Best WordPress Themes for a Business with a Female Target Audience

Are you running/going to run a website/blog targeted for a female audience? The point is that men and women have different likes and dislikes. That’s why you should take this into account during website creation.

Please take a look at the infographic here to get to know more about gender preferences. Why is it necessary to consider them when designing for women? Because of the popularity of the female audience is immense. It is not going to decrease. On the contrary, the female audience grows stronger with time.

Cosmetics, fashion blogs, girlish websites, and mummy web pages will stay on the net forever. This fact vividly demonstrates that the choice of your feminine WordPress theme is really important.

By the way, users tastes change over time. That’s why you must know what is currently in trend when you choose among
Elementor themes, travel WP themes, or any other WordPress templates to launch a successful website or blog.

What Have I Cooked Here for You?

In this article, we’ll try to take the most important decision. What is it? You are right, choosing the right design for your feminine site. My usable tips and tricks also showcase 15 premium feminine WordPress themes that can become excellent options for giving your website an outstanding look and feel.

How To Choose Your Ideal Feminine Style

There are multiple ways to make your website unique and recognizable. For instance, you can opt for the time-tested classical pastel designs. Or you can go for a luxurious elegant approach. The main thing that matters is that the design you choose should match your idea of what you want to create as well as your personality.


Well, let’s share some premium WordPress themes ideas for a business with a female target audience. You will see the way where to start.

Let’s Start with Minimalism

You can tell more with fewer elements, that’s why minimalism is always in trend. If you want to give your female visitors the feel of freedom, lightness, and air, choose feminine templates with uncluttered, minimal UIs. Such designs provide great UX and are always in line with the latest web design trends.

Meltony – Minimal Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme

Meltony is a clean multipurpose Elementor WordPress theme that will perfectly fit any kind of project you are running/going to run. The fact that the theme is built with the help of Elementor Page Builder gives you a complete package of widgets for free. Advanced widgets like Carousel, Google maps, and many others are included in the package.

Meltony - Minimal Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme


The theme comes loaded with JetElements for Elementor. You will be able to get all the benefits of developers’ vast experience in building websites. Creating websites with JetElements is easy and effective. The great news is that you even don’t need coding skills to put your website on the rails. Use JetMenu, it is astonishing how easy you can get perfect results without effort.

Insightis – Creative Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

One more theme for minimalism lovers. Main menu solution is rather unusual here and as you know everything out-of-the-common sparks interest. Bright color accents highlight the important information.

Insightis - Creative Minimal  Elementor WordPress Theme


The theme was built with Elementor Page Builder. It includes JetElements which will make working with the theme a breeze. Mega Menu plugin will help you structure the navigation of your website. What’s more, Insightis is delivered to you well-documented, so you will have the possibility to take a look at the neatly packed docs in case of an issue.

Imagity – Creative Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

This is another minimalist theme for artistic design agencies. The developer makes a powerful accent on bright colors and tiles, which impart the layout of a fresh modern look. The designer uses white space wisely, so the user has the place for the eyes to rest and can focus on the offered products/services.

Imagity - Creative Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme


Imagity will help you create an attractive site that will make you popular. You will structure the content in smart tabs and accordion blocks using JetTabs plugin. Add blog posts on relevant topics and display them in the most stylishly manner with JetBlog plugin. Showcasing your clients’ reviews via JetReviews plugin will be easy. Your site will become competitive.

Magnifix – Creative Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

Magnifix is a template that boasts a minimalistic yet astonishingly beautiful design. If you run a creative agency, this theme is the right fit for you.

Magnifix - Creative Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme


Its already perfect layout is enriched with the powerful Elementor Page Builder that allows you to customize details you see on the page. The builder’s functionality is further extended by the package of brand-new Jet Family plugins, including JetElements. Create spectacular menus to make navigation not only straightforward but also immersive with the help of JetMenu.

Use one of four outstanding blog layouts or create your own to communicate with your visitors and tell them about the latest of your agency’s news. Pick out from the hundreds of available Google Fonts to add that extra little bit of creativity to your content. Magnifix is also fully responsive, Retina-ready and SEO optimized, making it easily accessible from any known device all across the world.

Camila – Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

Camila’s modern, minimalistic and sleek design that focuses completely on your content. Flashy design tricks and beautiful galleries are at your disposal to help you show off your talents and best works in front of your visitors.

Camila - Minimal Blog WordPress Theme


Its theme options panel makes tweaking your pages style simple and convenient. Camila has been designed specifically alongside the Revolution Slider plugin, which is included in the package. With it, you can enjoy extended page building functionality and build outstanding sliders that will surely stun your visitors and captivate their attention. Camila makes clever use of white space without over saturating your page with it, which adds to the elegance of the theme’s layout. It has been optimized for lightning-fast performance and the fully responsive, Retina-ready layout will look equally amazing on each existing screen resolution and device. The package also includes three blog post types, six gallery types, the entire Google Font library as well as countless CSS3 features and animations.

