How eCommerce Localization Can Increase International Sales

International buyers deserve the same seamless shopping experience as local buyers and if you wish for your brand to succeed, you need to start making everyone’s user experience on your website a priority. Localizing your content is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways for you to start providing the best services for your audience.

The easier it is for your audience to understand what you are selling, the more trust they will be able to put into your brand. Increasing your international sales heavily relies on such practices and in order to help you get a better understanding of this process, here are some ways through which localization can help you achieve that goal.

  1. Attract international audience by adjusting your product offer

A big part of becoming successful within a new international audience has to do with how much you can make your products and services fit in with the local customs of the target audience. The easier your product is able to introduce something new without it being disrespectful of the local customs, the easier it will be accepted by the local population.

Apart from making sure you follow certain parameters such as words and phrases many people often use, you need to be sure that you are respectful of the local religion, cultural traditions which involve styling, clothing items, colors, and other things which some parts of the world might not consider attractive or in some cases even respectful.

Showing understanding and respect for beliefs, language, and culture will make your brand more appealing to an international audience. While there are many brands that will try to make their original products become popular with any population, no matter how popular they might be with their local audience, they will never be able to replicate that success if they don’t localize their products.

  1. Build trust by making reviews and testimonials available for everyone

The point of having reviews and testimonials of other customers available on your website is for your potential customers to get some questions to their answers and to put their trust into trying your products. If you don’t think about localizing these reviews, it is most likely that a big portion of your international audience will not be able to read the ones in their original language.

If you wish to make this process easier, you can simply create a section on your website where you can include the reviews and testimonials only, so that everyone can have access to all the reviews they wish to read in every language your website has available. This way they can draw their own conclusions without you having to include them below every single product on your store.

Reading reviews and testimonials about your brand in their native language will help build your brand’s credibility and can enable you to turn a visitor into a buyer. Localizing them instead of simply translating them will help them keep their original tone and way of expression of each customer and this will heavily impact the decision of other potential customers in the future.

  1. Help international customers relate to your brand’s message

Localization helps you establish a closer connection with your buyers because you’ll adapt the brand’s messages to them. Even if your brand has a good slogan in English, you need to make sure that even your non-English speaking customers are able to understand it and relate to it.

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that in order to localize your brand’s message, you might need to slightly alter the way the original message is written so that it makes sense to your targeted local population. Sometimes, certain phrases and words cannot be translated easily from one language to another, so you will need to work with a native translator who will be able to complete this process correctly for you.

There are different translation platforms and services that can help you get in touch with a native professional translator who will be able to help you make sure that your brand’s message is translated in a correct way that is understandable by all your customers. This way, your message will be able to be delivered unaltered to everyone that visits your company’s website.

  1. Increase your credibility by adapting your business’s practices

When it comes to localizing your entire website for a new client base, there are all sorts of different things you need to remember to adjust in order for the result to be uniform and excellent. There are some simple aspects of an eCommerce website that need to be localized but which many business owners might not think about initially.

Adapting product recommendations, different currencies for each part of the world, explaining shipping details, fees, and costs will make your brand more trustworthy in the eyes of consumers. Even simple things such as the way dates are written on your emails and receipts the customers receive will help your business look more professional and collected.

These things might seem simple but can easily be overlooked and you need to be able to fix them all so you create a uniform and professional result. The more attention you pay to detail, the easier it will be for your new customers to put their trust in what you have to offer and make a purchase off of your eCommerce website.

  1. Win over new customers with the right audiovisual content

One of the things that every customer will enjoy seeing is audiovisual content. In most cases, not only is it cheap and relatively easy to create but it can also significantly change the way your customers view your products and business.

Angela Baker, a content manager at TopEssayWriting says: “By modifying multimedia content and images to an international audience, you’ll make your brand more attractive since the visual part of the brand plays a huge role in winning over new customers. Whether you have created videos or images which explain things about your brand or your individual products or you have flashcards that show off new sales or promotions, localizing them will help every visitor on your website understand exactly what they stand for”.

This will also help keep them focused on these new things that happen on your website and by catching their eye, you will be most likely to achieve a sale. If your website has a huge promotional sale going on, it will most likely not be a success if the image promoting it is not localized, as your international audience will not be able to understand it.

Increasing your sales easily through simple alterations

The process of localization might sometimes take time, especially if your business has been running for a while, but it can be very rewarding if done correctly. Working with a native, professional translator will help you achieve a uniform result which will help you attract more local customers quickly and without a lot of effort.

Paying attention to certain important details and using localization instead of a simple, generic translation system will help you achieve all of the benefits that were listed above. Achieving international sales might be a dream for some brands, but localization can help you achieve your goals easily, while still showing respect to other people’s cultures and habits.

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