the mobile-friendly Revolution & Swiper sliders, will help you instantly grab your visitors’ attention. WooCommerce compatibility also enables you to start selling your products and services directly from your webpage.

Details | Demo

Rhodos – A Colossal Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Business & Portfolio

Rhodos is the go-to template when it comes to building any type of modern corporate website. Supplied with countless niche skins, modules, shortcodes as well as compatibility with the powerful Elementor page builder the template can be easily customized from header to footer. Optimized for swift performance on all devices and in all search engines, the theme provides the optimal browsing experience for your users and will always be favored by search engines.

Details | Demo

AlphaColor | Type Design & Printing Services WordPress Theme

AlphaColor’s fresh vibrant design will be interesting for printing businesses, typographies, graphic design studios as well as individual designers. Display your services in an engaging and eye-pleasing manner with the help of the Revolution Slider and Essential Grid plugins. Sell your products and services online easily and built the perfect online store with a variety of tools brought to the table by WooCommerce.

Details | Demo

Cloe Brooks | Psychology, Counseling & Medical WordPress Theme + RTL

The professional design of Cloe Brooks is great for psychologists, clinics, hospitals, therapies as well as corporate websites of any kind. Built-in appointment booking and management will make arranging a visit to your hospital as simple as picking a date and time in a straightforward calendar. Compatible with a number of premium plugins the theme provides you with advanced functionality saving you quite a bit of money along the way.

Details | Demo

CleanSkin | Handmade Organic Soap & Natural Cosmetics Shop WordPress Theme

CleanSkin’s contemporary functional design has been created specifically for organic handcrafted products shops. The full WooCommerce package provided in the package gives you access to an array of tools for creating the ultimate online store of your own. A number of pre-made designs, subpages as well as galleries and even blog posts will hasten up your site’s customization process.

Details | Demo

Vihara | Ashram Oriental Buddhist Temple WordPress Theme

Vihara has been build to serve all types of Ashram or Buddhist websites such as temples, teaching sessions, inspiration classes, workshops, yoga, etc. Compatible with the powerful Give- Donations plugin it allows you to easily set up your own charities, collect donations and run your own fundraising campaigns. The inbuilt Timetable and Event Schedule will help you keep your visitors updated about all of your upcoming events and gatherings in an informative, straightforward interface.

Details | Demo

Honor | Shooting Club & Weapon Store WordPress Theme

Honor will help you build a strong online presentation for your shooting range, gun class or even an online weapon store. It is compatible with such outstanding plugins as the WPBakery page builder, Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, Booked Appointments, Contact Form 7, MailChimp, WooCommerce, Events Calendar, and ThemeREX Addons. Support for Retina imagery will make your site look equally stunning on both the tiniest and largest screen resolutions.

Details | Demo

Jewelry & Watches Online Store WordPress Theme

Jewelry & Watches has been created solely for online jewelry stores and luxury atelier agencies and it fulfills its purpose perfectly. Supplied with 7 unique homepages, countless shortcodes, blog post styles as well as the WPBakery page builder, the theme is easily customizable and extremely flexible. A built-in currency switcher is a handy tool which allows your customers to pay in a currency that is most convenient to them.

Details | Demo

HotLock | Locksmith & Security Systems WordPress Theme

HotLock is a stylish theme for security companies and online lock & security system stores. It is easily manageable, completely customizable and fully responsive & search engine optimized. The bundle also includes compatibility with Revolution Slider, WPBakery, Essential Grid, MailChimp, Booked Appointments, and WooCommerce.

Details | Demo

Booklovers – Publishing House & Book Store WordPress Theme

Booklovers will fit an online book store, publishing agency or even a personal author website like a glove. Equipped with 4 beautiful demos, full WooCommerce compatibility, an Events Calendar & management as well as countless shortcodes, modules, and plugins, the theme provides you with great functionality for its price. It is also completely multilingual and can be easily translated into multiple languages.

Details | Demo

Blabber | All-in-One Elementor Blog & News Magazine WordPress Theme + RTL

Blabber is a sunning multipurpose template for any type of contemporary blog or news magazine. Supported by 9 stunning demos, the theme gives you lots of creative freedom along with compatibility with the almighty Elementor page builder. Integrated with all of the most popular social medias, you’ll be able to spread your content easily and gain audiences on various sites.