Feminine/Girly Designs

Some women are quite happy with minimalist designs, but some take it as rather impersonal and unrelatable. For instance, unicorns and millennial pink are the latest obsession, so why not to use it to your favor. You can jump on this trend to have your finger in the pie and go for a girly blog look. Some examples are found below.

Faminine – Woman Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Faminine is the perfect template to start a female blog with. Its combination of pastel coloring, elegant fonts and clever use of white space will give your site a delicate appearance.

Faminine - Woman Blog Elementor WordPress Theme


It is supplied with a variety of pages that you can use to quickly swap around and customize the look of your site. The integration of the Elementor Page Builder enables you to go extremely deep with the editing process and change up everything you deem necessary while being extremely simple to use. Its functionality is further extended by the JetElements plugin. Faminine was designed with the mobile-first philosophy in mind, so it is fully responsive and Retina ready. Another impressive feature of this template if that it lets you use parallax animations on your background. The theme is WPML ready, allowing you to translate it into multiple languages and create a truly multilingual site.


This style is frequently used by style & fashion websites. It allows you to capture users’ attention with the help of spectacular visuals. Elegant and luxury feminine templates, their irreproachable style and intricate color play will spark visitors’ desire to explore your website further.

Julie Bernerro – Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

We save our sweetest memories in the photographs. That is why they are so important for every user. We are trying to find the best photographer for making these shots. We surely view the photographer’s portfolio before hiring them. This means that a photographer should have a stunning portfolio to get hired.

Professional Photographer WP Theme


With this theme, the layout of your portfolio will look sleek and modern with each design element carefully crafted and corresponding with the latest web design trends. The theme is shipped with 7 header layouts. You will be able to customize your site with multiple theme options. With Live Customizer adjusting the design of your theme is as simple as it gets.

Tomi Solas WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is designed in elegant chocolate hues. Font solution upholds the general style of the layout. Polygons in the background make the web page unusual and attention-grabbing. Of course, the best photos are featured on the home page. Transparent top menu imparts the theme a modern look.

Photographer WordPress Theme


The theme comes to you with a variety of nice pages for all occasions. It is built with Elementor page builder, which allows building your content with the latest drag-n-drop page builder equipped with a bulk of well-designed modules. The theme was created with mobile philosophy in mind. It will make your website a perfect piece for the smaller screens as well for the larger ones.

Vintage Glamour

You can use the pull of retro design to make your audience come back to your site every now and again. Retro/vintage design elements have a magical effect over the ambiance and overall feel of your website. It makes it look extremely comfortable and fine-tuned.

Would you like your content to stay in people’s minds for a long time? Choose this kind of design and you will invoke thinking about your info and fully absorb it.

Soulym – Photography Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Soulym is an elegant multipurpose Elementor WordPress theme that can be used for any kinds of photography sites. It comes with a bunch of elements for easy website customization – Home Page, About, Team, Projects, Blog, and Contacts pages.

Soulym - Photography Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme


The theme is carefully built with Elementor Page Builder. It allows you building your content with the latest drag-n-drop page builder equipped with a bulk of well-designed modules. The theme was developed with mobile first philosophy in mind. This will make your website a perfect piece both for the smaller screens as well as larger ones. Accurate documentation, as well as 24/7 lifetime support, are included in the template’s package. With their help, you will quickly resolve all the questions you might have.

Geraldine – Vintage & Retro Blog WordPress Theme

Would you prefer a vintage design style for your blog? Take a look at this one, it is adorable. We are sure it will draw the attention of many users who honor traditions and tend to classical canons. Vintage doesn’t equal outdated. On the contrary, each element of this theme design is carefully crafted and corresponds with the latest web design trends.

Vintage Fashion Blog WordPress Theme


The theme can boast beautiful imagery. All 15 topical pics are included in the package as a special bonus. The theme is simplified to its core, the setup wizard will help you install it, plugins, and sample data in a few clicks. The whole process will take no more than 5 minutes.

Show Social Media Icons

Today most of your target audience spends a lot of time on social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms.

You need to connect with them and your website must help you with that.

Sometimes placing social media buttons on your site may not be enough. You can consider adding custom social media widgets to the site’s sidebar and main page areas. For instance, you may show selected posts or a feed of your recent posts on the page.

Demonstrate your awesomeness. This helps you get new customers more effectively.

Tourizto – Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme

Where do people go when they feel that they are on the verge of the burnout? They want to escape from the whole world and spend as much time as they can afford at some peaceful place. So, they start to search for a reliable travel company to buy the career/life-saving journey from them. Are you in the travel business? Then read on.

