Why WordPress is an ever green technology even after 12 years?

12 years earlier, 27 May was the day when WordPress was launched and even after completing more than a decade it is ruling the roost. Many technologies have come and gone but were unable to compete with this CMS stalwart. In this blog we will discuss how come WordPress has retained its position so far.




It offers functionalities which edge it competitors. Let’s have a look:


1. Free! Free! Free!

Free things are always seen with a very suspicious eye as they are not considered competitive quality wise. Although no one will mind trying free stuff which is offering so much. Who would mind to make use of such a technology which can help you to architect your website with in no time and further allows high customization features.


Being an open source software might have worked for its success but this argument does not supports the fact that it is ruling the market for past 12 years. As people can surely give something like that a try but they only count on for their websites only on reliable app development frameworks. This shows that WordPress has something very promising and the usage is increasing with every new version as shown in the bar graph given below.



2. Very Easy to Use

Another major quality which holds the credit of the success of WordPress is its easy to use interface. Using WordPress is as easy as using a very basic computer software which requires no particular set of programming skills to posses. This is one of the major reasons responsible for its growth. Moreover, it offers tools such as bold, underline, Italics, alignment and many others, like that offered by editors. You can easily add images and set a particular image as the featured image. With WordPress you can customize your website as you feel like without any technological hindrance. It gives you the leverage to control your website as per your requirements.


3. Responsive themes to give your website the perfect DYI

Functionalities are certainly responsible for the credibility of a website but with each passing day looks are becoming of prime importance. Business owners know that their website is the face of their business on mass media and thus they know that how crucial looks are to withstand this cut throat competition.


With WordPress you get so many options for getting the perfect DYI for your website. There are a lot custom build as well as paid themes for your website. This opens a lot of options for you to choose from, so as to build a highly competitive website. Apart from possessing high aesthetic value these theme are optimized for mobile gadgets as well.
Enumerated below are 15 free WordPress themes which are responsive as well:

  1. SinglePro
  2. magExpress
  3. WpF UltraResponsive
  4. Socute – Minimalistic WooCommerce Theme
  5. Moesia business theme
  6. Karo
  7. Minimable Scrolloable responsive one page theme
  8. Journal Lite
  9. Great Blog
  10. Fyre
  11. Martable
  12. RoVeR WordPress magazine theme
  13. Blackbird
  14. SaleJunction


4. Offers integration with Plugins

Another major feature which makes WordPress as one the most credible CMS framework is its adaptability for plugins. Being into the web development world for 12 years its community has grown a lot. Consequently, this has led to a wide pool of developers who have developed a wide range of plugins.


Some of the major plugins for the safety of your WordPress site are :


Moreover there are Plugins which keep malicious users to barge into your website. These are as follows:


Auditing plugins are also available which takes care of the security of your website are as follows:


Apart from security we have some incredible plugins for advertising you website or blogs. Following are some free ad management plugins in your website:

  • AdRotate
  • OpenX
  • BuySellAds
  • WP125


WordPress for marketing

Past 12 years we have now a preconceived notion about WordPress that it is the best content management system and has a well defined use i.e. for blogging in IT. All these stereotypical rules are broken though, as developers now see WordPress more than just a CMS.


We have now seen that there are many eCommerce sites, review sites, web based service providers and also voucher/coupon sites which are built on WordPress. For instance, we have Voucherbin, which is a UK based search engine for voucher codes which is built using several other technologies which also includes WordPress.


As nothing is ideal, similarly WordPress also has some graphical and technical limitations. With such a big development community and thousands of plugins one can create anything which one wants, all you need is to harness your resources to the best of their capability. Further you can add PHP programing to your creativity and you can give competition to technologies like Python and Ruby on Rails.


With such a popular clientèle which includes BBC America, Best Buy, TechCrunch,universities in the UK & USA , Sony Music and many more well known brands, WordPress is growing day by day. I hope this might have helped you. For queries feel free to drop your comments.


About The Guest Author:
Victoria Brinsley is a skilled mobile app programmer for Appsted – mobile apps development company. You can explore more about the development tips and tricks by clearing your queries with her.

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