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An eCommerce platform is one of the best places to start your online business. Establishing a virtual store has never been easier on this platform.

Everyone can build their business in a short time. You can practically register yourself and upload products within a day. Voila! Now you’re a business owner.

However, this convenience of setting online stores has its flaws. With so many people being able to sell on the internet, customers find it difficult to connect with the trusted business. Not to mention that business owners have set a price war, making it more challenging for customers to get the best product.

If you’re a business owner on an eCommerce platform, this situation has been nothing but a bitter truth to face. It’s a bit challenging to find customers and generate their trust in this harsh competition.

But, now you can dodge the bullet.

In this article, you’ll learn a marketing strategy that helps you capture attention and generate sales faster; video marketing.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing strategy is a tactic using video content to deliver brands’ messages in a more personal, meaningful way. Unlike typical videos on the internet, marketing videos contain useful information with stunning visuals that aims to hook people at first glance.

There are different types of marketing videos you can use to capture your audience’s attention. Product demo videos, explainer videos, and testimonial videos are among the popular strategies for increasing conversions.

The following are the top tips to improve your video marketing strategy to the fullest.

     1.Determine the goal

First thing first, every strategy must have a purpose. Whether it’s to raise awareness or increase sales, you should define your campaign’s goal clearly.

If you’re unsure where to start, check your marketing funnel, then point out which step should be prioritized right away.

For example, receiving the audience’s attention is vital when you start a business. Without people’s recognition, it’s hard to have a solid online presence — let alone selling your products to target customers. Hence, you need a strategy to increase exposure, and tutorial videos are ideal for that purpose.

     2. Convey customer-centric content

Keep in mind that you set a video marketing campaign for your customers. Therefore, the video should be about them, not you. So, avoid bragging too much about your online store.

Customer-centric content means you use marketing resources to help people solve their problems. Your content must focus on their stories, how they deal with an issue and how it affects them in their lives.

When you put effort into creating a story about customers, they’ll more likely relate to the content. This is the way to capture their hearts because promoting your products will be seamless once you’ve got their attention.

     3. Incorporate product reviews

Selling online has its own risks. Not everyone can trust a brand easily when it comes to choosing products.

This is where your marketing videos come in handy. You can include product review videos to tell your audience the detail of each product.

With a product demo video, your potential customers can examine how the product will look in their hands. They can also learn every benefit they can get from owning the product.

Creating this video will improve your eCommerce store significantly. Not only does it attract attention for people visiting the store, but it also offers a practical option for those wanting to know the product overview.

     4. Share testimonials

Customer review is the backbone of online businesses. Since virtual stores can fraud customers, it’s then vital for your business to provide something they can trust.

People rely on others’ experiences for online transactions. When they see a testimonial section, they can rest assured that the store is credible to make a purchase.

Moreover, customer reviews can influence buying decisions. People get more thrilled after seeing other people enjoy their experience in using the product as well as receiving service. It encourages them to get the experience themselves

Testimonials also play a significant role in generating potential customers’ trusts.. And the more trusted you’re on the online market, the more customers are going to buy products from you.

     5. Include clear call-to-action

It isn’t video marketing campaigns without call-to-action at the end of it. This highly engaging copy helps your audience continue on their next journey.

Call-to-action will direct your audience to the appropriate page that leads them to become prospects. With this copy, you can track potential customers easily and analyze whether your video marketing strategy works.

In most cases, call-to-action is also useful to boost your web traffic as viewers can quickly visit your page. When your marketing videos are shared on different social platforms, the chance of getting visitors is big. As a result, your SEO rank is increased, and more people can discover your site even easier.

More visitors imply more conversion rates. So, make sure to create your call-to-action short and make it visible so that viewers can notice it faster.

Bottom Line

Running eCommerce stores can be daunting as you’re in tight competition in getting customers. You’ve probably used many strategies to capture their attention only to face a failure.

Video marketing strategy is designed to grab attention in a short time. Since people consume online videos on a daily basis, including marketing materials on your video content can be a perfect solution.

Make sure to optimize your marketing videos before releasing them to the public. Although video marketing campaigns have proven to bring good results, you can’t expect the same without polishing the video in its proper manner.

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

Twitter: @breadnbeyond

Email: [email protected]



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