Top 7 Reasons To Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

How to choose the best wordpress hosting

If you are seriously considering starting a business or have one already running, your sole aim must be to stand out against your competitors. One way of doing this is putting your business online. However, merely having a website nowadays is not considered enough, you will need to adopt a multiple approach.

This multiple online approach encompasses everything from marketing, hosting, advertising, content creation and your presence on the social media. So, opting for a managed WordPress hosting service is a decision that may find your business on the road to success.

Managed WordPress hosting

WordPress, as you may already be knowing, has become the most popular website building tool in the world. Not only does it give you access to thousands of free themes and plugins, but also allow you to add powerful features with just a few clicks. With managed WordPress hosting, you get automatic setup, backups, WordPress software updates and much more.


Managed WordPress hosting is deemed a good investment for small to medium-sized businesses, high traffic blogs and for those desiring enterprise WordPress hosting. It saves time, manpower and is also fine-tuned for CMS, offering better performance. What’s more, the hosting rates range from $25 to $150 a month.

Reasons to choose managed WordPress hosting

The top seven reasons are as follows:

#1 High performance and support

With a high-performance managed WordPress hosting services, you are saved the hassle of looking for the fastest caching plugin, because you won’t need one. This is because the service provider handles caching at its own end. Furthermore, the server-level caching is much faster than any plugin. The WordPress also utilizes the latest technologies, such as PHP7, MariaDB, etc. Managed WordPress hosting also provides superior support. The providers only deal with WordPress platform, which makes the support teams expert in it.


#2 Automatic backups

The managed WordPress hosting services provider offers automatic backups at no additional cost. This also saves you from handling backup plugins, such as FTP, Cpanel and phpMyAdmin. You can also take manual backups effortlessly. In shared hosts, on the other hand, this facility is charged and proves expensive.


#3 Developer friendly

Managed WordPress hosting services provide developer-friendly features, such as Composer, Git, HeidiSQL, SSH access and Sequel Pro. It also provides the facility to run different versions of PHP between sites and staging sites. It provides support for custom setups like Bedrock and enables faster performance and search with add-ons.


#4 Testing friendly

A lot of time and effort is wasted in order to keep your website up and running. This requires constant testing of new changes, plugins, etc. diverting your attention from your business. Managed WordPress hosting services steer clear of the complicated and time-consuming procedure of copying your website, testing and migrating back the changes. It provides one-click staging environments that makes testing easy. In this, you can clone your website with a single click and your development site is accessible not only via a test URL, but also via all the typical methods like FTP, phpMyAdmin, tec.


#5 Security

The biggest risk in going in for shared hosting is you get no help in case your site is hacked or encounters malware. However, many managed WordPress hosting providers take the responsibility of supporting you when hacked and also protect your site from malware. For this, the providers have hardware firewalls in place and they continuously run malware scanning daemons in the background. Some providers also offer free hack repair and malware removal services. You are also provided with software to detect DDoS attacks on occurrence.


#6 Easy upgradation

With shared hosting, you need to upgrade to a higher plan, as and when you outgrow the current one. This constant upgradation proves to be a pain that wastes time and distract you from your business. With managed WP hosting providers, things get easy as they upgrade your plan, whenever you notify them. Automatic scaling is also possible, since some providers use Google Compute Engine servers.


#7 Extended reach

Since managed WordPress hosting providers enjoy larger infrastructure, it makes it easy to reach you anywhere in the world through Google Cloud Platform.



 There are many benefits of managed WordPress hosting over shared hosting. Although this may cost more, in the long run, it works out to be cheaper, since it takes over all the problems associated with hosting, enabling you to focus on your business and earn.


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