4 MindBlowing jQuery vertical carousel slider

jQuery vertical carousel slider plugin are most useful when you want to display your brands, portfolios, clients, logos etc in a portion of your website. It looks good when you displaying your items in a corner on your website for displaying those things.

Many many free or premium templates are releasing everyday & now it’s a must have feature in all kind of websites especially in photography, portfolio, business etc sites.

Often web designers are looking for vertical carousel slider plugin. There are huge jQuery slider plugins available on the net. It’s hard to find an appropriate vertical carousel slider plugin for our project. I also searched for vertical carousel slider for some of my projects. That time I didn’t find high quality vertical carousels.

But time has been changed now. There are now lots of free & premium vertical sliders available. Today I bring for you some of the best free jquery vertical slider which will can save your lots of time to find one for your project.

Choose the appropriate jQuery vertical carousel slider for your project from below

Amazing Carousel – Responsive jQuery Vertical Carousel Slider

Amazing Carousel - Responsive jQuery Vertical Carousel Slider
Amazing Carousel is getting popularity in everyday. Because they have all most all kind of carousel sliders that people need.

  • Responsive design
  • Horizontal & vertical mode
  • Video support
  • Content supported
  • Prettyphoto
  • & lot’s more


SilverTrack – A smart and very extensible jquery vertical carousel

SilverTrack - jquery vertical carousel slider
A perfect slider for vertical carousel. SiilverTrack will allow you to add your items in not only horizontal also vertical mode. It’s Very easy to use & highly customizable.

  • Responsive layout
  • Vertical carousel with horizontal slide
  • Smooth sliding effects


Elastislide A Responsive Image Carousel

Elastislide A Responsive Image Carousel
Elastislide comes with very smooth sliding,, ready to use skins & lightweight. It has 4 templates which can easily use for 100% of cost.

  • Responsive design
  • Ready to use skins
  • 4 different templates
  • Smooth sliding effects


rcarousel – a jQuery UI vertical carousel

Rcarousel – a jQuery UI vertical carousel
You are not limited to use this jquery vertical carousel slider with only images. Also you can put html contents to display yout items in it.

  • Any content can be use
  • Multi-carousel
  • Browser compatible
  • Vertical & horizontal mode

Preview + Download

If you found any other one which is also awesome & I forget to mention here, feel to let me know by commenting below. Thanks

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