Best 25 SEO-friendly Themes for Your Business

As you can see, September is almost over. It means that right now is an ideal time to take a break before a new beginning. Seeing that, just have a cup of your favorite warm drink, relax and start making the plans. All in all, fall is a quite inspiring season. What is more, its atmosphere allows one to rethink a lot of things. For example, now you can rethink the concept of your enterprise’s presence on the web.

How to Brand your Website
How to Brand your Website

How do you think are there any aspects you have to change for its success? Or maybe you just need to add something? Needless to say, a well-thought representation of your enterprise online is the crucial factor of its popularity. That is why in this article we would like to showcase you a rich pool of the best 25 SEO-friendly templates including WordPress business themes. Obviously, each of these magical templates has the potential to stand for the sound basis of your high-converting site.

To start with, let us remind you that all the SEO-friendly themes below can be successfully customized with no coding expertise. Furthermore, they don’t require any CMS knowledge at all. How is it possible? Well, the thing is that the squad of experienced template masters from TM has already stuffed these SEO-friendly themes with all the needed functional solutions for your business. Altogether, the introduced templates already include everything that you may want to use for your site and even more! As a result, you will get your prepossessing online incarnation just out of the box. To say more, below reside some features that you’re bound to discover in the packages of these SEO-friendly themes.

  • Cute Google web fonts
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Crossbrowser compatibility
  • GLP license
  • Background options
  • Social sharing
  • Medial library
  • Live customizer
  • blog / forum / portfolio / gallery
  • Retina and WPML-ready, 100 % responsive theme
  • Google maps, comfortable search, commenting system, calendar and much more.

What else can we tell you about these fantastic SEO-friendly themes? As you can see from their name, these products were made for the prosperity of your deal. In a word, Search Engine Optimization is the thing every winning businessman should remember about. It is so because SEO allows people to find your content with the help of various search engines like Google. Needless to say, the more SEO-friendly content you have, the more guests will visit your website. That is why your desires site should be the one that attracts search engine traffic. For these simple reasons, we propose you to try these marvelous themes that are already the SEO-friendly ones. By the way, don’t forget that they also include the detailed instructions, so there will be nothing hard for you.

To sum everything up, these SEO-friendly themes are not only pre-packed. They are also easy in use. Thus, you can quickly set up a powerful and attractive website for your business. You will be able to do so even if you have never done it before. What is more, TM traditionally provides all the customers with free 24 / 7 technical support. At the end, don’t you think that there is a good opportunity to finally run your website? In case you are ready to become your own boss, don’t forget to view out this new list of best 25 SEO-friendly themes!

By the way, each of the templates has its bright demo version. Thus, feel free to check it to know more info about the SEO-friendly theme you like. To finish with, we remind you that TemplateMonster has become a digital marketplace. Are you a beginner or a professional web designer? With it, don’t miss this cool chance to become a vendor and sell your products all over the world!

Elbrus – Gorgeous Business & Marketing Multipurpose WordPress Theme

First of all, today we are going to start our selection from Elbrus because this theme is not only SEO-friendly but a multipurpose one. Moreover, its thoroughly made package includes GLP license that allows you to construct as many sites as you need using the template. In addition, this business and marketing WordPress theme looks solid, so it brings a professional look to your online business. Finally, Elbrus also gives a lot of space for your creativity, as it has unique typography, stock pictures, eye-catching gallery, etc.

 Elbrus - Business & Marketing Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Adverting – Professional Advertising Agency WordPress Theme

As you can see, here is another professional and eye-catching SEO-friendly WordPress theme you have to look at! Basically, the template’s design includes deep and soft dark colors that make an incredible contrast with yellow. So, Adverting provides its owner with all the must-have plugins and other options that create a great functionality. For example, using Drag-and-Drop Page Builder you can simply build your pages without working with the code. Finally, Adverting makes a well-thought representation of your enterprise online.

