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PWAs share the best features of traditional websites and mobile applications. They are compatible with all browsers and provide seamless user experience on any devices. Moreover, they can be installed on mobile devices just like native applications. 

PWA Features and Advantages

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Progressive web users offer a lot of benefits to business owners. Unique PWA features make such solutions act just like native applications, while also sharing functionality with web solutions.

The main advantages of PWA include:

  • excellent compatibility with all devices – smartphones, PCs, tablets;
  • high performance – even with low-quality internet connection
  • offline mode;
  • UX – smooth user experience in any browser and on any device;
  • fast content loading using the App Shell;
  • robust features – advanced content caching, push notifications, SEO, etc.;
  • security – the HTTP protocol is used, which prevents fishing and hacker attacks.

Among the additional advantages of PWA is the ease of distribution of published content. End-users can share content of a PWA with a simple link. Moreover, they can add the PWA to their home screen without a long installation process.

Magento Developers PWA: all the basic functions

Recent studies show that the more actions a customer needs to make, the lower the chance they will buy something. In fact, a long customer journey reduces the conversion rate by 20%. The use of PWA increases conversion by improving user experience.

The main functions of Magento developers PWA should include:

  • experience with Magento PWA development 
  • the use of the best practices and latest technologies 
  • development of Magento PWA through all pages from idea to successful project release 
  • the use of Magento PWA Studio to make your PWA compatible with all Magento features and future updates;
  • targeting the end consumer and increasing sales. 

Today, Magento store owners can turn their website into a progressive web application without switching the platform. Such a change helps them to better target both eCommerce customers and those who prefer to shop in traditional online stores. There is no doubt that in the near future we’ll see more and more switches from classic Android and iOS apps to PWA.

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