10+ Worthy WordPress Products and Services Subscriptions

Looking for quality products for building or maintaining a WordPress website? Why not use a subscription?

Subscriptions are good because for an affordable price you get several products. The price of each item apart from subscription is always higher.

The offer fits not only web developers and designers. You will like it even if a website is for personal use. WordPress club membership gives access to many themes, plugins. There are also tools for website management. You can use them for one or many websites.

In this article, I will share 5 WordPress site maintenance services. Plus, you will find 6 product subscriptions. From my experience, I picked the worthiest ones.

Still, let’s figure out first why subscriptions are useful.

Why Use Subscription Websites?

It’s clear when a web designer or a developer buys a subscription, right? They deal with many projects. So, they need plenty of products and services for different purposes. Still, even if you have one website, you can benefit.

So, subscriptions are good because:

  • save money & time;
  • have a wide choice;
  • can change your website often in a matter of minutes;
  • have plenty of tools for front- and back-end;
  • get access to the premium products;
  • often you can apply the themes and templates for many websites/projects.

I have already experienced the benefits of using subscriptions. There are hundreds of them. Often, it’s confusing to choose the worthy ones. Below, I share the WordPress paid memberships with premium products. They contain themes, templates, plugins, tools for web design and maintenance.

Main WordPress Products Subscriptions

The ONE by TemplateMonster

This subscription contains 10300+ digital products for website building. It has:

  • WordPress, eCommerce themes and HTML templates;
  • JetPlugins and products run by Elementor;
  • 40+ plugins;
  • 4,000+ graphics;
  • 1,200+ presentation templates;
  • 1,500+ CMS templates.
The ONE by TemplateMonster

The pros of the subscription are:

  • services for SEO, server maintenance, speed optimization;
  • 24/7 support;
  • constant updates and the emergence of new products;
  • 50% off on any TemplateMonster products beyond the subscription;
  • profit for buyers.

Financial benefit for buyers is obvious. The price for a theme with a one-website license starts at $75. For an extended license, you will pay $145. In comparison to these prices, buying a subscription is a win-win.

There is access for a year and a lifetime one:

ONE subscription prices

ElegantThemes Subscription

Another subscription that I’d recommend includes:

  • 87 WordPress themes and 1 Tumblr theme;
  • eCommerce themes;
  • 6 plugins;
  • editable PSD files;
  • 1000+ open-source photos and illustrations;
  • hundreds of pre-built websites.
ElegantThemes Subscription

As the pros of the service, I’d highlight:

  • unlimited use of themes and tools;
  • 24/7 support which works well indeed;
  • a high-security level;
  • constant updates.

The subscription includes 3 premium plugins worth mentioning. You can create layouts with Divi Builder. It has a drag-and-drop nature and convenient interface. Bloom Email Opt-Ins stands for creating opt-in forms fast. Plus, you can integrate all social networks with Monarch Social Media Sharing plugin.

I didn’t notice any serious cons. Still, users complain about the lack of thematic segregation in the support forums.

You can apply for a year or lifetime access:

ElegantThemes prices

Here is feedback from Geno Quiroz – Divi expert:

feedback from Geno Quiroz – Divi expert

Source: https://www.elegantthemes.com/join/#included

Master Club by Themify

This WordPress club membership has:

  • 42 responsive themes;
  • 12 plugins;
  • 25 builder addons (Tiles, Contact, Mosaic);
  • 5 Post Type Builder addons;
  • PSD files.
Master Club by Themify

Master Club’s pros:

  • you can build a website of any subject matter;
  • 24/7 support;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

The subscription has 100+ pre-built layouts. Still, some of them are broken. Be careful.

Now, you can buy a subscription for $89 or lifetime access for $249. If you subscribe to newsletters, you can get 10% off.

MyThemeShop Subscription

I bet you know about this source of themes. At last, these guys created a subscription service. It has:

  • 70 premium WordPress themes;
  • 18 premium WordPress plugins;
  • 16 free WordPress themes;
  • 9 free WordPress plugins;
  • PSD files.
MyThemeShop Subscription

Plus, it has plenty of pros:

  • access to the new products;
  • 24/7 priority support;
  • multi-site installations;
  • one-click updates and demo import;
  • copyright removal;
  • 30-day money back.

Besides, it is SEO-ready and supports third-party plugins.