Adverting - Advertising Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Grand Vector – Light and Soft Design Studio Multipurpose Website Template

Just take a closer look at an adorable appearance of this light and soft design studio multipurpose and SEO-friendly theme! To make a long story short, you can easily use this HTML template for many various online projects. Thus, Grand Vector has rich UI kit that gives its owner more than 50 ready-made HTML pages to use. Furthermore, in addition to such things as valid coding, live search and multipurpose header and footer layouts, your site will have the cool CSS3 animation effects and transitions.

Grand Vector - Design Studio Multipurpose Website Template

Details | Demo

Monstroid2 – Leading Multipurpose WordPress Theme

It is not a secret that Monstroid 2 is the most popular and premium product among all the multipurpose WordPress themes. What is more, now you can see why this SEO-friendly theme is so famous and well-liked. To make things easier, Monstroid 2 provides you with 9+ design skins that you may use with no effort in order to introduce your business to our planet. Also, don’t forget that this clean and minimalistic WordPress theme has regular updates, so go and check its demo right now in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Moving Help – Bright Moving Company Moto CMS 3 Template

Firstly, Moving Help is a minimalistic Moto CMS 3 template that will make a beautiful and worthy showcase for your moving company. Secondly, this SEO-friendly theme has some carousels, sliders, and grids to organize the content of your online project. Moreover, you do not need to know how to work with the code, as Moving Help is a flexible and easy-to-use product. Given these points, don’t you want to view the full list of this amazing Moto CMS 3 SEO-friendly theme’s features?

Moving Company Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Details | Demo

Ascendio Strikingly-colored Corporate Business WordPress Theme

To begin with, Ascendio provides its owner with the magnificent home pages and Ecwid plugin that will quickly increase your business capabilities. Actually, the corporate and business WordPress theme is powered by Elementor, which provides advanced capabilities at the same time alleviating the process of pages’ customization. To summarize, the template was made for the corporate clients in order to ensure their fast-growing needs with the newest functionality.

Ascendio - Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Easy-to-manage SMM Agency Joomla Template

As soon as you run this professional SEO-friendly and feature-rich Joomla template, you can easily expurgate ‘learn coding’ point from your to-do list. Basically, this wonderful theme is the first Joomla product with Layout builder that makes your design pretty customizable. That is why the SMM agency template below is a real nostrum for every person, who dreams about owning a beauteous and successful website. Given these points, do not waste your time and view out the demo of this ineffable theme right now!

SMM Agency Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Digitalia Ineffable Digital Agency WordPress Theme

As you can see, Digitalia is an eye-pleasing SEO-friendly WordPress theme that has a deep and modern design for your digital agency. To start with, the menu consists of black and white colors with a pink coloring that produces a spellbinding contrast. What is more, Digitalia provides you with multiple cute icons, user-friendly design and all the instruments facilitating the process of customization. Seeing that, you can be sure that this deep and charming template will definitely call into existence all your dreams, hopes, and ambitions.

Digitalia - Digital Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Skyline Enchanting and Clean Business, Dentistry, Architecture Travel Moto CMS 3 Template

And now it is time to view out this unforgettable and even bewitching SEO-friendly Moto CMS 3 theme, which will certainly charm every visitor of your online pages. In a word, this template was made by professional designers, so it includes 3+ child pages and 20+ subpages. For these simple reasons, Skyline is a multipurpose Moto CMS 3 theme, which makes a ready-made solution for managing a website with any purpose. Therefore, Skyline provides you with the next home pages to choose from Skyline Black, Dental, House Construction, and Travel.

Skyline - Business, Dentistry, Architecture & Travel Moto CMS 3 Template

Details | Demo

JohnnyGo Unusual and Multipurpose Home Services WordPress Theme

Here is JohnnyGo unusual all-in-one WordPress theme for your needs, as it includes everything for all home services websites. Shortly, it allows you to add content to pages, create pixel-perfect page layouts, easily customize your site and does not require some coding skills. What is more, you will have not only supporting documentation but free and friendly tech support that works 24 / 7 as well. In addition, there are 3 different footers, 7 flawless headers, 4 stunning blog layouts, 35+ widgets to build your pages and much more.

