Cloux Gaming WordPress Theme Review

Cloux is a WordPress theme made primarily for gaming websites, esports organizations, and game review websites. However, it’s quite versatile and customizable and it can be made to work for any purpose. The built-in customization options are quite advanced, and it fully supports page builders. If you want to use the Cloux theme to build a WooCommerce store around it, it’s perfectly doable.

Overall it’s a great theme to use if you’re managing an esports organization or if you own a gaming clan and are looking to build an infotainment system directly on a WordPress theme. In this review of Cloux we’ll go over all of the details you may be interested in, but first, let’s look at an overview of everything this WordPress theme has to offer.

Cloux Theme Key Features:

  • eSports Features
  • Full WooCommerce Integration
  • Customizable Blog System
  • Multi-language integration
  • Responsive and SEO Friendly
  • Customizable Colours and Fonts
  • Gallery and Dynamic Image Resizing
  • Advanced Theme Customizer
  • Contact Form and Mailchimp Integration
  • Integrated Membership System
  • Social Sharing Widget
  • Full Customer Support

For a great example of a well-built website with this theme, you can check out Solitaire Social. Check out the platform to see how powerful Cloux is. This is an overview of the features that come included with Cloux. Next, we’ll go in-depth on how Cloux performs in real-case scenarios.

Is The Theme Mobile Compatible?

The mobile device market is constantly evolving, and new devices are popping up around every corner. This can be a real problem for inexperienced theme developers, as optimizing a website to run on every mobile device is very hard. One of the key elements a WordPress theme must have is full mobile compatibility to maximize its usability and ease of use.

To make sure that Cloux runs on mobile devices we put it to the test. Cloux was tested both on iOS and Android through Safari and Chrome and there was no difference in how the theme looked on different size screens and different operating systems. All elements were placed correctly, and we did not notice any overlapping or overshadowing of elements anywhere on the website. The padding on the sides of the page is just the right space, making the website look smooth and clean on a mobile screen.

We ran the website through Google’s tool called Google Mobile Compatibility Test, and the theme passed it with flying colours. Google didn’t notice any issues with the theme, and with Google being the number one authority on everything web-related, we’re inclined to trust them.

Overall Theme Design

First impressions matter and this is even more important when you’re designing a website. Users can bounce off the website in seconds if they don’t like what they see, and this can negatively impact your SEO score, which will, in turn, lead to your website ranking poorly, practically making it invisible to the search engine, and impossible to find for users and customers. That’s why it’s important to carefully think about the customizability of the hero section of the website.

Luckily, Cloux has an advanced page builder which is packed with features and allows you to do pretty much whatever you want with your website’s main page. The overall interface you start with is very clean and easy to navigate, which is a staple of User Experience Design. You can use the page builder to make the landing page up to par with any of the world’s leading websites. There’s a search tool you can integrate into the design so customers can search for the information they want, you can sort reviews by category due to the theme’s integrated review system.

The included WP Bakery Page Builder also offers some ready-to-go presents that you can just implement and use right away if you’re not in the mood for designing the website pixel by pixel. A shop page, contact page, review page and esports ready page are just some of the templates that WP Bakery has made ready to use.

How Fast Is Cloux?

A website needs to have a fast-loading time to stop users from leaving the website when it fails to load quickly. This is the second most important reason for user bounce off, so having a fast-loading time on your website is of paramount importance.

The overall speed when tested with the Pingdom tool results in less than 2 seconds of loading time for the theme, mostly due to the low size of about 3MB. However, the results scored a total of 79 which is a grade of C, meaning that the theme still has some room for improvement. These are improvements that the user himself or herself can try out such as minifying CSS and compressing JavaScript.

It’s a good performing theme overall, but with some minor issues which are not deal-breaking and can be looked over.

Is It Optimized For SEO?

We used the website SEO Site Checkup to see how well Cloux performs when it comes to SEO. However, do have in mind that a demo template will always score lower than a template in use because the SEO score mostly relies on parameters that are supposed to be provided by the user, and those parameters are not necessarily present in the demo template.

Cloux scored a score of 61, which is beyond the average for a WordPress template. The parameters such as a favicon and meta descriptions that are impacting the score are things that are supposed to be provided by the user of the theme, so you can expect a much higher score if you decide to implement this theme by yourself and set it up according to the best SEO practices.

Included Plugins

The Cloux theme has some nice plugins that come along with it and that can help with the easier setup of your website. The WP Bakery page builder is a good addition to the package which will allow for more customization of your website. A MailChimp integration plugin is a lifesaver as MailChimp is the most used email marketing tool today. There’s a bbPress plugin that will make the creation of a forum structure much easier and of course, WooCommerce which is one of the best online shop tools.


Overall Cloux is a great theme to use if you’re an avid gamer or a clan leader. It offers nice plugins from the get-go and with some little tweaks, it can truly perform like a beast. As long as you’re fine with making some adjustments to the theme, it’s one of the best gaming WordPress themes on the market.

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