Latest Tips For Mobile Friendly WordPress Sites

Mobile phones are one of the best things which got invented over the past few decades. Talking about the existing situation, more and more people prefer to use their mobile devices whether it is something related to routine or anything about the business. Also, if we consider the reports on the web, it is estimated that the total number of mobile searches would increase as compared to those on desktops by the end of 2019.

So, now you have a very big reason to ensure that your WordPress website is mobile friendly because if you fail to deliver what mobile users need, you may actually on the verge to lose entire customer base. Though it is not technically challenging, in order to achieve the mobile-friendly goals through WordPress websites needs you to aim for certain tips that can benefit you in mobile first goals.

But before we jump on the tips, let’s get a better insight into the facts that why your WordPress website needs to be mobile friendly:

Let us start with your home, how many people you have in your family? Either adults, teens, or kids, mobile devices are something which everybody has these days. So, it increases the chances that any user who wants to shop for a luxury watch would quickly go for a search on the web using their mobile rather than reaching for the desktop.

Thus, when we hit into such a scenario where people are highly obsessed with the use of mobile devices, and there is a massive pool of services present on the web with great competition, optimizing your WordPress website for mobile use becomes vital.

Now let us talk about the concept of mobile-friendly that what exactly it is to be mobile friendly?

A well-optimized WordPress website is the one which offers complete convenience for the user to navigate no matter which mobile device or operating system they are on. A website which is easy to explore, navigate, and read with a perfect display of images and easy to click links between content is something that we call mobile optimized website.

In case you fail to miss the mark, there is nothing that can retain your potential customers. Ultimately, a mobile-friendly website is all about a user-friendly site that communicates and compels the user to reach your business, helping to gain more traffic followed by better leads, revenue, and other business goals.

Now, without taking any of your time, we will jump on the major tips that one must keep in mind while creating a WordPress site to deliver perfect user experience for better conversions.

Test Environment For Build Up

The first tip which you must always count in your list of website development is that any kind of development for a website should be done in a testing environment. This is because if you make changes to a live website, chances are high that you would run into something that would lead to a crash.

Moreover, if your business is entirely centered on your website, resisting downtime becomes more than necessary to avoid a drop in sales. So, if you are working to create a website which is perfect for your mobile audience, make sure everything from functionality to WordPress website design should be done in a test environment.

Selection of Themes

The primary goal with your WordPress based website should be consistency. Your website should run perfectly for both desktops as well as mobiles. Therefore, you must prefer the use of mobile themes which does not need you to reach for a custom WordPress theme development saving you time and resources.

Thanks to WordPress that it offers a huge list of options for theme selection creating more opportunities for increasing mobile users. Here we have a small list of themes which are perfect for creating a great mobile experience with the website development on WordPress:

  • Twenty Fourteen: the first name we have in our list is WordPress very own default theme for a website with so many menu configurations to choose. It is attractive, responsive and perfect for any type of user who needs to browse the web on mobile devices.
  • MH Magazine: MH magazine is another pretty and responsive theme from WordPress as it offers a highly responsive layout that aligns with every screen size with great compatibility with browsers. It also offers a great collection of fonts that are truly designed for a web-friendly response.
  • Mayashop: for eCommerce websites or stores, it is a perfect pick. All you need to do is pair it up with a highly functional plugins like Jigoshop that could help you reach your design goals.

Some other options for mobile friendly website theme could be, metro, Uncode, Jevelin, Kalium, etc.

Choice of Plugins

The best thing about developing websites using WordPress is the availability of extensions and plugins that streamlines the development job. All you have to do is pick the plugins that serve your functionality goals without disturbing the mobile friendliness.

If you are not a technical geek who is informed about all the technicalities of WordPress websites, all you need to do is pick the right plugin that can help you solve the purpose. For instance, installing a plugin to ensure easier zooming of the content while using a phone. Here we bring you two of the best examples of mobile-friendly WordPress plugins which you may consider while developing your website.

  • WP Touch: WP Touch plugin is one of the most significant mobile WordPress plugins that can help convert your theme for a perfect mobile interface.  It is designed in a manner to make any theme run smooth and easy for any type of mobile device.
  • AMP for WP: the second plugin which we have in our bucket is the AMP for WP plugin. It is all about accelerated mobile pages that makes it convenient for any user to turn a non-mobile friendly website to a highly responsive mobile website.
  • WP Mobile Detector: the third name in our list is WP mobile detector which is a great tool for those who need to save time detecting the device type before converting any site into a perfect mobile-friendly interface.

Some other examples include jetpack, WordPress mobile pack, WP mobile menu, etc

Responsive to Devices

When we talk about the term responsive, it is all about a website that runs perfectly on any mobile device aligning with its screen. For example, if you are using a laptop or desktop to reach a website, it will run perfectly to your screen design. However, the same website if runs on an Android smartphone or iOS tablet, it will fit the screen accordingly for perfect user experience.

So, responsive design helps a business owner to ensure that any user working on any source to reach a website should get automatically customized website experience. WordPress lets you choose so many WordPress themes that can provide easy drag and drop build up for a responsive layout.

Graphical Content Use

Consider the current trends in mobile devices. Over the past few years, the size of the screens has started to go much bigger as compared to traditional smartphones. However, they are relatively much smaller in size as compared to desktop. Therefore to make your website more mobile responsive and friendly, it is essential to reduce the use of heavy graphics that can increase the load time.

Either you are running an eCommerce store on WordPress or it is just a small 5-page business website, make sure you avoid clutter on your website that can slow down your website’s loading speed. So, if you want your website to look amazing to any user who is accessing over mobile devices, make sure you keep the graphic content low and use only high quality yet compressed images for a better experience.

Text Selection

Last but not least, you need to keep your focus high while selecting the text for your website. Make sure you never make your website look occupied with the text and other content. You have to ensure that any user reading your content must be able to read and scroll easily with easy communication to links added on the website.

Moreover, your content should be entirely aimed at the product in order to keep the user oriented toward your website through relevancy. You can simply avoid the extra stuff to garnish and simply plan to share the information which is necessary for purchasing your services in an informed manner.


The process to optimize your website for a mobile device does not need you to complicate the building process. It just needs you to aim for every minor detail which pleases you as a user while surfing through a smartphone or tablet. So, if you want your existing customers as well as new users to build your fan army, all you need to do is aim for all the above tips making the most with your WordPress website goals. All the best!

Author Bio :

Ravi Sharma, the Co-Founder & CEO of WordPress Web Design agency in Chandigarh named as Webomaze Technologies is a dedicated entrepreneur who helps various businesses worldwide to have a better online presence and generate more leads through responsive sites. He is a traveler and loves to explore new places.  

Create a professional landing page with a landing page builder

In the era of digitalization starting an online business is usually a good idea. Making money online can be either principal source of income or an additional one which will make it possible to save or spend more. No wonder that an increasing number of people tend to become entrepreneurs overnight and decide to make their proper ideas reality. Or to copy an idea of somebody else. But the idea is only the beginning of the entrepreneurship journey and every online businessman has to have a trump card when it comes to their marketing strategy to beat up the competition.

It is said that one of the element of the marketing strategy should always be a decent and nice looking landing page which today is a must for every online business. The idea of landing pages as a powerful marketing tool has been popularized roughly over 10 past years but the concept is still vivid and landing page experts are still up to their knees. But the question is – is it still worth it?

Landing pages – are they still effective?

Landing pages are considered a powerful marketing tool which should be an essential element of every online business marketing strategy. However, many people doubt if they are actually so precious as it is said or it’s a thing of the past now?

The doubters claim that landing pages are overrated now. They say that they may be a good way to increase brand awareness but it is not true that they help with conversions which is usually the main benefit of landing pages quoted on any page. Moreover, they assume that a landing page is not really needed as a business website is sufficient to gain potential customers’ interest and trust.

However, the truth is that a good landing page is definitely not overrated. It can both help with conversions and brand awareness. And it can be an excellent addition to your main business website but a concise one with clearly outlined advantages of your product or service for your customers instead of long facts and figures. So the question is…

What makes a landing page great?

To put it simply – a good landing page is a converting one. A good landing page is a one consistent with your business. It has all essential elements to persuade the visitors into your solution and makes people want to buy it. With catchy headline, neat layout, concise and straightforward content and call to action it can work miracles for your online business.

A common mistake when creating a landing page is using a landing page template which is not compatible with the type of business. Online businessmen want to do it as quickly as possible and just do a careless research, choose one which is free and go with it. And then they are usually disappointed as it did not bring them the promised benefits.