JohnnyGo - Multipurpose Home Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Full-fledged Food Drink Website Template

At the outset, this SEO-friendly food and drink HTML template provides you with 40+ pre-designed pages for multiple purposes. This bright and cute template has not only impressing appearance for your website but also an impressing functionality and comfort. To illustrate, it has Megafooter that shows your contacts and news, so here you can put Twitter feed or the latest posts from a blog. What is more, the template is based on SEO-friendly code and includes multiple gallery types with comfortable filters, 5 blog layouts, etc.

Food & Drink Responsive Website Template

Details | Demo

Stadter – Urban and SEO-friendly Construction Company WordPress Theme

Actually, choosing this solid and voguish construction company WordPress theme you automatically take advantage of more than 25 models, the library of presets and awesome functionality. That is why Stadter is an SEO-friendly theme that was built with the help of TemplateMonster’s Drag-and-Drop page builder. To make a long story short, it let one build pages easily without knowing how to work with the code. You can also be creative while choosing from a great set of layout options and experiment with the structure of your online pages.

Stadter - Construction Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Swanxy Sparkling WordPress Theme

First of all, this sparkling and SEO-friendly WordPress theme gives you the ultimate package of the best plugins. Furthermore, Content modules options let you add multiple content types (such as buttons, contacts, sliders, images, tables) to the pages of your site with no effort. Needless to say, the visual look of Swanxy was thoroughly crafted by a professional team. The template design also corresponds with all the latest web design trends. To finish with, also don’t forget that the layouts of this new-gen template, when viewed on tablets and smartphones, quickly adjusts to the viewpoint dimensions.

Swanxy WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Sanohimi – Marvelous Exotic Hotel WordPress Theme

To make things easier, Sanohimi is a groundbreaking exotic hotel SEO-friendly theme, which makes your project look attention-grabbing. As a pleasant bonus, its package includes 15 topical images that will ideally suit all your ideas. What is more, Setup Wizard can help you install Sanohimi, all the plugins and sample data in just a few clicks. To finish with, Content Modules let one add multiple content types and set any option you need. Thus, you can easily obtain new customers all over the globe using this project, made in low-key tones.

 Sanohimi Exotic Hotel WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Latify – Colorful and SEO-friendly Private Farm WordPress Theme

Shortly, the colorful SEO-friendly and texture-rich WordPress theme below allows you to build a worthy website, related to private farm, with no effort. Basically, Latify provides its users with 7 wonderful header layouts and beautiful custom widgets. Furthermore, the theme is quite editable, so it has a rich variety of static and dynamic elements. With it, one is able to improve their site with accordion, animated counters, blurb, or audio that makes it look far more reliable for your clients using pre-loaded testimonials and team members modules.

Latify - Private Farm Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Stunning Lawyer & Attorney Multipage Website Template

Initially, this stunning SEO-friendly template includes 40 ready-made pages that help one to create a trustworthy image of their solicitor company. What is more, the theme has Bootstrap foundation, and clean layouts, so everything will look and work perfectly. In addition, don’t forget that low-key backgrounds and immersive Parallax scrolling can effortlessly charm people at a glance and convert them into clients.

Lawyer & Attorney Multipage Website Template

Details | Demo

Modern – Striking Hotel Woods Multipage Website Template

Needless to say, you can just open the demo version of this magical hotel woods multipage template to see how easy it is. Without a doubt, an impressive number of ready-made HTML pages will help you to show people every detail of your relaxing business. Moreover, a rich UI kit helps one to add multiple types of content in order to brighten up your SEO-friendly website. Additionally, you may use these multiple blog layouts and various header & footer styles, if you would like your online project to be inimitable.

Modern - Hotel Woods Responsive Multipage Website Template

Details | Demo

Helilar – Eye-pleasing Solar & Renewable Energy WordPress Theme

Unquestionably, this eye-pleasing solar and renewable energy SEO-friendly template is jam-packed with multiple highly-functional modules that are included in its price. As you can see, extremely effective and calm, this unusual WordPress theme consists of the soft palette of colors. Thus, under the influence of its palette, people will feel deep devotion to customers, which will motivate them to build partnership relations based on trust. Seeing that, now you can showcase the content of your site in a neat and digestible way all over the globe!

