10 Biggest Reasons To Use WordPress For Business Websites In 2019

Every business or a new venture tries to reach for a resource that can deliver maximum exposure to achieve their planned goals and when it comes to creating an impression, there can be nothing more beneficial than a potential website.

But the question which strikes during such situation is, “ which is the most preferred platform to create a website?” Though there are plenty of options to consider, it should be something easy to use, affordable, and should serve great functionality.

Today, we will be working about one of the mightiest software for website development available till date. Yes, we are talking about Wordpress.

WordPress is a popular name in the website development industry because of its features, easy to use interface, security, support, customization options, and much more.

In short, WordPress is a perfect open source platform for any type of website development fostering business goals. Let’s take a quick insight into some of the most convincing points of WordPress use.

  • WordPress Is Secure Enough i.e. Powerful Yet Safe Website Development. 
  • WordPress Is Easy To Customize With Themes And Plugins.
  • WordPress Is Seo Friendly i.e. Inbuilt Features That Support SEO Goals. 
  • WordPress Can Handle Multiple Media Formats

Overall, WordPress is a perfect platform for the development enthusiasts who love to be creative and want to take their website development skills to the next level. Now, without taking much of your time, let us quickly jump to 10 of the most significant reasons to use WordPress for business websites.

WordPress Is An Open Source And Free Platform

The first and the most appealing reason to opt for WordPress is that it is an open source platform which is completely free of cost.

However, you may find it more appropriate to use wordpress.org as compared to wordpress.com because of the advanced plugins available on the former. WordPress.org offers you great control especially when you are looking for a business website, unlike wordpress.com which is good for beginners who need to work on blogs.

Moving on, WordPress is available as a free to download software which came into the sight from the year 2003. It is built by a group of contributors who aimed for large open source projects free for community use.

Though WordPress is free to use, one thing for which you may have to invest some money is to purchase a hosting which starts around with $3 for 30 days for shared servers and up to few hundred for better performing and faster servers. Moreover, there are various paid plugins, extensions, and theme ideas which delivers premium support but investing in them  entirely depends on the needs of your website.

Still, it can be worked to ensure great results keeping the cost to least by just paying for hosting. Also, WordPress is easy to install and manage for updates because it can be downloaded directly from the wordpress website or using popular hosts platforms for quick single click installations. WordPress lets you stay informed about all the updates with notifications in the dashboard regarding fast loading updates for the optimum experience.

Perfect To Create Any Style Of Website

The biggest myth which people come across when planning to build a website is that WordPress is only good for blogging. But in reality, it was just a use case of WordPress because it emerged as a blogging website. It has grown over the years with drastic changes which are good for website development.

Actually, There are many website building software which only aims at apps and design ideas making it tough to merge the blogging interface. WordPress shows up with an advantage because of its blogging background because every website no matter whether it is business or e-commerce needs strong blogging options to gain traffic, leads and ranking on search engines.

So, if you are ready for some action and want to rush for an appealing website, you can use WordPress power to create:

  • business websites
  • forums
  • chatrooms
  • galleries
  • websites like Quora
  • donation websites
  • auction sites
  • e-learning modules, and whatnot.

Also, WordPress is a great source for those who want to achieve functionality because it helps you chase such objectives through easy themes and plugins for driving prospective WordPress Website Design.

WordPress Offers Support For Numerous Media Types

As long as I can remember, I have never come to even a single case where WordPress was not able to support any particular media format.

WordPress always welcomes all the formats for media categories like images, videos, audios, and documents.

WordPress can handle any type of media file which comes as,

  • png
  • jpg
  • pdf
  • gif
  • m4a
  • WMV
  • ogg
  • 3gp and much more.

However, it is entirely on your part that you must always use media in a legal manner i.e. you are the true owner of the information either it is documents, videos, or images.

You can always try to reach for popular tools that can help you with media when you need to host any video or image on your website. Some of these sources can be

  • visual hunt,
  • pexels,
  • free photo finder tool,
  • Pikwizard, etc.

All in all, WordPress understand when it comes to the idea of engagement because visual data make it more interesting for the audience to interact. Relating it to our day to day routine, we all love to explore websites that have videos or image used in the background with relevant content to catch the user’s sight.

WordPress Has Its Very Own Support Community For Easy Learning And Query Solutions

As we have already discussed that WordPress is an open source platform which can be used by anyone. Some other big reasons behind its success are the massive user base, limited cost, advanced support, and skill that is delivered.

Though every software needs some expertise to take the full pledge benefit, one can always spend some time navigating the interface to explore and learn the use. Moreover, the existing users and contributors have so many blogs, forums, and webinars, etc. sharing insights to various secrets of potential WordPress use. This means you can either approach for a WordPress website service or you can simply explore forums and webinars to gain right support to work.

Think yourself, how interesting it would be to use software like WordPress where you have multiple options for learning and every query related to development is answered in the most precise manner.

This means you can either follow all the blog forums or you can simply search for WPbeginner to get advice from the experts. WordPress community offer paid solutions as well as free query answers depending on your interest in long term knowledge or quick insights to error areas. Ultimately, WordPress is a perfect choice for creating a high-performance business website that can help in deriving quality results.

Author Bio :

Ravi Sharma, the Co-Founder & CEO of WordPress Web Design agency in Chandigarh named as Webomaze Technologies is a dedicated entrepreneur who helps various businesses worldwide to have a better online presence and generate more leads through responsive sites. He is a traveler and loves to explore new places.  

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