Top 7 Custom WordPress Development Companies for 2017

People who are associated with web development know it already as to how powerful and robust WordPress is. It is the best content management system for a blogging platform. Now, it has deepened its roots in business websites, in fact, every type of website. Now, if you believe the survey reports, more than 58% of elite website users are of WordPress. This has given a huge bonus to the industry which thrives on the creation and development of WordPress websites. Yes, I am referring to the realm of WordPress Development Companies.

I have prepared a list of top 7 custom WordPress development companies which have deeply dug their roots and now are recognized among top WordPress solutions providers in the industry.

Let’s get straight to the list and see which company has acquired the top 10 positions in this super hot contest. Here we go fellas:

1. WordSuccor Ltd.

WordSuccor Ltd. is a US based company which offers solutions to offshore projects all around the globe. It established in 2010, after which it never look back and now it has reached the top of the table.

With the dedication of its hardworking team, till now they have delivered around 1,000+ projects with maintaining 98% of client satisfaction. They have a team of 45+ developers who are claimed to be multi-tasking. And with this success rate, I think the claim seems to be promising. They always try to deliver 100 percent responsive website which can be displayed in any of the devices.

My main reason to give them the top spot because of their customer’s testimonials. It is breath-taking and very creative as well.

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2. Multidots

Multidots is a very well known company and why is it so famous. Because of its variance in services such as WordPress development, Buddypress development, Web Development, Mobile application, Woocommerce Development, and Web design.

Why have I give them second spot, again user’s testimonials and because of their diversity in services? Providing such wide range of services are not easy and that’s the reason I think they deserve to be in the second spot.

Multidots are very famous for their theme development team as well. They are well known for their interactive and creative layouts. You can consider it if you’re looking for any custom Theme development company.

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3. Stellen Infotech

Stellen Infotech is an India-based company with proficiency in handling offshore projects. They offer services in various field such as web development, digital marketing, mobile application development, WordPress website development is like its Ultra Strong Point (USP). Their team of developers is very dedicated and hardworking. Their experience is an incentive. Awesome combination to work with.

I put it third on the list as their testimonials are promising and as it has grown quite vigorously and quite consistently as well.

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4. Moove Agency

Moove Agency is one of the most experienced and innovative WordPress development company of London, United Kingdoms. They are well skilled in design and development of all type of web solutions.

Their developers are highly skilled in all web application services and all the complex API integration such as JSON, REST, XML-RPC, and SOAP.

Their strategy and consultancy are worth trying at least. Their team comprises of very hard working people and their testimonials are promising and their previous project handling leads them to number four.

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5. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is very old WordPress web development company established in 1998. Till now, it has completed over 5000+ projects which are a kind of a milestone if you ask me about it.

With such in industry experience, their team is very well evaluated and highly experienced. And since they are established in such a dynamic market where anytime one bad project can undo your hard work. Lounge Lizard is still in business and quite thriving.

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6. Inflexion Interactive

Inflexion Interactive is New Jersey-based WordPress Web Development company. Their digital marketing services are really awesome. They offer very good services in web design and development, mobile marketing, and research and analytics.

As this company is in so many domains, you can choose in accordance with your need. Their client’s testimonials are as variant as their offered fields are.

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7. Dotlogics

Dotlogics is considered to be one of the best WordPress development company of all times. It offers effective services and engaging websites to their clients. It was established in 2003 and after that, it never looked back.

From that timeline, they are growing vigorously and satisfying their clients superbly. It was quoted in that, “They carry a full host of analysis to delve deep into the heart of tech industry and make powerful resolutions for your brand.  Their developer has a great knowledge & experience to work easy & well-documented code which provide you with the perfect tools to fit your requirements

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So, these are the companies that are very famous and on the top of their field. However, it is my personal belief that rankings can be swapped. The top one can topple down to last and the last one can be at the top. It all matters by the quality of work they deliver to their clients and that is the way of my rankings so far.

Let’s have a look again on the company’s ranking,

  • WordSuccor Ltd.
  • Multidots
  • Stellen Infotech
  • Moove Agency
  • Lounge Lizard
  • Inflexion Interactive
  • Dotlogics

I hope you like my list and I hope this list will help you to provide you the solution you’re looking for. Share your views about these companies via comments.

Author bio – Jason is an Elkhart, Indiana based WordPress enthusiast. He is associated with Wordsuccor Ltd. with a mission to provide quality WordPress development services to small and large size businesses. Jason has been associated with Wordsuccor for last five years and enjoys working with his team of dedicated WordPress developers. You can follow his company on Facebook and Twitter.

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