The problem with the landing page templates is that there is no such thing as a model example of a landing page because its final form depends on many factors such as targeted niche, type of product or service, price, size of the market or location. The free templates to download cannot be universal for all the online business. But luckily – there is a solution for that and it is a free landing page builder.

How to create a perfect free landing page

The landing page experts, in addition to their services, offer free landing page builders on their sites. The free trial lasts 14 days but actually you don’t need all this time as with those builders you are able to create a decent landing page in less than an hour. Pretty neat, right?

The landing page builders make creating landing pages really easy and pleasant experience. They propose several layouts and have a “drag and drop” function so you don’t need any programming or designing skills to create a good looking landing page. The builder does a chunk of work on your behalf and your main task is just to put in the content. And to make a landing page perfect the content must be of a high quality.

How to create high quality content for landing page

The content is everything you put on the landing page. Starting from a headline, through every fact you quote, right up to a call to action. All texts, banners, pictures or photos make up your content and their quality make your landing page a hit or a miss. And as for graphics you can easily improve it with the marketer tools which can be found on the Internet.

The marketer tools will enable you to improve your photos or pictures with effects, to enlighten them, to add some contrast and give them professional look. Also, you can create your own designs like banners, small ads or other elements with free tools like, for example, Canva. The graphics is the first thing your visitors will note so it is very important to take care of it to make your landing page a professional and powerful marketing tool instead of complaining afterwards that it is overrated 😉

20 Best Creative WordPress Themes that Will Make Users Go Wow

Itching to make a big impression but need a boost of creativity to get started? Here are some of the best creative WordPress themes that you can use to build a website that attracts the right prospects to your business. But before you’ll take the plunge, remember that your website should entice and engage to take a specific action. Whether you are thinking of launching a new high-end level product or a news portal, picking the right WP template can be nothing but pain. This time, we encourage you to break the monotony and enjoy only the best creative WordPress themes hand-picked below.

Indeed, demonstrating creativity is great but it’s far not the most important part of your website’s goal. First of all, your website needs to be highly usable. Simply put, you don’t have to make your users think while browsing your site. It’s in your own interest to create some kind of tour allowing your visitors following the path you expect. Once the user found a reason on your website to come, expect to build repeat business. Enough beating around the bush, let’s enjoy creative WordPress themes below. 

Drone Media | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme

Are you into aerial photography? Definitely, a creative niche that needs to be represented in a smart way. Drone Media is one of the best creative WordPress themes you need to try. Designed in a modern style, it comes with a fully responsive layout, SEO optimized code, and a set of pre-designed pages. Thus, you get everything you may need to pitch yourself as a creative mind and stick out a mile. Booked Appointments plugin comes jam-packed, too, in fact.

Details | Demo

Jarvis | Night Club, Concert, Festival WordPress Theme

Want to catch every visitor’s eye with your vibrant night club website? Wait no longer and give Jarvis a try. Festive, modern and eye-catching, it fits websites for a night club, concert or a lounge bar. Even if you want to challenge yourself as a DJ, Jarvis is the right fit. It features online table & ticket booking functionality, booking calendar, and events management. You can also start selling your products or services online by just adding a shop cart to your website. Enjoy it.

Details | Demo

AlphaColor | Type Design & Printing Services WordPress Theme

When you need to stand out early in the game, AlphaColor can give you a leg up on the competition. Fresh, colorful & vibrant, it fits all kinds of websites related to printing or type design services. Let’s say the more creative design service your company offers, the better Jarvis fits it. Built with WPBakery page builder, it offers you the freedom to get creative with new layouts. So, promote your best-selling products and sell them online without any coding issues.

Details | Demo

Eject | Web Studio & Creative Agency WordPress Theme

Looking for the best solution to represent your web design business? Don’t miss out on Eject. Modern, eye-catching and powerful, it stands out from the other creative WordPress themes on the list. Apart from the powerful WPBakery page builder, it features a set of custom shortcodes & widgets to skip a lot of the time-consuming work. To help your contents look in a more stylish way, organize it in awesome grids. Poke around its features, there a lot inside.

Details | Demo

Rhodos | A Colossal Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Business & Portfolio

To begin with, Rhodos is just the cream of the crop amongst the best creative WordPress themes. Why? It’s obvious, being multi-purpose, it fits all kinds of websites related to business. This way, you can start a lawyer, consulting, marketing, investment or advertising website in mere minutes. Besides, WordPress 5.0compatible, it’s built in line with the latest web design standards. At last, WooCommerce ready and compatible with Elementor page builder, Rhodos is worth the hype.

Details | Demo

Gutentype | 100% Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Modern Blog

Thinking about starting a blog? Don’t waste your time, Gutentype can help get you started. You don’t need to learn how to code, building websites are much easier today. Based on Gutenberg page builder, Gutentype is second to none for blogs, guides & cryptocurrency websites, a news portal. It supports all Gutenberg blocks & is compatible with extra theme shortcodes. Also, it allows you to start selling things without having to hack into any coding.

Details | Demo

Artrium | Creative Agency & Web Studio WordPress Theme

Artrium is another eye-catching specimen of creative WordPress themes on the list. Designed especially for web design & creative businesses, it has you a lot to offer. Whether you are in marketing, advertising, photography or publishing businesses, Artrium would be right at home. No matter how many layouts you need to create, Elementor page builder will take your pain away. At last, responsive and SEO-friendly, your website is more likely to appear top of the search engine results.

Details | Demo

WotaHub Coworking Space WordPress Theme

Give your business a raise with WotaHub. Designed for coworking spaces, it fits open space offices, workshops, and creative spaces. If you’re looking for the best solution to represent your services, WotaHub is a big success. Apart from a set of pre-designed pages, it comes with events calendar and events management. Its responsive and eye-catching layout can help introduce your brand, drive traffic, and increase conversions. Stay tuned to its galore of options to make a compelling case.

Details | Demo

Crown Art | Arts School WordPress Theme

Consider yourself a creative person? Build your own website to get noticed. Crown Art is a modern and fully functional specimen of creative WordPress themes you need to explore. Its clean and attractive layout fits the school of arts, art studio, creative community or music school. No matter how creative you want to get with Crown Art, make sure everything is possible until you keep your eyes open. At last, it’s compatible with Instagram Feed so you can keep your users informed even on social media.

Details | Demo

Raider Spirit | Airsoft Club & Paintball WordPress Theme

Do you want to drive more traffic to your paintball club? Indeed, you do. So, make your dreams a reality with Raider Spirit. Designed for paintball clubs, it fits also airsoft, strikeball clubs, and the like. Compatibility with WooCommerce can help build your own online store in a hassle-free manner. Besides, you can easily start your own blog and promote all the bells & whistles of your business. Don’t waste time learning how to code, WPBakery page builder will help make things easier.

Details | Demo

Bazinga | Magazine & Viral Blog WordPress Theme

Bazinga is another fresh specimen of creative WordPress themes you can’t miss out on. It’s right at home for a guest post, niche blogs, affiliate, freelance, contests websites, and the like. Thus, it comes with 3 beautiful homepage layouts and a set of awesome blog styles. Besides, it’s compatible with Instagram Feed and has a ton of custom shortcodes & widgets. Build your own modern website like a pro and give your visitors a reason not to forget you.

Details | Demo

Melania | Handmade Blog & Shop WordPress Theme

Want to start selling your handmade clothing online? No problem, Melania is the solution. Designed especially for handmade blogs, it’s second to none for websites related to sewing, knitting, wedding decoration, & knitwear accessories. So, you can choose between 5 beautiful homepage layouts and 10 blog post styles to make sure your site is a cut above the rest. And the best thing is that your pages have a super speedy load. Your visitors will appreciate it, I bet.

Details | Demo

HeartStar | Gift Shop & Event WordPress Theme

Need a great-looking solution for your gift shop? HeartStar would be right at home for your needs. Want to give your business a big advantage over your competitors? Choose between several homepage layouts and get started quicker. Indeed, WooCommerce ready, it allows you to skip a lot of the time-consuming work and start selling things in minutes. Let your users enjoy your modern website across all modern devices, platforms and browsers. 

Details | Demo

Swoop | Web Studio & Creative Agency WordPress Theme

Whether you need a website for a digital agency or an online firm, Swoop can fit you right off the bat. It’s a perfect choice for marketing, advertising, entrepreneur, and event planning service websites. Besides, Swoop can serve well for online advertising in Adwords, Google Analytics, and e-marketing. Try your hand at creating new layouts and stunning galleries that stick out a mile. Give your website a new look.