Tourizto - Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme


With this theme, you are going to provide your users with an exquisite experience. It has a fully responsive design, so you don’t need to worry about the responsiveness of your website’s menu. With JetMenu it will look great on all types of screens.

SEO Optimized

Every business invest in SEO optimization of their websites. This is necessary, otherwise, a website will be impossible to find on the web. However, you may have a tight budget not allowing you to invest heavily. But that does not mean that you shouldn’t take care of your website’s SEO optimization. Your site should be easy to find both for search engines and your target audience.

If you are not ready to invest lots of money in SEO optimization, I recommend you to opt for an SEO optimized WordPress theme. As a rule, the navigation and content structure of such templates are already polished to perfection. You can simply stick to them and enjoy the benefits of your SEO optimized theme.

Feminine SEO-friendly WP themes give you the possibilities to work with post metadata to enhance the website’s exposure on SERPs. You can see the examples of such themes below.

Momex – Business Elementor WordPress Theme

Momex has a business-like layout. It is laconic and elegant, suitable for different types of businesses. This theme was crafted for Elementor page builder, allowing to create a custom content layout without any coding skills.

Momex - Business Elementor WordPress Theme


With an intuitive drag and drop functionality of Elementor Page Builder you can embed any modules and style them up according to your requirements. Momex theme is also delivered with powerful bulk of premium Jet Plugins, specially developed as Elementor addons with extended functionality: JetElements, JetBlog, JetBlocks, JetTabs, JetTricks and JetThemeCore. These plugins let you build amazing website content by using highly functional and user-friendly widgets and their settings. Your visitors and customers will appreciate your appealing design and great functionality.


Many people prefer to use handheld devices for browsing the internet. Don’t disappoint them. Your website should be fully responsive and adapt to the different screen resolution. It should deliver information beautifully on small (mobile), medium (tablet) and large (PC) screens. I’ll give you another good reason to make your site responsive – Google ranks the responsive websites higher in search results.

The template you use determines whether your site will be responsive or not.

So, you’d better choose the one that sticks to Bootstrap grid and seamlessly adapts to viewport changes. Below you can see a few examples of the responsive templates.

Fusion – WordPress Blog Theme

This responsive theme WP will perfectly match a personal blog. It has a sleek, modern design. Each element of this ready-made design is thoroughly crafted and meets all the latest web design trends. Do you like the images that you see? Great news, all images are included in the package. You’ll get 15 topical images that will perfectly suit your theme as a special bonus.

WordPress Fashion Blog Theme


The theme is easy to install. You’ll need 5 minutes only. The theme is simplified to its core. The setup wizard will help you to install your theme, plugins and sample data in just a few clicks. Fusion is an Ecwid ready theme, which will allow adding an online store for free in 5 minutes.

Use Grids

Grid structure ensures a sleek look and responsiveness of your site. You can experiment with the grid to create a new web presence that will be noticed and remembered by the audience.

Why don’t you feature creative layouts on your website and get your website guests excited by this?

You don’t have to learn Bootstrap or HTML coding to create a nice grid. Just opt for female themes with uncommon layouts. It’s great if the design of your choice is enhanced with a visual builder. In this case, all you will have to do is create a unique website layout simply dragging and dropping elements.

Journeo – Travel Agency Elementor WordPress Theme

Here is one more travel agency Elementor WordPress theme with spectacular imagery. It is a perfect fit for featuring your exotic tours. The theme includes appealing pages for all occasions – Home Page, About, Service, Tours, and Single Tours. It also includes special giveaways for you.

Journeo - Travel Agency Elementor WordPress Theme


All images come to you for free. You get tons of high-quality images for different business topics. Jet Elements plugin is also included. This amazing plugin is full of rich functionality and useful features for your website. Jet Theme Core plugin will empower your website at once.

OnVacation – Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme

This theme for travel companies looks ordered and structured thanks to the grid containing the best agency offers. Photos of wonderful places make the users stop and stare. Call-to-action buttons have rounded corners. Their soft, eye-pleasing color makes a positive effect on the visitor.

OnVacation - Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme


OnVacation has not only an awesome design but a great bulk of technical features. It will be perfectly displayed on any device because of cross-browser compatibility and responsive nature. The theme comes with JetElements plugin which adds dozens of unique modules and elements. It also includes adaptive design, extra widgets, Google fonts, SEO-friendly code, and much more. The valid and clean HTML code will make it easy to customize the theme the way you wish and will provide its flawless operation.

Over To You

That’s it for now. You have just viewed 15 WordPress business themes designed specifically for a female target audience. I sincerely hope that you liked the collection and maybe even picked out one or more items for your projects.

Will you share your choice with us?

What features did you take into consideration and why do you consider them crucial?

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