What to consider before choosing an Android keylogger

Keylogger is a feature that is commonly found in a lot of spy apps. One can say that keylogger is an essential feature of spy apps. It is a feature that’s normally used by parents and spouses to track their children or spouses’ digital/online and device behaviour. If you are interested in choosing the best Android keylogger, you can check out this guide on Suspekt that elaborates on the best keyloggers for Android.

Keylogger Usage

When people mention keylogging, they usually mean tracking their children and spouses’ online and device behaviour. Some keyloggers are paired with geofencing features. Which is great if you plan on tracking your kids’ behaviour leading up to their possible kidnapping (if it ever happens).

Besides tracking your kids’ devices, you can also track your spouse’s behaviour too. You may question their strange behaviour and could not place a hand on it. One of the ways to “keep up” with their strange behaviour is to install a spy app with a keylogger function to check on them. However, a keylogger feature may not help you extensively. Oftentimes you may need other features of a spy app to justify your spouse’s strange behaviour – tracking their calls and text messages for example.

Or you may be an employer who wish to check on your employees’ work production. You may feel like your employees are not putting in enough attention or time to complete their work in a timely manner. Some employers actually use keyloggers to track their employees’ work remotely to see what their activities are like.

What to look out for – Criteria

Having said all that above, here are some criteria to consider before you settle on the best keylogger.


What’s the use of a keylogger when you cannot use it? As mentioned before, most spy apps come with a keylogger function. However, some of the keylogger features don’t really work “properly”. By that we mean how it does not accurately log the keystrokes your target devices held.

Some keylogger feature works only with geo-fencing, calls, and texts. However, some other keylogger feature works with social media platform, device browsers, and so on. If you are looking for keyloggers that logs just the text messages, calls, and geo-fencing features, then we guess a basic one will be good enough. If you want more, then obviously a more comprehensive one may be what you are looking for.

Stealth mode

You will obviously be concerned if the keylogging function will be kept secret from your targeted person. Keylogging typically are made to be non-trackable by your targets. Your person of interest will not even know that you are tracking them and their device behaviour.

This is a pretty important feature to consider as not every spy app that the keyloggers come with have stealth mode. If your aim and purpose is to track your person of interest without them knowing, then the stealth mode feature is all the more important.

Not every spy apps on the market provide stealth mode. There are a couple that does not provide such feature in their apps. Stealth mode is not to be confused with getting your targets’ devices and installing spy apps on it with regards to legality. Most (if not all) spy apps will need you to get physical access to root the devices, so it’s mostly “legal” to install spy apps on your target devices. If your target devices are rooted remotely, then access to accurate data is (close to) impossible.

Again, stealth mode will not inform your targets that you are tracking them live or not. You will still receive the data and information nonetheless. Just keep track of the time period it will keep the data.


Users generally will want to have a keylogger feature that provides reliable data. There is no use if you receive the wrong data at the wrong time. It will mean a lot of things, generally unsavoury ones.

So, yes. Reliability is something that you should totally look out for in a keylogger feature/software. You will definitely want to pin point and make your final decisions over the data retrieved from the keylogger logs.

Plans and pricing

As mentioned previously, keyloggers typically are features that comes with spy apps. Spy apps, like a lot of other software, offer a diversified series of plans and pricings. Usually the ones that are on the more expensive side are the ones that typically offer more features or provide better services, keylogging included. The ones that are on the lower end on the price range don’t usually offer as many features and their quality may not be comparable to the ones that are more expensive.

However, if budget is an issue for you, we should mention that you should access the real reason behind why you want to get a keylogger service on. If it’s to track your targets’ text messages, calls, geo-fence, etc, then most budget-friendly keylogging services are more than good enough. As long as you are able to view the messages and calls and make a record of it, then you’ll do well with a cheaper one.


The bottom line is that most spy apps offer keylogger feature on their apps. It all boils down to what you really want in a keylogger feature. Remember that what you look for in a keylogger may depend on where you are coming from. You may be a spouse trying to expose your cheating significant other, or a parent who is concerned about who your kids are talking to. You may be a boss of a company and wish to see if your employees are producing quality work too. What each people want in a keylogging feature is different from the other people. As long as you get what you want, it should be good enough.

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