Details | Demo

MaxiNet | Broadband & Telecom Internet Provider WordPress Theme

If you’re an owner of a TV station, internet provider services, telecom agency, computer network or any other telecom-related business, look no further than MaxiNet. To help you create a memorable and beautiful presentation of your company, the theme has been made compatible with the WPBakery page builder, Revolution Slider, and Essential Grid plugins. The one-click demo content installation option will allow you to save time and get started with your project in a matter of minutes.

Details | Demo

Royal Event | A Wedding Planner & Catering Company WordPress Theme

Royal Event is the perfect template for professional event management websites, catering companies, wedding planners, party decoration firms and so on. Calendar appointment booking will make booking a visit to your agency extremely easy for your clients. The built-in WooCommerce store will also enable you to start selling your products and services directly from your site, which is extremely handy.

Details | Demo

Chrimson | Windows & Doors Services + Store WordPress Theme

Chrimson is a clean, minimal template built for window & door services, construction bureaus, individual designer companies, and architects. The advanced quote and cost calculator is a great tool for informing your users about the price of your services in advance. The amazing contact and quote forms are also a great way of reaching you directly and easily.

Details | Demo

Car Parts Store & Auto Services WordPress Theme

Auto Parts is the ultimate automotive template for car parts stores, mechanics, bodyshops and all other sites related to vehicle maintenance and sales. The extensive WooCommerce package provides you with everything you need and more to create a professional online store that is a pleasure to browse through. It also comes with tons of outstanding shortcodes, widgets as well as premium plugins such as the Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, Booked Appointments, WPBakery, Contact Form 7 and much, much more.

Details | Demo

In Conclusion

So, did you find anything that would look perfectly on your own site? If you liked anything or even decided to make a purchase, be sure to tell us about it in the comments section. And if nothing came across as fitting for your own project, don’t worry! The ThemeREX marketplace is constantly getting updated with new amazing templates for all niches.

The History of WordPress: Everything You Need To Know

Really curious to know about WordPress and its entire journey towards the most successful CMS? Yes??? This post is definitely for you. Let’s have a walk through this along with me!!!  

Now, it’s been more than 15+ years since the time WordPress has come into the existence. I am genuinely feeling extremely happy to share that presently WordPress is showing its worth almost everywhere. This WordPress is powering websites, eCommerce stores, and blogs to a great extent. 

To be pretty honest, this WordPress has now got a big deal in the web development arena. In this tech-savvy era, WordPress accounts for nearly 50 to 60 percent of the global market with its well-recognized Content Management System. As a matter of fact, this powers more than 35% of the internet with its vast services. Before we take a complete look into the history of WordPress, let’s first know how it has evolved this much and where is it standing today.

What is WordPress?

So what is this WordPress? Well, WordPress is an open-source and free and Content Management System. The main characteristics of WordPress are the plugin architecture and template system. 

These templates let web designers make a pre-defined outline rather than just creating a new site from the very initial point. On the other hand, these plugins allow you integrate the extra functionality into the website so that a designer can design the site as per their customized requirements and make something which is out of the box and different from others. 

The best part about WordPress is that its founders worked on the belief that exceptional software should work with the least setup. 

The central purpose of its founders is to make some amazing tools that are intuitive and simple to use for its users. Of all the tools integrated by numerous web designers, WordPress has emerged as one of the top choices for many reasons. The reason for this is quite apparent – it renders some of the amazing advantages & privileges to businesses. 

History & Origins Of WordPress

In the very starting, WordPress started as a diverge of b2/cafelog in the year 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. 

Both were working really hard to create some well-architected and classic publishing system on which an individual can work his or her own. Well, one French programmer named Michel Valdrighi developed a B2/cafelog in the early 2001 year. This was a whole different idea that has initiated a completely different way of creating websites and webpages, and that is “WordPress” itself. The major idea was to create web pages and web sites dynamically from the database contents of MySQL. This way, they got to extend the utilization of the content.

Earlier the days in 2002, the primary cause for the evolution of WordPress was the thing that the designer guide for b2/cafelog got completely nonexistent for its users. Since Michel Valdrighi worked steadily on the design in 2002, it got really abandoned for him to leave the users with interest in the future of the overall design. At that particular point in time, one of the most concerned people was Matt Mullenweg.