Details | Demo

Kings & Queens | Historical Reenactment WordPress Theme

Convinced that no other company can offer better medieval reenactment services than yours? Give your users a reason to choose you. Let Kings & Queens help you achieve your goals. It is a great choice for any entertainment websites related to theater, ballet, opera or drama. Besides, a ton of eCommerce options can help make it big in sales even if you haven’t sold a thing yet. Different contact & subscription forms can help keep your audience tuned. 

Details | Demo

Adrena | Airsoft Club & Paintball WordPress Theme

Looking for ways to introduce your paintball club? Why not give Adrena a try. Stylish, modern and eye-catching, it fits paintball, airsoft, strikeball, and other paramilitary clubs. Apart from that, it can be a good place to start your own healthy lifestyle store or blog. Let WPBakery take care of tricky things, so you don’t have to. Surprise people with your stunning galleries, pricing tables or vouchers.

Details | Demo

EmojiNation | Night Club & Concert WordPress Theme

Here’s another vibrant specimen of creative WordPress themes you need to explore. Leave code aside and get creative with EmojiNation from day one. Fresh, modern and attractive, it can help promote your night club in an eye-catching manner. Provide information about upcoming events, artists, photos, videos, and even DJ mixes to keep your users tuned. Lend your website a more attractive feel that keeps your users tuned. Dive in.

Details | Demo

PartyMaker | Event Planner WordPress Theme

Break the monotony with a bright website that sparks attention. PartyMaker is an elegant WP template that fits event planning websites right off. If you want to keep yourself safe as a professional decorator or banquet manager, try your hands at PartyMaker. Tons of pre-designed pages, a set of premium plugins, and WooCommerce integration, what else could you ask for? No time for boring designs. Transmit your creative message all over the world.

Details | Demo

Weedles | Virtual Reality Landing Page & Store WordPress Theme

Weedles would be an especially great choice for online stores selling virtual reality gadgets & products. Even though it comes with several pre-designed pages, nothing can stop you from creating as many new layouts as you need. Let WPBakery take care of your coding issues. Sure, tons of eCommerce options can help you enhance your selling spree easy way. At last, responsive and SEO-friendly, your website is more likely to appear top of the search engines.

Details | Demo

Photolia | Photo Company & Photo Supply Store WordPress Theme

Are you a prize-winning photographer? Build your own website without calling in pros and let the world know you exist. Modern, clean and eye-catching, Photolia is nothing but a big success. It fits photo lab services, photography business, corporate printing house, and the like. Start selling your works or services directly online and leave all the coding issues aside. Besides, it’s WPML compatible, so your website is open up to a new market.

Details | Demo

Over to You about the Best Creative WordPress Themes

Still sitting on the fence and waiting for inspiration to strike? Enough killing time. Jump straight to the site-building with any of these creative WordPress themes above. Once your website is up and running, expect a boost in your business.

How to Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing (10 Pro Tips)

Making money through participation in affiliate programs is not at all as easy as it seems to an absolute majority of start-up entrepreneurs. Throwing a couple of dozen of your affiliate links on your blog or website, stupidly cram ads on all the pages and you can’t make a lot of money this way – you can even try.

If only it were that simple!

Here are 10 most valuable tips that can only be given to a beginning entrepreneur who plans to start earning in affiliate programs. If you accept these weapons tips and follow them diligently, your chances of success will increase significantly.

1. Always look for programs offering lasting income

The vast majority of affiliate programs offer a commission in the form of a certain percentage of each sale you make. Thus, in order to receive a commission in this situation, you need to bring new and new clients all the time. And for each sale to a new buyer, the commission is paid once.

Some programs offer the so-called recurring income – as a rule, for the sale of any services that the client constantly renews (for example, hosting services, mail answering machines, etc.). And with each new renewal of the service provided by you, you receive your percentage of commission.

Thus, by bringing a client once, you regularly receive your reward for it – as long as he uses the purchased service.

2. Be sure to develop your business.

Whatever goods and services you are promoting in affiliate programs, you must have your own website and the reputation of a professional in your field. Many start-up entrepreneurs, registering in several affiliate programs, begin to stupidly redirect target visitors to their affiliate links, being fully confident that they don’t need their own website …

Serious mistake!

First of all, in order to listen to your recommendations and buy through your links, you will need a corresponding reputation. In order to earn it, you will have to do everything the same as when using any other business model: to establish yourself in the market as a specialist in your business, create your own high-quality author’s content, write publications, regularly update and supplement your own website and everything else

In another way, you don’t earn much money in affiliate programs.

In other words, you need to create and develop a full-fledged own online business with the only difference that you will sell not the goods and services of your production, but the goods and services of other entrepreneurs through your affiliate links and receive a commission for this. Everything else is the same.

3. Be sure to publish your own newsletter

This item is closely related to the previous one and follows directly from it. No successful online business without own mailing is simply not possible.

Therefore, whether you like it or not, you will have to publish your own newsletter.

In the same way, as in any other online business models, you should turn visitors to your pages into subscribers of your newsletter, form relationships with them, strengthen your reputation, gain trust from them, and only then earn money by recommending your subscribers those goods and services you are promoting.

This is actually the best and most efficient of all possible ways – tested by many years of practice!

4. Write reviews of the goods and services you promote and create your own advertising materials for them.

Understandably, the easiest way to work in an affiliate program is to post on your website those promotional materials that are offered by the owner of the affiliate program, and also to “send” to the newsletter those promotional letters, which templates have already been prepared for you by the same owner.

Many do so. I can bet that you are going to do just that when you get to work. But if you are interested in my opinion on this issue – know: I am against!

Why? Everything seems to be convenient, simple and fast …

Yes, convenient, simple and fast. The only problem with this approach is that this is the most unproductive way possible!

The use of ready-made advertising materials is not able to provide you with the desired result – this is a long-time proven truth. The reasons are many, but the main are two.

Firstly, as a rule, the affiliate program owner doesn’t particularly care that the materials developed by him are as effective as possible, for he goes on with the development of his affiliate program primarily through the extensive path.

Secondly, the advertising that works effectively for one subscription list and site will not necessarily be effective for another – each audience has its own characteristics and these features must be taken into account in promotional materials.

5. Offer customers something special

Exactly. Even when you work in affiliate programs, you have in all its glory the problem of UTP, that is, unique trading position.

It’s simple: besides you, exactly the same links to exactly the same products and services on the Web are offered by hundreds and thousands of other partners of the same seller who you are. And here’s the question: why should a potential client click on your affiliate link?

In order to successfully work in affiliate programs, you must clearly, clearly and clearly explain the answer to this question to a potential buyer. What will he get by clicking on your affiliate link and making a purchase, which he will not be able to get by clicking on the links of all other partners like you?

If you do not take care of this – no one will choose your affiliate links. Guess what happens with your affiliate sales and commissions. How to make your visitors and subscribers have a good incentive to make purchases just by your links, that is, how to solve the problem of your own UTP?

The web is full of literature on the topic of positioning – it will help you in solving this issue, but my task was to set this problem before you with the aim of solving it effectively for the benefit of your sales and earnings in affiliate programs.

6. Spin not your affiliate links, but the materials in which they appear.

I will repeat it again – if you simply find the pages of your sites and the letters of your newsletters with affiliate links, nothing good will come of it.

Instead, you should write useful articles, special reports, create audio and video recordings with answers to questions from the audience and other useful content in which to place your affiliate links so that they look natural there and in the subject, and then distribute such materials for free and promote them. Only this way of promotion is as efficient as possible – tested and proven!

7. Test everything and everyone!

Whatever you do to develop your own project and increase the turnover of affiliate sales, you should record every step and its results, then to draw appropriate conclusions about what works and what does not. Obtaining this data, we then stop doing what is not working and focus on what gives the result. Thus, we are constantly improving our project and begin to work more and more efficiently.

In this regard, many newbies of online business, building their project on the work in affiliate programs, ask me the question of what points should be paid special attention.

First of all, be sure to take care of the possibility of collecting the most detailed statistics of your website traffic, which is possible. Monitoring the attendance of your site, the movement within it of your visitors, the duration of your stay on certain pages, etc., will provide you with a huge amount of valuable information.

Secondly, you should constantly test invitations pages to subscribe to your newsletters, the results of the advertising materials developed by you, the popularity of your product reviews and all other materials that you use to promote affiliate products and services.

