Monstroid2 VS Divi3. Who Wins in the Brands Battle?

Monstroid2 VS Divi3. Who Wins in the Brands Battle?

The diversity of ready-made website templates that are available for download from the contemporary theme developers impresses. Experienced webmasters should know where to get the best pre-designed themed for their web projects, as well as the features those should store under the hood. In the case that you are not familiar with the top theme providers and the themes launched on their platforms, then the following battle of brands will help you choose your personal winner. So, what we are going to do in this post is to compare the functionality, cost and the ease of customization of the two most popular WordPress themes on the web market of 2017 – Monstroid2 and Divi3.

Monstoid2 is the brainchild of TemplateMonster team of developers. It is acknowledged as a breakthrough of 2017 web design, with thousands of active installations. This is a fully revamped versieon of the first release of Monstroid theme, which has become one of the loudest and the most successful WordPress business themes of the year 2017.

Divi3 was released by Elegant Themes back in 2016. This is the reinvented theme bringing the most advanced WYSIWYG page builder to your disposal. Divi3 has a lot to offer to beginner webmasters and non-techies.

Both themes feature all functional and visual elements, letting them bear the proud titles of the most popular WordPress themes in the community. So, let’s compare the functionality of both themes and discover the features making one theme better than another or vice versa.

Themes Installation

In order to start working with a theme, you need to get it installed on your site. Monstroid2 goes with Installation Wizard plugin, with the help of which you will get all components of the theme installed automatically. You can also run the plugin from WordPress admin panel (this is when manual install comes into play). In this case, you will need to select the theme components that you want to be added to your site. Wait for a couple of minutes until the installation is completed, and get straight to the work.

Monstroid2 VS Divi3. Who Wins in the Brands Battle?

Divi3 doesn’t include the option of the automatic installation of the theme components. You will need to get everything installed on your own. Install the theme via the admin panel while picking the features that you will need to have at your disposal at work. As soon as you see a Divi tab appear on the left side of the WordPress dashboard, you can get straight to its customization.

Monstroid2 VS Divi3. Who Wins in the Brands Battle?


The availability of niche-specific skins is one of the top reasons why the web audience gives preference to multipurpose designs. Both Monstroid2 and Divi3 provide the web users with access to collections of niche-specific child skins, by means of which the webmasters can get started with websites covering multiple topics straight out-of-the-box.

To be more specific, Monstroid2 includes a collection of 17 child skins for free access. The gallery is set to grow with the release of every consecutive update of the template, so the number of niche-specific skins will only grow over the time. The features included in the child themes are similar to the ones that that Monstoid2 contains. Whenever you decide to switch to any of the skins, this can be done with a few clicks only via the admin panel.

Divi3 contains a collection of 20+ skins that are available in the Divi builder. If you want to access 88 other templates for different niches, you will need to pay extra $89/year.


Plugins and modules are indispensable components of all contemporary website templates. With their help, webmasters can power up their online resources manifolds and adjust the functionality of pre-designed solutions in the way that matches their web projects perfectly well.

Monstroid2 is powered by Cherry Framework 5. The latter brings a host of custom Cherry extensions to the download package. Thus, Monstroid2 includes 20+ custom plugins letting you present services, testimonials, team members, custom posts, and other data on the pages of your website. There is a series of custom extensions intended to enhance the pages of websites with more intuitive navigation options. These include MegaMenu, Ajax search, advanced filters for eCommerce web resources, etc.


Monstroid2 VS Divi3. Who Wins in the Brands Battle?

The collection of Divi3 plugins is limited to 6 extensions, which let webmasters feel the ease of working with shortcodes, managing newsletters, tweaking social media options, etc.

Monstroid2 VS Divi3. Who Wins in the Brands Battle?

Page Builders

More and more often theme providers integrate their digital products with drag-and-drop page builders. Monstroid2 is no exception. The theme includes the Power WYSIWYG page builder. It lets webmasters save tons of time and effort on the customization of the ready-made design. The editor is also enhanced with a collection of a library of presets and modules, which you are free to use while tweaking the layout of your site.

Monstroid2 VS Divi3. Who Wins in the Brands Battle?


So, what’s the price of the multipurpose WordPress themes that store everything that you might need for a pro web development? If your choice is Minstroid2, get ready to pay $75. That’s also the price for a lifetime license, which excludes the possibility of any hidden fees.

If Divi3 is your choice, then get ready to pick one of the three pricing plans. These include yearly subscriptions for personal developer purposes, as well as lifetime access to all theme features.

TemplateMonster vs. ThemeForest


Monstroid2 features detailed documentation and free 24/7 support. Everyone who downloads the theme will be provided with free 24/7 support.  TemplateMonster’s customer care specialists are available via live chat/phone/ticket system. No matter what kind of difficulties you have, you can always contact our tech specialists.  Be sure that you’ll get step-by-step guidance on how to handle any issues.

Unfortunately, Divi3 doesn’t offer customer support. There is a forum, on which you can address the community in regards to the issues you are facing.

Let’s Summarize

As you could have noticed, there are certain features making one theme better or somewhat equal to another. Let’s oppose the functionality in a comparison chart.

TemplateMonster vs. ThemeForest

Final Thoughts

Both Monstroid2 and Divi3 are powerful and multi-functional WordPress themes featuring GPL license. Both of them are quick and intuitive to handle thanks to the integrated visual page builders. Thanks to the availability of niche skins and extensions, personalizing the designs is intended to become much quicker and more cost-effective. The number of custom features differs in each of these multipurpose designs. However, you are free to make the choice according to your own preferences.

We are not going to announce the winner of the battle over here. Both themes are great. Each of them includes features that you won’t find in other digital products available on the web. So, choose the winner as per your own preferences and may your web page leave all competitors behind.

Good luck!

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