How to optimize multiple SEO keywords with Google Keyword Planner

Presently SEO has become a crucial part of Digital Marketing. It means to make the website preferentially visible on the Result Page of the Search Engine. It is a promotion medium for B It is important to organize content to rank business. In present days SEO has become an utmost important tool in marketing.

Importance of Keywords in SEO:

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It is important to organize content with the objective of ranking goals And thus to promote the business there should be an optimization of SEO keywords for better promotion.

In Today SEO where the body is given preference publicly but precisely emphasis is being laid on specific keywords.

The relevancy of the content could only be easily determined by the Magical Keywords, in short terms the digital marketing world is very much dependent on these keywords.

The individual keywords have led to looser strategies and renewed a requirement to pay particular attention to page optimization.

The SEO utilization for advertisement with a trust that the search engine will understand the need of the customer where keywords play a major role. Not only is it important to emphasize optimizing procedures but also focusing on keywords is important.

Presently Keyword planner helps to display the words accordingly as per the requirement because there are so many different elements present in SEO.

The various elements of SEO can be divided into two main categories; on-page SEO and off-page SEO. It is very difficult to have a successful on-site SEO strategy without conducting keyword research and analyzing.

 Process and Advantages of Keyword Planner:

The general process of optimization in a planner is as follows:

  1. Filter and refine by categories
  2. narrow it by location
  3. Customize it by date range
  4. Match seasonal trends
  5. breaking down into segments (either by location or by device). 

By these processes, we can easily optimize. There are many features in Google keywords that help in proper optimization. The Google keyword planner helps us to discover new keywords. The first thing we use in a planner is searching for new and understandable keywords.

Once we come to know what keywords are related to the brand niche or specific campaign then you will be able to use those keywords to improve the content and on-page SEO of the Website.

The advantage of the search bar is that it allows us to search words, phrases, and a URL having relevance to your business.

The next feature is it analyses the search result, once the initial search begins lots of information is thrown to us. The planner helps to narrow down the results.

To narrow the results the easiest way is right away changing one of the filters from broadly related ideas to closely related ideas.

The next feature is Google planner view the keyword forecast. Keyword planners do not show projected search volumes for the future; they show the forecast for your keyword.

Based on the no. of keywords Google projects that a PPC campaign would get thousands of impressions and thousands of clicks at a paltry sum. Although it is not ideal at the same time it is not awful.


Once our keywords are optimized we can take the decision which word has to be prioritized and then the product content would help us to rank on that basis. Once we get familiar with navigating and searching we will get more accessible to Google Planner and it would be the easiest advertisement focusing on Customers’ needs. SEO keywords are customer-friendly as it is less time consuming which brings about smooth marketing.

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