Top 5 WordPress Themes for Researchers

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It’s pretty obvious that researchers want to deepen their knowledge. They definitely desire to develop something innovative and thus, make a cherished breakthrough in the science field. Without... Continue reading →

Top 20 WordPress Themes For Personal Blogs

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If you’re only preparing to take your first steps up in the blogging mountain, we are here to encourage you. Take a look at this brilliant set of Top 20 WordPress themes for Personal Blogs to... Continue reading →

20 Best Educational WordPress Themes For Your Training Courses

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Education was always one of the most important processes in our self-development. The more knowledge you have the more opportunities you have. In addition, modern technologies allow us to get... Continue reading →

Top 7 Enchanting Wedding WordPress Themes of 2018

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Wedding is one of the milestones of human life. Not surprisingly, people want it to be a fairytale, the memories of which last forever. If you want to build a first-rate online presence for your... Continue reading →

Enjoy Saving? Be the first to Save Up to 35% on Any Theme from TemplateMonster Marketplace! Valid on January 22-25 Only

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Admit it, the festive season is pretty stressful, especially for your wallet. However, TemplateMonster as a true game-changer continues to surprise the web community. Get ready for the first sale of... Continue reading →

20 Tasty WordPress Food & Restaurant Themes

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Restaurant & food is the most profitable and demanding niche at the present time. Many people think that the first restaurants appeared in Paris. But in fact, the history of restaurants dates... Continue reading →

20 Best-Selling WordPress Themes

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Have you ever wondered how many Wordpress themes you can find on the web? Hundreds, thousands or even millions? To be completely honest, it’s impossible to name the correct number of templates that... Continue reading →

2018 Design Trends. Space Odyssey Infographics

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What are the widely-known facts about web design trends? Technology, media, UX, usability determine most web design trends. Most trends live no more than 2-3 years. Some trends are... Continue reading →

TemplateMonster Released the Ultimate Web Development Bundle for $69 ONLY

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The much talked-of web development bundle from TemplateMonster is finally available for download at the impressively low cost. For 5 days only – from December 11 until December 15 – you can... Continue reading →

Create a Leading-edge Movie Website with Top 6 Movie WordPress Themes

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Internet enshrines all the information that a modern cinemaholic needs. If you want to find a movie, and it’s not running on big screens, you’ll find it online on movie streaming websites.... Continue reading →

The 1st Ultimate TM Web Development Bundle Revealed

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If you are a freelancer or work in the web design studio, then the first all-in-one web development bundle from TemplateMonster should be added to your personal web development toolbox. Web... Continue reading →

10 Best Construction WordPress Themes For Your Real Estate Business

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Construction is a serious kind of business that requires special knowledge, a team of the high-quality professionals, giant investments, etc. However, it also requires a solid advertising and catchy... Continue reading →

15 Money Making WordPress Plugins You Need for Your Blog

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There are two types of bloggers – one who writes money and the other, who writes for satisfaction. But the harsh reality is, they both need money to survive and prosper. A WordPress blog can... Continue reading →

Strikingly-colored Selection of 15 Best Parallax WordPress Themes

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Undeniably, online business becomes more and more popular every single day. Seeing that, the modern website designers try to create as many trendy options as they can. Actually, today fashion is the... Continue reading →

30 Soft Colors Templates to Relax Your Eyes

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There is no other design component like the color. It affects the user’s experience the most and it depends on the used color palette whether a client will enjoy working with your website or will... Continue reading →

Why Some Design Trends Are Risky and How To Use Them Correctly

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Everybody wants their website to be modern and trendy. But when building your site you should remember that in some cases less is more and follow that principle. If you fill your page with tons of... Continue reading →

How Web Designers Could Make Money with TemplateMonster Marketplace

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Are you a web designer/developer trying to put your business on the rails? Or maybe you want to boost the workflow of your design agency? The market is tough nowadays, the competitors are on your... Continue reading →

10 Beautiful & Absolutely Free WordPress Themes

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Every time you hesitate whether you need a website, think of benefits you gain once created it. Our today’s world is changing rapidly and we’re faced to respond to those changes if we want to... Continue reading →

Best 25 SEO-friendly Themes for Your Business

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As you can see, September is almost over. It means that right now is an ideal time to take a break before a new beginning. Seeing that, just have a cup of your favorite warm drink, relax and start... Continue reading →

How to Start a News Magazine WordPress Site: An Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you into news and keen on telling people about some sides of our life? Are you fond of fashion, music, art or literature and want to launch your online magazine? Then, you’re right where you... Continue reading →