How Web Designers Could Make Money with TemplateMonster Marketplace

Are you a web designer/developer trying to put your business on the rails? Or maybe you want to boost the workflow of your design agency?

The market is tough nowadays, the competitors are on your back… How to efficiently promote your digital products under such circumstances? Maybe it will be wise to choose the easy way, we mean selling your items on one of the digital marketplaces?

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Why is it beneficial for a newbie or a small web design agency to showcase their products on one of the large marketplaces?

First of all, as a rule, digital marketplaces care about their reputation, so their quality assurance teams will examine your product carefully and point at all of its drawbacks if any. This will help you improve the quality of your themes, templates, whatever.

Secondly, marketplaces are real business sharks, they invest into advertising, rank high in Google, and have intense traffic. This is a great possibility for you to get your benefit out of it. More people will see your items featured on a reputable, trustworthy website. They won’t call into question their quality as an authoritative marketplace is like a satisfaction guarantee for the buyer. The customers will buy your products willingly, which will boost your conversion rates.

How to choose a marketplace?

Did you know that TemplateMonster has become a marketplace?

You understood everything right, from now on, TemplateMonster is open to third-party developers, designers, and digital product manufacturers. Welcome, everybody!

At the beginning, TemplateMonster marketplace worked as an invite-only system. They thoroughly picked out creative geeks and offered them to become company vendors. Needless to say that the guys were really flattered.

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Why is it so cool to be a vendor on TemplateMonster’s marketplace? Here is an example for you. In May, TemplateMonster hit upon some really awesome responsive wordpress themes developed by a guy living in Belarus. Since then, he’s selling his templates on the marketplace. Guess how much money has he earned? His total income exceeded 20K in the last few months. Can you believe that?

Becoming a TemplateMonster marketplace vendor you will earn the highest commission from purchased items during your first 3 months.

TemplateMonster has been selling digital products online for 15 years. 6 million of potential clients have already visited the website during the last quarter. 283 sales have been registered for each vendor. The average earnings of one vendor are $10612.

But that’s not all, you will have your personal advisor who will answer all your questions, he/she will send you the latest digest of the most in-demand products, add the products to the marketplace, help you make your products better, update your product in the TemplateMonster marketplace, withdraw your income, and assist you with any issue you may have.

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Here is a list of some frequently Q&A that will clarify the basics for you.

Q. What digital products does TemplateMonster accept?
A. The marketplace team researches the market and accepts only the most asked-for products.

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Q. How does TemplateMonster team know that a product is of top quality?
A. The marketplace has an expert review team, which meticulously inspects the product. Please note that WordPress themes are “taken apart” to make sure that they work flawlessly, and can do everything specified in the documentation.

Q. What about the earning?
A. Exclusive products, the ones that are being sold on the marketplace only get up to 70% cut from each sale, non-exclusive – 40% cut.

Q. There are other marketplaces. For example,  ThemeForest or MojoMarketplace. So why should you choose TemplateMonster and not the others?
A. Here is a list of benefits every TemplateMonster marketplace vendor gets:

Benefits of working with TemplateMonster:

  • You can sell both exclusive and non-exclusive products.
  • TemplateMonster team reviews each digital product within 12 hours on average. It takes more time (from 1 to 3 days) to check out more complicated digital products. Let’s compare these terms with the ones of ThemeForest. They will review your product in 2 weeks or even longer.
  • TemplateMonster doesn’t set any restrictions in terms of products number one can submit for a review, whereas ThemeForest allows only one product submission to one category at a time.
  • TemplateMonster offers a “Quick Start” feature. It helps vendors earn higher commissions from each sale (up to 70% for exclusive digital products) which is much faster in comparison to ThemeForest.
  • Vendors can easily interact with the marketplace review team via ticket system.
  • Vendors can assign more than one category to their digital products from their profile.
  • Payments can be withdrawn via a great number of payment systems, no matter the vendor’s country of residence.

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

TemplateMonster is planning to implement a Quality Index system in the near future. What is it? It’s basically a ranking that every vendor will get. This ranking is based on the calculation of several indicators.

In simple words, the marketplace will start to accept digital products from a greater number of vendors, and this Quality Index will be a decision-making leverage for the customers.

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

Would you like to become a vendor? Learn how to do this, read the free eBook that will become your guide in the process.

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