Buying likes for Instagram: is it good, is it bad, should you do it?

The short answer is: it’s great, buy them right now! The long answer is: if you are the person who is new to Instagram or who has been having some kind of difficulties with promoting their content there, an opportunity to buy Instagram likes is something just for you. However, you should know the main how’s and why’s: without that you are risking to give your money for services that won’t really do anything and can even harm your profile. Remember one thing: you should buy real likes, the ones that are legit coming from real people who use Instagram and who are interested in cooperating with promo companies for a nice reward. That’s the scheme that works best; if you’ve found a company that works using this algorithm, you can start working with them right now. But it can get hard, because many indecent promoters somehow still think that they can use bots and make their clients think that this is okay, while it’s not. We’re going to tell you why you should avoid bot generated likes and what is the best place to purchase yourself some real thumbs up and see tangible results coming in days.

So, why everything on Instagram is about likes? Simple as that: it all comes to reputation and social proof. The more signs of approval your posts have, the higher are your chances of attracting even more people and making them think that you’re actually worth following. Likes are the best tool for that: people can quickly and easily press likes, these don’t take much time and can give a creator audience’s opinions on things effortlessly for both sides. That’s why people are always so pumped up about likes: and that’s why buying fake ones would be a bad idea. By fake likes we mean thumbs up that will be delivered to your profile by bots — empty fake accounts of “people” which were created by some kind of machinery or software or even a human, who is interested in selling these accounts to people who want to promote their content asap. Avoid fake likes at all costs — these will not only make your promotion pointless and your account even emptier than it was before the beginning of the promo, these can also attract the attention of technicians and make them mark your account as indecent one or even block it and delete without a chance to get it restored.

Instagram is all about the community now, and community is all about real people who share, like and tell each other about the things they’ve liked the most. Bots can’t be part of it — so if you’ve made a great decision to start promoting your profile you need to buy real likes only, because these will come from people who are part of the IG community and who are able to show positive impact on your account’s statistics. Where do you buy these likes? From a company that sells quality services. How do you know that this company is not lying? By checking out the comments and the reviews that come from their previous clients. Usually the companies that care about their reputation post them on the main page or in a special section. If you cannot find any information about this agency’s previous work or if you cannot talk to their managers or if the buttons on their website are invalid — this is a red flag. Look for another place to buy yourself thumbs up.

But not everyone has time and patience to make research — if you’re busy enough and you just want to skip for the good part and start your promotion, you can work with right now, because we have the iron warranties for our services being one hundred efficient for our clients and we never ever use bots. This is a major no for us — we work with real people only and deliver all the services with the help of actual Internet users who’re keen on cooperating with us and getting a nice reward after.

Why else should you choose us?

We have discounts and regular sales running in various categories; right now most of the packages for Instagram are on sales which gives you a great chance to gather a big order and save some money in the process as well.  We’d also like to notice that our chat on works almost 24/7 and is run by real people who’re all professional promoters and who’re able to solve your problems and help you with choosing the most suitable packages to promote your content in the most efficient way.  You can also use an auto liker app for Instagram as an alternative way to entice more likes. 

We have a bulletproof reputation that was built upon thousands of positive reviews and comments that we’ve gained from our satisfied clients over the years, and all of them are here for you to see on the pages of our website. If you want to make sure we’re selling high quality services, you can try them out using free options from the following section on our website — we have options for Instagram as well. If you’re ready — fill in the checkout form right now (it will take you literally a minute) and start promoting your content. It is not as hard as it seems — especially with the help of professional promoters from Viplikes!

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