10 Clean Ayurvedic Medicine WordPress Themes to Give Your Business All Going

Struggle to compete in the Ayurvedic market? Set yourself apart. Where to start? Start with the top-of-the-line website. A robust website is a must if you want to stand out in the market of Ayurvedic products online. Limited budget? The good news is that you don’t need to pay a ridiculously high price for a professional website. A WordPress pretty website is enough. Not sure? Take a look at the following Ayurvedic medicine WordPress themes. In fact, building a website is no longer rocket science. The coolest thing about premium WordPress themes is simplicity. No matter what option you’ll end up with, one thing is certain – you’ll save the day. What really matters is uniqueness. Focus on what sets you apart and let your journey begin.

How to find the best option possible? Well, learn what are these Ayurvedic medicine WordPress themes notable for.

  • #1 Design – Stand out from the other ready-made solutions available on the market.
  • #2 No coding issues – Create page layouts, sliders, or galleries with no coding chops.
  • #3 Powerful functionality – Extend the functionality of your website up a notch.
  • #4 Responsiveness – Get to the top of the popularity list online.
  • #5 SEO Ranking – Get as many eyeballs on your content as you want.
  • #6 Blog – Educate your prospects.

Even if you’re happy with your current customer volumes, without a website you can’t keep them forever. To help you along, pick the option that matches all of your boxes. As a result, your Ayurvedic brand is more likely to stay at the forefront of people’s minds. Now go big or go home.

Avicenna | Alternative Folk Medicine Doctor WordPress Theme

Do you own or run an Ayurvedic clinic or hospital? Don’t skip Avicenna. A website built with Avicenna could be a huge boon for your business. Not all Ayurvedic medicine WordPress themes are crafted with care. The same can’t be said about Avicenna. It is worth the effort. The best thing is that it includes no design chops. Avicenna comes with a versatile layout, so the customization as simple as that. First, WPBakery page builder is here to help. Get as creative with new page layouts as you wish. And forget about coding issues. Second, compatibility with the Booked Appointments plugin. Being active on social handles, updating information, appointment slots is a must thing for you. Keep your website under your watch to reach new heights with the advancing world. Finally, GDPR-compliance is here to help.

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Holistic Center | Wellness and Spa Salon WordPress Theme

Robust website design is essential if you want to stand out in the market of Ayurvedic products online. Holistic Center could be a brilliant choice for that. Crafted with care, it comes loaded with a lot of customization options. First, it saves heaps of time. Not all Ayurvedic medicine WordPress themes are the same. Second, it supports the Events Calendar functionality. Next, it could be a huge help for those who’re just starting out. Jam-packed with pre-designed page layouts, it can speed up the site-building work. Say you’d wish to create new page layouts. Go ahead and take advantage of WPBakery page builder. Got excellent ayurvedic products or services to advertise? Place the best ones on your homepage sliders. Don’t make your users think. Instead, spoil them by convenience. Plan to take your ayurvedic business, globally? No problem. The WPML integration will come to the rescue.

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Jacqueline | Spa & Massage Salon Beauty WordPress Theme

Looking for the best Ayurvedic medicine WordPress themes? Jacqueline is definitely the one to check out. All in all, a whopping 3K of satisfied customers already took advantage of Jacqueline. Stylish and beautiful, Jacqueline fits health & beauty websites os all kinds. Just carve out your niche and see how far you could get with Jacqueline. The coolest thing about it is that Jacqueline is completely localized in Spanish. Also, it’s optimized for the Gutenberg editor. So, once you’re ready to give it a try, go ahead. To add, it’s compatible with the WooCommerce and Booked plugins. Get creative with your header & footer areas to add a bit of extra vibe to your pages. On top of that, Jacqueline is optimized for the best SEO rules, so your website will keep its rankings safe & sound. Stay active on social media to reach a larger audience and let them know your products.