All this will cost you $8.29 per month. It’s possible to pay for the whole year also.

Themefuse Subscription

I love Themefuse themes. The website has a wide choice. Most of them stand out with their quality. Now, you can subscribe to all themes for:

  • $99 and pay every year;
  • $199 and pay once.
Themefuse Subscription

For this price, you get:

  • all Themefuse themes with updates;
  • demo content install;
  • use on unlimited websites.

The pro of the subscription is that if you cancel it, all downloaded themes will stay. After cancelation, you can use the subscription until the 12-month period expires.

WordPress Support and Maintenance Subscriptions

Now, let’s move to website maintenance packages. Maintaining a website is important. Still, not everyone has time, knowledge, and money. You can deal with all three factors by turning to WordPress maintenance services.

On the surface, they might seem not rational to use. Still, compare the services prices and the cost of maintaining a WordPress website first. Don’t forget to add your time and effort to solving the issues. Then, you will see that using help from specialists is a wise decision indeed. How to choose those?

I picked up 5 services that I used and can recommend.

Website Maintenance Services by TemplateMonster

The company converts 15 years of experience into a subscription that helps:

  • update WordPress themes, plugins, and CMS;
  • track security and malware issues 24/7;
  • check the website’s performance and optimize it;
  • optimize the website for search engines;
  • deal with emergency cases.

A good thing is that you get reports of the work every month.

Website Maintenance Services by TemplateMonster

I used this WordPress maintenance package for one year. Must admit their excellent support team. Once I head a problem, these guys tried to help me right away.

Speaking of prices, the subscription has two plans. You can pay $29 per month and $289 per year for a basic plan. A premium plan costs $69 per month or $689 per year. You can check out what both of the plans include.

WordPress Maintenance from WP Buffs

Another WordPress maintenance package I can recommend is the one from WP Buffs. It offers:

  • 24/7 support;
  • themes and plugins updates;
  • cloud backups;
  • Bulletproof security by iThemes Security Pro plugin;
  • speed optimization with WP Rocket and WP Smush Pro plugins;
  • 1,440 checks per day;
  • help within 60 seconds after issue appears;
  • updates every week.
WordPress Maintenance from WP Buffs

The pricing policy is quite diverse. It contains plans for the maintenance, protection, and performance of the website. You can pay every month or year. Check out the prices here.

Here is what some clients say about this WordPress maintenance service:

WordPress maintenance service reviews

Source: https://wpbuffs.com

WordPress Maintenance from FixMySite

I heard from my friends that this service stands out with a fast reaction to the issues. They consider the support to be one of the biggest pros of the service. Though now their website looks like it needs support itself, let’s see what it offers:

  • simple support that covers all kinds of issues;
  • small changes like text, images, layout changes;
  • repair (plugin or theme issues, internal server error, or a complex technical issue);
  • website or data migration;
  • speed optimization;
  • malware removal.

The price of the services starts at $39 and ends at $99. Plus, the guys offer money-back.

WordPress Maintenance Service from WPCurve


39 members all over the world work 24/7 to remove bugs from your website. Their services cover:

  • hacker attacks preventing;
  • conversions boosting;
  • speed optimization;
  • business traffic growing;
  • search engines optimization;
  • bounce rate reducing.

The team replies right away. Their help costs from $79 per month annually and $99 per month billed monthly. The VIP plan costs $159 and $199.

The con of the service is that it isn’t suitable for serious development projects. Plus, it won’t help if you look for a full-time web developer.

WordPress Website Care from WPSiteCare

Last but not least. One of my favorite options. I’ve been using their pro plan for more than one year. The guys deal with:

  • core updates;
  • theme and plugins updates;
  • tracking hacker attacks;
  • uptime analyzing;
  • cloud backups;
  • activity tracking;
  • 24/7 support.

A great thing is that you can go through a 30-day trial.

Here are the prices for their care:

WPSiteCare pricing

That was the last option from me. I picked up services that either I or my friends used. To wrap up, I’d like to say a couple of words. Having safety nets is a wise decision. Having reliable safety nets is even better. Thus, a WordPress maintenance package is handy. When a website breaks down, it’s good to have a team that will fix it fast. The use of subscriptions for web development and design is self-evidence.

I hope this information was useful to you. Keep up with a blog for more tips and secret sources!

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