Underlining ways to use Twimmage and transforming tweets into captivating Instagram images

The chemistry between Instagram and Twitter isn’t a new one. People have always wanted to share content from one platform to another, which brings us to the main topic. Tweets are generally terse and on-your-face. Twitter isn’t home to photographic delights and craze, which you find in Instagram.

How To Get More Followers On Instag...
How To Get More Followers On Instagram

However, more often than not, you may across tweeter content that are outright humorous, satirical, funny and fascinating. There are many such tweets and images that propel you to share the stuff on your IG.

  • This is where you have Twimmage, an app to quickly convert bland tweets into aesthetically sharable images.
  • It starts by selecting one twitter user and choosing a tweet. You have plenty of options here. You can make a creative background or custom background.
  • You can choose from a flurry of custom colors, and share the image to your Instagram account.
  • You can also share it to any other social media platform. You also have the option of sharing it directly from Android Twitter. That’s how you roll the dice.
  • A boring or pretty ordinary tweet can appear to be interesting when you embellish it with great a background or border, or apply other scenes to it.

The new features

First, you need to choose a Twitter account or share a tweet. Selecting a tweet to convert it into an image is the main work here. In addition to Instagram, you can also share it to another website or save it to your mobile device.

  • The most prominent new features are fixing missing or loose profile icons. You can now support retweets. You also have an optimal date and can now show default reposts and likes.
  • Addition of a number of error loggings is new as well. Emojis have continued support now. Twimmage has successfully fixed the bug of missing tweet. You can add reposts or likes.
  • You can also remote or manipulate templates. Conversions have improved greatly and you can improve them further.
  • It has removed the once prominent save-to-device feature for controlling or channelizing a few kinks.
  • The watermark is optional now and they have fixed the verified icon, which makes things easier. You can find tweets through URL or ID on the search page.
  • The new tool lets you add an extra option. You can share the tweet as square or portrait to your feed or story. Your followers for Instagram will be able to see it.

Some important reviews

Twimmage has got 4 plus rating from most users. You will find many people who had the habit of taking screenshots of funny tweets to share them on IG and Facebook.

  • With Twimmage, you can now do it faster and easily. It has powered that process by adding an excellent value of production. It has stellar story options and custom backgrounds. It means that time has come to bid adieu to screenshots.
  • The other similar apps are RMX, Flocked captions, Impact MSG, Rebrandly, and Waves Exploration and Hish Hash.

Similar apps on Android

Phonto is a neat application, which lets you add text over pictures. It’s an intuitive mechanism. Phonto also stands as Text on Pictures. The app looks fine and elegant. It helps users derive the best text combination of any of your best photos and increase its gorgeous aspects. It makes your coveted pictures look more stunning.

  • The app looks comprises an assortment of over 200 fonts. You can choose your preferred font with one click.
  • You can also install several other fonts and custom styles online. Put them over your pictures through the app. You can change the text color and shadow along with the newly-added text’s size.
  • Phonto allows you to modify the width and stroke of the text as well. You can change line spacing, letter spacing, and also alter the text background.
  • It helps you add the most stylish text on your photos. You can make your pictures speak in this way. The intuitive feature deserves special mention. It espouses emotions like romantic, happiness, sadness, fun and exuberance. You can add them to your photos.
  • Another noteworthy name is A Color Story. It’s another superb tool, emphasizing on popping colors, fresh pictures, and radiant looks. It focuses on moods. An awesome tool, it brings some of the most stunning features. It pitchforks your photography credence and experience to the next level.
  • You can have plenty of high-quality features to manage and create things that you never imagined before.
  • This app comprises an inventory of over 100 superbly-crafted and modelled filters. You can buy them directly through A Color Story.
  • It’s a fascinating collection of more than 40 mobile effects, enabling you to revel in the most unique photography.
  • Through this excellent app, you can now enjoy over 20 free versions and complete things without tedious editing rules.

Other great apps

Screely is one app that instantly converts screenshots into stunning images. You can then share the stuff on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, blog and Slack sans any need of Photoshop tools or templates.

  • It’s interesting to note that most of the images you see in blogs and website articles, use Screely. It practically entails zero learning curve or modality.
  • You just need to upload an image and select a background shade. Next, tap on the download button and just share it.
  • Stencil is another wonderful app.  For those who’re familiar with Canva, Stencil will be a joyride. It’s simple and straightforward.
  • However, Stencil varies in terms of operations as it specifically targets social images that are fit for sharing.
  • It’s very popular because you can make catchy graphics and quotes with it. It hardly takes time as it contains thousands of default quotes. You can just search them and add them to pictures within a few seconds.

A generic point

Do Twitter Auto Follower Tools Work in 2021?  Using a free app to easily and quickly turn tweets into beautiful image posts is the watchword.  With the new app, you first select a Twitter account and choose a tweet that you’d like to convert into image.

Some new features that can make a difference is saving background shades for future use and creating images in sync with IG Stories in a classic format.

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