15 free WordPress rating plugins

Some time we need to add rating or voting plugins for wordpress blog. This is a smooth way allow users to rate or vote on your posts/pages or something else. You can add a polling system, star ratings , custom like buttons etc by using the following plugins. Today I will share some of the best free wordpress rating plugins here.

1. KK Star Ratings

KK Star Ratings

This is the best plugin for adding a rating system with star icons. I personally used KK Star Ratings plugin for some projects. This plugin has shortcode, you can add anywhere the rating system through shortcode.

2. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings plugin allow you to add polling and rating system into your wordpress blog. It has building 20 styles also you can make your own styles in this plugin to display the poll or rating.

3. WP-PostRatings

WP PostRatings

WP-PostRatings is a another nice wordpress rating plugin. It not only works on post type also custom post types. This plugin is very easy to use. Wpbeginner also use this plugin for their custom post types.

4. Rating-Widget – WordPress Rating Plugin

wordpress poll plugin Rating Widget

This is a fantastic plugin, I must call it 2 in 1 wordpress plugin. Because Rating-Widget not only allow you to add star ratings also you can add a Top Rated post widget in sidebar. This widget will show most rated contents by users.

5. NextGEN Gallery Voting

NextGEN Gallery Voting

By using NextGEN Gallery Voting plugin you can enable or disable individually ratings to images, you can set if registered or logged users can vote. It has 3 types ratings system which are 1-10 dropdown or 1-5 ratings or Like/Dislike.

6. Thumbs Rating – Rating WordPress Plugin

Thumbs Rating

Thumbs Rating is a very light weight rating plugin which allow you to add a thumbs up/down button in anywhere to your site. This plugin is fully customizable through css. You can display the rating buttons through shortcode , see the installation process in the plugin page for more details.

7. RealSatisfied Widget

RealSatisfied Widget

RealSatisfied Widget is a nice plugin for those who want to show ratings with testimonials. This plugin allow us to add a slide rating option with testimonial in the sidebar.

8. Purple Heart Rating Plugin

Purple Heart Rating Plugin
The Purple Heart Rating Plugin is very easy to use, This plugin allow people to rate your contents and invite for comments. It have also a premium version which have some more advance options like Top Rated widget to show top rated contents, font-sizes, changing colors, feedback options, rating to comments and lot’s more.

9. Revyooz

wordpress rating plugin Revyooz
This rating plugin is very useful when you want to offer ratings for any kind of products out of 5. You can offer to your uses to rate your product or whatever your are blogging about.

10. Like This

This rating plugin is very useful when you want to offer ratings for any kind of products out of 5. You can offer to your uses to rate your product or whatever your are blogging about.

11. KK I Like It

KK I Like It
This is a Another great plugin for rating your posts/pages. KK I Like It plugin has two version, one is free and second is premium (15$ only). By using this plugin you can easily add a like button into your posts. It will show the number of likes , icons also it has lot’s of features like Most Liked, Recently Liked , display rate button , display rating score and more…

12. WP-Polls

If you want to add a ajax polling system into your blog then WP-Polls plugin is best for that. It allows you to add ajax polling, it’s fully customizable, you can set styles according to your website.

13. WP Custom Voting

WP Custom Voting
This plugin allows you to add a like button in your posts/pages. It also show the number of likes along with the button like facebook, google+. WP Custom Voting plugin track IP’s, so people can’t vote twice for the same post or page.

14. I Recommend This

I Recommend This
Let readers recommend your post by I Recommend This plugin. This plugin will add a simple like/recommend button into your post. Some readers don’t like to comment but often they like the post. So this plugin allow readers to like a post instead of commenting.

15. Kudos

Kudos is also a nice ajax like plugin to add a animated like button into post. It also allow users to vote one that mean users can’t vote twice for same posts. See the plugin on action Kudos .


There are also some free wordpress rating plugin available in the wordpress plugin directory, But they are not updating since last 2 years that’s why I don’t mention those plugins here.
Thank You!

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