Why Does it Make Sense to Pay the Additional WP Hosting Cost for WordPress Sites

WordPress is an open-source platform. The software can be downloaded and used for free. However, to make the website available on the internet, you need a hosting provider. While WordPress.com offers a free blog hosting service, there are many restrictions that the site owner needs to follow to avail the free service. If you want better features and no ads on your website, then you need to upgrade to a paid plan. In a nutshell, any website or blog running on WordPress needs to invest some amount of money on hosting to be able to offer good services to its site visitors.

How is the additional WP Hosting cost justified?

Any hosting provider offering a restricted free hosting service, will typically offer shared resources and not dedicate a team for security and support, so as to be able to keep the costs minimal. A managed WP hosting plan can offer the following benefits:

01. Speed

The mantra of a successful website today is the page load speed. People tend to abandon websites that take more than two seconds to load. Most managed WordPress hosting providers ensure that the server configurations are optimized to make your website load and respond faster.

02. Security

One of the biggest fears of all website owners is being attacked by viruses or malware. With a managed WordPress hosting plan, most providers scan your website on a regular basis for such malicious software and clean them up. They also offer advanced security features making it difficult for an attacker to access your site.

03. Support

Not all of us are technically savvy, are we? When we launch a website, there can be times when we need answers to innocuous questions. While Google is always handy to find answers, having a support team of experts who are available 24×7 and can help you understand the minor technicalities of WordPress and/or Hosting, is always a plus.

04. Automatic Updates

WordPress core is managed and run by a huge group of developers from all around the world. They release updates once every few months to make the software more secure and feature-rich. If you manage the website on your own, then updating WordPress becomes your responsibility. Most managed WP hosting providers offer automatic installation of updates relieving you of this task.

Summing up

There are many WP hosting plans available and while you might be convinced to include the additional WP hosting cost in your budget, find a good hosting provider is a key to a great WordPress site. Look for features like managed hosting, automatic updates, automatic backups and security, easy-to-use control panel, scalability and tools that can increase the site speed like Varnish Cache and/or CDNs. Ensure that you research well before buying a hosting plan. After all, the added WP hosting cost should ensure that your customers have a seamless website experience.

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