WpF UltraResponsive

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WpF Ultraresponsive

Theme Features

Unlimited Colors

You're not limited with one color scheme. You could change your site color with just few clicks.

Mobile-friendly design

Ultraresponsive is fully responsive means your website will be looking perfect on every kind of devices.

Cross-browser compatible

All modern browsers are supported by Ultraresponsive such as mozilla, chrome, safari, IE9+, opera but not limited.

Translation Ready

A .pot file is included which through you will be able to translate your website in any language you want.

Multiple Layouts

Ultraresponsive included with multiple page layouts such as left sidebar & right sidebar for both post & page.

Custom Header

Add a fullwidth header image throughout your website.

Author: Staff

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  1. Hello
    I love this theme but I seem to have a problem with my menu. I have a drop down menu that should go like this

    > the good
    > product review 1
    > products review 2
    > etc.
    > the bad
    > product review 1
    > products review 2
    > etc.
    > the so-so
    > product review 1
    > products review 2
    > etc.

    But the pages within the dropdown menu won’t appear even though they do appear on my wordpress editor.
    Is it not possible to have several pages on top on each other within the menu with this theme? =(

    Thanks for the help

    1. Hi Sarah, I didn’t understand the menu structure you mentioned above. Anyway, only one level dropdown menu is supported by WpF ultraResponsive theme at this time.

  2. Hello,

    I want to use the template without a sidebar.
    Can you tell me what changes I need to make?

    Thanks for the help!


    1. It supports only left & right sidebars for posts, But if you want to create full-width page you can use the pre-made full-width template.

  3. Using the WpF ultraResponsive theme but the menu is not working on mobile devices. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!!

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for the excellent theme. I’m just wondering if it’s possible to make the footer a different colour to the header? I found a reference to the footer in the css but changes don’t seem to take effect?

    Would be great if it can be independent, or match the background instead of the header.



  5. So far I really like this theme. My only problem right now is downloading audio files. Some of them are quite large. They were on the website previously with the last theme, but even after doing some trouble shooting I cant get them to go back on the site with this theme. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    1. Hi Teri, Could you please ask your issue in the support forum with more details & screenshots? So that we can look at it more closely.

  6. Lovely, I wish work with you guys