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Pinevale | Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitation Center WordPress Theme

Struggle to compete in the Ayurvedic promoting market? Stay top of your prospects’ minds with a website that sets your brand apart. Give Pinevale a shot. Crafted for medical websites of all kinds, Pinevale fits also rehabilitation centers and clinics. It’s easy to edit and customize Pinevale, so no worries about a skill gap. Thing is, Pinevale is compatible with the Elementor page builder. For you, that means nothing but the best. As a result, you create new page layouts and make changes to existing ones like a pro. To help you save time, make the best use of custom shortcodes & widgets. Start with pre-made pages. There’s a lot of them. Got a lot of products or services to advertise? Take advantage of Mega Menu functionality. Wish to add attention to your pages? Parallax Effect backgrounds would be a huge help.

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Accalia | Dermatology Clinic & Cosmetology Center Medical WordPress Theme

Today, more than ever, potential patients are searching on the web for healthcare services. Is your brand at the top of the popularity list? If not, it’s time to act. Accalia could help you build a digital billboard for your business. Clean and fresh, it ranks high amongst the best Ayurveda medicine WordPress themes on the list. Built with WPBakery, Accalia makes it easy to edit and customize your website. Try to get your fingers wet into web design and see that’s easy than that. For extra impact, add a public health homepage. Patients who visit your website from their mobile device will get great user experience. Appointment management is a part of the package. Thus, make it simple for a patient to request a new appointment on your website. Finally, an active blog area will serve as a driver for local SEO.

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Great Lotus | Oriental Buddhist Temple WordPress Theme + RTL

With so many Ayurveda medicine WordPress themes out there, building a website is a kid’s play today. Great Lotus is a perfect example of that, in fact. Clean and attractive, it fits a Buddhist website of any kind. Also, it’s a great fit for a church, meditation, retreat center, or yoga classes. It’s built with the WPBakery page builder, so it’s a benefit for you. Create new page layouts like a pro with no coding issues. No matter what changes you’d like to make, get creative with no design chops. Also, it’s compatible with the Essential Grid to help you showcase your projects. Handy Classes post-type lets you notify your users about the cultural event you’re planning to hold. On top of that, Great Lotus features the donations functionality. Wish to receive funds? A piece of cake. At last, Booked Appointments is also a part of the package.

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YogaStudio | Yogastudio, Gym and Healthcare WordPress Theme

Stylish and clean, YogaStudio could be the theme of your choice. It fits a therapist’s, body treatments salon, wellness & spa center, or retreat center website. Jam-packed with the WooCommerce plugin, YogaStudio is a great choice for a beauty shop. In fact, no matter what you’d like to sell, do it within minutes. On top of that, there’re a lot of pre-designed pages that save you time. For more page layouts, the WPBakery page builder to the rescue. To help you streamline your scheduling work, take advantage of advanced Schedule tables. Got some best-selling products or services to advertise? The best way is to place them on your homepage sliders. Forget not about your blog page. Give your business a voice to generate more website visitors. Give YogaStudio a shot to help your business stand out from the crowd.

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Massage Therapist | Massage and Spa Salon WordPress Theme

Keep your healthcare brand at the forefront of people’s minds with the help of a robust website. To help you along, give Massage Therapist a check. Beautiful and fresh, it could be the one-stop solution for you. Whether it’s a massage salon, beauty, or wellness center, build a website with no ones’ help. Add new page layouts, delete design elements, or edit existing ones like a pro. Show creativity without hacking into coding issues. Wish to sell your services right on your website’s pages? No worries. Massage Therapist is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. So forget about design chops and maximize your profits right away. Also, it’s easy to take online bookings, since the theme supports the Booked plugin. When on the lookout for the best Ayurveda medicine WordPress themes, Massage Therapist is the one to explore.

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Terra Atma | Spa & Massage Salon Wellness WordPress Theme

What’s unique about your medical practice? Is it the way you treat patients? Or maybe a spa-like environment? No matter what it is, it’s time to show off. Place it in front of the eyes of your prospects. Stylish and fresh, Terra Atma could be a great help for that. Just look at its beautiful design that creates a special atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. Being a premium WP template, Terra Atma is loaded with tons of advanced features. Whether it’s a WooCommerce, appointment, or multi-language support, Terra Atma has it all. Thanks to the custom theme options panel getting creative is not a challenge. Built-in with SEO in mind, Terra Atma will help to rank your website as close to the top as possible. Got testimonials form your clients? Place them right on your homepage sliders. Without a doubt, it would be that much more impactful.

