Followers on Instagram with an eye to the future and focus on how to communicate with customers during COVID19

The COVID19 pandemic has now reached a stage when businesses have realized that it will not go away anytime soon. They must work out ways of keeping their customer base intact to make a quick start when things start becoming somewhat reasonable, although not the same as before. The biggest challenge that marketers are facing is understanding how to maintain a connection with the customers and prospects when there is no scope of engaging in business. Although some consumers are still open to brand messages during the pandemic, it is vital to reach people in the right way by considering the prevailing situation to enhance communication effectiveness.

Social media is the best place to market your business even during the crisis, and it has immense scope of connecting personally with the audience.  An increase in the usage of Instagram and Facebook by 40% bears testimony to it. Even when it is not the time for business, you can reach out to the audience on Instagram and buy followers on Instagram to lay the foundation for expanding the customer base. Your follower base bolsters the brand, but to make business happen, you must continuously nurture them with more brand exposure to convert into customers.

Buy followers on Instagram but give more attention to retain customers

Businesses and communities across the world are trying to adjust to the new way of life ushered in by the COVID19 pandemic. Business owners are more concerned about the health and safety of staff and employees as well as their wellbeing. They do not hesitate to close temporarily even at the cost of major financial setbacks. In the face of severe business disruptions caused by physical distancing and lockdowns, marketers are taking to more creative and affordable ways of communicating with the audience to maintain their connection with the business.

Instagram can serve the goals of marketers to stay connected in more effective methods during uncertain times by bringing communities together and even giving them the opportunity of shopping online. At the same time, you can use Instagram for educating and entertaining customers with videos with the option of streaming it live on IGTV.

To get the most from Instagram when communicating with customers during the crisis, here are some tips.

Listen and acknowledge

It is time to express empathy with people like all of us are on the same boat, and the last thing that marketers should dare to do is prove themselves unauthentic to customers and the audience. First, acknowledge the unusual situation that we are all going through and accept the new normal that will bring you closer to the audience by generating a fellow feeling. Your customers will also realize the difficulty you are facing and be ready to cooperate by considering you as a comrade.  Although this is not the promote your business, you can still approach your customers with an appeal to allow you to talk about business. You have the responsibility of supporting your employees and that you are ready to do everything that can help them protect their jobs.  Acknowledging the current climate and adding the right context to the communication will add a humane touch to your brand.

Maintain the pace of posting

Selling your products or services might not be feasible in the current situation. Still, since your customers are spending more time online, you can focus on sharing content that aligns with the brand and keep them aware of the brand values.  Keep posting, and you can repurpose some old visuals by adding context to it with suitable captions that create compelling content for the times. Your creativity is vital to devise how you connect with the audience that helps to keep the light on for your business. When creating content, follow the basic rules of acknowledging the crisis. Provide answers about the measures taken for addressing the concerns for sanitization and offer them home delivery or online buying that ensures contactless transactions to fulfill the requirement of physical distancing.

Provide organic value

With a focus on engagement, turn your Instagram into a valuable resource for your customers and the audience. Use the platform for educating customers to enrich their knowledge and help them in making well-informed decisions. Make the best use of the visual tools like carousel posts, videos, and captions but without insisting viewers to visit your website by clicking on the link in your Insta bio. The power of Instagram is much more when you use it for customer engagement than driving traffic to your website or trying to sell your products by using Instagram shoppable.

Create the tone of the content that acknowledges the crisis without explicitly talking about it. Having empathy for your followers who are facing the unprecedented crisis thrown upon them by COVID19 and being compassionate are keys to getting closest to your customers.

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