A Brief Instruction on Choosing a Multilingual-Ready WordPress Theme

Business often faces the necessity to spread its potential all over the world, make it international, and accessible for a considerably wider audience. Shifts and changes are the real tickets to success. Shifting away from a monolingual business website to multilingual one is a smart investment and thought-out step forward.

There are about 6,500 languages globally. One of the most popular among them is Mandarin Chinese, not English like it is commonly believed. Moreover, a multilingual website can serve a cost-effective marketing tool to promote a business, to increase sales, to attract new customers, and of course to get the competitive advantage on the web and in the business niche.

By internationalization we shall basically mean the process of designing translatable themes with RTL-feature built-in. With the feature of compatibility inside the code, it will be easy to translate a website using POT/ PO, or MO files at any time convenient for a website owner.

Nowadays there’s a tendency to design all website design templates with the multilingual compatibility, however many of them remain monolingual. In view of this, if you want to run a WordPress-based website compatible with multiple languages, firstly you need to select a multilingual-friendly theme.

 3 types of translation-compatible themes based on WordPress CMS

  • Themes equipped with a .pot/ .mo/ .po files can be easily rendered into other languages. To translate the theme, you should opt for a specific plugin. For this reason Loco Translate and Codestyling Localization suit. However, the translation of the theme’s content requires additional efforts – to install a plugin such as Multilingual Press or WPML.
  • Themes, which can be translated by professionals via translation services like Webtranslateit or something like Transifex. The content of your site can be rendered via a peculiar plugin like WPML.
  • Themes coming with built-in multilingual systems. This type of themes doesn’t require using any plugin.

WordPress.org: Free Themes Supporting Multiple Languages

WordPress Directory Themes

There are tons of free-for-all WordPress themes in WordPress.org that are ready to be rendered into other languages including RTL ones. Business owners and webmasters can choose the theme there that perfectly suits their needs.

Prior to making your choice, pay attention to the theme’s compatibility with WPML software. Besides, there are multiple top-rated themes which have been already translated using different translation services mentioned above.

For instance, WordPress.org offers a free translation-ready theme named Responsive. It comes already translated into 45 languages, supports RTL languages, and effortless works with WPML plugin. Existing translations were made by volunteers with the help of Webtranslateit.

Commercial Multilingual-Ready Themes

When you’re on a tight budget or just want to try yourself in website creating as a non-tech, free themes are the best solution. However, if you want to achieve the competent assistance, regular updates, and multiple customization options within a theme, you’d better opt for a premium product offered by marketplaces. Even more, free layouts can leave much to be desired because of poor coding or translations.

For this reason, let’s take a closer look at commercial ready-to-use themes.

WordPress themes, which don’t include ready translations but can be translated

There are tons of commercial themes, which are not provided with ready translations into other languages, but they usually come with a .pot file. To translate that theme, you can turn to such a software solution as Poedit or plugins (Loco Translate, etc.). For content translation, WPML plugin will help.

Modern web community boasts multiple popular marketplaces that offer truly professional premium themes with multilingual support. Let’s delve into some of them.


TemplateMonster WordPress Themes

TemplateMonster marketplace contains a huge block of
WordPress website templates compatible with WPML plugin. There are tons of themes coming with Po files that guarantee successful translation of the theme as well.

Monstroid2 as the best multilingual solution for website building

Monstroid 2 WordPress Multilingual Theme

If your multinational company or web shop needs to be decently presented on the web, Monstroid2 is the best choice. This multipurpose theme was designed by a team of professional ZEMEZ webmasters who stuffed it with a bulk of outstanding features and necessities. In addition to above 500 ready-to-use sections, extra flexible page builder, more than 20 catchy skins, you will get a translation-compatible layout supporting WPML plugin.

Monstroid2 WordPress Themes Features

M2 has a number of undeniable benefits over a number of other WordPress themes. In addition to the multilingual-ready layout, you will get in bulk:

  • a super light package with weight less than 250kb – this feature will considerably improve your website performance;
  • Magic Button with hundreds of pre-made web pages and sections – there’s no need to waste time when creating basic pages or modules;
  • regular weekly updates of skins – whatever topic your business is related to, the theme will cover it with a fresh-faced skin;
  • Elementor page constructor with drag-n-drop functionality – it allows you to create pages and see changes in real time;
  • accurate documentation and competent 24/7 support.



iThemes platform is a source of translation-capable plugins. The translation is made by volunteers via Translation Files. Anyone can play the part of a translator, or so-called Awesome Translator Volunteer, and create translation files in a proper format. Once iThemes gets these files, it will be able to add this translation into the next plugin update.



With Themify.me service, you won’t have difficulty translating the theme into any language without touching the template files. The platform offers Poedit software for nothing or plugin especially for translations named Loco Translate. Turning to WPML plugin is possible at extra charge.

WordPress themes with already translated languages

Those who don’t want to have issues with the rendering the theme to another language by yourself can opt for already translated themes. These themes are usually translated by users, translators, or volunteers via commonly accessible translation platforms like Webtranslateit or something like this.

Using the theme with a package of ready translations will save your time and budget. However, content translation is a separate issue that requires a plugin like WPML (or any other which is supported by the chosen theme).

Genesis Framework

genesis themes

Genesis is the widely-used effective framework for making a multilingual website with built-in translations. It comes with over 30 languages, constant updates, competent support, and tons of other necessities. This package will cost you only $59.95.

The framework is easy to understand for both a novice and experienced webmaster. In addition to a translation-ready solution, you will get the foundation optimized for major search engines allowing your website to come to the top positions on SERPs with ease.

WordPress themes with own multilingual system

Today you can face WordPress themes which have their own incorporated multilingual system. It means that an owner won’t need to translate content via using third-party plugins or services. For example, AitThemes offers such multilingual theme out of the box.

Bottoms up

It goes without saying that there are multiple solutions to creating a multilingual website. So if you’ve decided to make a large impact on your customers, turn to globalism, and embrace diversity for your project, you need to translate your existing website into other languages or run a new one supporting different languages.

Don’t stay out if the game when thousands of business owners are taking over your business niche worldwide.

Besides, it’s easy as pie to make your online presence multilingual. As you can see from the above-mentioned list, you have three ways to make your multilingual dream website come true: buy a WP theme compatible with multilingual plugins, a theme with own translation system, or an already translated theme with a pack of various translations.

You’re free in your choice!

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