Now fast forward to the year 2003, when Matt Mullenweg considered making use of b2/cafelog source code to create a new platform with the use of technologies that were great at that time. That was a time when he wanted it to possess the hackability of b2, parsing of TextPatter, comfort of the setup, and versatility of MoveableType.   

The Foundation

WordPress Foundation has taken place in the year 2010. There was an organization named up Automattic that actually held the trademarks of WordPress and thus made the entire foundation follow the interpretations of some other successful patrons. To be honest, the whole idea is to get them insulated and confine the criticism of the business name. 

REST API Infrastructure

In the year 2015, we humans all across the world got to see a completely new face of WordPress. This was the year when we all had witnessed the consolidation of the foundation REST API into the Core WordPress. This consolidation of REST enabled the less complicated nature of bespoke API.

This REST is also common among the people as RESTful web service and RESTful API. This REST is primarily based on the REpresentational State Transfer Technology, which is of structural style. In this, a user can get the complete access of the data, which is often used in web development services, which oftenly practices different HTTP requests to PUT, GET, DELETE and POST the data.  

WordPress In 2020

If we talk about presently, then WordPress is the only thing that is powering more than 20% of self-hosted websites on the internet. Its framework is just similar to the outset b2/cafelog structure – PHP. This is a server-side programming scripting language used for the purpose of Web development. On the other side, MySQL is an open-source relational database management system, best known because of its customizable and adaptable nature. At that time, Matt Mullenweg was actually trying really hard to build the robust platform he was speaking about initially in the year 2003.  

Despite of everything, Apache is one another technology integrated for WordPress web server environments. Basically, these were with Nginx, varnish cache, and mod_rewrite module. These sorts of tools were integrated to make the WordPress website work quickly. Well, the latest addition to the WordPress platform was the addition of Gutenberg editor to let designers & other novice developers create engaging sites. Gutenberg is primarily linked with a Managed WordPress host to streamline operations of digital businesses, developers, and users.

An Overview of WordPress Basics

WordPress Themes        

Well, WordPress theme is basically a set of templates and style sheets practiced to specify the overall look of the WordPress website. These templates will change the whole way your website looks and what users see on the front end. Nowadays, there are so many free of cost WordPress themes and templates available in theme directory. More so, you can also consider going for premium WordPress themes that can give you access to the added features and functionality. There are various sites that utilize custom themes for their WordPress web site designs too.

Well, these themes can be very much effective for your WordPress website if it possesses the appropriate themes. Usually, WordPress comes with a set of some default themes which you can utilize without paying any penny. On the other hand, if you wish to get something different from others, then you can consider going for the premium ones to build your business website.  The most valuable and recognizable feature of the WordPress theme is that it gives a person the liberty to code itself. In this, you can either modify the layout components and typography through CSS or can make your own custom theme as per your own and business needs.

The most valuable and recognizable feature of the WordPress theme is that it gives a person the liberty to code itself. In this, you can either modify the layout components and typography through CSS or can make your own custom theme as per your own and business needs.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is packed full, with so many different features available for all developers and businesses. However, there can be a case when you are not able to add features that you wish to add. In such a case, there is no need to bother about it since there is a plugin directory available with around thousands of plugins available free of cost.


These plugins are basically the code packages utilized to add further functionality. Well, these plugins usually are of images, CSS, PHP code, and JavaScript language. The maximum number of times, these WordPress plugins comes as a collection of files; however, designers usually require one single file along with the DocBlock in the header section.

In the CMS of WordPress, a person can easily make use of already available plugins or can make their own one (as per their personal preference). Nevertheless, by creating your own plug-in, you can additionally extend WordPress and access its limitless functionality. 

Web’s Managed WordPress

With all of the tricks and tools to WordPress, there’s no surprise that several professionals and businesses look to a hosting provider to maintain their situation. Liquid Web is equipped and outfitted with a Manage Applications team to take responsibility for the heavy lifting.

With Managed WordPress Hosting, you can concentrate on your website & content.