8. Hide your affiliate links to redirect addresses containing the address of your site or any special service.

No one knows exactly what it is connected with and what causes it, but the fact remains: online users hate to buy something from affiliate links and in every possible way try to “pull the tail” off the affiliate link.

Apparently, it gives them great pleasure to deprive the partners (including you) of honestly earned commissions.

Therefore, the traditional recommendation is to hide the addresses of your affiliate links with the help of special scripts, services, or software, the benefit of such solutions today is a truly huge amount of it on the Web.

9. Engage the work of employees

As we have already mentioned above, we emphasize once again that an online business that consists of earning on affiliate programs is exactly the same business like any other business – for it is an absolute majority of the advice and recommendations given to those who work on others. models.

Accordingly, one of the most important recommendations, which is the key to the success of any business, is the fulfilment of those functions in-house, the work on which is enjoyable and enjoyable, and the implementation of the rest should be entrusted to hired employees.

10. Create your own inexpensive, but very valuable information product.

This technique goes beyond the traditional recommendations for working in affiliate programs, but this technique is one of my favourites because of its amazing performance.

Its meaning is to create a small information product on the subject of your specialization (let it be, say, a special report, audio collection, video material, etc.), which will have good value for your audience. And at the end of the content of this product, you recommend purchasing those goods and services that you promote as part of participation in affiliate programs of other entrepreneurs.

15 Green Templates for Organic Store Websites

Are you an owner of an organic store that is looking for a way to reach more customers? In our day and age, the perfect solution would be getting yourself a website since it has become quite a huge platform for marketing. And since more and more people prefer shopping online to going to local stores, it makes perfect sense to build a site for your organic goods store.

The quickest and also most cost-efficient way to kickstart your site would be purchasing a premium template. By getting one you’re basically receiving a full-blown website that’s ready to go on your hosting pretty much immediately. It is much faster than building a theme from complete scratch and cheaper than hiring a developer to do it for you. And you don’t even need to know any code to work with it later! Most of them are supplied with handy plugins and visual page builders to aid you in the customization process.

Below you will find a list of 15 of the freshest WordPress themes designed specifically for organic store websites, provided by ThemeRex. Scroll down and check them out for yourself!

Healthy Farm | Food & Agriculture WordPress Theme

Healthy Farm provides you with everything you need to create a successful agricultural website, including various layout styles, an advanced post rating system, social media sharing options, beautiful portfolio & galleries and even WooCommerce integration. WPBakery compatibility means simplistic customization in a visual drag & drop interface. The template even features its own shortcode builder and a media content manager.

Details Demo

Olive Oil and Vinegars Production WordPress Theme

Olive Oil & Vinegars supports an intuitive visual interface with an informative layout that looks beautiful on any platform. Full WooCommerce compatibility goes without saying and Revolution Slider, Essential Grid and PO Composer along with the WPBakery Page Builder give you plenty of customization opportunities. With the help of the WPML plugin, you will be able to create a truly multinational store.

Details Demo

Dairy Farm & Eco Products WordPress Theme

With tons of customizable features, Dairy Farm & Eco Products is an ideal option for a dairy farm, cattle farm or an agricultural business website. It comes with three homepage layouts, both boxed and wide layout versions, a variety of header styles and countless stunning hover effects. It is also supplied with WPBakery, Revolution Slider, Swiper Slider, WPML, Essential Grid, WooCommerce and much, much more.

Details Demo

Rosewood | Organic Farming WordPress Theme

Rosewood’s beautiful layout that integrates the Essential Grid plugin allows you to showcase your business and the goods you produce in an absolutely alluring manner. Its powerful admin interface lets you manage all of your content with hundreds of options grouped in a neat interface. Contact Form 7 lets you create custom contact forms for your visitors to be able to reach you easier and Instagram Feed is perfect for advertising your business on that platform.

Details Demo

Good Wine | Wine House, Winery & Wine Shop WordPress Theme

Good Wine’s layout is clean, attractive and ideal for displaying all the information necessary to inform your users about your company and products. Revolution Slider set as the homepage slider lets you show off your beautiful vineyard, cellar and your stock in a way that will capture the attention of your potential clients. Parallax effect backgrounds further add to the site’s user experience, creating a feeling of depth with imagery moving at different speeds.

Details Demo

Vegadays | Vegetarian Food Festival & Event WordPress Theme

Vegadays features convenient events schedule & managing plugins so you can inform your visitors about the types of events you’re holding. It is a fully responsive and Retina ready theme, so it will definitely look amazing on any platform. It is also fully optimized for mobile performance and utilizes the Revolution and Swiper sliders, Essential Grid, Booking Calendar, PO Composer and WPBalery.

Details Demo

Beelove | Honey Production and Online Store WordPress Theme

Beelove is compatible with the unique Gutenberg page builder that gives you access to a convenient visual interface, from which you can edit all of your page’s elements. Take advantage of the multitude of outstanding gallery and blog layouts to present your beekeeping business and share your knowledge with your visitors. Sets of custom widgets and shortcodes enhance the theme’s functionality considerably and ease the already seamless workflow even further. Take advantage of three beautiful pre-made layouts, built-in contact forms, WooCommerce and WPBakery to create a truly unique website.

Details Demo

Umberto – Mushroom Farm & Organic Products Store WordPress Theme

Umberto’s clean design features an earthy color scheme that is perfect for showcasing your mushroom farm. It sports a variety of pre-designed pages as well as the WPBakery page builder supplied with an extensive set of shortcodes that allows you to create unique layouts of your own! It is also compatible with such premium plugins as Revolution Slider, Essential Grid and PO Composer.

Details Demo

Farm Agrico | Agricultural Business WordPress Theme

Farm Agrico’s clean layout combined with beautiful imagery creates a beautiful presentation of your agricultural business. Choose between boxed and fullwidth layout versions, a selection of pre-designed pages and multitudes of post animations and blog styles. The theme is compatible with a wide variety of plugins, including Gutenberg, Revolution Slider, WPBakery, Essential Grid, Comment Guestbook, MailChimp for WP, Contact Form 7 and even ThemeREX Addons.

Details Demo

Origano – Organic Food & Eco Farm WordPress Theme

Origano’s clean minimal design merges perfectly with your content, creating a truly organic and natural feel for your website. Its SEO optimization is on point, ensuring that your store is easy to find using any search engine and the fully responsive layout looks equally amazing on all device types. The theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce and supplied with a respective shop design to minimize the time required to start up your store.

Details Demo

Krausser’s | Cattle Farm & Produce Market WordPress Theme

Krausser’s fully responsive and Retina ready design was crafted for cattle farm and market websites. Revolution & Swiper Slider, Essential Grid, WPBakery, PO Composer and, of course, WooCommere are all part of the package. The entire Google web fonts library is included in the theme along with the Fontella Icon set and Images Icons to help you liven up your typography.

Details Demo

Organic Store | Organic Food & Eco Products WordPress Theme + RTL

5 pre-designed homepage layouts, full WooComerce compatibility, beautiful gallery & blog post designs along with dozens of helpful shortcodes are just a few of this theme’s features. Its layout is intuitive and the interface guides your visitor’s eyes through your content and products. It also gives you the ability to turn your site into a conversion optimized landing page for your store.

Details Demo

Luxury Wine | Wine House, Winery & Wine Shop WordPress Theme

Luxury Wine supports both Sticky Menus and Mega Menu, enabling you to create all sorts of navigation configurations for your page. The parallax effect in the background helps to create a more engaging design and Revolution Slider helps showcase your goods in the most stunning way possible. Take advantage of Essential Grid’s galleries to create beautiful presentations for your wine collections and let your customers exactly where to find you with customizable Google Maps.

Details Demo

Laon comes with two unique layout modes: catalog and shop. Its Event Calendar along with Revolution Slider enable you to tell your customers about all of your upcoming events in an attractive and engaging manner. The inclusion of WPBakery, a drag & drop page builder with an intuitive visual interface makes customization an absolute breeze.

Details Demo

Green Box | Eco Farm & Organic Products Store WordPress Theme

Green Box is a perfect example of a great theme perfectly equipped for its niche. Full WooCommerce compatibility makes setting up a shop and actually selling goods from your page dead simple and WPBakery compatibility gives you access to simple yet extremely deep customization options. Professional design with tons of amazing pre-designed pages for products, services, about and team sections, beautiful gallery & blog post layouts, loads of shortcodes and a plentitude of popular integrated plugins make this template really stand out from the bunch.

