Using PowerPoint to Increase Web Design Engagement

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PowerPoint is the day-to-day tool to use when creating slideshow presentations. Students, teachers, businessmen, and other employed workers use them. We spend at least one or two days a week creating PowerPoint presentations.

Navigating through PowerPoint is very easy. We can even create quick PowerPoint presentations in just a few minutes. Since PowerPoint presentations can now be integrated into sites, is that enough?

Let’s find out how you can use PowerPoint to increase web design engagement on your site!

How to Use PowerPoint to Increase User Engagement

Your PowerPoint presentations must catch your users’ interests. Here are some techniques that you can apply to your PowerPoint presentations:

1. Stay away from PowerPoint’s presets

Admit it. When you are too lazy to work on that presentation, you settle for PowerPoint’s presets. PowerPoint offers a lot of fonts, themes, and designs that you can choose from. However, if you want to have more engagement, you should stay away from using them. Remember that presets are only recommended for beginners.

The planning stage is the most important part. To catch the attention of your visitors, spend some time planning your slideshow’s layout, design and theme. Think of incorporating your own logo and brand into your slides. Find ways to be unique to avoid boring your visitors. Remember, the more unique your presentation is, the more it will be remembered by your audience.

Now, if you can’t avoid using presets, look for free PowerPoint templates online. There are now many preset templates available online. Some are both user-friendly and have a high level of quality. If you are not skilled in graphic design, then this is the way to go.

2. Use bigger font sizes to emphasize critical information

They say, bigger is better! But that is not always the case. You should only use bigger font sizes to emphasize critical information. Avoid using big font sizes in all your slides. This will make your slides monotonous, thus, boring your audience.

You can also plan how you will present your data by using a size hierarchy. Your title should always be the biggest, followed by a subheading or a subtitle. Putting a hierarchy will tell your audience where to look first. So it is important to organize the structure of your presentation.

3. Use color to attract your audience

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It is important to use color to attract your audience as color visually attracts the eyes. If you utilize color schemes in your slides, it will look more appealing. Use colors that are striking but do not put too much strain on the eyes. Use colors wisely to help you convey your message properly.

It’s good if you already have a color palette for your brand and site. But it’s better if you also incorporate them in your slides to show a uniform look. This will impress your visitors and will make them stay longer on your site.

4. Visualize your data and avoid wordy slides

If you have any data that you want your audience to see, use charts, tables, and graphs. You can use these to avoid explaining your data in lengthy words. This will allow your audience to quickly see the numbers, metrics, and data that you want them to see.

Avoid using complicated charts just to make your presentation unique. Complicated charts will turn away your audience. The purpose of your charts is for your audience to understand the data, not to make you look brainy. If you want to be unique, you can customize your own tables instead. Utilize your color palette. Use it to highlight information on your tables to show a personalized and vibrant look.

5. Incorporate images and videos in your presentation

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Aside from adding charts and tables, you can also use images and videos in your presentation. This will help you emphasize information and attract your audience at the same time.

To make your presentation more unique, you can create your own images. There are many available online sites like Canva, Crello, and Piktochart that you can try. They are free online sites that you can use to create unique images.

All these sites are user-friendly and have a wide selection of designs to start from. So if you have zero knowledge in graphic designing, you can take a look at their samples and start from there.

If you’re a bit tech-savvy, you can also use videos in your presentation. This will make your presentation more catchy as you can add different sounds and music. Thus, it can provide more appeal to your slideshow.

6. Use a video slideshow to be more unique

If you want to up your game, you can create a video slideshow instead. This is a game-changer since most sites only insert a slideshow with still images. What’s better with video slideshows is that they can tell a better story. They can also draw out more emotion from your audience.

Aside from that, they can also add drama and emphasis to your message. All this will provide a more enjoyable online experience for your visitors. Thus, getting you more views and engagement on your site.

Final Words

PowerPoint may already be a widely used tool in creating slideshow presentations. However, it can still be a powerful tool that you can use to have a more attractive and engaging site. If you apply these techniques, you are sure to have more visitors to your site:

  • Stay away from PowerPoint’s presets
  • Use bigger font sizes to emphasize critical information
  • Use color to attract your audience
  • Visualize your data and avoid wordy slides
  • Incorporate images and videos in your presentation
  • Use a video slideshow to be more unique

But before applying these, make sure to plan your slideshow presentation. Think of the layout, themes, and designs that you will use in your slideshow. Use your own logo and branding. And if you have your own color palette, don’t forget to incorporate it in your slides as well. And always remember, try to be unique without being complicated!

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