How to Add a Live Chat to a Website For Free

How a live chat can benefit a website

Live chat software is a flexible communication tool that you can use on your website for online technical support. If clients need help, they can ask an online consultant a question and get a quick response. That’s not all, though.

Unlike email support or FAQs, when you download live chat, you can provide clients with a live and personal experience. The faster the support, the more satisfaction, trust, and even more sales.

Effective use of live chat software allows generating a huge number of new leads, which will ultimately lead to increased sales. Numerous studies have shown that providing support through live chat can increase conversions by 20% or more.

Using an online consultant leads to an increase in the average cost of the order, as customers receive recommendations and answers to questions in real-time, without delay. You should take advantage of all the benefits of live chat software and download this tool now! The good news is that your business does not even have to spend any extra funds as there is a free live chat software download option.

How to add a chat to a website

The live chat download and setup process takes only a few minutes and does not require any special knowledge. For WordPress websites, has created a free plugin that makes it even simpler to add live chat to your website. Chat software downloading is typically done by copying an html code.

  1.     Got to and create an account, if you do not have one yet. Otherwise, log in to your account.
  2.     Navigate to the Widgets tab at the top of the website, then select Installation on the menu on the left.
  3.     Copy the code that appears in the box by clicking the blue button.
  4.     Go to your website and paste the code in the </head> section on every page you would like to have a live chat widget appear.

Installation is complete, so you can now customize and test your widget.

How to use a chat for different communication channels

Instead of sitting and waiting for a client to contact you, you can take a proactive approach and encourage them to interact. Live chat not only helps to provide an answer faster compared to let’s say email but also provides a more personalized level of service. Sometimes, though, clients find it more convenient to use a phone. During non-working times, an email or contact form may substitute for live chat and phone communication.

An omnichannel approach to customer experience assumes that the company uses various sales and marketing channels. The client can make purchases or communicate with it in any convenient way, using any channel, seamlessly, while maintaining the history of communications and sales. The client is the focus of such a strategy.

A holistic customer experience platform helps to show your customers that you care about them. For instance, a customer can click on a banner and go to a website that sells the item they want. There, they are welcomed by the sales team through a live chat message and can ask for more details in real-time.  Then, the customer can make an order on the go using an app, while being assisted via chat by a tech support member. Afterward, the sales team might call back via phone to confirm the order and ask for shopping experience/product feedback that can be provided using a link that was emailed to the customer.

How to use communication with a chat support team to your advantage

Do you want to get something more than just a live chat software free download option? The chat support team is not there only to answer your questions when you have issues setting up and using the software. They can help you get the most out of the new tool and customize it. After all, they know all the available features and how they can be used to your advantage.

If there is a feature you would like to see in the live chat software, you can send the support team an inquiry if the widget can be further customized to meet the specific needs or preferences of your company. Although it is likely going to cost a little extra, the investment will soon pay off in the form of new leads, more loyal customers, and less time spent by your employees assisting them. On that note, it is a good idea to ask chat support if your company can get a discount.



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