Recording screen software that works best in recording school work, work, and more

Are you looking for the best software to use for recording schoolwork or work information? Do you want your recording to look professional and sophisticated? Then will help you get the best software in the market for that job. Passing information as a visual presentation has been proven to make the presentation more understandable and also memorable. It is due to these reasons that I have combined a list of software that will help you make you create a professional video. So that the information on your project or Youtube will be well understood.


OBS Studio

It is open-source software that helps you stream video and also record video across platforms. It is my number one pick because it has great streaming abilities and it is also very efficient when it comes to recording videos.

Why is it powerful?

It gives the user immense power to choose the part of the screen they want to capture. The user can capture the whole screen or just a part of the screen. It also allows you to record information from apps and browsers of all kinds. Hence making it a powerful software when it comes to recording tutorials or documenting.

The app also allows the user to manipulate the way the video looks. They can choose to change the themes by adding filters or how the video transitions. You can also add audio to make the video more interesting. It grants access to other audio sources to ensure you get the music you want for your video.

If you are not yet convinced about getting the OBS studios application then here is another feature. It contains an API software that allows the user to write plugins and scripts. The app is also open source meaning you can manipulate the application itself in whichever way you deem necessary. Such features make this application stand out amongst other apps.

The application is free of charge and comes in Windows, Linux, and Mac versions.


It is an application that lets you record and shares your screen recordings easily. The apps work as a messaging app too. The app has a user-friendly user interface. The user only needs to create an account, then choose between the desktop version or the Chrome version, and they are good to go.

Why is it powerful?

The app has webcam access which allows the user to record videos directly from their webcam. It helps the user personalize their video hence catching the audiences’ attention better. You can also use the app to capture static screenshots.

The app has one feature that makes it stand out while compared to the other apps. It has a high transfer speed of videos. The user can transfer the video to their audience, immediately after they complete the recording. All they need to do is copy the provided link for the video and then send it to the recipient. Once the link is received, whoever clicks on it gains access to the video. The apps hence make transferring videos via messaging apps, emails, and project managing apps easy. The recipient can also react by providing a comment or by using an emoji.

The apps offer free recording for a hundred screenshots and videos. Once you have exhausted your free screenshots and videos, you can choose to upgrade to the Loom business package. For only ten dollars per month, you get unlimited recording time and other annotation features.


It is an app that gives the user ability to record, host, and edit screen captures. The app provides all the recording screen features, it provides partial screen recording, webcam footages, and it also takes a screenshot. The app also has other extra advanced features that include adding music to one’s videos and adding annotations.

Why is it powerful?

The app provides many editing tools that help the user make their video more presentable. Screen-O-Matic has a green screen filter, trimming silence, and even animation transitions. The apps help you make your video stand out without even using other video editors.

It also provides a hosting solution to the user. So if you hate downloading your video, then using more time to upload the video to your blog, then this is the application you need. It helps you post your videos directly from the app itself to any social media platform or blog.

The application offers fifteen minutes of free recording time with a watermark embedded on the video. You can later choose to upgrade to the Deluxe package that offers annotation and editing features for only twenty dollars a year. It comes in Windows, Android, Chromebook, iOS, and Mac versions.

Inbuilt alternatives

If you do not want to go through the hassle of downloading any of the websites listed on this website. Then there are some in-built alternatives.

  1. People using Mac operating systems can use the Quick-Time inbuilt software to record their screens.
  2. People using Windows ten can use a feature found on the game bar.


Presenting your work as an audiovisual presentation makes it more interesting and memorable. The applications mentioned on this website help you make professional videos in the comfort of your home.

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