Details Demo

In Conclusion

So, did anything on our list catch your attention? Did you manage to pick a theme out for using on your own project? Be sure to tell us in the comment section!

Top 10+ Virtual Assistant & HR WordPress Themes

Do you provide personal consulting services and are looking for ways to attract more customers? We have a simple answer for you! It is the age of the Internet and every respectable business has its own website. So, you should get one as well.

To help you with that task, we have collected you over 10 amazing website templates created specifically for your niche. Getting a ready-made template is a quickest and most cost-efficient way of starting up a website. All you have to do to get it running is download it and install it on your hosting. Once you’ve done that, you have yourself a working website that you can customize to your style and liking. They are extremely simple to install and work with, so don’t worry, you won’t run into any trouble even if you have no previous experience with websites.

Now let’s jump straight to the point. Below you will find a list of beautiful ThemeRex themes for virtual assistants, counselors and HR websites organized in a neat list. Feel free to scroll down and check them out for yourself!

HR Advisor | Human Resources & Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

HR Advisor is supplied with a collection of powerful shortcodes and widgets and combines WPBakery with WordPress Customizer, giving you vast amounts of options when it comes to customization. It is integrated with the HR Advisor Addons plugin, which adds twelve new widgets, CV card functionality, image optimization and much more. The theme is also supplied with Revolution and Swiper sliders, both letting you showcase your content in a more attractive and engaging way and making your site more touchscreen-friendly.

Revirta | Virtual Assistant WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Revirta’s pure corporate design gives you maximum flexibility and is perfect for both small and large-scale businesses. Its fully responsive and Retina ready layout ensures that your visitors are always able to reach you. It is supplied with 6 unique pre-made homepages, advanced contact forms, ready-to-use shortcodes and pages for various purposes. The theme is also integrated with WPBakery Page Builder and the ThemeRex Addons plugin.

Miller | Personal Assistant & Administrative Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Miller’s solid business design and beautiful layout are perfect for displaying all of your services and showing off your skills. It gives you options to pick between one-page and multiple page styles as well as the type of menu you prefer: pop-up with scroller or classic. The theme is compatible with WPBakery Page Builder, Essential Grid, Booked Appointments, Instagram Feed, ThemeRex Addons, MailChimp for WP and is 100% Retina-ready.

Adviser | A Modern Finance & Accounting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Adviser comes with comprehensive staff presentation, full-service description and recruitment pages containing the latest of your hiring announcements and an integrated lease calculator which your visitors can use before scheduling an appointment. It also features advanced contact forms, Google Maps, full WooCommerce store compatibility and beautiful WordPress & Flickr galleries. The theme is WPML ready as well, allowing you to not only turn your site into a platform to sell your services but make it multinational as well.

A.Williams | A Personal Assistant & Administrative Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

A. Williams features Revolution Slider as its home slider and is compatible with Essential Grid and WPBakery Page Builder, allowing you to create diverse, original and beautiful designs. Booked Appointments lets you manage your meetings with your customers and Instagram Feed gives you the ability to provide them with all of your latest updates. The theme is also compatible with Mega Menu, enabling you to create custom menus with as many or as few tabs and categories as you wish.

Cloe Brooks | Psychology, Counseling & Medical WordPress Theme + RTL

Details | Demo

This theme’s business design is perfect for any corporate office website but was specially designed for psychologists and counseling sites. It comes with appointment booking and management functionality, online forms, personal page & pricing tables, beautiful galleries & news layouts, a fully functional WooCommerce store and even a free forum. It is compatible with the awesome BuddyPress and bbPress plugins that let you build a community, forum or portal and create topics, member profiles, memberships, training and things of the like.

Psychologist | Therapy and Counseling WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Psychologist boasts tons of customizable features for showcasing your psychology practice and describe your services. It is compatible with a bundle of premium plugins, including Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, WPBakery Page Builder and PO Composer, giving you free reign over the look of your page. It is also supplied with appointments booking & management functionality, various homepage & main menu layouts, advanced contact forms, a pack of pre-made shortcodes & modules, beautiful gallery & posts layout and even full WooCommerce compatibility.

Consultor | A Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Consultor is a fully-featured theme supplied with a collection of powerful shortcodes and widgets. WPBakery, the popular drag & drop page builder makes customization work quick and easy. It is also SEO-friendly and offers Contact Form 7 support so your users can sign up. The template even features parallax effect background, helping you create a more engaging design.

Crypton | A Multi-Purpose Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Crypton is equipped with special crypto plugins made for ICO and crypto shops/stores which you can use to sell your coin or accept donations and payments in real money or Bitcoin, Etherium etc. Its multi-currency calculator makes keeping track of the exchange rates easy and intuitive. Full WooComerce integration is provided, enabling you to use your site as a full-on store as well.

Wizor’s | Investments & Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Wizor’s elegant and stylish design will give your site a new fresh look and its layout is perfect for mentioning all your key services and helping you establish a reputation of professionalism and reliability. Different blog styles allow you to showcase useful information on investments and accountancy in a more visually appealing way. The theme is also WooCommerce ready and integrated with full shop design, should you decide to use your site as a selling platform.

Psychology Therapist | Psychologist, Counseling Theme

Details | Demo

This theme features Kirki, a frontend customizer toolkit that makes creating beautiful and meaningful websites easy for everyone. The Store Locator plugin will help your patients and counselees to easily find your office and let you showcase your services in a way you deem appropriate. The template is also integrated with WooCommerce, YITH Wishlist and zoom magnifier, Contact Form 7, Visual Composer and more.

HR Human Consult – Human Resources & Recruiting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This template’s full-width homepage slider is a perfect chance to let your clients know what your company is about. It is powered by Twitter Bootstrap v3 and Unyson Page Builder, making it extremely simple to customize and create a great user experience with. A Simple Job Board Plugin also gives you the ability to turn your site into a page for human resources outsourcing. Full WooCommerce integration enables you to start selling your products or services in no time.

LifeGuide – Personal and Life Coach WordPress theme

Details | Demo

LifeGuide is powered by Twitter Bootstrap v3 and Unyson Drag & Drop Page Builder and features clean, valid code. It comes with pages that you can fill with all of your coaching materials and the blog page for you to share your stories and experiences on. The Google Fonts library along with FontAwesome icons give you plenty of opportunities to spice up your typography and a flexible color customizer makes changing colors quick and seamless. Give your customers the ability to sign up with the almighty Contact Form 7.

Coachgue – Personal Coach WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Coachgue comes with all the necessary features for establishing a strong online presence like events, blog, testimonial and team pages etc. Built-in Slides Show, Simple Optin Widget, 15 sample homepages, 13+ pre-designed sections, 60 unique glyph icons, a WooCommerce layout with multiple options, Simple Event Module, one-page support, Google Fonts as well as flexible headers & footers area all part of the package. An integrated visual page builder widens your already vast customization opportunities even more.

Mentor – Personal Development Coach WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Mentor’s modern and clean design was created with a single objective in mind, and that objective is conversion. It comes with 2 layouts with 8 different homepages, 3 varying header styles, Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Booked Appointments, WooCommerce integration, Contact Form 7 and Google Fonts. It is based on WordPress 5.0, making it run great and be an overall pleasure to work with.

In Conclusion

Did you like anything on that list? Did you maybe pick a theme for using on your own site? We would love to hear all your feedback, so feel free to leave it in the comment section.

PS: For those in HR with a remote team – you can check out for more fun ways to connect and to engage with your remote team!

Top Twelve WordPress Themes To Serve Your E-commerce Business

The e-commerce websites are in trend and have encouraged a lot of businesses to improve their brand position and take it to a reputed position in the online market. For increasing the value of your business, you can take a look at some best eCommerce WordPress themes that can provide your brand with a new look.

A number of eCommerce WordPress themes are there with a required set of features to fulfill your needs. If you want, you can do customization and make them work in the exact way you want. Those who don’t have any technical expertise and have an understanding of coding, they can even build an eCommerce website and start their online business. You can find a number of eCommerce themes for WordPress which come with ready to use format for multiple shops such as clothing, accessories, furniture store, electronics, groceries, etc.

Let’s have a look at some of the efficient WordPress themes for your business


Luxury is a simple and elegant WordPress theme with attractive color effects and typography. You can find it perfect for creating a premium online store.

