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Mobile phones are one of the best things which got invented over the past few decades. Talking about the existing situation, more and more people prefer to use their mobile devices whether it is something related to routine or anything about the business. Also, if we consider the reports on the web, it is estimated that the total number of mobile searches would increase as compared to those on desktops by the end of 2019.

So, now you have a very big reason to ensure that your WordPress website is mobile friendly because if you fail to deliver what mobile users need, you may actually on the verge to lose entire customer base. Though it is not technically challenging, in order to achieve the mobile-friendly goals through WordPress websites needs you to aim for certain tips that can benefit you in mobile first goals.

But before we jump on the tips, let’s get a better insight into the facts that why your WordPress website needs to be mobile friendly:

Let us start with your home, how many people you have in your family? Either adults, teens, or kids, mobile devices are something which everybody has these days. So, it increases the chances that any user who wants to shop for a luxury watch would quickly go for a search on the web using their mobile rather than reaching for the desktop.

Thus, when we hit into such a scenario where people are highly obsessed with the use of mobile devices, and there is a massive pool of services present on the web with great competition, optimizing your WordPress website for mobile use becomes vital.

Now let us talk about the concept of mobile-friendly that what exactly it is to be mobile friendly?

A well-optimized WordPress website is the one which offers complete convenience for the user to navigate no matter which mobile device or operating system they are on. A website which is easy to explore, navigate, and read with a perfect display of images and easy to click links between content is something that we call mobile optimized website.

In case you fail to miss the mark, there is nothing that can retain your potential customers. Ultimately, a mobile-friendly website is all about a user-friendly site that communicates and compels the user to reach your business, helping to gain more traffic followed by better leads, revenue, and other business goals.

Now, without taking any of your time, we will jump on the major tips that one must keep in mind while creating a WordPress site to deliver perfect user experience for better conversions.

Test Environment For Build Up

The first tip which you must always count in your list of website development is that any kind of development for a website should be done in a testing environment. This is because if you make changes to a live website, chances are high that you would run into something that would lead to a crash.

Moreover, if your business is entirely centered on your website, resisting downtime becomes more than necessary to avoid a drop in sales. So, if you are working to create a website which is perfect for your mobile audience, make sure everything from functionality to WordPress website design should be done in a test environment.

Selection of Themes

The primary goal with your WordPress based website should be consistency. Your website should run perfectly for both desktops as well as mobiles. Therefore, you must prefer the use of mobile themes which does not need you to reach for a custom WordPress theme development saving you time and resources.

Thanks to WordPress that it offers a huge list of options for theme selection creating more opportunities for increasing mobile users. Here we have a small list of themes which are perfect for creating a great mobile experience with the website development on WordPress:

  • Twenty Fourteen: the first name we have in our list is WordPress very own default theme for a website with so many menu configurations to choose. It is attractive, responsive and perfect for any type of user who needs to browse the web on mobile devices.
  • MH Magazine: MH magazine is another pretty and responsive theme from WordPress as it offers a highly responsive layout that aligns with every screen size with great compatibility with browsers. It also offers a great collection of fonts that are truly designed for a web-friendly response.
  • Mayashop: for eCommerce websites or stores, it is a perfect pick. All you need to do is pair it up with a highly functional plugins like Jigoshop that could help you reach your design goals.

Some other options for mobile friendly website theme could be, metro, Uncode, Jevelin, Kalium, etc.

Choice of Plugins

The best thing about developing websites using WordPress is the availability of extensions and plugins that streamlines the development job. All you have to do is pick the plugins that serve your functionality goals without disturbing the mobile friendliness.

If you are not a technical geek who is informed about all the technicalities of WordPress websites, all you need to do is pick the right plugin that can help you solve the purpose. For instance, installing a plugin to ensure easier zooming of the content while using a phone. Here we bring you two of the best examples of mobile-friendly WordPress plugins which you may consider while developing your website.

  • WP Touch: WP Touch plugin is one of the most significant mobile WordPress plugins that can help convert your theme for a perfect mobile interface.  It is designed in a manner to make any theme run smooth and easy for any type of mobile device.
  • AMP for WP: the second plugin which we have in our bucket is the AMP for WP plugin. It is all about accelerated mobile pages that makes it convenient for any user to turn a non-mobile friendly website to a highly responsive mobile website.
  • WP Mobile Detector: the third name in our list is WP mobile detector which is a great tool for those who need to save time detecting the device type before converting any site into a perfect mobile-friendly interface.

Some other examples include jetpack, WordPress mobile pack, WP mobile menu, etc

Responsive to Devices

When we talk about the term responsive, it is all about a website that runs perfectly on any mobile device aligning with its screen. For example, if you are using a laptop or desktop to reach a website, it will run perfectly to your screen design. However, the same website if runs on an Android smartphone or iOS tablet, it will fit the screen accordingly for perfect user experience.

So, responsive design helps a business owner to ensure that any user working on any source to reach a website should get automatically customized website experience. WordPress lets you choose so many WordPress themes that can provide easy drag and drop build up for a responsive layout.

Graphical Content Use

Consider the current trends in mobile devices. Over the past few years, the size of the screens has started to go much bigger as compared to traditional smartphones. However, they are relatively much smaller in size as compared to desktop. Therefore to make your website more mobile responsive and friendly, it is essential to reduce the use of heavy graphics that can increase the load time.

Either you are running an eCommerce store on WordPress or it is just a small 5-page business website, make sure you avoid clutter on your website that can slow down your website’s loading speed. So, if you want your website to look amazing to any user who is accessing over mobile devices, make sure you keep the graphic content low and use only high quality yet compressed images for a better experience.

Text Selection

Last but not least, you need to keep your focus high while selecting the text for your website. Make sure you never make your website look occupied with the text and other content. You have to ensure that any user reading your content must be able to read and scroll easily with easy communication to links added on the website.

Moreover, your content should be entirely aimed at the product in order to keep the user oriented toward your website through relevancy. You can simply avoid the extra stuff to garnish and simply plan to share the information which is necessary for purchasing your services in an informed manner.


The process to optimize your website for a mobile device does not need you to complicate the building process. It just needs you to aim for every minor detail which pleases you as a user while surfing through a smartphone or tablet. So, if you want your existing customers as well as new users to build your fan army, all you need to do is aim for all the above tips making the most with your WordPress website goals. All the best!

Author Bio :

Ravi Sharma, the Co-Founder & CEO of WordPress Web Design agency in Chandigarh named as Webomaze Technologies is a dedicated entrepreneur who helps various businesses worldwide to have a better online presence and generate more leads through responsive sites. He is a traveler and loves to explore new places.  

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