Helilar - Solar & Renewable Energy WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Apollo – New-gen and 100 % Responsive Solar Energy Company WordPress Theme

Honestly speaking, are you the one, who is still looking for a theme providing shining functionality and fascinating look to your content? That is why WordPress prepared a must-have solution for your ideas! Shortly, using this new-gen and SEO-friendly WordPress theme means that visiting your website will be an unforgettable time for any person. In the end, built from the ground up to look as great on a mobile or tablet as it does on the desktop, this handy and fully-functional WordPress theme is as easy on the eye as it is to manage.

Apollo - Solar Energy Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hi-res and All-in-one Home Repair MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder

Undeniably, in the cute and inimitable colors, this hi-res home repair Moto CMS 3 landing page theme provides you with the comfortable creation of the desired project. Furthermore, the all-in-one theme below will positively charm any guest of your future website in the quickest way! To put it briefly, here is your long-awaited chance to impress people who visit your site with its unforgettable appearance and winning functionality! Needless to say, the color rich layout with blurred, pleasant to the eye background images and clean minimalist will dip your potential customers into friendly atmosphere of the services you provide.

Home Repair MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder

Details | Demo

AdBreak – Successful and Powerful Advertising Company WordPress Theme

By tradition, the professional team of web designers worked hard to showcase you this successful and powerful advertising company WordPress template. For these simple reasons, it is simple to set up and customize, so there is nothing that may put a crimp into your dreams! What is more, don’t forget that this handy product is fully editable and easy-to-use. Seeing that, simply let your individuality shine with the help of this full-flagged and SEO-friendly WordPress theme!

AdBreak - Advertising Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

HotelBliss – All-encompassing Spa & Resort Hotel WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, these days WordPress shows us an impressing selection of a the eye-pleasant SEO-friendly themes related to your deal. Thus, below you can see the next all-encompassing WordPress theme for spa and resort hotel. In addition, it looks like the one that is certainly worthy of your attention. What is more, this strikingly-colored product provides a comfortable onsite experience by means of its clean tone. It also features a vibrant yet eye-friendly palette, responsive options, and user-oriented navigation in the form of a drop-down menu and back-to-top button.

HotelBliss - Spa & Resort Hotel WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Rich Harvest – Exquisite Agriculture Farm Responsive Multipage Website Template

Truly, with the help of this simple but worthy WordPress theme, you can attract as many guests as you will ever want. Even more, you will get not only powerful website but also a popular one! Also, making use of this well-coded SEO-friendly website template, you can build a trustworthy website without much effort! Besides, being highly usable from inside and out, the design of this exquisite agriculture farm theme will be enjoyed by both visitors and site owners.

Rich Harvest - Agriculture Farm Responsive Multipage Website Template

Details | Demo

Dainty One page & Multipage Skew WordPress Theme

First of all, easy in use and installation, the shown WordPress theme is a cool one page and multipage product. What is more, this dainty SEO-friendly template allows you to enjoy seamless web development with pixel perfect typography, content-oriented look, and user-centric design. In a word, this one page and multipage product let you customize the design of your site in just a few clicks. That is why, don’t miss your chance to build a pleasant and content-rich website using this recherché WordPress theme!

 One page & Multipage Skew WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Rights Defender – Texture-rich and SEO-friendly WordPress Theme

At the outset, a qualitative coding and professional documentation will definitely facilitate modification and further the development of a website made with this WordPress theme. Furthermore, don’t forget to add some links to your social accounts. It will also further the popularization of your business. To summarize, Rights Defender is a feature-rich SEO-friendly WordPress theme, which is able to match your personal taste! Additionally, this hip theme would be an excellent choice for your future website because its layouts can be tweaked by the users of all skill levels effortlessly.

Rights Defender WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

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