10 WordPress Themes for Programmers

Actually, there are a lot of words that can describe professional programmers. Yet, in our opinion, it would be nice to call them people who are always hungry for more knowledge. Thus, those professionals who have something to do with web-technologies should remain up-to-date with evolving technologies. In order to assure everyone that you’re aware of the latest updates in web-industry, you should certainly create a website. In such a way, you will be able to present your upcoming plans, brand new ideas, and the most amazing projects. Besides, your core audience will see you as a creative and modern programmer. We decide to help you build an on-trend website regarding your services and created a selection of WordPress themes for programmers.

Why Programmers Should Build Their Websites Using WordPress

  • as you know, people use a vast number of devices these days and you cannot even guess which one your visitor is going to use – yet you don’t need to be bothered with such a problem because this platform is a mobile-friendly one and the only thing needed from you is a responsive WordPress theme;
  • a wide variety of web-developers from various corners of the world – you will always find someone who wants to share his or her ideas and tips on this platform;
  • a simple process of customization that won’t let you get lost – a wonderful WordPress dashboard will guide you through your customization process;
  • you won’t have any problems related to SEO – this platform makes certain that your online-project will be ranked on the top in search results;
  • tons of plugins and extensions that will freshen up the functionality of your website with no hassle.

Are you intrigued to start building a website that will make you be the most well-known and requested programmer? Let’s find a marvelous ready-made template that will help you in such a thing together…

Quadro – Creative WordPress Theme

Software WP Theme


Quadro is a nifty template that will assure everyone in your ability to execute every possible project. If you want to modify your pages and work with its layouts, you may easily make use of the fully-fledged Power Builder. Furthermore, it will be possible to tell everyone about your talent and its demonstration in your works by means of Cherry Projects.

Webbox – Vibrant WordPress Theme

Webmaster WordPress Theme


A trend-perfect theme that comes alongside with a tailor-made design that includes a plenty of eye-catching elements. Your visitors can easily share their well-favored information on their social networks with the help of different social options. In addition to this, a great testimonials module will make it possible to showcase reviews of your clients.

Arimo – Minimalist WordPress Theme

Software Development WP Theme


Arimo is an innovative template that will show everyone that you want to make a revolution together with your projects. A myriad of layout options will allow you to alter your pages with no hassle, while a huge number of custom widgets will refresh the functionality of your website.

ServIQ – Convincing WordPress Theme

ServIQ Computer Repair Services WordPress Theme


If your company provides people with high-quality computer diagnostics, there is no need to keep silence about it. This marvelous template that comes equipped with various pages designed for presenting different kinds of information will certainly make everyone pay their attention to your services. In addition to this, you can let your target audience get familiar with your staff and give them a chance to take a look at their skills using Cherry Team Members.

Code Bolt – Innovative WordPress Theme

Software Company WP Theme


Are you searching for a great solution that will assist you in presenting your first-class services? This stunning theme will allow you to take the full control of your future website. A plenty of custom widgets, modules, layout options and plugins will make it pretty easy to showcase your company in the best possible light.

Skew – Stylish WordPress Theme

One page & Multipage Skew WordPress Theme


Skew is an elegant template that won’t allow your core audience give a miss to your website. With the help of the robust drag-and-drop builder, you will be ready to work with your content without any troubles, while using various background options, you will get the opportunity to impress everyone with some unexpected web-design solutions.

Amazinx – Bright WordPress Theme

Amazinx - Mobile App Responsive One Page WordPress Theme


An amazing theme for those people who seek something unusual to present their services. By means of the creative TM Gallery, you can easily make your projects sparkle, while with the help of multiple blog layouts, you will be able to create an extraordinary appearance of your blog.

GridLabs – Excellent WordPress Theme

GridLabs - IT Technologies Company Responsive WordPress Theme


Are you aware of every possible thing regarding IT technologies? Then, you should spread the word about your talent all over the Internet. A vast number of pre-designed pages with a well-balanced structure, different header and footer styles, a great number of topical images – all of these elements mentioned will allow you to build a tailor-made website.

Wicon – Perfect WordPress Theme

Wicon - Software Application WordPress Theme


An outstanding theme that will assist you in showcasing your rebellious technological ideas on the web. In order to let you play around with your design, this template includes a wonderful collection of Google Fonts. In addition to this, a great number of layout variations and modules will help you to have an impact on both visual and functional aspects of your online-project.

Neonix – Unusual WordPress Theme

Neonix - Digital Agency WordPress Theme


Neonix is an extraordinary template that will improve your position in the technological industry. A wide variety of helpful widgets will make it possible to refresh the functionality of your website. While a comfortable theme options panel will allow you to control its design.

We are completely sure that we will hear your name as one the most successful programmers. For this reason, throw away all possible doubts and build a website that presents your talents, skills, and works. Without any doubt, your visitors cannot stay indifferent taking a glance at your online-project. Make everyone admire your projects and thanks for reading!

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