How To Attract More Visitors To Your Website

There are a lot of ways how to attract traffic to the site. Someone choose one, somebody else. It is natural to use everything at once, very few people will succeed. Below we tried to put together some of the popular ways to attract visitors to the website.

If you are interested in creating your own website, recommend you to read this articleSo, let’s talk about the ways to increase traffic to your website.

  1. Search Engines

According to statistics, all traffic is received by those who are in the top lines of search results. The first 3-5 sites account for 80% of visitors – which is why all the site owners are so eager to be on the search engines as high as possible.

You can promote your site in two ways:

  • Fast and not very reliable
  • Long, but guaranteed

Quickly – ordering promotion by “black” methods. The site, probably, and will get to the top quickly, but just as quickly from there “fall”. Plus, there is a great chance of getting under the search engines ban. Now it is not enough efficient.

Long – promotion by “white” methods. Quality unique content, interesting to people, competent use of SEO, natural links. Of course, such a site will not be released in a week, and even in a month it will not be there, but – when it reaches the first page of search, no “black” and “gray” optimizers will be able to move it from occupied positions.

  1. Google Adwords

One of the most effective paid methods of attracting the target audience is google adwords advertising. This type of advertising works through major search engines.

  1. Communities in social networks

Social networks in the modern world are a place where millions of people communicate. Since they are collected compactly, it is likely that you will quickly reach the target audience. Create a community, attract people with similar interests, support life in your community and share information in parallel. A link to your site can stand in the status, but you can simply give announcements to the new material of your site / blog.

  1. Links in social networks

No matter how you would like to live without competition, but you have competitors, and this is actually good. Study competitive communities, study also communities “parallel” – on information business, earnings in the network, personal growth and the like.

Become a member of these communities.

There is a chance that in the course of some discussion it will be appropriate to give a link to your blog. In addition, if you are an active member of the community, people will visit your social network page to learn more about you.

  1. Mailing to friends in social networks

When you become famous and recognizable in thematic communities, you will have a circle of subscribers / friends. Share information about your website via mail.

  1. Statuses in social networks

Change the status in your profile: come up with a short fascinating phrase and add a link to this phrase.

  1. Paid advertising in social networks

Of course, in social networks there is the possibility of advertising. In general, nothing compares to google adwords in efficiency, but in social networks you can choose the group of users to whom your ad will be shown.

Selection options – information in the profile. That is – the city, age, sex, interests.

  1. Advertising in communities in social networks

You can negotiate with owners of active profile communities about placing an advertisement with them. It costs, as a rule, less than advertising on the service, but if you choose the right community, then the result will be higher.

  1. Buying advertising from Facebook users, Twitter

Just like you buy advertising in the community, you can purchase advertising from a user with a large number of subscribers. Naturally, it should be a user who communicates with your potential target audience.

  1. Commenting on the blogs

Write detailed comments, be polite. The result will not slow down: people will start coming to your blog, reading your posts, commenting and, of course, clicking on your links.

  1. Advertising on blogs

Of course, blogs can be the same advertising platforms as social networks – find a blogger with a suitable target audience and order a post with a link to your website.

  1. Forums

Another popular place for communication is forums. Forums are of two types:


“About everything”

Nevertheless, you can choose such forums on which there is a special section for advertising. Agree with the administration – and your link will not be deleted.

  1. Link in profile on the forum

On most forums in the profile, you can put a link to your site.

  1. Advertising on other sites

Almost all sites host advertising on their pages. In many cases, the placement of an ad unit on a site visited by the target audience is more effective than using google adwords, banner and other types of advertising.

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