2018 Design Trends. Space Odyssey Infographics

What are the widely-known facts about web design trends?

  • Technology, media, UX, usability determine most web design trends.
  • Most trends live no more than 2-3 years.
  • Some trends are recycled and turn out to be the newer versions of the trends from the previous years.

Let’s see how these principles will be displayed in the upcoming web design trends 2018.

This post and infographics are a kind of prediction based on a deep research of design sphere, so you can easily make use of it, and create a trendy and high-performance website for 2018.

Actually, design is one of the most important phases of web development. It takes up to 30% of the time and demands creativity, true taste and a keen eye for original solutions. Monitoring all the changes that occur in this sphere, reading and implementing the latest trends, help to create cutting-edge designs that can cause the desired wow effect. Of course, every designer should be involved in the continuous process of gaining knowledge and new skills.

What will 2018 be for web designers? It’s going to be a year of rich experiences including virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, voice user interfaces. These technologies are on the top today, and seem to be a mainstream of the upcoming year.

The infographic below is a deep dive, a kind of Odyssey in 2018, and you’re welcome to start it. It’s created by design-inspired TemplateMonster team, a marketplace with a broad variety of digital products including best WordPress themes to every budget, taste, and style.

Enjoy this space journey and get your designs ready for the new year.


AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning can be seen as a type of AI (artificial intelligence) and uses algorithms to make computers learn. Thanks to it Facebook knows users quite well. It knows how to make us hit a “like” button and performs it by showing the ads, events, and information on the basis of our location data, reading habits and preferences. The main purpose of machine learning is to understand user behavior and deliver personalized content.


Conversational chatbots allow users to ask questions (verbally) instead of scrolling through the whole list of products. Only one question versus minutes of wandering around the site. The mechanism is simple, they react to a keyword in the question, and deliver smart search results to each user.

Natural Language Processing

NLP or natural language processing make the chatbots really intelligent. This technology allows a chatbot to have a fully-verbal, natural conversation with you. It can even understand bad grammar and syntax.

Progressive Web Apps

You know them as push notifications, splash screens, offline mode, and animated page transitions. They combine the best qualities of the web with mobile apps. Previously, this experience was hard to provide, but now it’s easy with PWA.

Seamless Interactions

This design element will allow users to express interest and communicate in real-time, breaking down communication barriers and increasing the connectivity, speed customers have come to expect in the mobile world.

In fact, you use them all the time when you like posts on Facebook, set a status message, rate songs. These little elements are of a great importance, they improve and speed up interaction with any site creating a human-centered design concept.

Scroll Triggered Animations

Pull site visitors to conversion points by inviting them to scroll to contact forms and other lead generating elements. Smooth transitions create a modern and innovative impression of the site and look intriguing to the viewers. Give the aesthetic-usability effect when are not overused.

Virtual Reality

Web design is going to become more immersive, interactive and tangible. Customers enjoy such a content with 360-degree video, mapping VR that make them feel like they’re in another dimension. Site owners see VR as a powerful tool for communicating the ideas of their brands and increasing conversion.

Internet of Things

This technology becomes more and more popular today. It makes things easier by connecting various devices like light bulbs (Philips Hue smart bulbs), apps to find keys, security cameras, etc. to the Internet. Sites with IoT interfaces allow users to interact with smart devices easily. The future is almost here, and most definitely, this trend will be one of top in the upcoming year.


Today, when malicious hacking and malware attacks seem to be everywhere, security is taking a center stage. Users want to work only with trustworthy sites. Moreover, entering your site, they want to be sure that they can trust your download items, contact form, etc. You should protect their confidential information. Offer them a secure experience and a trusted certificate on your site, and they will become your constant customers.


One more interesting trend deals with image extensions. PNG, SVG, JPG, PDF, GIF… There are so many file formats, but which one is going to be the most popular in 2018?
It seems to be SVG, the format for graphic elements that is easy to scale and doesn’t compromise on image quality. It can be exported as a code, so you are free to use CSS or JavaScript to edit the images dynamically.

Typographic Explosion

Expressive typography replaces picture heavy designs. Being scalable, fonts don’t affect the site performance, and this fact makes them so popular. By the way, more and more websites choose emphatic typography instead of relying on large, high-resolution images. Such text-based designs look highly innovative and alluring.


If you still think that cinemagraphs are some pretty images from Facebook or Pinterest and they are made for entertainment, you’re mistaken. In 2018 they are a powerful tool for presenting your products and engaging the audience. This is a unique approach to design which combines video and authentic imagery into one piece of art. It can be a 360-degree view of a product or some spinning/dancing elements that appear when you touch a screen.

The mentioned above are the major trends to shine in 2018. This list is endless. Authentic photos, bespoke illustrations, geometric shapes, soft shadows – these graphic design trends are on the top this year and seem to be there in the upcoming one.

Get Ready for 2018!

It’s time to start your own odyssey in 2018. Leave all outdated designs behind, and choose clean simple forms. There’s no single solution to effective design, the best way to achieve it is by testing and using various elements and trends together. Be different is your creative ideas, be unique, and create your own trendy and high-performance websites.

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