This WordPress theme is simple and elegant to use. It provides you with an easy and strong setup to manage your e-commerce store. Luxury is the modern and stylish online store theme which is perfect for the starters and for those who want to do some customization in the current design of the theme. You can expect compatibility with the WordPress plugins and can have unparalleled control over your products.


Shopoholic is an online shopping theme integrated with some amazing plugins. This specific theme will help you to create a modern website to survive in the current market.

You can find multiple e-commerce plugins that are already tried and tested. These plugins can offer you everything that may be required to create a market-centric website. A number of themes are there but Shopoholic is unique and extraordinary, it can give your business an enticing look.


Flinto is a WordPress theme which is specially designed for the e-commerce business and aims to provide a smooth experience to your site visitors. By using an efficient Drag & Drop builder, you can find effectively designed inbuilt blocks & elements to use it for your online shopping. It can be easy for you to import blocks without even using a single code.

It has the responsive nature and has been built for the screen of all sizes. You can easily own a shop and run it on any device. You can download this specific theme by using a single click. It has plugins such as the Slider Revolution, Visual Composer, and WooCommerce which can create a seamless experience for you. As there are multiple shop pages & product pages, it can be easy for you to test the layout which can be suitable according to your business needs.


In case, you are planning to start an online business, Flatsome can be a better choice for you. It is an e-commerce theme integrated with good looks and preferred features. You can customize this theme having innate back-end options and settings. There will not be any difficulty in making changes in your theme and you can use it in the way you want.

Flatsome is responsive in nature and can make your e-commerce store accessible to the customers on the type of device you want. You can get everything in this WordPress theme, means different features of an online shopping website such as live search, image zoom, a preview of a product, and image zoom.


The retailer can be a perfect choice for you when you want to facilitate something additional apart from the product category. It is a type of theme specially designed for fulfilling your business purpose. You will get right set of features which can be suitable for corporate business website incorporated with blog posts and portfolios.

It is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and allows you to easily maintain shippable as well as downloadable products. For accepting the payments from customers, a number of inbuilt methods are already available in it. Also, you may use the additional plugins to integrate the desired payment gateway. One of the most effective plugins is Visual composer which comes with this theme and can help you manage the website with drag and drop options.


The Mayashop theme uses the effective WooCommerce plugin to facilitate you with e-commerce facilities. It is flexible enough and has responsive nature. You can find an advanced admin panel which allow making changes to the website according to your requirement. There are multiple layout options available to you from which you can select.

If you are searching for an SEO ready theme, it is better to select Mayashop. An individual can easily customize it because it contains numerous skins with multiple header styles, fonts, backgrounds, and page layouts. You can easily select a collection that suits your brand requirements. It is a lightweight theme which can provide you with an amazing experience.


You can use a theme like Legenda for multiple purposes. It is the best eCommerce theme which lets you implement multiple customization options for building a website of almost every type. Due to its integration with WooCommerce, it comes under the category of top WordPress themes.

Legenda uses the WooCommerce platform to add the sales related feature. Due to an integration of WooCommerce, it can be easy for you to control sales, shipping and other major things that are present in a website. It is a complete package and can accomplish your business requirements.


Shopkeeper is an eCommerce theme which can used to publish your personal profile or an organization portfolio. It helps you to showcase your products and help you in building elegant online store for your brand. It is quite feasible and has different options to make development task easy. You can experience complete responsive layout so that the visitors will not have to face any inconvenience.


It is a superb theme suitable for website building solution whether it is large and small. Divi makes it easy to develop personal or professional, commercial and corporate websites depending on your requirement. You can find 40+ unique and custom-built content module blocks always available for you to drag and drop into the action.


TheGem is the brilliant WordPress theme which can be used for the creation of appealing websites according to the field of interest. It is integrated with tools of different scenarios and necessities that can be easily adapted to websites in the personal and professional business with ease. It has more than 40 demos to give you a better start.


Jevelin is quite appropriate to fulfill the demands of a broad range of websites. It has the unbeatable collection of page templates that helps you save time and lets your set up an elegant website. This theme is perfect for the webmasters looking to develop handy and modern online shops with the required set of features that you expect from a competent online storefront.


You can use Hanger as one of the best eCommerce WordPress themes that can be adopted according to the project requirement. This theme can be used to sell different types of online products like T-shirts, furniture and other categorical items.


People who are planning to run their online business, they need to have a website combined with all required set of features. By applying multiple e-commerce themes for your brand, you can design an elegant website that can provide you the best outcome. You can implement any of the above-given WordPress themes for achieving your business goals.

Author Bio

Bryan Lazaris is a web development expert and possesses specialization in WordPress theme development. He follows the latest technologies and always loves to share her knowledge with her writing.

15 Best Kids & Children WordPress Themes

Whenever we need to find any sort of services or offers for your kids, we go online in order to come across all needed data within the shortest period of time. While browsing the web, you can compare services and prices from different companies, thus selecting the best entertainment or educational center for your kids. If you run a child care center and want your project to stand out from the competition, then you need to create an impressive web resource in order to engage a wider audience and make people trust you.

The web offers a wide choice of ready-made designs for kids-related online projects. ThemeRex themes stand out from the competition owing to their impressive functionality and a wide choice of extensions that you can use to boost the performance of your site. Moreover, it’s easy to work with WordPress designs even if you have little to no coding or web design skills. The themes that you can find listed on this page are compatible with all popular drag-and-drop page builders that allow you to modify the layout of your future website in the intuitive visual mode. Whatever sort of changes you need to apply to the themes’ look and feel, you can manage this by means of additional pages, layouts, and design elements that are included in the themes.

All themes are mobile-friendly and Retina-ready solutions. All of them are built using WordPress 5.0. This means that they are also GDPR and Gutenberg compatible. Valid code and SEO-friendly layouts let you optimize your site’s content and promote it just the way you need.

Browse the showcase and select WordPress themes that match your kids and children online projects. All of them include free live demo versions and detailed documentation folders.

Tediss | Play Area & Child Care Center WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Tediss WordPress theme is a modern and alluring WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for the launch of contemporary childcare, preschool, kindergarten, nursery, kids education, and other kinds of web projects for kids. It’s based on Elementor page builder. The theme is quick and effortless to modify without any special coding skills. It features a premade blog and news sections. Built-in social sharing options welcome web users to join communities of social media fans and spread the word about your offers with a few clicks.

Kindergarten | Children WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Kindergarten is a colorful and catching WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for the development of contemporary childcare, day care center, preschool, craft school, nursery, education or training center website. It includes 5 kids related topics, 5 headers, and 10 additional layout styles. There are 100+ ready-made shortcodes and widgets included. It’s easy to adjust the theme according to the needs and demands of your children-related web project owing to the availability of online layout and color scheme editor. The theme also features a pre-made WooCommerce store. This allows you to enhance your website with eCommerce functionality. The theme is made to be fully compatible with a range of WordPress plugins like WPBakery. There are several header styles, blog styles, as well as such stunning sliders as Royal, Revolution, Swiper, and Flex.

Kids Planet – A Multipurpose Children WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Kids Planet WordPress theme is apt for a range of children-oriented websites, including childcare, daycare center, children art, and craft school. The theme contains a set of premade topics like kids care, kids health, kids store, and landing page. The theme contains premade services and events management functionality. There are colorful blog and gallery layouts available in the theme’s download package. This is a multipurpose web theme featuring 3 homepage layouts with Revolution Slider and custom areas to showcase your skills and achievements. The theme includes WPBakery Page Builder plugin that lets you create custom layouts without the need to modify the source code.

Kids Care | A Multi-Purpose Children WordPress Theme

Details Demo

This multi-purpose WordPress theme is a fully responsive ready-to-go web solution that is great for building childcare company, preschool agency, kindergarten, and other kinds of websites for kids. It includes 4 ready-made topics and 4 premade header and menu layouts Online Booked Appointment and Events Management plugins are integrated into this theme. It easier to deliver the needed presentation of your services and company data by means of premade shortcodes, pricing tables, services, and products. The theme is made to be fully compatible with WPBakery Page Builder, WPL, Revolution Slider, WooCommerce, and a number of other popular WordPress plugins. The theme contains stunning header layouts, a range of blog styles, several cool sliders, and other theme options that will help you create a perfect presentation of your kids center website.