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Edema | Wellness & Spa WordPress Theme

Your website is your brand’s new front door. Without it, your business is bound to fail. Impress your prospects with a mobile-friendly and optimized for speed website. From day one. Edema stands out from Ayurvedic medicine WordPress themes for reasons. First, it’s a multi-purpose product. Thus, it’s suitable for health & beauty websites of all kinds. Second, it features WooCommerce integration. The result? Sell things online and pad your wallet with no design issues. When it comes to booking management, the Booked Appointments plugin is here to help. What’s more? Well, what about the freedom of creating custom page layouts, sliders, and awesome galleries? No problem. Use your imagination and the power of the WPBakery page builder to make your dreams a reality. Your website needs to serve you. And Edema helps you set it for success.

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Organic | Organic Beauty Store & Natural Cosmetics WordPress Theme

Do you sell or manufacture Ayurvedic products? Do it right on your website’s pages. It’s far easier to enlarge your audience base with no extra fuss. Organic would be perfect for that task. Stylish and fresh, it makes our list of Ayurveda medicine WordPress themes today. Thus, you can build a website for an organic beauty store, cosmetic shop, healthcare or fashion blog. Sure, it supports the WooCommerce functionality to help you make profits from day one. In fact, you can build a spa gift shop or a makeup store without calling in for pros. First, it’s GDPR compliant, so your website is up to date no matter what. Second, it features a responsive and Retina ready layout. As a result, your website is more likely to appear as close to the top of the popularity list as possible. Next, it’s optimized for SEO rules and supports WPML functionality.

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D&C | Dermatology Clinic & Cosmetology Center WordPress Theme

Competing for patients is an everyday reality in the healthcare niche. There is nothing more important than your website, your branding, your messaging, and your online reputation. Building a website can be a headache. Not with D&C. Modern and beautiful, it could save you heaps of time. To add a bit of creativity vibe to your page layouts, consider using WPBakery page builder. To expand your website’s functionality, ThemeREX Addons to the rescue. Selling online becomes a smooth track thanks to the WooCommerce support. Coded in line with the best SEO approaches, D&C helps your website keep its rankings safe & sound. On top of that, D&C is compatible with the Mega Menu, Google Map, and WPML plugin. Sure, your website will look awesome across all modern mobile devices, platforms, and browsers. So, once a visitor lands on your website, your website will do the selling.

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Nirvana | Yoga Studio and Fitness Club WordPress Theme

Your Ayurveda medicine practice needs an effective website. Don’t have one? The best Ayurvedic medicine WordPress themes might be what you want. Start with Nirvana. Without a doubt, it’s worth exploring. Initially, Nirvana has been built for yoga & fitness websites. Yet, you can use Nirvana for a retreat center, wellness & spa salon, or a beauty shop’s website. No matter your goal, the power of the WPBakery page builder would make your dreams a reality. Want to build new page layouts or delete design elements? A piece of cake. Wish to sell your ayurvedic products or healthcare services? WooCommerce package will come to your aid. Keep your visitors informed about your workshops or meetings. The Booked Appointments plugin is there for you. Also, take advantage of pre-made Classes & Schedule tables. And forget not about your blog. Keep it updated regularly and see your audience base grows.

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BeYoga | Yogastudio & Gym WordPress Theme

In order to present a robust brand image, take care of your website. Thus, give BeYoga a shot. It’s important that your website is modern and appealing. Even better, it needs to be memorable and effective. Coded in line with the best SEO rules, BeYoga could help get your website at the top of the popularity list. Also, it fits a health club, meditation classes, healthcare, or sports shop website. No matter what products or services you’d like to advertise, the WooCommerce package would be e huge help. Skip a ton of tricky coding issues and create product pages like a pro within minutes. Place your best-selling items on your homepage sliders for more attention. Plan to have meetings or workshops? Great! Inform your visitors about upcoming events. Let them book an appointment directly on your website with no extra fuss. For more details give BeYoga a try.

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Final Thoughts About Ayurvedic Medicine WordPress Themes

As such, explore these Ayurvedic medicine WordPress themes to improve your website’s overall performance. No matter what WP template you’ll end up with, promote your brand in a smart way. Do the homework to gain market attention. At the end of the day, make efforts and get your Ayurveda business all going.

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