Ways To Locate The Best Websites For Guest Posting

Guest posting is beneficial for SEO. It is a method that introduces a business to a brand-new audience. It starts by evaluating the right website for guest posting by researching their metrics and evaluating audience interest. Though the website selection may seem a tedious task, it helps you target the right audience to maximize the results.

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The article tells you easy ways to identify and qualify guest posting websites.

How Can Guest Posting Benefit SEO Of A Website?

Guest blogging can help you build the brand, expand the reach, establish yourself as a subject expert, and generate superior-level traffic for the website. The use of the right practices and methods will take you in front of the target audience, and establish you as a leader in your niche.

 Here are a few more benefits of guest blogging in SEO.

  • A well-written guest blog on a reputed blog can obtain natural links from the readers of the blog.
  • It can assist you in gaining traffic, and boosting your SEO ranking affordably.  
  • In addition to it, it also helps establish authority and credibility by being displayed on an authority website.
  • Once the bloggers prove his expertise, readers of that blog will follow his website.
  • Besides building an audience-base, a blogger also benefits by earning backlinks that improve the SEO ranking of a business.
  • Furthermore, getting your blog published on a highly-ranked website implies that the post will rank high on the search engine.

Quality Guest Post is the trusted provider of guest post service. The company uses a variety of advanced tools and creative techniques to enhance the SEO of a business.

Know the Attributes of Important Guest Blogging Websites

Find out whether or not a website is a good option for posting. Look at the guest blogging websites. Following are the characteristics of a valuable website that generates a high return on investment:

  • The target audience demographics that you wish to reach
  • A large, and engaging audience
  • An online community that indicates the high possibility of the website to display in organic search
  • Content with ideas that are related to the business or industry

Begin Your Website Search With the Ideal Website

Identify one website to use as the ideal guest posting website. It should exhibit the following traits.

  • the place where your audience visits regularly
  • where you wrote a guest blog that produced a high ROI
  • should be your competitor’s website

Look for Sites With the Same Audience

After finding the ideal websites, look for websites that have got a similar type of audience as that of your blog. Perform a manual search to find blogs/websites whose audience matches that of your ideal site.

Qualify Websites With The Help Of Broad Traffic Metrics

The right guest blogging website is the one that has a large traffic flow. This is because, on posting on websites that have a high traffic volume, the possibilities of reaching a large set of ideal readers also increase.

Sort Sites based on Alexa Rank

Filter websites based on their Alexa Rankings and overlap score. Choose those websites that have a high amount of overlap score. It indicates that the audience of that blog is very similar to the audience you wish to reach.

Furthermore, sort the websites based on Alexa ranking. The websites that rank high on Alexa are popular and have high online authority.  Once that is done, assess the websites based on keywords and traffic statistics of the websites. It will help you find the perfect fit for your guest blogging efforts.


The right selection of websites for guest blogging helps approach the target audience to gain maximum exposure for your blog. Focussing on promoting old blogs, experimenting with different blogs, and being consistent and dedicated to guest posting for the long-term will greatly help.  Use the above process to find and qualify websites to create an influential list of guest blogging websites.

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