How to Help People Enter Your Religious Doors with WordPress Themes for Churches

“Church is not something you go to, it’s a family you belong to.” Today it’s easy to build such a family on the web without much effort. Most modern people live with a busy schedule. For this reason, they are looking for a comfortable and accessible way to balance between multiple tasks. Sometimes, a church (or religious participation) helps to find the right way and attain harmony in the life.

However, most of them face the problem of missing enough time to visit a church. Thanks to rapidly developing web technologies, people can receive religious assistance sitting at home. There are loads of digital churches and you can become a part of that community.

Core Requirements That Are worth Knowing: Building an Engaging Church Website

According to Grey Matter Research’s study, “In the last 12 months, over 17 million American adults who don’t regularly attend worship services visited the website of a local church or place of worship” (source: It proves that people are ready to use online religious services because they are more comfortable and private than visiting a local worship.

The more websites appear, the more requirements they have to meet. Nowadays it’s hard to shine on the web and attract organic traffic without sticking to modern standards and norms. In addition to basic features like excellent performance, niche-specific design, and user-friendly interface, you should have something in your pocket to stand out. You can use various eye-catching typography elements, but try to keep your site legible. As for extensive functionality, you can furnish your service with handy widgets or other useful yet catching tricks. Though, a church-related website requires more specific features to be undeniably effective:

  • Fully responsiveness is a must-have. Remember that more than 52% of web users search for information with their mobile devices. If you build your site using one of these WordPress themes for churches, you can be sure that your site will work smoothly on both desktops and mobile devices.
  • Impressive design is a recipe for success. You have only several seconds to impress your visitor. Make sure that your website looks professional and contains high quality, up-to-date content (images, posts, video, etc.).
  • Essential information is easy to get. If your digital service puzzles your visitors and makes them waste time for searching something important, you won’t success. They will abandon your website in search of a more user-friendly interface.

WordPress Themes Suitable for Setting up a Church-Dedicated Website

We’ve picked 5 effective WordPress themes to help you meet all the above-mentioned requirements and set up a promising church website which will be well-liked by Google search engine and online audience.



A religious website has to reflect the main principles of the religion it belongs to. MuslimHub is a well-structured, polished mockup which is able to encourage your website visitors to join your community. With the help of this fully-fledged theme, it’s possible to establish a solid Islamic center on the web. There are enough possibilities to organize a smart management of your community: event organizer, blog, FAQ page, galleries, etc. The header contains all the necessary details and buttons to provide your visitors with the main social media platforms, contacts, and operating schedule. Moreover, a full width slider on the homepage will help you attract your site visitors to your news and updates.

  • working testimonials system incorporated;
  • advanced header and footer options;
  • handy drag and drop WPbackery page builder;
  • innovative slider Revoluion.

Shema Israel


Jewish culture is many-sided, eventful, and fascinating. If you’re looking for a suitable platform to present a religious center on the web, Shema Israel is a right choice. This WP theme proves the statement that running a website is easy as pie. It takes a click to integrate demo data. Besides, the layout comes with accurate documentation and life-term support. It will save your time to find a solution. Including a bulk of various pages, the theme allows a website owner to build a creative online presence of any complexity. Take benefits of a plethora of customization options the theme boasts. You can change color, font, or other website components optionally.

  • a mobile-friendly mockup with Retina-ready design;
  • a working search box at the top of the page;
  • gallery variants to fit any taste: regular, full width, and extended;
  • social media buttons to keep your site connected with major social platforms.

Jesus Church


This Christian-related WordPress theme will come in handy those who want to establish a solid, user-friendly, smartly-structured digital service for your church or religious center. The theme is made in soft color palette that corresponds to the specific niche. It also boasts legible Google fonts and pixel-perfect graphic elements throughout the layout. Jesus Church is a well-organized mockup allowing a website owner to divide information into logical boxes. It’s possible to attract visitors’ attention to the latest news or popular posts. With captivating sliders and galleries, you won’t have difficulty making you site truly noticeable on the web.

  • powered by CSS 3, HTML 5, and jQuery technologies;
  • completely responsive layout;
  • optimized design for major search engines;
  • compatible with WP Multilingual plugin.

If you still hesitate whether Jesus Church is worth your money, let’s take a look at the website based on this theme. Gospel Way Deliverance is a brilliant example of a successful use of a premium WP theme for creating a feature-rich website. It includes multiple pages, full-width slider on the homepage, social media buttons, and other useful elements like impeccable search box, Google maps, handy Contact form, etc.



This is a modern looking and carefully constructed layout with multiple possibilities to make your online project real. Akhmada is well packed with a drag and drop Power page constructor allowing you to build pages effortless and fast. With the extended set of configuration options, it won’t be a problem to adapt a theme up to your needs. If you want to enrich your site with more extensive functionality, take advantage of the ultimate pack of Cherry plugins. Your website can stand out of the rest Muslim dedicated websites thanks to the ability to experiment with page structures.

  • a bulk of diverse content modules;
  • the ability to tweak options to your taste;
  • crisp, polished design;
  • e-commerce options with Ecwid Ready.

Islamic Foundation of Greater St Louis is a bright illustration of Akhmada’s possibilities. It features niche-specific design, an attractive homepage with a full-width slider, CTA button, a dropdown menu, and tons of other basic website elements. All of them are necessary to cater to the needs of a religious website.

Bottoms up

Mission to set up a church website is possible with one of these WordPress themes. Moreover, you can improve your current website thanks to the extensive set of customization options these themes contain. On your part, it’s important to stuff your digital church with up-to-date, interesting content and regularly update it. All the themes are supported by all major browsers, so your website will flow effortless anywhere.

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