Juno | Kids Toys & Games Store WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Use Juno WordPress theme for a quick start of kids toys and video games sites. A fully editable layout of the theme is well-suited to be used for the launch of children presents, baby clothing, and surprise accessories shops. The theme runs on WordPress 5.0. It’s made to be fully compatible with Gutenberg content editor. It’s quick and easy to navigate the theme’s pages and find all necessary pieces of data owing to the built-in fully customizable MegaMenu. It contains pre-made blog and news sections. A fully responsive layout of the theme adjusts all pieces of your site’s data to a range of screen sizes. It’s also based on WPBakery Page Builder. The theme is compatible with such premium plugins as Essential Grid, Swiper Slider, Revolution Slider, WPML.

White Rabbit – Kids Toys & Clothing Store

Details Demo

White Rabbit is a responsive colorful and visually attractive solution that perfectly suits kids toys web stores. There are 4 beautiful homepage layouts included in the theme’s download package. The theme contains a powerful set of shortcodes for a range of occasions. It includes a set of pre-made pages for store, about, team, contacts, services, gift cards, and gallery. Thanks to the full WooCommerce compatibility, the theme makes it quick to launch a fully-fledged eCommerce site on its basis. It is packed with lots of pre-designed pages to display your main services, your store’s range, its gallery, and its news, etc.

Little Birdies | A Multipurpose Children WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Little Birdies is a modern and refined WordPress theme that is perfectly suited to be applied for the launch of a range of children-oriented websites. A fully editable layout of the theme can become a solid foundation for your childcare agency, daycare center firm, preschool company, kindergarten, children art, and craft school sites. This is a responsive and multipurpose WordPress theme featuring an impressive Revolution Slider and a custom area to present your skills and professional achievements. The theme is enhanced with WPBakery Page Builder plugin, which provides for the code-free modification of the theme’s layout. It’s quick to launch a website out-of-the-box due to the availability of a range of re-designed pages for main services, gallery, news, about, and other sections of your site.

Lighthouse | School for Kids with Special Needs WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Here is a clean and well-structured WordPress theme that is well-suited to be used for the launch of websites of schools or kindergarten for kids with special needs. The theme is made to be fully compatible with ThemeREX donation plugin to raise funds. The theme also supports Events Calendar plugin that will keep your audience updated on the calendar of upcoming events and meetings. The theme is 100% responsive and Retina Ready. It’s compatible with WPBakery Page Builder, Woocommerce, Slider Revolution, Essential Grid, Contact Form 7, Instagram Feed, MailChimp, and other popular WordPress extensions.

Happy Baby | Nanny & Babysitting Services WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Happy Baby is a child care oriented WordPress theme that is perfectly suited to be used for the launch of websites of nurses company, nanny agency, babysitting online network, nannies bureau, mom’s blog, preschool, kindergarten, and other purposes. It’s made to work flawlessly with a range of popular WordPress plugins like WPBakery (aka Visual Composer), Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and MailChimp that will help you work easier and more effective. Happy Baby is a fully responsive WordPress theme featuring 3 pre-made layouts, a range of shortcode, and blocks that will help you boost your site’s content presentation.

BamBoo – Child Care & Babysitting WordPress Theme

Details Demo

BamBoo is a colorful modern and impressively functional WordPress theme that’s suited to be used for building childcare-related sites. There are advanced contact and appointments forms included in the theme. There are a number of usable prebuilt pages for About, Team, News, and other pieces of information that can be presented on your site. The theme features impressive gallery and posts layouts. Its’ made to be fully compatible with WooCommerce plugin. Also, the theme supports a range of other popular plugins and tools in the WordPress community. The theme is 100% responsive, Retina-ready, and SEO-friendly. The download package contains a folder with detailed documentation that’s essential for worry-free customization of the theme’s layout.

SevenHills – Summer Camp WordPress Theme

Details Demo

SevenHills WordPress theme features an outstanding design that is apt for Summer Camp or Outdoors Activities websites. There are 2 ready-to-go homepage layouts letting you pick the perfect match for your venture. The theme contains appointments booking plugin and a working contact form. Thanks to the full WooCommerce compatibility, you can sell certificates, tickets, and other stuff right from the pages of your site. The theme also works well with a number of other popular WordPress plugins like Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, and WPBakery Page Builder. The theme is 100% responsive and Retina-ready.

The Mounty | Campground & Camping WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Here is a stylish and alluring WordPress theme that’s built for campgrounds, camping, children camps, and kids activity center company websites. A fully editable layout of the theme is flexible enough to be used for any water camp, art camp, nature camp, or hiking trip project. The theme includes a number of pre-built pages like to reveal About, Amenities, Rates, Activities, Camping, Services, Products, and other kinds of information. You can also enhance your site with eCommerce functionality due to the theme’s compatibility with WooCommerce plugin.

Hello Summer | A Children’s Camp WordPress Theme

Details Demo

By means of Hello Summer WordPress theme, you can create usable and engaging websites for children camp and kids activity center sites. This is a perfect ready-to-go solution for children communication classes and children blog. All elements are fully editable. Online Appointments booking & management are integrated to let you schedule meetings with your clients. There are a bunch of shortcodes, galleries & blog layouts included in this responsive WordPress theme. All elements of the theme are built to match all contemporary SEO guidelines.

Au-Pair – Babysitting & Nanny Agency WordPress Theme

Details Demo

Use this ready-made design to create websites for babysitter agencies, nanny firms, professional nurses agencies, etc. This is a ready-to-go web solution containing a bunch of tools and features that are essential for topic-specific online projects. For example, the theme contains application and contact forms, pricing tables, and a series of pre-designed pages. The theme is fully compatible with WPBakery, WPML, BuddyPress, bbPress, Revolution Slider and Contact Form 7. It’s fully responsive and SEO-friendly, which will help you adjust your website for higher rankings in search engines.

The Children’s Clinic WordPress Theme

Details Demo

The fresh and refined layout of this WordPress theme is the perfect choice for the launch of kids clinics and pediatric hospital websites. The theme features a fully editable layout that is ready to adjust to match the purposes of a range of medical and healthcare project. In order to save your time on the layout customization, the theme includes a drag-and-drop page builder. A custom theme options panel is included to make your site really powerful and truly functional. The premium-quality Revolution Slider is integrated into the theme. It’s compatible with Booked Appointments plugin that allows you to arrange meetings with your clients right n the pages of your site.

5 Tools to start building a career in Web Design

To develop a good web design, you not only require the expertise but also the essential tools. With the right tools, you can save not only time but also your energy and budget in creating user-friendly website design. There are numerous specialized web-design tools available today such as tools for designing the UI, graphic design tools, icons design tools, wire-framing tools, interface design tools, font designing tools, design testing tools, etc.. Notwithstanding all the tools, you can also design and develop a website on a web browser, but for top of the edge design you need some of the tools and a good designer has his choice of design tools. The preference a designer gives to a tool largely depends on his interaction with the tool. All in all, there are tools that we have found very basic and essential in web design which may be integral in starting a career in web design and they include:-

i. Sketch App – Sketch is a macOs Bohemian Coding vector UI design tool that is lately gaining preference over Photoshop. Sketch utilizes vector-based workflow, a reason why it is proving adaptable by all kinds of developers including UI designers, product designers, UX designers, and website designers among others whose design are vector based. Sketch has numerous advantages over Adobe Photoshop including a better in-built grid system that makes interface designing much easier, a minimal and much friendly UI, has hundreds of compatible plugins, its files are much smaller and it’s easier to make revisions on Sketch than Photoshop. A few tools have been developed to supplement Sketch, such as Qwikly which helps convert sketch designs into mobile apps.

Sketch App UI

ii. Adobe XD – Adobe XD is another vector design and wire-framing tool that is an upgrade of Adobe Photoshop although its UI is close to that of Photoshop. Unlike Sketch, Adobe XD is cross-platform and can be used on any OS. Adobe XD has the flexibility of allowing designers to select a specific art board or import popular UI kit from outside sources. It is equipped with advanced drawing features essential for defining non-static interactions. Each task done on Adobe XD can be shared online allowing collaborative teamwork designing. This also allows designers to showcase their work to their clients who can also give feedback for each page and in return designers can make the necessary updates which are shown as the latest version eliminating any confusion of the correct version. This makes working on Adobe XD very organized. Adobe XD also allows direct access to Adobe Libraries for the importation of any assets from other Adobe tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator also boosting and facilitating collaborative teamwork in design. The announcement of Adobe that it will in 2019 be releasing Adobe Max, a voice-controlled tool probably an upgrade of Adobe XD is eliciting much speculation and eagerness that designed are so much looking forward to.