Managed WordPress hosting characteristics include:

  • Simple to use dashboard that concentrates merely on the administration of WordPress websites
  • Automatic Plugin updates utilizing Visual comparison tool
  • Plugin-based migrations make it easy to transfer sites
  • Build various website templates utilizing Stencilsto save time
  • Automated core updates to WordPress assures more comprehensive safety 
  • SFTP and SSH access for easy file administration
  • Simple database administration using phpMyAdmin
  • iThemes Sync Pro is a dashboard that assists those handling various client sites to preserve time by giving them the means and devices they require. Go back to developing and creating websites for users:
  • White-labeled client records for WordPress resources
  • Power over what users see in their WordPress dashboard 
  • Tracing and seeing Google Analytics data
  • Mass update of regularly utilized plugins

WordPress Is Changing The Entire History   

WordPress has changed everything and taken the whole IT world upside down in the last 15 years. From the time when it was one of the original self-publishing system adopted by the Mike Little & Matt Mullenweg in 2003 from b2/cafelog, to the top choice and No. 1 CMS driving around 14.7% of the best 100 websites in the globe, WordPress continues to thrive and grow in the world. More so, with the addition of the latest editor in WordPress 5.0 version, it continues to evolve more and more with every passing day!!!     

  Author Bio:

Jasica James is known for her tremendous contribution as a senior writer who loves to share her views on topics covering upcoming technology and the market trends. She is currently associated with Seasia Infotech  a Custom WordPress Development Company  based in the USA.

Why Are Favicons So Important?

Image source:

In this day and age, brand awareness is probably more important than anything else when talking about a business. Self-sustaining projects have reached that point because people behind them have recognized just how reliable they are on becoming recognized by others.

There are a lot of different techniques to accomplish this goal, but it all starts with little things. And is there anything that looks as insignificant as a favicon?

At first glance, a favicon is not something that you consider to have any real value, correct? But when you start to delve a bit deeper, things appear to be quite different.

What is a Favicon?

Let us start with the definition. You have seen plenty of favicons, but you might not have realized what they are called. A favicon is that icon you see at the top-right corner of the browser tab.

Some of the most recognizable favicons include Facebook’s white letter “F” in a blue background, YouTube’s red play button with some white in the middle, or the blue bird of Twitter.

Creating a Favicon

Image source:

Most people do not bother with something like a favicon generator and simply reduce the size of their logo and make that the default option. And this is more or less the correct strategy since your logo should already be one of your most recognizable assets.

Of course, this does not necessarily mean that you have no room for any creativity and thinking outside the box. There are plenty of brands that want to do things differently and believe that whatever involves the website should be different from any other channels, like social media.

Uploading It

Once you have a favicon ready to go, you should not have too many problems uploading it. Most people are probably using the WordPress CMS, but the basic principle of getting a favicon to show should apply to most if not all platforms.

Just go to the dashboard, find a customization tab, select site icon and upload the image. Keep in mind that the size of a favicon is specific, and there should be a warning of that before you upload the image. But then again, it is not like changing the size of an image is a big deal.


Image source:

Now those who have some knowledge will certainly question whether a favicon holds any value for search engine optimization. When you are designing a website, you certainly pay attention to loading speed for potential bounce rate problems, look for a theme that makes the user interface smooth, and so on. But a favicon?

Well, the reality is that it does not influence SEO directly, but if you are thinking about the long-term potential, there is no denying that everybody must have a favicon.

People who browse the internet have certain expectations these days. Even a slight thing will make your site more user-friendly. People will be able to identify the website easier when there are multiple tabs open at the same time.

Bookmarking is another point to consider, especially with how popular Google Chrome has become. It is one of the go-to browsers for the majority of individuals.

Whenever someone bookmarks a site, Google receives a signal about it, provided that a page has a favicon. This might sound a bit weird, but the reality is what it is. Missing out on such an opportunity will cause negative results on the SEO front. And when you add up every little mistake that you make, consider how much traffic is not coming to your website.

Search engine optimization is a very difficult nut to crack in the first place. Not to mention all the competition. Whenever there is a chance to gain an advantage, even if a very small one, going for it should be your second nature.

Brand Awareness

Image source:

Never underestimate brand awareness. Especially in this day and age. A favicon is a visual representation of your website and the whole brand. The more people recognize that little icon at the top, the better off you will be.

Finally, always look at these things from a perspective of trying to be in the industry for a long time. The more effort you put into setting the foundation now, the more splendid your fruits of labor are going to be.

So to sum it all up, it should be quite obvious why something like a favicon plays a significant role despite what first impressions might suggest. Try to do your best to ensure that it is always there, visible to website visitors. And if you are going for something original instead of the default logo option, do not stray too far from the original.