Ease Your Work With These 7 Elementor WordPress Plugins


1. Why Do You Need to Spice Your Website With WordPress Plugins

2. Shoot a Glance at 7 Powerful WordPress Elementor Plugins

3. Classy WordPress Elementor Plugins to Enrich Your Online-Project

4. Some Final Notes

In order to get an impressive online-project, you should think of using some third-party extensions. It does not matter on what stage your website is for now. It can be its starting point, it can be its bloom of the development. In each of these cases, we would offer you to take advantage of plugins.

Why Do You Need to Spice Your Website With WordPress Plugins

Sometimes default functions are not enough to create a truly great website. In this article, we want you to get familiar with 7 fully-fledged WordPress Elementor plugins. These little handy additions to your website will do a huge magic. As an example, you will be ready to breathe a new life into your online-project. Add multiple visual effects, flood your pages with exciting elements, create marvelous backgrounds, and so on and so forth. All of these things and many others can be achieved together with plugins.

It seems to us that we hear your hearts beating faster. For this reason, we will not keep you away from these stunning WordPress Elementor plugins. Look through them right now…

WordPress Elementor Themes

Shoot a Glance at 7 Powerful WordPress Elementor Plugins

Name of the Plugin Price Main Features
JetMenu $15
  • a user-friendly plugin;
  • various export and import options;
  • compatible with different types of themes.
JetElements $15
  • multiple WooCommerce elements integrated;
  • tons of stunning modules;
  • a powerful RTL-functionality.
JetWooBuilder $15
  • unique WooCommerce widgets;
  • an unlimited number of page layouts;
  • everything to create nice-looking pages.
JetTabs $15
  • a fully-responsive plugin;
  • no coding skills are needed;
  • an easy-to-use block switcher.
JetParallax $15
  • perfect for creating eye-catching backgrounds;
  • flexible animation speed;
  • countless Parallax layers.
JetEngine $15
  • great widgets for templates;
  • custom post types and taxonomy templates;
  • different layout structure.
JetTricks $15
  • easy-to-use and customize;
  • an ideal variant to add visual effects;
  • no coding skills needed.

Classy WordPress Elementor Plugins to Enrich Your Online-Project


JetElements - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Details | Demo

JetElements is an innovative plugin made for a widely-used Elementor Page Builder. It will give you the opportunity to add various extensive modules to your website and fill your pages with different content blocks. Everything becomes extremely simple thanks to the next options:

    • a pre-made contact form;
    • various types of the homepage;
    • pre-styled blocks for Elementor widgets;
    • fully-fledged style options, settings, and useful customizable elements;
    • an opportunity to play around with backgrounds, animation effects, and fonts.


JetMenu - Mega Menu for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Details | Demo

By means of this incredible plugin, it will be possible to create top-notch menus. You can easily work with drop-down items, multiple content modules, and other crucial elements. Thanks to this amazing solution, it will take you nothing to add backgrounds and badges, tweak borders and paddings in order to create the most stylish menu ever. Together with these options, you will make a great first impression:

    • eye-catching colors and badges;
    • customizable backgrounds;
    • a powerful vertical mega-menu module;
    • a great dummy data (to get a menu from the demo ember on your website);
    • tons of content modules.


JetTabs - Tabs and Accordions for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Details | Demo

A great addon that will assist you in adding accordion blocks and tabs to your pages and refining them with different types of the content. Using this very plugin, you can easily broaden the horizons of the content building process. Let us present those features that will gladden you with their power and flexibility.

    • multiple horizontal and vertical layouts;
    • a wonderful classic and image accordion;
    • a great set of style settings;
    • an opportunity to enrich your tabs with abundant colors and nice-looking images;
    • various design options.


JetWooBuilder - WooCommerce Page Builder Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin

Details | Demo

If you need to add fully-functional WooCommerce product pages to your website, this plugin can be called discovery. It will allow you to build loads of impressive WooCommerce pages and brighten them up with some exciting content. The following options will assist you in creating powerful layouts and structures:

    • 15 amazing widgets (including cart, images, related, excerpt, rating, and others);
    • an opportunity to set tailor-made page layouts;
    • options to display the products and product taxonomies;
    • a fully-responsive functionality;
    • a chance to implement new product pages to existing products.


JetParallax - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Details | Demo

This excellent plugin will allow you to apply a stunning Parallax Effect to a background of the website. It will also give you a great chance to create a multi-layered effect with various animation effects. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? In this case, have a look at the most important options included in the package.

    • mouse move and scroll behavior type;
    • custom position settings;
    • a custom speed of your animations;
    • different effects and animations properties;
    • a multi-layered effect with a bunch of triggers and positioning.


JetEngine - Adding & Editing Dynamic Content with Elementor WordPress Plugin

Details | Demo

Do you need to edit or add dynamic together with a powerful Elementor Builder? In this case, you need to make use of the set of dynamic listing widgets that come together with this plugin. By means of them, it will be possible to build tailor-made taxonomy, post types, build grid, and work with many other purposes. In general, this plugin will catch your attention with:

    • a great Dynamic Field, Terms, Repeater, Meta, and Link;
    • listing and grid layouts;
    • an opportunity to add custom taxonomies to all post types;
    • a special collection of widgets to create post templates;
    • a chance to add custom fields in a flash.


JetTricks - Visual Effects Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin

Details | Demo

If you want to empower your online-project with multiple with loads of visual effects, take advantage of this addon here and now. It is considered to be a perfect option to create the unfolded columns effects add sticky elements, add various hotspot makers, create View More Button, and do many other things. Let us start with the most impressive elements:

    • Particles, Parallax, Satellite effects;
    • amazing hotspots and tooltip;
    • an opportunity to make your elements sticky;
    • excellent unfolding columns;
    • animated Show More break.

Bonus! CrocoBlock addon

CrocoBlock Subscription is new way to love Elementor Page Builder. As it allows you easily to manage your website, built with Elementor. 

You’ll notice CrocoBlock Dashboard in your WordPress panel which will offer you next:

  • Personal license key
  • JetPack and various skins
  • Kava theme with backup and update options
  • Configurations for location relations
  • Documentation.

By the way, you could download Kava theme for free to try and see how easy it is.

Download now

In addition, CrocoBlock doesn’t require some programming skills – all the products already can match any target you set and will be developed further.

Just try it once, and it will make your web life easier, from now and on!

Some Final Notes

Together with these powerful WordPress Elementor plugins presented on the top, your website will turn out to be a star in the sky filled up with various eye-catching online-projects. We wish you not to miss your target together with your website and these plugins. Thanks for reading!

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