Working on Adobe XD ( Source: Adobe)

iii. Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop is probably the most known and the most used traditional website design tool that has been and is still used by hundreds of designers. It is cross-platform and compatible with all Operating Systems.  The primary function of Adobe Photoshop is editing photos and its Lightroom is still the top ranking in photo editing. In addition, it is also used for website design and creating elements such as layouts for brochures, posters and business cards.

Working on Adobe Photoshop Source: FileInfo 

iv. Figma –  is the only web-based too in our lists. It is an interface design tool that can be operated on any OS including Windows, Mac or Linux. Being a web-based tools means designers don’t have to worry about version update. In addition, being online based enables collaborative teamwork, uploading mockups, sharing the design online and even exporting CSS is also possible. Many designers claim Figma fill similar as Sketch due to their similar USP and many recommend the tool for its ease and good speed in mocking MVTs. Designing desktop, tablet, and mobile designs are also quicker on Figma.

Designing mobile app interfaces on Figma (Source:

v. Font Base – a good design cannot be complete at least without some text and for that, you need a good font management tool. Font Base is a free visual GUI (Graphical User Interface) font management tool that gives the designers an opportunity to use either the know fonts or invent theirs. Designers can experiment with font right on tool or import web fonts from libraries such as Google library.

Working on Font Base tool (Source: FontBase)


While skills are key in web design without the necessary tools to handle the specificity in design you may not do much. You require the necessary tools for designing the UI, graphics, icons,  interface, and fonts. Other tools that may be necessary for web designing include tools for wireframing, content management tools and without forgetting the testing tool to test your designs. The above five are the most basic in the job and some can handle different distinct design tasks and/or allow collaborative teamwork.


Neeti A. is a social media and content marketing expert helping clients with complete social strategy covering influencer and content marketing part. Neeti also works as SEO consultant with Minds Metricks, a web design agency headquartered in Dubai, UAE from over a decade of experience in web design, we advocate design to identify their best tools in terms of their skills level, and experience with the tools. What best works for you should be your tools of the trade, however, this should not be your limitation to try out new tools. You never know which other tools may work even better for you.

10 Best Education WordPress Themes for E-learning Purposes

If you are looking for the right education WordPress theme for a university, college, online courses, or any other kind of education-related websites, then the following showcase is exactly what you need for a quick start of your web project.

It’s trendy to be smart and well-educated. Billions of dollars are invested in educational projects. Most youngsters and their parents start looking for the best educational establishments online. Gone are those days when educational sites looked dull and boring. The competition is getting fierce. The number of colleges grows, so students have a wide choice of learning opportunities.

In order to engage more people and motivate them to come to you, you need to impress them once they land on your web page. Some may argue but the online presentation of your educational center may play one of the major roles when students look for a college or university. So, in order to help you win the hearts of future applicants, we offer you to take a look at the following showcase of WordPress themes. They are fully editable, well-coded, rather flexible and dynamic. Check out their specifications and watch live demos. Update your website with the most impressive design ever crafted.

Education Center | Training Courses WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

A clean and fresh layout of this WordPress theme is created to match a range of educational projects, both online and offline. A fully responsive and Retina-ready layout of this theme ensures that all pieces of your site’s data will look clean and sharp on all devices. The theme is made to be highly flexible and dynamic. It is ready to be adjusted for college, university or academy, informal learning, and institute websites. The theme is made to be fully compatible with such popular WordPress plugins as WPBakery (aka Visual Composer), LearnDash, Events Calendar, bbPress / BuddyPress, Woocommerce, and Revolution Slider. There are a number of education-related features like course builder, advanced quizzes, dynamic forums, lesson timing and schedules, and more.

Online University – Education LMS WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The modern and functional layout of this WordPress theme can be the ideal option for building functional and powerful online projects representing your educational website. The theme will work well as the foundation of college and university sites. It features 4 stunning ready-to-go homepage layouts. The download package includes all essential features to make your educational site functional and useful. For example, it features two types of courses – Theme courses & Learndash lms. Teachers profiles, testimonials, services & pricing are also available in the theme’s pack.

Bookshelf | Books & Media Online Store WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

BookShelf is a modern and powerful WordPress theme that can become a splendid solution for a modern media library, literature blog, video games, and online courses sites. You can use this theme to build a fully-featured eCommerce project. WooCommerce media and book store are included for this purpose. Additionally, the theme contains events management and events calendar features. You can add a sense of interactivity to your site by means of a pack of custom hover effects. The theme features user-friendly admin interface that lets you create and manage classes the way you need. The theme is made to be fully compatible with WPBakery, WPML, and other widely-used WordPress plugins.

Juno | Kids Toys & Games Store WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Juno is an attractive and engaging WordPress theme that perfectly suits for the development of kids toys and video games online stores. It runs on WordPress 5.0. The theme is Gutenberg compatible and contains GDPR Framework WP Plugin under the hood. You can use it for the launch of a blog, news portal or fully-featured web store. The latter is achieved due to the WooCommerce store integration. Your visitors will be able to spread the word about their preferred pieces of content thanks to the integration of a series of social sharing options into this theme. A bunch of ready-to-go pages lets you focus on the development of custom pieces of data for your site rather than building layouts and pages from scratch. Juno is a 100% responsive WordPress theme that’s made to be compatible with plugins like Essential Grid, Swiper Slider, Revolution Slider, and WPML.

Academee | Education Center & Training Courses WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Academee is a trendy and stylish WordPress theme featuring a clean and usable design. The theme is the perfect choice for the launch of such educational establishment websites as colleges and schools, as well as training and courses. It is built with valid code and contemporary SEO practices in mind. Thanks to the fully responsive layout of the theme, there is no need to worry about your site’s performance on different screen sizes. The theme’s download package contains a bunch of education-related features like WooCommerce and MailChimp integration. It contains a bunch of ready-to-go themes and content modules. The theme is made to be fully compatible with WPBakery Page builder, which provides for the code-free modification of the theme.

SmartHead | Tutoring Service & Online School WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The theme is intended to become a solid foundation for tutoring center sites. It’s ready to be adjusted to match the needs of a range of small to large-sized educational establishments like college, school, institute, university, and academy. In order to manage meetings effortlessly, the theme is integrated with online appointments booking and management plugin. It features advanced forms, a ready-to-go blog, galleries, and blog post layouts. It’s made to be fully compatible with the latest version of WPBakery Page Builder. Also, you can enhance the theme with any sort of free or premium WordPress plugins that come to your liking.

Lorem Ipsum | Books & Media Store WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This beautiful and colorful WordPress theme will be the perfect solution for the development of the modern online library, online courses, and video games sites. The theme can become the perfect solution for the creation of websites that sell any sort of media products. Additionally, the theme is enhanced with a bunch of tools for e-learning. It’s made to be compatible with Swiper Slider and Revolution Slider in order to create an impressive presentation of your data and services. Besides that, it’s made to be compatible with earnDash and WPBakery.

Studeon | An Education Center & Training Courses WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Studeon Education WordPress theme is a fresh, clean, and modern solution that is intended to be used for the launch of websites for a range of educational establishments. It’s perfectly suited to be used by teacher, trainer, educational blog and info magazine, learning event, student graduates. Some of the most useful education features that are included in the theme’s pack are premade online courses, Events Management & Calendar, and Advanced Contact Forms. it’s made to be compatible with WPBakery Page Builder. Such premium plugins as Essential Grid and Revolution Slider are supported as well. Furthermore, you can make use of WooCommerce compatibility in order to add an online store to your website in a couple of minutes.

Hogwords | Education Center WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Using this responsive WordPress theme, you can build an engaging and versatile website for any type of training and remote educational courses, bureau or company. A pleasing and stylish design of the theme looks impressively contemporary and engaging. The download package includes a set of custom course layouts, impressive gallery, and blog post layouts, as well as dozens of premade pages for courses. services, products, about, and other sections. The theme offers the possibility to add an online shop to your site in just a few clicks owing to its compatibility with WooCommerce.

Translang – Translation Services & Language Courses WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Translang WordPress theme is a stylish and elegant solution to build powerful translation agency websites. It features a set of translation application forms, which will become especially useful for the launch of linguist firm, translation bureau, freelance translator, and online translation company websites. The theme’s download package includes pre-made services and ready-to-use pages like services, galleries, portfolio, team, shortcodes, and other. If you are looking for a pre-made WordPress theme that converts, then Translang will be the right choice for you. It’s also made to be fully compatible with the latest version of WP Bakery Page Builder, Essential Grid, Revolution Slider, etc.